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Based on Oxyphthirine®, it suffocates lice and nits. We leave eight hours, we pass the comb and we do a shampoo.Duo LP-Pro, Terra Health: 15 €. Lice: our articles Monique Fort

Based on Oxyphthirine®, it suffocates lice and nits. We leave eight hours, we pass the comb provided and shampooed.
Duo LP-Pro, Terra Health: 15 €.

Lice: our articles

Monique Fort

However, the 31st best place in the world for a child in HungaryEurope has plenty more

Our country is the 31st best place in the world where a child can grow up today, but in Europe, there are plenty of better conditions to find.

The 31st best place for a child in the world Hungary (Fotу: iStock) According to a 2019 report by Save the Children, 280 million fewer children today are living than 20 years ago, though there are well over 18 years old in the world like the turn of the millennium - post on Qubit.com. Every year, the organization examines the situation of children in 176 countries, based on the following aspects: access to health care, participation in education, nutrition, child labor, and child labor. According to data, Hungary is the 31st best place in the world for a child to grow up today, but in Europe, there are plenty to find better conditions.

According to the 2019 Report:

  • From 176 countries in 2000, the situation of children improved in 173
  • 4.4 million fewer children die each year than then
  • 49 million fewer children in developmental development survive in the world
  • 130 million more children go to school
  • The number of child labor decreased by 94 million
  • 11 million fewer babies are forced into early marriage
  • The number of teenage pregnancies decreased by 3 million
  • There are 12,000 fewer child murders
However, every 4th of all, in some way, deprives them of the right to a safe and healthy childhood - especially in war zones. According to the report, 152 million children under 5 years of age are underdeveloped, 262 million children aged 6-17 years are out of school, and 86 million children find it easy to work. By March, 280 million children who are healthier, and get a better education than they have in the past 20 years, There are 3 factors that can be attributed to the report:
  • better political leadership,
  • for social investors,
  • and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) program has been achieved.
The number of difficult children has fallen to 690 million, while 2.3 billion people under 18 live on Earth. Among the aspects examined in the report, the situation has only worsened in terms of refugee status in the war zone, as there are currently 30.5 million displaced or resettled children, 80% more than in 2000, many child alive in a war zone, more than twice the 1995 figure. The country ranked in the report was singleton singapore (989 points out of a possible 1000), which means now being the best child based on the criteria examined.

The TOP10 list is as follows:

  1. Singapore 989 points
  2. Sweden 986 points
  3. Finland 985 points
  4. Norway 985 points
  5. Slovenia 985 points
  6. Germany 982 points
  7. Number of points 982 points
  8. Italy 980 points
  9. South Korea 980 points
  10. Belgium 979 points
The worst places for kids in the Central African Republic (394 points), Niger (402 points) and Csádd (408 points) are only among the only African states. Hungary had 928 points in 2000 (now Serbia) and today it has 963. We were in the same countries as the United States (with 941 points at 36, tied with Knaw), or EU member Romania, Malta and Bulgaria, amongst the countries of the country, which had a better child. For example, the country and Latvia, which in 2000 even achieved a haircut, but are still ahead of Hungary and Croatia, which joined the European Union in 2013, is a particularly strong example of rapid growth, which has overtaken our country. In Hungary, in 2017, the mortality rate of children under 5 years of age was 4.5 thousand, while the rate of dropout from education in 2013 and 2018 was 6.4%, and in this period 0.7% of Hungarian girls up to 19 years he was already married. Greece was only 1 point ahead of us and all the data so far has been less favorable than in Hungary. However, there is one aspect where we perform significantly worse: the proportion of teenage parents in our country in 2016 was 19.8 thousand, that is, almost 2% of 15-19 year olds had children. Similar rates are measured in countries such as Belarus (18 women out of a thousand), Albania (20.7) or Djibouti (19.4), while in Greece there are only 7.5 babies per thousand teenage girls. The murder rate is also worse: in 2016, there were 0.3 such crimes per 100,000 children under the age of 19, compared with 0.1 in Greece. Related links:
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You may be required to make bend vaccination in Germany

They may be obligated to prevent bending for young children in Germany, and on the recommendation of the Ministry of Health, they may be banned from the school if their parents do not take care of them.

