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A child's aggressive behavior is learned behavior, so it can be modified. In early childhood, aggressiveness is unconscious and manifests itself with biting and pushing. Around the age of 3, the child is more active and shows his aggressiveness by destroying and hitting, impulses that he cannot control.

When the child is old enough to put himself in the place of others, show empathy, one must learn to suppress aggressiveness. In this video, you can find some tips to help children overcome aggressive behavior.

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Elderberry for colds and flu

Elderberry for colds and flu

What is elderberry?

Elderberry is a dark purple berry whose extract has been shown to boost the immune system. Like zinc, vitamin C, and echinacea, it's sold as a supplement to prevent or shorten colds and flu. You can find elderberry as a juice or syrup, as well as in teas, lozenges, tablets, and gummies.

Bottom line: There's some evidence that it's effective, but it's generally not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or for children. Read on for more details.

Does elderberry work for colds and flu?

Elderberry may be effective for treating colds and flu. In one study, elderberry extract was found to reduce flu symptoms by about three days, which is comparable to the effect of the FDA-approved antiviral medication Tamiflu when taken at the first sign of illness. In other research, elderberry extract did not prevent colds, but it did appear to ease the symptoms and reduce the duration of colds.

Is it safe to take elderberry during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

Elderberry has not been proven safe to take when you're pregnant or breastfeeding – there simply hasn't been enough research. Because elderberry hasn't been thoroughly studied in pregnant or breastfeeding women, most healthcare providers are reluctant to recommend it. Check with your provider before taking any supplements while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is elderberry safe for kids?

Medical experts don't recommend elderberry for children. Although some elderberry syrups and tinctures are marketed for children's use, there's not enough data to confirm whether elderberry supplements are safe for kids. Check with your provider before offering your child supplements.

Are there precautions for elderberry?

For most people, elderberry is considered safe, but uncooked or unripe elderberries can be toxic. Side effects from consuming uncooked or unripe berries include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Elderberry may be unsafe if you're taking certain medications. Elderberry may lower blood pressure, so if you already take medication for high blood pressure, the increased effect could be harmful. Because elderberry may increase immune system activity, people with autoimmune diseases should not take elderberry.

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Excelsior Theater Performances Program, December 12-16, 2012

From infancy to adulthood, the use of hydrophobia in adults often leads to chinchilla (Chassaignac syndrome).

If you hold on poorly, the end may be lightIf the child is rotated only by the arm, or if it defies the ground, and the parents are wound by the wrist, the radius of the lumbar spine can be narrowed. Suddenly, the arm seems to be repentant: the child's outstretched arm, with his palm turned inward, gently softens, and he cannot lift his mouth by force. Any attempt to move the arm is very painful.Do not try to replace the lever yourself. Instead, get the child to the doctor the sooner the better.

The most common symptoms of the buttocks

  • The arm suddenly went blind
  • The arm is relaxed
  • It is a pain if someone tries to move the lever
The doctor will repair the arm with a few skilled fingers and a swivel. This is all the easier the shorter the time between the accident and the correction. Then the child can move his arm again. In case of frequent sprains, the business tape may open so much that it requires surgery. Never use your wrist to lift a child. If you want to rotate it, not the hand, but the upper arm. Make sure your child is always gripping the shower with two hands. In Malbsk, if it goes down, it may have a buttocks. Sources: Helmut Keudel, Barbara Capelle: Pediatrics kцnyve.
  • Spit, Childhood Fatigue: Symptom and Treatment
  • Innocent games can end easily
  • Bruising, bruising, bruising, blaring, squeaking, squares

The best apple baby recipes

In Hungary, apples are traditionally the first food a baby gets to know. Let's see some apple recipes for babies.

