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Amia: origin and meaning of the name for girl Amia

Emma - Girls name meaning, origin, and popularity




Accompanied by his trusty tiger plush Hobbes, Calvin is the naughty hero of Bill Watterson's American comics. Crappy, like his name!

Latin calvus, "bald", Calvin is celebrating May 27th.

Riddle: They have just five fingers

Riddle: They have just five fingers


Oval shaped organs located on both sides of the throat.
In good condition, the tonsils are part of the immune system and protect the respiratory tract and digestive microbes. This is why the doctor removes them only when they have weakened and become themselves foci of infection.
If this is the case for your child, it will put an end to his worries of angina.

What can you do with a picture of the child?

Your child's pictures are beautifully arranged in photo albums placed on categories and chosen with great care and care. These are some of the most precious memories that you have left of your child and hold them as a little treasure.

Here are some ideas for transforming a trivial photo of the child into accessories and things he will love!

Puzzle in cubes or normal

Print your child's photo on special paper for photos. Then choose a set of cubes from the child's collection and measure them. See what size and cut the picture in equal parts to the cubes. Paste a piece of photography on each cube separately. And then encourage the child to do the puzzle.
If you do not have cubes you can do the puzzle by sticking the pieces on a beautifully colored or colored cardboard. Mix the pieces and cause the child to match them. He will be excited to remake his own image or a photo of which he is a part.

Personalized party accessories

Personalize all the accessories and products used for the party on the occasion of your child's birthday. Print his photo on glasses, plates, hats, flags, napkins and other party accessories. The child will be delighted!

Fridge magnet

Get a simple kitchen magnet. It is preferable to have a round or rectangular shape. In this way it is easier to paste the image.

Then print a photo of the child on special paper for photos. Make sure the picture is printed to the proper size of the magnet. Cut the image of the child into the shape that the magnet has and then glue it. If there is no whole picture, then just cut the child's head.

 Coloring book

To do this you need to use a little computer software. Before printing, set the command that helps you print only the outline of the pictures, without content.

This effect can sometimes be achieved directly from the camera menu or controls. Print them out and then link them to make a booklet. The child can have lots of fun coloring all those funny pictures!


You can make a personalized painting for the child's room. Choose the funniest, colorful, spontaneous or original photos of the little boy. Then print them on special paper. Take a few square or rectangular wooden tiles and dress them in glossy colored paper.

Be careful not to be a color that will stand out and overshadow the picture. I can even match the paper with a predominant color in the picture.

Then cut (if the picture is bigger than the frame) and glue it to one side of the wooden board. Grab a hook and the board is ready to be hung.

You can even make several smaller paintings and place them in funny shapes on the wall.

Book or book cover

If your little one is in school or kindergarten, you can personalize the covers of books and books with your own photo. Each cover has a special space for the label. On that label the subject is written, the name of the child and the class or group to which he belongs.

Instead of this simple label, you can make one with the baby's face. Choose a picture from the computer, shrink it so that it fits in the special space on the cover and write directly from the keys the name of the child and the subject or group he belongs to. Print the photo, crop it, and then insert the new labels into the covers. The others will be envious of the way the baby's books and notebooks are dressed.

Clothes, bed linen or personalized beach towel

To print the baby's picture on the clothes or bed linen or on the beach towel, you must go with her to a special printing center.

Printing should be done under certain conditions to prevent discoloration of clothing when they are washed. Try to look for centers that do not use toxic ink to avoid irritating the child's skin, especially if it is more sensitive to yarn.

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