Head of the portfolio, Jens Spahn told the Bild am Sonntag Sunday newspaper: "The government's goal is to keep all children in kindergarten safe from the bend." Therefore, according to the proposed new rules, one of the conditions for admission will be a certificate of turn-in administration. Unprotected children should be excluded from all schools.You may be required to make bend vaccination in Germany In the school system, due to compulsory schooling, it is not possible to use the banning tool, and children of parents who are ineligible for the compulsory schooling need to be educated. The ministry proposes to us the money-making tool, according to the draft, it may cost up to 2500 euros (810 thousand HUF) for failure to file a vaccine.
In Germany, there is no general obligation to have a vaccine at the level of the vaccine, and everyone is free to decide what kind of illness to vaccinate themselves or their young children. The only exception is the Province of Brandenburg, where barely a month ago, in mid-April, the local law (Landtag) ruled out the obligation to defend against a bend. among children, the proportion of all who received all doses of vaccine against bending, that is, they were completely protected against the disease. This is not the right rate, "the bend must be eradicated," for which at least 95 percent of the so-called vaccination rate is needed - said Jens Spahn to the Bild am Sonntag. The kormбny has kцtelezettsйg bevezetйse instead of the tбrsadalmi цsszefogбs цsztцnzйsйben the egйszsйgьgyi hatуsбgok, doctors, iskolбk, уvodбk йs the csalбdok kцzцs erхfeszнtйseiben lбtta the megoldбst.A kanyarу erхsen fertхzх betegsйg, vaksбgot, sьketsйget йs agykбrosodбst cause, can also halбlos. It is spreading throughout the world, including in Europe. The number of infections multiplied in 2018, from 25,863 a year earlier to 82,596, and the number of deaths in a bend increased from 35 to 72 in the World Health Organization (WHO) In addition to the Member States of the European Union (EU), the Balkans include non-EU countries, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, the greater part of the Caucasus, and Turkey and Israel. According to the WHO, one of the causes of the spread of the disease is the inadequate vaccination rate.
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  • The symptoms of bending in children
  • The curve is increasingly dangerous for children

The bowling game

The bowling game

Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the new issue of the collection "The essentials of: 71 games for out and in", sold with the June issue of. Today, bowling!

  • A perfect game on the beach, but also in the garden (just get some sand). Make five pies together, the bowling pins, in damp sand: four in square and one in front. In turn, with a tennis ball, each child must aim at the bowling pins. And crush them!
  • Children can play separately (rebuild bowling for each player) or together, trying to crush them in less than six shots.

A bowling game for the garden

  • Gather 5 or 6 plastic bottles. Wash them with your children. Once dry, show them how to fill them with rice or sand. Be careful not to overfill them, otherwise they will not be able to make them fall.
  • The children then prepare for each bottle a different drawing and a number of written points, which they will stick on. The idea is to have a bottle that is worth 1 point, another 2 points and so on.
  • When it's over, sit in the garden on a flat surface. Place the pins, the children have only to try to make them fall with a ball. The winning child is the one with the most points.
  • You can make several innings, to make the game last.

Stéphanie Letellier

Other games here.

Find more information in "The essentials of: 71 games for outside and inside", sold with the June issue of pocket format.

Eat everything, couples, authority, child care, allergies, sleep, nutrition, games and toys, back to school ... find other Essential tips.

Calcium and iron are the key ingredients of any healthy pregnancy. Along with other vitamins and minerals, they ensure the good development of the fetus and at the same time keep the mother fit, without deficiencies caused by the requesting pregnancy.

Even if the doctor who is monitoring your progress during pregnancy has prescribed you prenatal vitamins, you should know that it is very important for your diet to include them as well, so that you maintain good health.

Calcium and iron are perhaps the most important of these and that is why you should not miss your diet during the 9 months of pregnancy.

How much calcium do you need during pregnancy?

Calcium is vital for the development of your child's bone system and for growing teeth. Moreover, the health of your bones with the help of this mineral can be maintained. Women younger than 19 years of age need 1,300 mg of calcium daily, and the recommended daily dose for women over this age is 1,000 mg.

