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Myth and truth about HIV / AIDS

HIV and AIDS contamination are two of the most known, but also the most feared diseases in the world. It is known about them that they are taken especially by sexual means and that they can be deadly. But there are also myths related to these diseases, which give rise to prejudices and bizarre and totally unjustified behaviors towards those suffering from AIDS or infected with the HIV virus!

Myth - If you are infected with HIV, it means you have AIDS!

If you have been infected with HIV (the human immunodeficiency virus), it does not necessarily mean that you have the disease (AIDS - acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). HIV is a virus that destroys the body's CD4 cells, cells that fight AIDS. If the infection is discovered early and treated effectively, you can have the virus in your body for years without giving birth to the disease. You are diagnosed with AIDS if you have the HIV virus in your blood, but also other associated infections or if the number of CD4 cells drops below 200. So, in other words, you can get HIV without necessarily triggering the disease in the body.

Truth - It is almost impossible to contract the HIV virus by simply touching or by regular contact with a person!

You cannot get HIV if you hug a sick person, if you use the same towel or if you share the same glass. In addition it is very difficult to contract HIV and if you kiss with someone. The patient must have an open wound in his mouth for you to contaminate yourself. The most common way of spreading the virus remains unprotected sexual contact. After that, the use of needles or joint injections or tattoos with unsterilized equipment become the main causes of HIV transmission.

Myth - If you have AIDS, you only have a few years to live!

Every person who becomes infected with HIV manifests itself in a certain way. Some may develop AIDS even in the coming months after contracting the virus, while others may live for decades without having AIDS.

Myth - You know when you have HIV, because there are specific symptoms!

Unfortunately, HIV infection is asymptomatic in most cases, and when symptoms appear, it already means that AIDS has occurred. Symptoms are similar to those of other disease (mononucleosis) and include fever, fatigue, irritation and sore throat. Usually they disappear after a few weeks and may not appear for years.

Myth - HIV infection can be cured!

There is no cure to completely cure HIV, but there are many treatments that can keep the virus in check and help you have a strong immune system. Some drugs interfere with the proteins the virus needs to develop, and others prevent the virus from destroying CD4 cells.

Truth - Anyone can get infected with HIV!

This is true! From infants to the elderly, anyone is prone to the risk of getting infected with the dreaded virus if they don't take care of it. The main means of prevention is condom protection during sexual intercourse, avoiding the sharing of those or other medical instruments with another person and avoiding contact with an open wound of an HIV patient.

Myth - Sex is safe if both partners have HIV

Just because both people are infected with the virus does not mean that they no longer have to protect themselves. Using a condom also protects you against other sexually transmitted diseases as well as other strains of the HIV virus, which may prove resistant to the anti-HIV medication you take until then.

Truth - You can have a healthy baby if you are infected with HIV

Women with HIV can make a healthy baby. It is true that you can infect the baby during pregnancy or at birth, but with the help of doctors and proper care you can significantly reduce this risk. Pregnant women can take medicines to treat the infection and thus protect the baby from the flu.

Meaning of the name Valerio. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Valerio. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

The saints record the existence of various saints, but the most relevant representative was the consul of Rome in the 6th century BC, Publio Valerio Publico.

It comes from the Latin Valerius, derived from valere which means to be "strong, robust, healthy"

April 28, June 5 and December 9


  • Valerio Pino, model (1981)

Drawings of the name Valerio coloring page printable game

Italian baby boy names

Home remedies against constipation in children

Home remedies against constipation in children

Constipation is the difficulty that can occur to evacuate. It is a very common disorder in the baby as bowel movements and sphincter relaxation have not yet matured enough.

The baby is usually upset and uncomfortable if he is constipated, but as his diet consists exclusively of breast milk or artificial milk, certain homemade recipes based on fiber or fruits are not applicable. However, from 2 or 3 years old, if your son or daughter is constipated, you can resort to natural remedies to relieve him and get him to evacuate.

1. You can do massages on the child's belly making circular movements in a clockwise direction. This will also provide relief if constipation is accompanied by a tummy ache.

2. Drink a glass of warm water and then give your child a breakfast that includes whole grains and fresh fruit.

3. Give the child the juice of two oranges before having your usual breakfast. Other fruits that can help relieve constipation taken first thing in the morning are raspberries, grapes, pears, plums or kiwi.

4. One of the most effective natural remedies is to have a daily diet rich in vegetables and fiber.

5. Diet by itself does not work miracles, so it is very important to ensure that the child performs physical exercise every day.

6. Drink plenty of water: increase the amount of water, preferably mineral, that the baby takes a day.

7. Teach the child to have the routine of going to the bathroom. Sit him on the potty or toilet for a while and show him the correct posture to adopt. You have to remind him that he should go whenever he feels like it and not continue playing or doing any other task.

