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Wooden duck on wheels

Eco style toy. Made of beech wood in the shape of a charming duck to push with a practical stick ended with a red ball, arouses interest not only of the walking baby, but also of people passing by. All because of rubber paws, which shuffle when walking. This makes the toy an interesting proposition for a walk.

Safe execution

The duck was made of beech wood using safe paints and durable rubber. The duck, which has been used several times during the walk, actually looks like new. This is due to the choice of material that is most resistant to impact and external factors. The toy has a certificate, so it is 100% safe.

No sharp edges

The duck cap has no sharp edges. It has delicate streamlined shapes. The child can play with it without fear.


In general, the toy is comfortable, but rather for children about a year and a half rather than younger. For yearlings it may be too heavy and difficult to drive. In addition, the toy is suitable for driving in good weather. It won't work in the rain.

Low cost

The toy is available in online stores at a price of about 25-30 zlotys, which will not reduce the wallet too much, and will bring a lot of joy to the baby.

Resistance of children to stress

Resistance of children to stress

It is known that most parents attach great importance to the physical health of their children. Unfortunately, there are few who know that it is equally important to take care of the health of the child's psychic, education in the sense of resistance to stress, a quality that is becoming more precious in the world we live in, full of the unexpected.
How can we teach our child to cope with any situation they may face in the future?
What do we mean by stress?
In the opinion of H. Selye, the founder of the International Institute for Stress Study, stress is a reaction of adapting the body to external stimuli in the environment. Stress has three phases that form the "general adaptation syndrome": the alarm phase, in which the body tries to defend itself from the harmful action by strongly stimulating the endocrine system (adrenaline and steroid secretion), the recovery phase (specific resistance), in which the body seems to adapt to the situation, behaving relatively normal and the depletion phase, which appears after a longer period of action of the harmful stimulus on the body.

Psychological syndrome is caused by prolonged emotions caused primarily by frustration, conflict, anxiety. There is stress overload, but also stress stress. Remember that moderate stress drives and stimulates the vitality of the body. The harmful nature of stress occurs when the degradation produced is too large, exceeding the adaptive capacities of the organism to the external exciters of the environment. In reality, the situation becomes alarming when the stress reaches the maximum limit, that is when it reaches "Distress", situation in which any activity of the individual is totally disorganized.
On the contrary, it is precisely the stress that allows the individual to maintain themselves in excellent physical shape and to maintain their interest in life alive. It is essential, in Selye's opinion, not to allow the transition into a state of distress, when the individual is left dominated by fear and despair. The fight with stress can be active or passive. Passive form: concerns for a balanced diet, regular administration of vitamins and antidepressants. The latter have a short-term effect, the problem being temporary. Active form: regular physical exercises, active rest and soul balance.
Being psychically balanced means being able to control your own feelings. Sure, there is no single method of self-control, but if you get used to regularly doing gymnastics exercises from childhood, you will be a master of self-control. It is possible to resort to exercises of self-control even from the age of 3 years. Do not spend time and do them together every day.
Source: Joanna My child, no. 9/2005

Get started with you!

Training can consist of one or several key phrases. It is essential to find those words that your child will understand and which will help him to calm down when he is in a difficult situation.
Ask what words she thinks might help her when she's afraid. For example: "Mom and Dad always trust me, so I will manage to master the situation", "I know nothing bad will happen to me", "I have no fear, everything will be fine "and others of this kind. Finding the right words, teach the kid to repeat them to himself when he is in an uncertain situation or when he is afraid.
Over time, becoming true automatisms, these words will become psychological mobilizers, which will cause the child's psyche to focus on solving the problem.

