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Children may be signaled by severe disease in the stomach

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February 21st, 2021 Sermon - Strength in Weakness

Honorable Mention

Riddle: Tulle and it's not fabric

Tulle Fabric

Our friend Fredo Fox, the solidarity fox who travels the world showing us some development cooperation projects has come to Honduras to show us how in some villages they do not have electricity, but thanks to the help of some non-profit organizations, they have made the light reach their homes.

Making a gesture as simple as turning on the light switch is unthinkable in some parts of the world. There are villages in which families do not have electricity, therefore they do not have a television, washing machine or refrigerator, and of course, they do not know about Internet access or new technologies.

Electricity does not reach many towns and villages in the world. It's hard for us to imagine how to live without the comfort that electricity provides us, but the reality is that there are thousands of people around the planet who do not have a simple light bulb. Fredo Fox has traveled to Buenavista, in Honduras, so that we can see how, thanks to development cooperation projects, light is about to reach a village that does not have it.

The engineer who participates in this initiative explains to us how the whole community is involved in the project to bring electricity from the neighboring village and thus, in a while, they can have light in the houses at night, street lamps so that the children can play, a washing machine to facilitate the work of the housewife or even a machine to make corn dough and be able to take tortillas and talames.

The arrival of light can transform the lives of families and children in these communities. Fredo Fox shows us all experiences in a documentary so that we can teach our children the reality that exists in other parts of the world. It is a great way to educate our children in the value of solidarity.

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Inmate kills cellmate and hides body without guards noticing

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Variant of Eve, the name Evy comes from Hebrew "hawwâh" translating as "alive".


Evy Gruyaert is a Flemish radio presenter and TV presenter.

Rising star of vocal jazz, Evy Tricia is a Guadeloupian singer.

Evy Poumpouras is a former criminal investigator, special agent of the American secret service and expert in polygraphy.

Evy Norlund is a Danish actress especially known for Flying Fountains in 1959 and Behind closed doors in 1958.

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His character :

Endearing and smiling, Evy is a woman of extraordinary elegance. Feminine and charming, she likes to seduce. It rarely goes unnoticed and makes envy. Charismatic, she communicates with great delicacy. Lively and energetic, she hates monotony and routine more than anything. Dynamic and voluntary, Evy is a real woman of action. In addition, she is very methodical and organized. On the other hand, she is quite impatient and can give up easily.
Extremely emotional, Evy is irritated and irritated for nothing. She easily goes from laughter to tears. Demonstrating a degree of self-control, she controls this emotionality by spending herself on activities. Modest and serious, she hates the superficial. Affectionate and generous, she has a real sense of friendship. Extremely vital, she brings good humor to those around her. Somewhat idealistic, she dreams of a love story with rose water. Romantic and sentimental, she needs love to be able to move forward in life.


Eva, Eve, Evi, Ewa, Heva and Hevi.

His party :

People named "Evy" are celebrated on the 6th of September.

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7 things a mother doesn't want others to say to her children

7 things a mother doesn't want others to say to her children

If you are also a mother, you will agree with me that education is a whole world. And it is that no matter how simple it looks from the outside, raising the little ones has its own. My son, I have already told you on occasion, is 7 years old and my daughter 2. Since they were born I have heard many phrases that do not convince me. I know that almost all, if not all, are said with the best of intentions, but I still can't find any meaning in it. Let's do one thing, I write down here those things that I, as a mother, I don't want anyone to tell my children and you finish the list with yours. Let's go there!

I have started to think about all those things that family, friends or people that you come across on the street and 'pretend to be nice' say to children, to my children. And I have also started to think that almost none of them seem right to me. Is it just my thought? Read them all and tell me if you also share this feeling.

1. I don't want you to tell my daughter that she is a boy because she wears a blue coat
My children were born in September, 5 years apart, so, as you can imagine, a lot of the clothes my son wore in his day are now what my baby wears. The other day he was going for a walk with her, he was wearing his brother's navy blue coat, and a boy who passed him said to his grandmother: 'Look what a pretty girl'. To which the grandmother replied: 'Yes, but it's a boy, he's wearing a blue coat.' Please, do not say phrases like this to my children, or yours, or your grandchildren, or your nephews ... Colors are only colors! It goes without saying that I don't want you to tell them that pink is for girls, or that dolls are games for them and cars for them. It's time to change these ideas, don't you think?

2. I don't want you to say to me 'Why don't you put earrings on the girl?'
To what I was telling you in the previous point, I add this another. More than once my baby has been called 'boy' for not wearing earrings. Of course I don't care if they think it's a boy or a girl, it doesn't matter, what I don't share, nor do I want boys to share, is that girls should wear earrings whether they like it or not.

3. Never tell children they can't be princesses
Nor would I like to hear phrases like that girls cannot play superheroes, or monsters, or whatever else passes through their incredible imaginations. If we, responsible adults, start to clip their wings when they are very young, we will end up breaking the illusion that characterizes the smallest of the house so much.