In the event that following a diet rich in fiber and having moderate physical activity, the child cannot go to the bathroom by himself, it would be advisable to visit the pediatrician who could prescribe a laxative to help him at specific times. Nevertheless, can eventually make the gut lazy, so accustoming the child to evacuate by himself is the best therapy.

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New Year's resolutions that you can quietly violate

New Year's resolutions that you can quietly violate

New Year's resolutions are probably some of the most broken promises made by people. Many of the goals set over the years are just fanciful ideas that do not materialize in real life, especially for parents with limited time and energy reserves.

That is why you should not feel guilty if you end up violating the resolutions below, which are born in the minds of many mothers in the first days of January, but do not materialize in the end. The role of a parent comes with a lot of challenges that cannot always be anticipated, and parents cannot be perfect every day either. Here's how you can break the New Year's resolutions quietly, without making it difficult for you!

1. Each meal of the day, cooked at home from organic foods

In theory, it sounds great: every meal taken by family members is cooked at home, in the healthiest ways, with organic foods that do not endanger health. In fact, there are days when this ambitious goal is simply impossible to reach. It is recommended that, most of the time, the food that the whole family consumes is prepared from healthy ingredients and not ordered from fast food.

But equally healthy is that, from time to time, you do not risk a nervous breakdown because you stay in the kitchen all the time, do not rest and do not pay the proper attention to your child. As long as you don't make a habit of having dinner at the restaurant four times a week, cooking at home can be delayed occasionally. And this does not make you a bad mother!

2. Ready with broken orders

Every parent knows that printing is not the healthiest method of disciplining the child. Equally well known is the fact that people have weaknesses at the moment and sometimes nervous exits cannot be controlled. You can impose at the beginning of the year a calm, tolerant attitude and in full harmony with the universe. You may wish from your heart never to rejoin your child when you put your patience to the test - it is even advisable to do so.

But at the same time you need to be aware that there will be times when your reason will be disturbed by emotions. You will give up from time to time, nervously and tell your little boy in a crooked tone that it would be good to listen to you. And you don't have to feel guilty - it's a vulnerability of human nature.

3. Complete elimination of sugar from nutrition

Every day, you come to find out a new study published by researchers about how dangerous is sugar for children and how much the rate of childhood obesity has increased worldwide. In these circumstances, it is natural to think about whether or not you should replace the emergency snacks with "something good" with whole biscuits and hummus. But what do you do when your child in no way wants to eat your organic broccoli soup, insisting on fried potatoes and refusing any other option you offer at the table? In the end, you probably let your guard down and, for fear of not staying hungry, you give him what he asks.

There are ways in which you can educate your child to make healthy food choices, but sometimes it is good to find a balance and to let him taste just a little bit of everything. As you forbid him to eat a favorite meal, he will become increasingly reluctant to consume it (and the same thing happens with you!). The solution in this case is moderation. Your resolution may sound more realistic "sugar in nutrition, only occasionally".

4. Ready to watch TV or play on your laptop

Here is a resolution almost impossible to achieve in the age of technology: without television or video games on weekdays, only one hour of sitting on the laptop every day and no mobile phones worn everywhere. Scientists knew what they say in warnings about the harmful effects of gadgets, right? However good a way of life would sound, without radiation and information bombs, the reality is quite different today.

Everyone is surfing the internet, the TV shows are too captivating, and the child deprived of the joy of video games is considered a real outlaw. If you want to make this resolution achievable, find a way to compromise, to avoid overdoing it. If not, break it without feeling guilty: I stepped into a new digital age!

5. More romantic dating with your life partner

You read all about how important it is to keep your passion alive in the couple and you think it would be time to dedicate the new year to your relationship with your life partner. You decide that weekly to have an evening for a romantic date in two, regardless of your busy schedule. It sounds good on a fantasy level, but again, the harsh reality tells the word: you are too tired, the monthly budget will not help you to pay a decent decent, the movie tickets can be invested in a new clothes for the child, and the tables at the restaurant have it became absurdly expensive.

These are just a few reasons why you have every chance to break your ambitious resolution. The good news is that getting close to your partner can be done by other methods, which do not involve any kind of effort: an evening relaxing massage, positive discussions before bedtime, several gestures of affection expressed daily.

6. More time just for you

Many moms want to have more time for themselves and care more about their body and soul. An ambitious resolution for the new year is to force yourself to go to the gym, sign up for yoga, start a high school hobby again or finally learn another foreign language. Gradually, it is possible to notice that the schedules in the room cannot take place in your daily schedule. You get to postpone enrollment in Zumba courses and quickly give up croaking, once you realize you no longer have the patience of old. Then you have your conscience process for a few minutes because you cannot put your plan into effect. Maybe it would be better to give up the blame and to just read a good book after the kids fall asleep!

What New Year's resolutions have you achieved over time? Tell us your story in the comment section below!

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