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Dad at the game? - Just kill it…

Available on the BBC's television channel web site, a "comedy" section summarizes a minute's animated summary of how much can happen in such a short time if two children are with their father at play.

Dad at the game? - Just kill it…

No one should be frightened, actors and situations are naturally fantasies, whatever happens to the truth is unintentional…
- Superhs my daddy
- She wants to be a good father
- The baby strengthens the paternal sense
- Playtops

Poetry invites children to dream, learn, know ... 'My brother' is a nursery rhyme for them to learn about the family.

With poems, children improve their vocabulary, learn about their environment and channel their feelings and emotions. Poetry can be approached to children from the first stages, and that is, even children's songs are poems with music.

My brother until a few days ago

I only knew how to cry and cry

but now he speaks a language

that no one can decipher.

Blabebli… Bloblu

Gildi… Gildi… Blabu.

For me that is Martian

for the strange and for the strange.

My brother before

to meet the year

I only knew how to cry.

Just a few days ago

he began to babble.

Blabebli… Bloblu

Gildi… Gildi… Blabu

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Menzareform: The preferences are changing

Menzareform: The preferences are changing
The documents necessary to register the sentences establishing the affiliation

How to cope with children's tantrums

How to cope with children's tantrums

How to prevent brother jealousy?

How to prevent brother jealousy?

How to help the shy child be active in school

How to help the shy child be active in school

The shy child needs support and encouragement from loved ones to overcome anxiety and specific emotions of shyness and to get involved in important school projects, along with other colleagues. Find out how you can help your emotional child overcome timidity, this "social handicap" that gets in the way of his emotional development!

Stimulate his curiosity for school projects!

Use interesting school events to stimulate your curiosity! For example, if an important holiday is approaching the school, but the child is too shy to actively participate in such an event, talk to him in advance. Stimulate his curiosity by telling him how beautiful he is at such an event, what others do, what satisfaction he can have if he has a small role in organizing the celebration, etc. By familiarizing him with the idea of ​​the event and what his involvement implies, you help him to feel more comfortable with the other colleagues.

Give her a helping hand in interacting with other colleagues!

The shy child makes friends more difficult than other children. Being more isolated and withdrawn from the wires, he never takes the initiative in interacting with others. He needs your help to pave the way for his friends and to stimulate social interactions between himself and the other children. Help him establish a friendship relationship with one or two colleagues. Invite them home with you and take the little one on play visits to them. Only through constant interactions with them will you manage to be more sociable and overcome timidity.

Go to school and attend a few hours!

The shy child feels most comfortable around the parents. For this reason, it is advisable to go to school and talk to the teachers to allow you to attend a few hours. Be there especially when the child is listening in front of the class or is forced to go to the board. Your presence will lower his anxiety level and help him feel more secure and comfortable in front of the classroom. Do not even attend all the hours of school. The child may become dependent on your presence to be active on time. It is important to do it occasionally, until you manage to take courage and overcome timidity.

Encourage the child's passions!

If the child has a favorite subject, take the opportunity to stimulate him to deepen the knowledge in that field. Favorite subjects can help him overcome his shyness and be more active in school. For example, if he is passionate about painting, then you can help him become friends with colleagues who share the same passion with him. It will feel more comfortable around them. You can also encourage him to expose his paintings in front of colleagues, talk about them and answer children's questions. It is an important method by which it takes courage to be more sociable and open in front of colleagues.

Make sure he doesn't get bored at school!

Some children may refuse to be active for hours because the subjects find it boring. Either they are too easy for him, or they fail to capture his interest. Whatever the reasons may be, it is important to talk to him, find out the cause and talk to the teachers about this problem.

Has your child experienced periods of shyness? How did you help him overcome it? Tell us your tips in the comments section below!

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What should I cook today for the little ones that are both lactated and healthy? Surely many will turn this request over their heads. Here's a recipe for summer days!

In the summer heat light, varied, it is seasonal dishes man wanted. Of course, we offer lots of fruits, greens, and easy-to-cook chicken meat. The preparation of time-consuming transitions may vary, and on holiday, a menu - strictly over eighteen years old - can be fooled with a little alcohol.