The best apple baby recipes

One apple a day: Keeps the doctor away - the well-known English proverb applies to eating one apple a day. We give it to baby puppies by all means, but we are talking about very healthy fruit anyway. Contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A and B, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium. We give most apples as a dietary supplement. It is easy to digest and also has the added benefit of not being allergic. According to the recommendations, babies up to six months of age need nothing but breast milk. After that, you can start breastfeeding, and as your name implies, you can breastfeed your baby, so make sure you do not choose to breastfeed. We love this baby. Some recipes from apples to babies are offered.Almapьrй (You can add a 6 day card)
Ingredients: 1 ripe, juicy, sweet apple.
Preparation: Grate the apple on a glass grater finely. A few drops or a small apple apple can be the baby's first taste. You can also make the powder by tapping on the screen. It can be diluted with breast milk or boiled (and cooled) water.An apple (6 days ago)
Ingredients: 2 medium sized, ripe, sweet apples.
Preparation: Wash the apples thoroughly and wrap them in aluminum. In a oven preheated to 180 degrees, the oven is soft. Once softened, mix and remove the kernel and seeds. Fork it up. Or, you might want to try it like a roasting pan: we can drain the inside.Alms potatoes (6 days ago)
Ingredients: 1 ripe apple, 1 small potato
Preparation: Cook the potatoes and blend them with raw apples. If necessary, dilute with breast milk or potato topping.Almond oatmeal
Cook one part oatmeal with 3 parts water. Let's wash a smaller apple, pick it up, pick it up, and chop it up. Add the oatmeal and cooked apples to the oatmeal until they are softened. After that, blend together.
(Later, it's a very varied, and still light, fast food option: we can add yogurt or some charcoal powder. We can fool it with cinnamon.)Alma Tъrуval (6-11 months, depending on whether the family has an allergic history)
Contributions: 1 medium sweet apple, 3 tbsp lean cow, after 1 year we can add 1 tbsp. ice.
Preparation: Finely grate the apple with a glass grater. The container is compiled and added to the apple pie.Birthday cake for annuals
Immerse 10 kg of oatmeal on each egg in enough organic rice milk (or water) to cover it well. Let's cook it now. We blend 1 banana and 2 to 3 apples with a bot mixer and mix it with the cooked oatmeal. The mixes are turned into 18 cm diameter cake molds, topped with banana rings and 200 degrees, approx. three quarters of the city. Banana rings can also be put on the baked cake raw.

Among all the names for boys we highlight Eugraph. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

It owes its spread as a baptismal name to Saint Eugrafus, a martyr in Egypt at the beginning of the 4th century.

Composed of eu: "good, good" and graph: "record, draw, write". It can be interpreted as "good writer or draftsman".

December 10


  • September 25th

Drawing of the name Eugrafo coloring page printable game

Eugrafo: drawings of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Eugrafo coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Eugrafo coloring page printable game

Drawings of the names. Eugrafo name to color and print


The rhythm of a child's growth

The rhythm of a child's growth

The development, growth, and maturity of children have varied. Therefore, the child's own rhythm should always be taken into account and not compared to others.

The growth of the child

Growth is the period of development of the body in which the child gradually reaches his or her adult size. In this process, the cells of the organs growing in length are multiplied. The long bones of the limbs open, and the short bones - for example, the bones of the spinal column - thicken. The internal organs develop in proportion to the increase in muscle, fat and body mass. When the body size and function of the organs reach its intended function, the cells multiply. Human growth almost ceases to be twenty years old. The developmental cycle of each organ may be different. The proliferation of nerve cells is stopped before birth, but only the size of the cells increases slightly. skin cells - constantly multiply, grow again. Wound violinization can also be a result of this permanent process. Teeth and hair are growing throughout our lives. Some other organs are also capable of regeneration. For example, it is retrained after the removal of most of the liver.

The child's growth is gradual

The human body develops from a bunch of eggs within nine months of fertilization. The average Newborn 52 cm long, 3.25 kg weight. Infant length and weight increase proportionally with each other. It is important to keep track of your development as this is a visible sign that your baby is in good health.The baby has a very large head relative to the body. The size of the skull does not change much after childbirth, increasing to just 1.7 times the size of the childbirth. In contrast, the limbs will be seven times as long as they were at birth.