Relaxation exercises for you and your baby

Position of the visit
Try to remember how the visit is on the goat. You can perform
this exercise together will help you relax your body. Sit comfortably in an armchair, with your back and neck supported by the back and relaxed hands, supported by the arms of the armchair. The legs are slightly off, with the tips of the fingers slightly outward. Focus your attention on what you are feeling.
Orchard in bloom
Propose the child to imagine that he is in an orchard: a warm July day, the scent of field flowers, barely noticeable wind, the whisper of small streams, the dance of butterflies creating an incredible atmosphere of peace and quiet. Try to stay in this state of reconciliation as much as possible. You can also perform the exercise on a resting musical background. Use this soothing exercise for at least five minutes every day. In this way, the child will get used to removing his mental and physical tensions as well. In the future, this will help him cope with the over-demands of student status.
It is an exercise for children over 5-6 years. The purpose is to teach the child to approach constructively the problems they face and not to be overwhelmed by them. Challenge the kid to "fly by helicopter". The game begins with the words: "If you are ready to fly, put on your seat belt. Take off! The helicopter is high. For now your problems - and, believe us, the kid has his problems too, it is important that they be expressed in words - it is on the ground level, but after a few minutes, the helicopter will lift and you will be able to look at them from the height of the flight. Through this exercise, the child will learn to rationally approach the problems they face, which will be very useful in the adult's life.
Helps to quickly remove any mental stress, especially when they arise as a result of a conflict. Teach your child to look at his own annoyances and annoyances as through a binocular.
Playing with the lenses will help you to look at what is happening, to move from the inner monologue to the external analysis of the problem.
The problems, emotions and disturbances during the day reach the peak during the night. Nightmares, which children are so afraid of, have their origins in daytime events. To avoid repressing emotions - the precursor of neuroses - teach your child to externalize their problems by talking about them. For this purpose, candle exercise can help. Before going to bed, light a candle and ask the kid to tell you about all the inconveniences he faced during the day, who offended, who was upset or who upset himself.
Don't interrupt him! Finally, ask him to tell you about the pleasant events, for which he would like to say "thank you". This exercise removes all the child's annoyances, at the same time, constituting an excellent prophylaxis against possible future neuroses.
Color therapy
The colors orange, yellow and green are known as colors of the joy of living. Dressed in colorful clothes, the individual feels more optimistic. Buy the kid as many clothes in these colors as possible. Don't forget the red color, a powerful antidepressant. As for the black color, with its pessimistic touch, it would be better to avoid it.
Source: Ioana My Child, no. 9/2005

Put on your helmet with your new bike

What is the boy or girl who has not asked for a bicycle for his birthday, for Christmas, etc.? The bicycle is one of the favorite gifts of children. But do we know how to use it to make it safe? Going out to ride a bicycle in a city where four-wheelers rule can sometimes be dangerous, especially if we go with children.

In many countries we still lack a global awareness of cycling and we still use this vehicle as a means of transportation to exercise and to enjoy riding during our leisure time.

Put the helmet on your son when he goes on a bike

For this reason, more and more municipalities have cycle paths for the enjoyment of bicycle lovers. Precisely this weekend, we have met many parents and children with new bicycles on these bike paths. The families have done everything possible to avoid the rain andshow off our children's brand new bicycles.

However, I have noticed that most children were not well equipped with the proper safety guards. No helmet, no knee pads, no elbow pads. Probably because the bike did not come with the safety kit as a gift. While adult hobbyists don't forget their helmet or padded pants to get on a bike, profane parents in the matter continue to ride their offspring on the bicycle bareback, a contradiction if we think that many of the children are now learning to ride and others are perfecting their technique by gaining dexterity and, precisely, at this time falls are more frequent.

To avoid serious damage, a consequence of negligently putting children on the bicycle, the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) recommends for a safe circulation by bicycle, that children and adolescents use the helmet, the same as adults. This must be approved, in perfect condition, well placed and of the appropriate size. Also, it is important to bring reflective clothing at duskas well as a white front and red light on the rear of the bike, and be familiar with the rules of the road on public roads.

If you like to ride with your young child as a passenger on the bicycle, remember that they must travel in a additional homologated seat and you must wear your helmet properly adjusted. Bicycle trailers, which we see in other countries to transport children, are not yet covered by Spanish regulations.

Marisol New. Copywriter

You can read more articles similar to Put on your helmet with your new bike, in the category of on-site development stages.

HOW TO: Properly put on a helmet

7 tips for saving time in your daily beauty routine

7 tips for saving time in your daily beauty routine

Your daily beauty routine may take longer than you should. Do not give up personal care and beauty ritual just because between child care, home and social life, you have no time left for something else. Learn some simple and effective tricks, which help you to always be beautiful and look fabulous, without getting too much of your time and so limited!

Ultra-fast neutral makeup - intense and long lasting effect

You woke up late or you were too tired to follow all the steps of a makeup like the book, but still want to look good? Nothing easier! You just need a foundation, a blush of the cheek, a lip gloss and a mask, and your complexion will be fresh and shiny in just a few minutes.

