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Christmas greeting with shiny balls, crafts with children

Christmas greeting with shiny balls, crafts with children

To entertain the children and congratulate Christmas in a personalized way, we invite you to make this beautiful Christmas card. A simple postcard decorated with Christmas balls in which children can include their message.

The ideas, as well as the making of the cards are a special collaboration of Bambola casa creativa to our site. Here are the written instructions on how to do the craft in case you have any questions

Editing and camera: Ainhoa ​​Ferragud

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Secúndola: origin and meaning of the name for girl Secúndola

Secúndola: origin and meaning of the name for girl Secúndola

We highlight in our dictionary the name for a girl: Sequencing her. You will find in our meaning finder of all baby names.

Feminine form of Secúndlo. It comes from the Latin Secundulus / Secundula, derived from Secundus (Second).

7 of March


  • Tomás Luis de Victoria, Spanish musician (1548-1611)
  • Tomás Bretón, Spanish musician (1850-1923)
  • Thomas Alva Edison, American inventor (1847-1931)
  • Tom Cruise, American actor (1962)
  • Tom Waits, American singer (1949).

Drawings of the name Secúndola coloring page printable game

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Cystic fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis

Postpartum depression in parents

Although they have been talking about this topic for years, it has not been until recent studies that it has been shown that postpartum depression is not the exclusive preserve of mothers, but rather up to 10% of parents get it and, in most cases, with a duration greater than that of the mother.

Maternal postpartum depression is mainly due to the hormonal chaos we experience when we give birth, and it usually appears after the first days of birth, lasting just a few weeks; however, postpartum depression in parents occurs in very different situations.

In the first place, it usually appears much later, between the third and sixth month of the baby, and is not associated with a hormonal imbalance, but rather other factors develop it. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for it to be aggravated by the fact that men do not usually express their feelings as openly as women, which means that they have to suffer it in silence without help from anyone.

Triggers are usually due to several reasons:

1- Fear of parenthood: The new responsibilities as a father and the fear of knowing if they will be able to take care of the baby are among the main reasons.

2- Changes in married life: The mother's attention, which was previously exclusively for them, is now shared with the baby, and at times it can cause jealousy, even feelings of abandonment on the part of the father. In addition, sexual relations take a back seat, since many women do not feel comfortable with their body after childbirth.

3- Lack of sleep, changes in the house and stress: Not sleeping enough hours makes anyone desperate, and this is aggravated because work at home multiplies, we no longer have the same hours of rest and the baby constantly requires time and attention.

4- Financial concerns: Expenses grow and that becomes a constant worry of having to live with the same income as before.

The most common symptoms of this type of depression are: withdrawal from a partner, irritability, intolerance, insomnia, sadness, or shelter abroad (friends or work), and the worst thing is that they can last up to a year, when you begin to feel more centered with the new family situation.

The consequences for the father can be very negative, since his mood will not only affect him personally, but also affect the family, especially the development of the baby. A depressed father will stop doing things with his son such as reading stories, singing to him, laughing with him, enjoying his growth, sharing news with the family, he will be more introspective, and even, in situations of great stress, he can punish or reach hit the child.

If this is your case, or that of your partner, try to open up to the family and express what you feel, you will feel supported and understood, together you can go through that bump, and if not, do not hesitate to go to a specialist , parenthood is something very beautiful that you should enjoy in all its fullness.

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10 Review Games and Activities for Kids' Vacation

10 Review Games and Activities for Kids' Vacation

Vacations at last! The time of year most awaited by children. But summer vacations are very long, right? Take advantage of these days to get your child to review all the knowledge acquired in school. Do you know how? Through these 10 revision games and activities for the children's holidays. In this video you will find suggestions to revise math, language or science through some fun tricks and many interesting games.

Edition: Lola Doménech

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