The rhythm of the baby's growth

The rhythm of growth not bland. For newborns, the process is very fast. By the age of three months, the little one is growing 3 centimeters a month, but only half a centimeter at adulthood. The average size child is 10 centimeters from birth to 14 months between the ages of three and twelve months, 12 in the second year, 7.5 in the third, 7.5 centimeters in the fourth, not so smooth. The fat content is 14% of the newborn weight. For a six month old baby, the rate is already 25%. Body fat is finally stabilized at six years of age. The rate remains around 14%. Only in girls does this increase in adolescence to 23% of total body weight. Occasionally, after one year of age, the child's growth stops for a while. This can be spontaneous or it can cause illness. There is no need to worry if the halt is only temporary. What is certain is that birth weight is usually doubled by the age of five.The curvaceous shapes characteristic of young children are slowly disappearing after the first two years. The kid will be leaner. The backbone is shaped like a curve, allowing the tiny man to stay in balance. During the early years, the central nervous system is developing very rapidly. Then is the first period of captivity. The weight of the child should also be monitored, as this may eventually result in the persistence of excess weight. Later, growth is expected to be even (about 5-6 centimeters per year) until adolescence. The limbs open, the milk teeth fall out one after the other, and the lasting teeth disappear. The size of the room depends on the child's sex and the factors that are known. Growth is also influenced by growth hormone, diet, certain psychological factors, and the interplay of all of these.

The age of the wrist bones

In the first years of life, "child bones" are spawned by "bone bones". X-rays of the wrist allow the child to assess growth independently of his or her health. The picture tells you what the age of the bone is, and also whether it is age appropriate for development. The peculiarity of the wrist bones is that it is gradual, accurate in a specific order fejlхdnek. First, there is a set of growth cartilage cells that multiply and then develop into final bone. These bones can still thicken from the direction of the outer skeleton of the bone.

The healthy growth of the baby

Adult height is already determined by fetal growth. Growth can be disturbed by the malfunctioning of the placenta, but also by the mother drinking or smoking during pregnancy. Growth hardship in the womb does not always compensate. The Catching is very important in the development of body dimensions. Children living in favorable social conditions grow noticeably higher than their parents. The hormones that regulate bone growth in childhood are selected by the pituitary gland and the thyroid gland. Adolescent growth is controlled by the hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. But it also has an effect on thyroid hormone and one of the hormones selected from the thyroid gland. This hormone also plays a role in the ossification of cartilage, and is therefore actually continuing to grow. Children who arrive early in adolescence remain below average.

Boys, girls and height

Children between the ages of 1 and 4 are the fastest children, girls, and boys alike. Height is 96-112 cm. They grow an additional 4-6 cm per year until they reach the age of one. Between the ages of 11 and 16, adolescent growth ends. Babies are the strongest between the ages of 10.5 and 14 years, and boys - because they are sexually mature - start at 12.5 and 16 years of age. .

The average height is low

In the developed countries, the short term ends in XX. In the 20th century, the average height of people increased significantly. There are two reasons for this. One is that growth is happening faster than it is today (16-year-old boys are ten centimeters taller than their grandfather was so old). The other explanation is that we are eating better and more varied nowadays. An inadequate diet can also cause bodily abnormalities (dementia, late childhood adolescence). Especially for a child growing up the right diets are important, which contains ingredients that are indispensable for healthy adult choice.

Growth disorders

At the level of development and development of the various organs, hormones are regulated. Inadequate function of the endocrine glands causes developmental abnormalities. Such as turbidity, iridescence or acromia, or, in the head, excessive enlargement of the limbs. Children with hormone deficiency are treated with artificially hormone hormones. If the caregiver is started at the right time, children can reach their normal height. Children who are too large are also advised to be examined and treated.

Children's whiteboard

Your child should be given the right amount of food each time they come quantity and quality of whitessince white is the primary constituent of living conditions. Protein (white) comes from the Greek "protos" word. Meaning: elementary, basic, main. One twelve-year-old child needs eighty grams of white a day. This is the sum of animal (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products) and vegetable whites (bread, cereals, legumes). The amino acids from which whites emerge are as essential as they are different. Out of the seven amino acids, children need ten, and adults need eight essential amino acids. The essential amino acids - these cannot be produced by the body - contain only protein of animal origin in appropriate proportions and quantities. Non-essentials, on the other hand, can be produced by the body in both white and animal whites. likewise water is vital. 80% of the child's body is water-borne and can be expelled very quickly. Naturally, it is also necessary to supplement the fluid lost during urination and sweating.Related articles:

Name Léonce - Meaning and origin

Name Léonce - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Elders, French, Latins

Meaning of the name:

This name derives from the Greek terms leo and leonteus meaning "lion" and "who looks like a lion". It's a mixed first name.


