Riddle: There are three ships in a port

Riddle: There are three ships in a port

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Promotions for children's items. Buy cheaper!

Promotions for children's items. Buy cheaper! The sense of satisfaction that arises after we manage to save on purchases is worth the effort to buy at the best prices. The same products can be cheaper by up to several or over a dozen zlotys. Check it out for yourself.


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Easter bun

A good Easter bun, what do you think? This homemade recipe is easy and will treat all your greedy.

A good Easter bun, what do you think? This homemade recipe is easy and will treat all your greedy.

See the recipe

Sinforosa: origin and meaning of the name for girl Sinforosa



... or Constance, a name from Latin constancia, meaning perseverance, constancy. Besides, his patron saint had a faith capable of raising mountains, since he was able to light the lamps of his church with water! His party : September 23rd.
More about Constant

The course of the simplest disease can also be divided into stages from the entry into the organism to the healing process.

Leprosy after disease

How does chicken pox work?

Let's give you an example.
Varicella is a very common, unpleasant, itchy, sticky disease. It spreads with drip infection. If your child enters a pancreas room, he or she will almost certainly become infected. The virus grows in silence (this is the first phase, the latency time). No complaints yet. The length of the latency period for each disease is different. Pancreas usually has two weeks. After this, the second phase begins when we see the child depressed and the fever can appear. At this point, we do not yet know what the problem may be, since the majority of the illnesses are starting. In the case of varicella, it takes one to two days.
This is the most dangerous stage in the transmission of the infection, as the little patient is infected but no one knows. At this point, an infection could detect the inflammation and the virus, but do not perform these procedures in everyday practice, as you will only get dry, uncomfortable minutes, and we will never be sick. Maybe you could just watch it? In the third stage, the first unambiguous symptoms appear. First the exit, and then, with a slight lump, the many tiny blisters that are the most common symptom of pancreatitis. These the blisters sparkle after three days, when the patient is not infected anymore, the period of conception begins.

He's out of trouble

The little one is not flabbergasted, he seems to be better. When should you go back to the chick or school? This is the most difficult question to answer, as it depends not only on the patient but also on his or her composition. In our example, staying in the pancreas should never go into contact while it infects. The varicella is infected until the end of blooming, that is, for a week after the release appears. In practice, the child usually stays home for another week as the face covered with gnomes can be scary and many may not realize that they are not infected at this time. However, the most important aspect is to repair the weak resilience of the organization.

What happens during the rebellion?

Flesh, laxatives, and accelerated metabolism endure the body of small patients. The immune system often uses the last reserve to successfully combat the disease. If we do not allow enough time for the circulatory, renal, emesis and immune systems to be "loaded back" into the old circulatory system, then the child may be made more ill. The more serious the disease, the longer it takes to heal completely.
In everyday practice, you have inflammation of the head (sore throat, croup, urticaria, catarrh) and related diseases (inflammation of the face and chest, diarrhea) and diarrhea (diarrhea). In less severe cases, the child will remain at home for two days after the fever and complaints cease. If it falls on the pen, let's add it to the weekend. A significant proportion of recurring infections could be prevented if we did not hasten to return to the community prematurely.
The more serious ailment can also be recognized by the fact that the child is tired and does not need to be carried, but rather the pelvis. If the little patient does not feel comfortable lying down because of his or her high mobility needs, do not force rest. On the other hand, with an overhead catfish, if you don't want to stay, you don't have to do this.
However, be careful not to run at high fever as this will only increase your body temperature and impair your kidney function. Sometimes, the febrile child does not even get drunk, so we can characterize his condition by getting hot. In this case, get there beside your bed and divert your attention with a fairy tale, a drawing, a box of many interesting small items, toys, or even a tale of tune-ups.

Not contagious, but still crazy…

The request is complicated by unpleasant symptoms such as some two to three weeks after adenovirus infection. I often find that an infection of a high temperature can take up to a month to become irritable. At this time, the child does not become morbid, it does not infect. You can go to kindergarten, wisdom, without having to wait for complete relief. What would happen to our worshipers if, for example, February we did not allow the small children? Bezбrhatnбnak!
Of course, it would be better if only the wholesome, "free" teaser would go together, but unfortunately this is not the case. However, it is also true that anyone who encounters a particular bacillus, a virus, will be protected by the immune system and will not develop the disease again.
  • The period of liberation
  • Patient care is hard work - and sometimes even harder
  • Have a nice start!
  • Bбrбnyhimlх
  • Parental freedom: no ambiguity about who you are

    It is often not clear how children go after their vacations in the traditional family model.

    It is clearly stated in the Workbook how the child's post-holiday leave is developed for parents. So, one child after two, two children after two children together, gives the child seven weeks off from birth to the age of 16. In the case of a disabled child, vacation time increases by two working days.But what if the traditional family model and the ambiguous family are upset and who should be considered a parent? What happens when a boyfriend, whom the child looks up to as a foster parent, moves to his mother after an election? Would you still be eligible for a holiday? (We apologize: No. Explanation below.) Under the terms of the Zoo Law, when applying labor law, a parent may take into consideration a child who is dependent on a family member under the Rules on Support for Families. So it is not primarily the relationship with the city that matters. The following people can claim labor benefits for parents:
  • according to the blood and the receptive baby,
  • living space with the parents;
  • a person who wants to adopt a child raised in his or her household and is in the process of doing so;
  • the gem;
  • the educator;
  • the deputy is a parent (he / she only if he / she also qualifies as a family member by birth).
  • It is clear from the above that if the child is raised by a father-in-law (Y. ъr), because his / her mother has separated before having a child, A common source of parental leave entitlement is that under the old rule (before January 1, 2012), only one is considered to have a greater role in the upbringing of the child as a result of the parents' decision At this time, the worker who gave his leave to work wanted to prove that his wife and partner did not take leave of his own job. However, even after 1 January 2012, all parents are entitled to maternity leave subject to parental leave, provided that the above criteria for parental leave are met, it is still the usual practice for the parent to continue to work. Today there is no legal basis for this, so this practice is incorrect.- When do most of them divorce? - If the parents divorce soon, the child gets married sooner? - 5 mistakes that the divorced parents make



    • Maxime comes from the Latin "maximus", the largest.
    • Several emperors bore this name, such as the Emperor Maxime, who was master of Spain, or Petronius Maximus emperor of the West in the fifth century.
    • His birthday: April 14th.
    • More info about Maxime

    Smoking destroys vision

    Smokers are twice as exposed to vision problems as non-smokers, British experts at the Royal National Institute for the Blind warn.

    Smokers are twice as exposed to vision problems as non-smokers, British experts at the Royal National Institute for the Blind warn.
    Cigarettes carry much of the guilt of the appearance, in old age, of a disease called macular degeneration. The Royal National Institute of the Blind, together with AMD Alliance UK, intends to launch an information campaign on this risk and to force cigarette manufacturers to list the danger of this disease on their packages. In the United Kingdom, macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss, with the number of patients exceeding 500,000. Over 54,000 cases were related to smoking.

    British experts also show that the risk of developing this disease continues to exist even after smokers have given up smoking. Only after 10 years from the moment they quit smoking, the risk begins to decrease. Macular degeneration usually occurs after 50 years and usually affects both eyes. Very few cases can be treated. In the first phase, the vision is blurred or distorted.
    Source: National Journal

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