Health and nutrition specialists recommend, on average, 4 doses of calcium per day, each of 300 mg. A glass of milk or yogurt, 50 g of hard cheese, 50 - 60 g of fresh cow cheese or 50 g of fresh or cooked green vegetables contain the equivalent of this calcium dose.

How much iron do you need during pregnancy?

Iron helps form blood cells and prevents anemia. When you are pregnant, the recommended daily dose of iron is 27 mg. Most pregnant women turn to iron dietary supplements during pregnancy, because it is quite difficult to get this amount from food alone.

To help assimilate it, you can consume in parallel any of these foods and preparations: plums and dried peaches, raisins, beans, lentils, peas, vegetables with green leaves, whole-grain bread or whole grains, nuts, almonds and red meat.

Chicken, fish and eggs also contain iron, so you can include them in your diet during pregnancy. Iron is absorbed into the body with the help of vitamin C.

Therefore, iron supplements should also be supported by a diet rich in vitamin C. Most multivitamins that doctors prescribe during pregnancy contain 16 to 20 mg of iron, but if there is a deficiency even before pregnancy occurs , your doctor may prescribe more than 20 mg.

Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies during pregnancy. This usually occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy. The main causes for which you may suffer from such a deficiency are the fact that during pregnancy you need more iron than before, a diet that does not contain enough vitamins and minerals, or that the foods you consume do not contain the type of iron that you your body can absorb it quickly.

Iron deficiency can cause health problems for you and your child. Fatigue, low ability to concentrate, cardiovascular stress, reduced resistance to infections or anemia are just some of the symptoms that would accompany such a deficiency.

The lack of iron in the body is also a cause of premature births, babies born with very low birth weight and even mortality among newborns. Vitamin works wonders for the immune system too, so it only gives you benefits.

Vitamin C is abundantly found in foods such as citrus fruits and juices obtained from them, kiwi and mango fruits, potatoes, strawberries, peppers, tomatoes and juices or sauces obtained from them, cantaloupe and sweet broccoli.

If you have not had anemia or iron deficiency before becoming pregnant, your daily dose should be 27 mg. Under these conditions, it is important to adopt a balanced diet, which includes both vegetable and animal iron sources and to support with the consumption of vitamin C, which you can easily assimilate from fruits and vegetables.

If you suffer from anemia or have an exclusively vegetarian diet, you should consult with your doctor to prescribe the supplements and diet you need to avoid iron deficiency during pregnancy.

Was your information about calcium and iron intake helpful? Did you face anemia during pregnancy? We look forward to your comments in the comments section below!

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Creativity workshops for children and grandparents, National Museum of the Romanian Peasant

Creativity workshops for children and grandparents, National Museum of the Romanian Peasant

Drawing workshop, painting with Ruxandra Grigorescu

It will be held every Wednesday from 14:00, starting January 16.
For children from 7 years.
Number of seats: 10.
Participation in the workshop is done by registering on the phone 021.317.9659

Animation theater workshop with Beatrice Iordan

We will make a journey into the world of shadow theater, table theater (with small dolls), mask theater, object theater (trying to animate different objects around us, creating small stories) to familiarize children with different techniques. of animation and construction of the dolls of theater. This workshop combines elements of theatrical play as well as practical activities. Every doll needs to know how to build their own dolls and decorations. The themes will be determined according to the age of the children participating in the workshop, as well as their availability.
Minimum age: 4 years. For the little ones we encourage working with parents.
Maximum number of participants: 10 children.
The workshop will be held every Thursday from 13:00, starting on January 24th.
Participation in the workshop is done by registering on the phone 0723.471.600.

Workshops for grandparents with Beatrice Iordan

It is a workshop dedicated to adults, but first of all to the elderly. In these workshops we will learn how to make various objects using paper-maché technique. We will start with household objects: bowls, plates, vases, which we will decorate with traditional models (after a visit to the museum for documentation) and we will continue with making masks having as starting point characters from his "Pacala" story (we will not build traditional masks). The workshop will end with the realization of some theater dolls. For this topic we will use mixed techniques: we will work the paper-maché head, we will sew, crochet, etc.
The workshop is held during several meetings depending on the chosen theme.
Maximum number of participants: 10.
The workshop will be held every Tuesday, starting at 12:00, starting on January 22.
Participation in the workshop is done by registering on the phone 0723.471.600.

Photo workshop with George Turliu

Introduction to the photographic art, relation with the camera, the composition of the image and a theme: mirrors.
At the photography workshop we learn to handle the camera. It has two hatches and two buttons. The first is green and is very important because it depends on the good course of artistic photography. The red one is not as important, but it is much more beautiful. The tips are for turning the machine. This ancient technique I learned from an old man, whom I met at Babele, held in his hand a daguerreotype and caught on the film the soul of the wind.
For children from 13 years.
Participation in the workshop is done by registering on the phone 021.317.9659

Workshop schedule

Tuesday, from 12:00 Workshop for grandparents
Wednesday, from 10:00 Photo workshop and from 14:00 Drawing, Painting
Thursday, from 1:00 pm Theater of animation
Participation price: 4 RON

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Table sole in childhood

More and more, I see educators announcing loft gymnastics to physiotherapists. Do we really need to stay afloat even when we are young? And what signs should we look for?

Table sole in childhood

The foot carries the weight of our body. This task is performed by the longitudinal and transverse arches of the foot and by the assembly of the ligaments and the muscles and the ligaments on the sole of the foot. will turn while the heel bone is out. As a result, the sole becomes flat, which has a negative impact on our entire water system and can lead to countless musculoskeletal problems.

Aggood dude

Even with a toddler, I didn't even know that the feet of the newborn certainly straight and mimics the sole sole only, so I was afraid that something might be wrong with him. Our pediatrician reassured me that azn. The lack of a longitudinal vault at this age can be considered natural, as it will only develop later on with increased muscle tone.The straight sole cowhide does not represent a pelvic floor at this age, but a natural physiological phenomenon. Simply leave time the child should develop movement, and should not force early foot strain and movement, as it may lead to overload and deformity of the foot.

How can light be discovered that our child might be snowboarding?

In infancy, the pediatrician also looks at the soles of children, and in the later stages, the child's home doctor or nurse examines the status tests to see if there is a problem with the child's feet. In our case, for example, our pediatrician called my attention to a problem and referred us to an orthopedic doctor. during school, and then during teenage years, a very sensitive period, it is definitely worth having an orthopedic screening, not only because of the problem with the pelvic floor but also with the spine.

How do I get my footboard fixed?

Dr. Dobos Mбrta, Oxygen Medical orthopedic doctor recommends that a baby who is able to walk should step on a piece of paper or a soft, colored fabric so the baby will see it immediately the shape of the sole (if all soles are in contact with the ground, then there may be a problem) .It is important to know that we do not have to make a serious difference in the results, since the foot development has phases.It is good is the child's ankle. If you have an inward stool, you may need to consult an orthopedic specialist.

What can be more acute?

A weak tie, a genetic background, and even a poorly chosen shoe can unfortunately contribute to the formation of the sole. It is also very dangerous if parents are forced to return to their early childhood. At school, growing up in the neighborhood and the extra weight caused by schooling can still be a problem, and sudden growth during adolescence can lead to problems with the sole.

Is there a way to prevent the footboard?

An effective way of prevention is to get the child to spend more time on natural soil (sand, grass, gravel). It is not enough to emphasize that a child wear high dry shoes that hold the ankle, which - if you use it indoors - can be cut out beforehand so that the foot is well ventilated. It is important that the soles of the shoes are soft as this is where the sole muscles can be strengthened. Also, a daily gymnastics, you can find countless gaming practices on the Internet.

Do I need pads or corrective shoes if I have a problem with my child?

The final sole arches are approx. They develop between the ages of 13 and 14, but by the time you reach school, you can see what the shoe archers will look like and what they will become. At this age, it is worthwhile to consult an orthopedic doctor. 5% justified, the doctor said. Deciding whether a child needs a footbed orthopedic specialist, as well as choosing footwear that corrects the footbed, should ask for their help.You may also need to megнrбsбban dr. Mobra of Dobos, I was a doctor at Oxygen Medical Orthopedic.Related articles in this topic:
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