Saint Léonce was a Phoenician soldier of the fourth century who was martyred for having preached his faith to his brothers in arms.

His character :

Léonce stands out for his great persuasiveness, sometimes pushing him to manipulate his family. Her personality being indomitable, no one will be able to force her to do anything against her will. She often displays a calm and calm air that inspires confidence. She has everything to succeed with her strength, courage and determination that stand up to any challenge.

Sociable and communicative, she likes to advise her family and those around her can count on her with the slightest concern. This big talkative seems to have an opinion on everything, which sometimes infuriates his entourage. She likes to tell stories and does not fail to add her grain of salt.

Léonce aspires to a calm, quiet and comfortable existence. His secret weapon in life is his diplomacy. This pacifist will find the solution through dialogue.


Léoncettte, Léoncia, Léoncie, Léoncine, Léonte and Léontia.

His party :

Léonce is honored on June 18th.

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Will my shy 2-year-old be able to handle preschool?

With your help and a little time, chances are she will. If your child is more reserved and introverted than her peers, that's okay. Children who are slow to warm up just need more time to adjust to new situations like preschool. Keeping your 2-year-old out of preschool probably isn't the answer, but you should be prepared to support her until she feels comfortable in an unfamiliar setting. Getting her used to a small, safe playgroup first could smooth the transition to preschool. She'll get to mix with other kids while knowing you're still around. So if you haven't already, find a playgroup in your community with a few children the same age as your child. If she keeps to herself at first, don't worry — she's probably taking in the experience slowly. As long as she's playing she's fine. Once in a while, you can gently encourage her to interact with other children, but let her set the pace. Most 2-year-olds don't socialize much anyway and instead spend most of their time engaged in parallel play — meaning they play near each other but are largely immersed in their own toys and games.

Keep in mind, too, that your shy child will definitely need more support than a more outgoing child on her first few days in a new program. Try to visit the school together as often as you can before your child's first day so she feels more at ease in her new surroundings. Ask the teachers if any of her classmates live near you and arrange a few playdates before school starts. That way, your child will know a couple of kids among the sea of strangers on her first day.

Plan to stay awhile on that first day, too. (Check beforehand to see if that's okay. Some teachers discourage lingering). Greet her teacher together, and help your child find her cubby and put her things away. You may also want to introduce her to a few children. If she seems uninterested in playing with them, help her start a project or activity. When it's time for you to leave, remember to say good-bye. Slipping out when you think she won't notice can backfire — she may be upset that she didn't get to hug or kiss you before you left, and you could end up undermining her trust in you. Also, let her know when she can expect to be picked up (for example, after naptime or after outdoor playtime). Leave when you say you're going; prolonged departures can be extra difficult for you and your child. If she becomes very upset, enlist the help of her teacher, who can distract her with an activity.

It may take your child some time before she adjusts to preschool, but soon she'll settle in to the routine and form a strong bond with her teacher and her new friends. She may never be the life of the party, though, and that's fine — you, her peers, and her teachers can value her quiet, thoughtful approach to life, which will help her feel it's okay to be herself.

Speech Therapy Techniques: Speech Therapy with a Non-verbal Child

Therefore, we do not remember our early childhood

Therefore, we do not remember our early childhood

Most of us don't have much memory of our first three years of life. In fact, we have relatively little memory of everything that happened before our seven-year-old.

In addition, when we try to go back to the early years, it is often impossible to decide whether there are actual memories or just stories from old photos and family members. Jeanne Shinskey, according to psychologist Royal Holloway "childhood amnesia" and a bunch of psychologists are trying to solve the mystery. At the same time, it seems at first glance that the most simple explanation is that infants and schoolchildren are not yet fully developed. However, science has already proven that six-month-old babies are capable of running short-term memoirs that last for minutes, or lengthen for weeks and in some cases up to months.

We only remember a few things from our little childhood

Discovering that six-month-old babies once learned how to operate a toy train with the help of a handle, they remember it two to three weeks later. In addition, there is a commemoration of events that have occurred in the past. True, they only remember the personal events that matter to themBut it is also something. According to Shinskely, memory-related skills still do not reach the adult level, and this development lasts until adolescence. Language also plays an important role in the formation and preservation of memories. Fluency in the mother tongue is largely halted by the age of six, and this is where childhood amnesia comes to an end.Also read these: