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Teach your child how to swim! Exercises for a good start

Playing in the water is a great way to relax. Being in a pool or lake with a child can be an interesting idea for an afternoon together.

However, for the bath to succeed, you need to take care of some details.

First, the right approach. A smiling and relaxed parent gives the child a sense of security and a chance to acquire new, valuable skills. That is why it is worth going to the swimming pool when you are in a good mood. Second: a head full of ideas. You need to know how to have fun so that learning to swim can be effective.

The most important suggestions below.

Learning how to make bubbles

Before the child dips the head in water, it is worth tame the baby with the element. By using a regular ping-pong ball floating in the pool, you can teach your toddler how to blow and make bubbles. It is very important for the child to be able to breathe out in this way, so that he does not choke on water.
Chasing the ball at the pool is great fun!

Square wheel

This fun is a lot of fun. Definitely more in water than on land. Initially, the child may decide to "run" only to immerse his arms, but in time, maybe he will be able to move his chin, ears and entire head under water.


This game should be carried out in warm water when the outside temperature is pleasant. Otherwise, the opposite effect can be achieved.
We grab the baby under the feeds and put them in and out of the water, trying to make the next dipping allow the toddler's body to be poured at a higher level.

Putting on your shoulder

When teaching a child to swim, be gentle and calm. Let's not do anything against the toddler or forcefully, because a child can easily be discouraged. Laying the baby on his back, support them firmly and encourage them to move with their feet. The next step is to offer your child a grip on the edge of the pool and wave his legs. On the lake, you can suggest to a few-year-old holding a mattress or wheel with special handles.

Pollution: how to protect yourself?
Children who are hungry at all hours

There will be many parents who are familiar with a very common situation among young children: fresh from the table and after having finished their meal, they start playing and not even ten minutes have passed when we listen, I have hunger! What do we do? Is it convenient to give him food? And what do I give? This is the case of children who are hungry at all times.

Curiously, children of this age, more or less between 2 and 5 years old, go through a stage in which they begin to detect the different sensations of their body, but it is difficult for them to understand them and, above all, to define them. Normally, hunger is one of the first that they identify, so the "I'm hungry" is used for everything.

Although this is completely normal, and should not be a cause for alarm, it is also the fact that, if the real reason for the child's “hunger” is not observed, the child can get used to fighting boredom or sadness with food, and this can be dangerous.

Emotional pecking is very common among adults, and it is a not entirely healthy habit, since it leads to unnecessary consumption of food, a meal known as "comfort food". Observing and understanding the emotions of our children can help us determine if the child is really hungry or is trying to convey another sensation that he is not yet able to understand. Talking with them and teaching them to understand these emotions and to solve them without the help of food is our job as parents, so that this habit does not settle among their customs. But how do you keep him from pecking at all hours?

When the child uses this phrase, it can be helpful to divert attention from the food. We can try asking him what he's been doing, if he wants to play something else, or if he wants us to sit down together to read a story. If any of these approaches manages to divert his attention from the snack, it is very likely that the child is not hungry, so we can continue investigating to find out what is the reason for his demand for food. Little by little it is likely that the child himself will be able to tell us what is happening without the need to go through emotional pecking.

It also helps to have habits that allow you to be flexible with what you eat, how?

- Do not use the rule of finishing the meal from the dish.

- Use small portions of food, and let him ask for more whenever he wants.

- Encourage chewing and eating slowly, reinforcing their own rhythms.

- A routine and some relatively fixed meal times they can help make sure your child is not hungry between meals.

- Five meals They work better than three at an early age, as children are more comfortable with frequent, short-term, distracting small portions than with large dishes that last forever.

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The love contract saves Madonna's marriage

The love contract saves Madonna's marriage

Pop music queen Madonna and her husband, Guy Ritchie, saved their marriage with a "love contract." The 48-year-old singer and 38-year-old director Guy told their friends that they are "happier than ever" after they set out to overcome the problems and strengthen their seven-year relationship. ! The couple overcame those dissatisfactions in the couple's life with the help of a specialist, Tricia Barnes.

And, after hours of heart-to-heart discussions, especially during their New York vacation, the two have decided to put their marriage and family first. At the same time, they rediscovered the love that brought them a few years ago to one another's arms.

The couple agreed to: spend as much time as possible at home with their children, Lourdes, age 10, Rocco, six, and adopted child David, a year and a half; to suspend their solo projects, if they affect the needs of others; to look for a more spacious family home in Manhattan, New York, but also keep their home in the UK and set up a flight to Los Angeles later this month for two weeks on a short vacation with children.


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Luzdivina: origin and meaning of the name for girl Luzdivina

BEAUTIFUL RARE BABY GIRL NAMES I LOVE AND MAY USE! Baby names, meanings, origins and ideas

A platform for the exchange of information between parents raising children separately, supporting conflict-free communication and upbringing.

Want to surprise your guests with a tasty autumn recipe? Choose the pumpkin with sesame, a light snack, fast and very delicious.

Preparation time

55 min




1 medium pumpkin

3 tablespoons sugar

50 g of sesame

Method of preparation

Wash the pumpkin well, cut it in half and clean it from the seeds. Sprinkle the sugar over it and place it in the oven for 40 minutes, until it softens and browns on top.

When it is almost ready, sprinkle the sesame seeds over it and leave it in the oven for 10 minutes, until they have a golden hue. Serve baked pumpkin with plain sesame or ice cream or ice cream.

If you want to serve it to the guests in an original way, cut it in a round shape and place it in transparent bowls.

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