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Guess riddle


Fly in the air
pace the earth,
it perches in the trees,
walk in hand,
melts in the oven
and drowns in water.

Guess, guess ... Riddles for kids are a great way to stimulate intelligence, logic and creativity in your little ones. Also, this children's game provides a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the family.

For this reason, at GuiaInfantil we have created a fun application to play riddles as a family, with thousands of riddles to stimulate children in their learning and help them learn vocabulary with a fun game.

You can search children's riddles from different categories, pick a random puzzle, get clues, and enjoy an afternoon of family leisure, in the company of our mascot Ragged. Go ahead and try your luck!

S Turns Across a Road - Ground Reference Maneuvers - MzeroA Flight Training

How to place the furniture in the baby's room

How to place the furniture in the baby's room

The furniture in the baby's room should be placed in the best way to be as practical and useful as possible. Planning the way the room will look should be done before you buy the furniture and you can try to make a layout on paper with how you would like it to be positioned in your child's room.

Later you will be able to see if the measurements match the space offered by the room or you can make your own furniture to order.

The best place for a crib

Determining where to place the baby's crib is the most important thing. Do not place it near the window, due to light, air flow, etc. Try to put it along the wall, and if the room is large enough you can put it perpendicular to the wall to access the crib on both sides.

This way you will use even less of the wall, which you can use for other pieces of furniture.

If you want a round crib, you can place it either in a corner or in the center of the room, to the extent that space allows it. The central position of the bed gives the feeling of comfort and great space. You could also add a canopy, if you like the idea. Plus, your baby is the most important item in the room, isn't it?

Table to be wrapped

One solution for the diaper changing space is the location near the sockets, so you can put in the sockets, the lamps. It is useful to have in the immediate vicinity the closet with clothes and a trash can.

The shelves and the toy cabinet

The wall shelves add a useful space for storing the different objects you use or even the decorative objects. If you have a small space available, choose a narrow and tall library instead of a larger one, to have the best use of the room.

The toy cabinet occupies the least space in the room, so you can place it anywhere you have left unused space.

Other important details

  • Try not to cover the decorative motifs on the walls (stickers, themed wallpaper), and if another solution is not, you can overlay the smallest pieces of furniture to cover as little as possible.
  • Try to place the baby's furniture and crib away from sources of heat or cooling, such as resources or fans (air conditioning, heater, radiator). If the baby is exposed directly to hot or cold air currents, this may cause his skin to dry out.
  • Make sure that the curtain strings are out of reach of the little ones, to avoid potential accidents.

Read more about baby safety at home.

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Your child will be bottle-fed ... because it's your choice or obligation. Discover our special bottle. Which milk and which bottle to choose? What are the best things to do to prepare and bottle feed? How to wean your baby gently? Answers to your questions.

Give the bottle: the video

Qules are the right things to give your baby a bottle? Follow Camille and his little Theodore, 4 months, sharing serenely this moment of tenderness. Find his advice and the right actions to give the bottle in our video. See the video.

Provide good baby bottles

Bottle feeding is a key purchase at the time of your baby's arrival if you chose this baby feeding method. Which baby bottle to choose? Glass, plastic, silicone? What capacity? And the pacifiers? Take advantage of our advice. Which baby bottle to choose?

What milk for her baby bottle?

Between 0 and 4-5 months, your baby needs only milk. Yours, of course, or a formula for infants. Among these milks at first age, remains to know which to choose. What do I choose?

Bottle: chart monitoring feedings

At what time did baby drink his baby? How much ? It's handy to write down all this information to get to know your baby's typical days and understand his rhythm. Print quickly our tracking chart! Practice, I print it!

Bottle: indispensable accessories or not

Your decision is made, you want to feed baby bottle-feeding. However, you are wondering about the usefulness of certain accessories. A little decryption is needed! I equip myself.

Infant milk: which rules?

You can not or do not want to breastfeed ... Rest assured, infant milks provide a satisfactory answer to the infant's nutritional needs, as explained by Patrick Tounian. The rules of infant milk.

How to prepare a bottle

Should milk powder be added to water or vice versa? Dose curved or leveled? Which baby bottle to choose? Sterilize or not? As many questions as you can ask yourself. It's time to take stock of your knowledge of bottle preparation! Our quiz.

Milk and bottle: its needs from 0 to 4 months

In the first few months, your baby's diet consists only of milk. Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, how much milk does your baby need? Does he need supplementation? Answers to the questions you ask yourself. Our advices.

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Are your child's toys safe?

The game has an indispensable place in the child's world. Toys are very important for the game. We all know this and we often buy toys for our children and try to support their games with these toys. But how successful are we in choosing toys? Especially in today's society, children and families, who have a lot of options, can sometimes find it difficult to choose toys. In this article I wanted to talk about some tips that can help you when choosing a toy, I hope it will help you!