Applying a thin layer of complexion and a blush of the cheek according to the tone of your skin, complete with the application of a mask and a lip gloss, will finalize your look in two steps and three movements, helping you to be a appearance of sensation, with minimal effort.

Mascara and lipstick - a quick and efficient combination

You don't even have time to breathe and you have to leave the house quickly? No matter how fast you are, you never go out without applying a subtle layer of lipstick and a mask. It only takes two minutes, but the effect will be long lasting and will get you out of the unhappy situation of leaving the house completely unpainted.

Colorless nail polish - the illusion of a perfect manicure

Don't you always have time to give your nail a colorful nail or even have a manicure for two days? It fools everyone, improvising the illusion of a perfect manicure. Clean the nails well from the traces of the colored lake, cut them to the same level, possibly as short as possible (they are more practical) and give them with a colorless nail polish.

You will create the illusion of a well-made manicure with only a few seconds lost, how long the lake is applied and the minutes of waiting while it dries. During this time, you can pay bills online, help the child with homework or work for the service.

Daily washing of ... breton - the secret of clean and shiny hair

There is no need to wash your head daily. You waste a lot of time and it can affect the health of your hair. Even if it is not as "fresh" and clean after two days of washing, you can make it appear more tidy and clean than ever if you wash daily ... the breton.

The front part of the hair is the one that gets fat the fastest, due to the fact that the hairs come in direct contact with the sebum in the skin area. If you wash and dry the bra every day, you will create the illusion of clean hair several days in a row, without too much headaches.

Drying of hair and skin mask at the same time

Here's another little secret where you can save time in your daily beauty routine. Dry your hair, but stop for a few minutes before it is completely dry and apply on the face mask prepared for skin care. Then set the dryer to cold or intermediate air. While drying the front of your hair, speed up drying and skin penetration of the mask.

Loops and fasteners ... beautiful hair, several days in a row

Hair waving and applying a layer of fixative ensures hair beauty several days in a row. Prevents rapid fattening and prolongs the period until the next washing with at least 1-2 days. In addition, it has a neat and well-developed appearance, without the need to put the brush in it, but only to gently rub it with your hands.

Unpacking - three steps in one

The makeup ritual involves several steps: removing the makeup, cleaning with tonic lotion and applying the right cream for your skin. It saves time by opting for a makeup remover that has all these properties - cleansing, toning and moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

What beauty tricks do you know to save time, but look fabulous at the same time? Tell us your secrets and tips in the comment section below!

Tags Beauty tricks Women beauty

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Riddle: Don't think it's cabbage
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All About Daytime Sleep in Babies!

All About Daytime Sleep in Babies!

Name Armande - Meaning of thumbs

Name Armande - Meaning of thumbs

Origin of first name:

Ancient, French, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Etymologically, the name Armande comes from "hart" which means "strong" and "mann" which means "man" or "hari" army and "mand" merry.


Armande-Grésinde-Claire-Élisabeth Béjart, better known as Armande De Béjart, was a famous actress of the seventeenth century. She became Molière's wife at the age of 20.
Armande Altai is a singer of Syrian origin. She became the vocal coach of the first season of Star Academy and the director of its eighth edition after her stint at the Marseille Conservatory.
Armande Cassive, whose real name is Louise Armande Duval, is a French actress. She played in plays written by Feydeau, such as "La Duchesse des Folies Bergères" and "La puce à l'oreille".

His character :

Armande is very patient and well organized in her tasks. She always achieves her ends by acting discreetly. Rather introverted, she does not manifest her emotions easily. In her family life, she can be mysterious and secretive, which sometimes makes her go through moments of loneliness. Endowed with a strong sensibility, when Armande becomes friends, it is for life. By this same character trait, she has a great sense of listening as well as a remarkable analytical mind. She is asked for her good advice.


Armand, Aman, Amans, Armant, Armandin, Erminio, Hermann and Manes.

His party :

Armande is celebrated on December 23 in memory of the Franciscan monk Saint Armand, named Bishop of Bressanone.

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Influenced by the Latin name Herminius

From the root ermen- "great, immense"

April 25th


  • Ermenegildo Florit, Italian cardinal (1901-1985)

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