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Why are you buying these foods?

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What foods do you give your baby when he has diarrhea?

Article reviewed by dietitian nutritionist Roxana Maria Hadmas.

Diarrhea is one of the most unpleasant medical conditions a child can go through. In addition to abdominal cramps, bad mood, dehydration and discomfort caused by frequent walking to the toilet, the child also has a lack of appetite. Also, in the case of this pathology, the risk of dehydration increases and we must pay special attention to the consumption of liquids. The child with diarrhea cannot eat anything. There are foods allowed and even recommended, but also strictly forbidden, which can worsen the condition of the baby.

Foods allowed in the child with diarrhea

Specialists argue that you should take care to give your child foods rich in pectins, potassium, sodium and protein, which helps it to energize, but which also helps to control very soft stools.


Bananas are a therapeutic remedy against diarrhea, but also constipation. They have a double effect. When the child has diarrhea, he or she loses much of the electrolytes in the body. Bananas are high in potassium and help restore the balance of lost electrolytes. It also contains pectin, a water-soluble fiber that helps treat the condition. It also helps to multiply the beneficial bacteria in the intestines, which fight diarrhea.

To be beneficial in the case of this health problem, the banana must have a low content of fructose, so it does not have to be very ripe, but rather green. In the case of a very sweet, very ripe banana, the effect may be contrary to the desired one.


Due to its ability to retain a large amount of water, rice is one of the basic cereals in the diet of a child with diarrhea. It is recommended to be white and boiled for a long time. White rice contains a smaller amount of insoluble fiber that can damage the intestine of the sick child.

Sweet potatoes

The sweet potato can be a good food for the child with diarrhea, having a large quantity of beta carotene, being an important source of potassium and sodium, which helps in rehydration. You can prepare it boiled, baked or steamed.

Baked apples)

Apples are a rich source of soluble fiber. But they should not be consumed raw when the child suffers from diarrhea because they do more harm. However, if cooked (especially cooked) they are a benefit to the irritated digestive system because they contain pectin and other essential nutrients.


Due to the high consumption of complex carbohydrates, the consumption of bread reduces the frequency of the seats and increases their consistency. It should be eaten fried because it is easier to digest. Biscuits and pretzels are also beneficial and friendly options for children, provided these products do not contain sugar.

Root vegetables

Roots are recommended to be introduced to the nutrition of the sick child due to the high content of nutrients and the low water content. Combined with rice and lean meat, they can form an ideal meal.


In general, when children, but even adults, suffer from diarrhea, they tend to stay away from dairy products. And they do very well, because milk is not tolerated in such a period. But the yogurt is an exception. The live and active cultures present in it help to establish a balance of healthy bacteria in the digestive system.

Foods to avoid in children suffering from diarrhea

unfermented dairy products (except yoghurt);

• raw fruits: oranges (and other citrus fruits), peaches, pears, plums (dried or raw), etc .;

• foods high in fat (fries, fatty meat, etc.);

• artificial sweeteners and sugar (have a laxative effect);

• flax seeds, due to their laxative effect;

• bumps, which damage the intestinal mucosa due to hardness;

• white potato, cauliflower, cabbage, pork belly and beans (these are known for producing abdominal discomfort).

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Is it easier to educate two or more children than just one?

Many times I have had to go shopping with all my children because they are still small to stay at home and, more than once when I saw that they followed me obediently like chicks to their mother hen, they have asked me: "How can you go out and get along so well with several children, when I hardly can with one? ". Perhaps it is a nice compliment, but surely there is also some truth.

More than once, I have asked the teachers of my little ones about the behavior of children in class, since at certain ages it has been frequent that they are somewhat rowdy or demanding at home. Almost all of them agree that children at school do not behave in the same way as at home, they are easier to carry, they respond wonderfully to the discipline and rhythms set in class (when well captained). The child knows very well that at school you cannot demand the same attention and pampering as parents at home. That same child, who in a group, behaves wonderfully and obeys without question, at home and alone, can be a real whirlwind, eager to attract our attention.

Children are very clever and learn to adapt to different situations, the child who lives in a home with more siblings, learns (sometimes, with tears) to share toys, space and the attention of mom and dad. Likewise, in families with several children, the older ones can be helpful in caring for the little ones and are the role model for the little ones; they are usually given more autonomy and their independence is usually promoted more than the only child; and they require less attention because they have one or more playmates always on hand.

When you are the mother of a large family, you know that time is managed differently and that work at home, although it undoubtedly increases, does not do so exponentially, but gradually. If educating several children can be easier, it is because they feel they are members of a group in which to share, rather than demanding, since the youngest children (usually more unruly) have only to follow the car that we have had to put. to shoot with our first child.

Patro Gabaldon.

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