4. I don't want you to ask them whether they are good or bad
Since my children were born I have heard these questions every two by three: 'Is he behaving?', 'Is he good?' So, since my oldest son hears and understands them too, he says to me from time to time: 'Mom, have I been good today?' It is that I still do not understand what it is to behave well or badly, is it that if a child makes a prank of his age, he is already bad? I prefer to say at home that we must respect others and learn to be responsible for our things, the rest is unimportant, don't you think?

5. I don't want you to tell my son not to cry
I still remember when I was a child and a classmate in my class got hurt. She cried like anyone would in her place with the difference that you always heard someone say 'crying is for girls'. Of course, this is how we teach children to show their feelings. Another concept that today's society must change!

6. If someone hits you, don't tell them it's okay
Of course we should not exaggerate things or take them out of context when a child hits or mistreats another, but it is not the right thing to look the other way and pretend nothing had happened. Better to bet on dialogue and encourage the little ones to tell what happened and how they feel about it.

7. And of course, I don't want you to tell them that dreams don't come true.
Don't tell any child and don't say those words out loud either, why? Well, because they are not true at all. Better change your thinking and say the phrase that my son's teacher wrote as an end-of-year dedication: 'In the world of fantasy, everything is possible, never stop dreaming.'

And you? What else would you like to add to the list that you don't want your kids to tell?

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Pregnancy Indicators

The first factor that should be known about pregnancy symptoms is that pregnancy symptoms are different from each expectant mother.

For this reason, it is best to have information about general symptoms by knowing that pregnancy indicators are experienced differently.

First Symptoms of Pregnancy

  • Menstrual Delay

Menstrual delay is generally the first sign of all pregnancies. menstrual delay as there may be many reasons, an expert should be consulted and the reason must be confirmed.
Some women with menstrual delay may experience light bleeding at the time of menstruation.
This bleeding is localization bleeding. Although different from menstruation, menstruation can be mixed with.

  • Breast Sensitivity

Breast sensitivity is the most common symptom experienced during pregnancy. Breasts may swell and become tender as before the menstrual period. This pain is more felt especially when lying on your back.

  • Fatigue

During pregnancy The mother's blood volume is doubled. Therefore, metabolism is accelerated and mother and baby are provided with sufficient oxygen and nutrient exchange. This process will cause fatigue.
Fatigue, drowsiness may be involved as the first months of pregnancy cover the preparation process for this change.

  • The need to go to the toilet

The baby develops in the uterus, and the uterus is located very close to the bladder, ie the bladder. bladder printing Can.
Therefore, the expectant mother more frequent toilet may need.

  • Nausea

In fact, nausea is one of the symptoms that will ask the question miy Can I be pregnant?
These nausea of ​​pregnancy commonly seen in the first 3 months together, in the second trimester.
If you want to know more about nausea during pregnancy, you should read this article: // www. Reduce nausea and vomiting during pregnancy / Stomach swelling and flatulence may also occur during pregnancy. You should read our article on solutions to these problems: // www. / Pregnancy-gastrointestinal swelling of-the-fight-and-gas /

  • Dizziness

Dizziness is a problem during pregnancy with increased blood volume.
As the blood volume increases, the blood pressure of the expectant mother may drop during sudden movements while standing or sitting.

  • Opening or Closing Appetite

From the first weeks of pregnancy, appetite closure or opening may be the case.

  • Sensitivity to Odors

Pregnant mothers may notice that they can hear some smells sharper during pregnancy, some smells that do not disturb her disturbing Some perfume fragrances or food fragrances may sound unbearable. The most important reason for this hormonal are changes.

  • Heartburn or Constipation

These symptoms occur when the uterus begins to grow and hormonal differences It is due.
As the uterus grows, it starts to pressure the stomach.
Therefore, digestive problems and heartburn problems may occur.

  • Fluctuations in Emotion

Pregnancy is a process in which the expectant mother changes hormonally.

This situation is reflected in the psychology of the expectant mother. Therefore, frequent fluctuations in emotion may occur. He may suddenly realize that he is happy and angry.

The mother or the people around her may notice fluctuations in her emotions and fluctuating movements. These are always hormones ...Would you like to learn more about the psychology of pregnancy? Read now: // www. / Pregnancy-donemi-psychology /

  • Body temperature

Another increase in body temperature during pregnancy is the increase in body temperature. Nasıl How do I know if I'm pregnant? ” is one of the answers us

  • Bleeding

There is also bleeding between signs of pregnancy. However, this bleeding is a hemorrhage called settling bleeding. This bleeding between the indicators of pregnancy light and light colored.However, a specialist should be consulted if the bleeding is too high or abnormal.

  • Pain in the groin

Symptoms of pregnancy include pain in the groin. The reason for this is the stretching of the ligaments that hold the uterus in place. For this reason, expectant mothers should avoid sudden movements.

The pain you will encounter during pregnancy may not only consist of groin pain, but you may also experience leg pain.

Exercises against leg pain in this video:

All these symptoms may indicate that you are pregnant. The most accurate answer to the question miy Am I pregnant? Tabii will of course arise through pregnancy tests and doctor's examination.

Wishing you good news throughout your life…