Here are these tips…

The two most important elements: When choosing toys for your child, make sure that the toys are safe and parallel to your child's level of development. Just because a toy goes on sale doesn't make it safe. The safety status of the toy may vary according to age and development level. For example, the jewelry making set is a toy that is not at all suitable for young children. Because small children may swallow the beads in this set and may be in danger of suffocation. Be sure to read the safety warnings on the toy boxes and make your choice in the light of these warnings. When choosing a toy, make sure that the CE mark is included in the box of the product you bought. This is a sign that people and other living beings meet the basic health and safety requirements, regardless of the quality level of a good placed on the market and consist of the initials of the name ”Conformite Europeenne.. Compliance with development level is the second important factor in the selection of toys. Choosing a toy that is well below or above the level of development will adversely affect the child's motivation for the toy and will allow the child not to prefer it during the game.

Play with your child:

Don't hesitate to play with your child, remember that every moment you share with him is valuable. By playing with your child, you can easily observe how and how much toys he needs, and with the questions you can ask during the game, you can understand what kind of toys your child likes and which toys he needs. Toys never replace your love, just because you buy toys doesn't mean you show your love to them. Therefore, instead of relaxing your conscience by buying toys for your child to show him your love and spend time with him.

Attention to some products:

Some toy ads claim that children playing with this toy are smarter. However, to date, scientific studies have not reached conclusive evidence supporting this claim. Therefore, we can say that this kind of advertising gives false information, makes you unnecessary hopes and encourages you to spend. In particular, we recommend that you approach these kinds of claims used in the marketing of educationally qualified toys with suspicion and be more careful when purchasing the product.

Your choice of toys reflects your value judgments:

When choosing toys for your child, be sure to choose toys that are appropriate to the value judgments you want to pass on to them. For example, if you want to tell him that war and violence are bad things, never buy your child a toy gun or stay away from computer games that contain such items. If you want to tell your child that race differences don't matter, that it's important to be human, you can get him a black baby.

Your choice supports creativity:

There is actually an inverse relationship between creativity and toys. The toys that support the child's creativity the most are actually non-creative toys (such as blocks, legos, paints and doughs). Is it your child's creativity or the toy designer's creativity! You can make your choice according to your answer.

Things to remember:

When choosing a toy, it should not affect you whether the toy is suitable for trends or expensive. Instead of…

-Please make sure that the toy you choose is capable of adding value to the game. Your child should have fun playing with this toy, learn something, develop creativity and play with this toy many times.

-The toy should have a good design, be interesting and easy to use.

-The toy you choose should be appropriate for your child's age, mental development level, and be able to address his or her abilities and interests.

-Toys should be good quality, safe and durable

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Cyst in the kidney of the baby during pregnancy

Cyst in the kidney of the baby during pregnancy

How to protect a child from lice?

How to protect a child from lice? We have the 21st century and we are struggling with problems that were known hundreds of years ago. One of them is head lice. Along with the new school year, a notice was posted in many schools and kindergartens informing parents about head lice among children. And how does the boomerang come back to the question - how to protect a child from lice? Is it possible at all?

Head louse still present!

Alert warnings are repeated almost every year. On the doors of schools and kindergartens, messages are posted to sensitize parents of children.

However, eradicating the disease is not easy, because the problem is spreading quickly. The embarrassing dimension of the ailment means that many parents do not inform about the child's infection, hence it is more difficult to limit the source of infection.

How often is head lice in kindergartens and schools? Unfortunately, the scale of the phenomenon is not known, because since 2009 there is no legal obligation to report cases of head lice. Some sources indicate that head lice may be in every second primary school (for example, the Sanitary Inspector from Warsaw informed about this).

How to protect a child from lice? Sensitize the child, implement certain rules

Pediculosis is a disease that can be immediately infected. It doesn't take much for a baby to resemble an appearance-like insect sesame seed. It is enough for him to feed on human blood and lay eggs on the scalp, thus multiplying rapidly.

You can't delude yourself that it will save us from getting sick personal hygiene. Lice adapt to clean as well as dirty heads as often. Especially often they are found on the scalp of the youngest children staying in large groups of people on a daily basis - in kindergartens, nurseries and schools (especially in younger classes).

What to do then?

  • alert your child not to lend his hat or scarf to anyone,
  • talk to the child so that it does not bring the head closer to the head of other children, especially in periods when the school or kindergarten management reports about head lice (you can only get infected with lice by direct head-to-head contact),
  • make sure your child doesn't borrow his towel, comb, hair band or swimming cap in the pool.

Browse the child's head

It is very important to systematically examine the child's scalp, paying attention to whether there are characteristic clumps on it. It is also worth looking for them behind the ears or on the back of the neck, because lice often live there. It is good to do a review of your child's skin after every hair wash.

Quickly finding out that lice are on the skin will allow them to be removed efficiently. It is relatively simple. There is a whole range of lice remedies available over the counter at pharmacies.

How to protect a child from lice?

In addition to sensitizing your child how to protect himself against parasites, you can consider buying agents that repel insects. The sale includes:

Rare diseases, get to know them better