Spicy kefir soup

One cut onion and one hanged yellow beetroot 1 tbsp. We roll it in oil and mix it with a dipping mixer. When cool, stirring constantly, add 1 liter of kefir, salt, pepper and 1 tbsp. diced on April. Scrape 1 thinner light cucumber, 5-6 red radishes and wrap in kefir cream soup. Cold it.

Green stuffed chicken

The chicken is roasted dry, and then roasted and peppered. We fried 5 dg of tritiated, sliced ​​almond fat. We defrost 5kg of diced bacon and fry it in breadcrumbs, cut into 2 slices. We beat 2 eggs with a pinch of juice, 5 tbsp. different varieties of cut spices (parsley, celery, dill, chives, marjoram or basil), cover with almonds and toasted bread. The chickens are filled, put into a roasting pan, watered with 1 deci of water, pieces of butter are filtered and roasted in the oven, often red. When done, roast the bacon with 2 deci of red wine, 2 deci of sour cream, 1 lemon leaf and 1 mk. We cook it with vegetables. Finally, add 2-3 pieces of pancakes, diced and drizzled, and stir for 5 minutes. We cut the chickens on the table, round the fruit, and fry them with french fries.


We filter out a batch of myrrhite butter butter. Thaw 10 dg of margarine, filter 10 dg of sugar and swirl to light brown caramel. We pour caramel on our little buns and stuff it richly with strawberries, blueberries or other seasoning.

Poplar delicacies

Tomato green soup

1 head chopped onion 1 tbsp. We oil it in oil. We buy 1 red tip and 1 tbsp. cut celery. Sprinkle with 1 liter of water, strain with Veggie, and sift with half a pound of fresh green beans. Amng fх, 1 ec. In oil 1 tbsp. we make a light note of the flour, add it to half a liter of fresh tomato juice, add it to the beans and cook it all together. Fill it with sour cream. The green bean is a leafless and, in tomato juice, sour cream is a very excitatory creature.

Chicken wings in spicy fur

The chicken wings are sprinkled with salt and pepper. For the coat, we beat 1 egg with a pinch of juice, 1 mark. with powder, 1 month. with parsley cut, 2 cloves of garlic, half deci white wine, 2-3 tbsp. with flour and 2 medium sized raw grated potatoes. The wings are browned in flour, then mashed in boiled oil. We cut a small fresh cabbage, 1-1. with salt and sugar, then 3 tbsp. let it be sprinkled with wine vinegar and let it rest. Grate a slice and mix with the rolled cabbage. It is known to taste with ground cumin seeds, crushed green powder and milk.


One liter of water with a pinch of juice, 1 piece of lemon peel, cinnamon and 5-10 tbsp. cook with sugar for ten minutes. Fill the desired fruit (apples, cherries, cherries, gooseberries, etc.) and cook until the fruit is soft (do not cook!). 1k Mix the flour with 1 egg yolk and half water and carefully soak the soup. (We can use a mixture of mulled wine for mulled wine and vanilla custard powder for meringue.) Drizzle with whipped cream.

Fruity chicken leg

Sprinkle chicken legs with pepper and salt in hot oil and turn red on both sides. Put it in a hot pan, putting apples and pears in honey lemon wrapped in honey and lemon. In a preheated oven at 200 C for 10 minutes - until the fruit blushes - roast the roast.

Milk rice with blueberry or strawberry topping

We make dairy rice in the usual way.
For the dressing: half a kilo of strawberries (blueberries or currants), just boil 5-10 kg of sugar and then cook them.
Dissolve 1 tablespoon of vanilla, which does not require cooking pudding. (Adults can taste it with pálinka, liqueur.) Dinner with fruit grains.More summer tips:
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  • Hello, ole. Tongue twister poem for children

    Children do not have to be able to read to enter the wonderful world of poetry. Parents can recite poetry to babies or children who are not yet reading or writing to encourage their learning.

    Wave, ole, is a short poetry that helps us with the acquisition of language and diction of our children. And it is that, this tongue twister poem for children helps them to fix the phoneme "l".

    Tongue twisters are a word game in which the same pronunciation is repeated. They can help us to test and develop children's skills and stimulate their language. Do you try this tongue twister poem?

    Wave wave,


    Ole Ole,




    Ole, hello,

    Hello, ole.

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