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Meaning of the name Ladislao. Name for boys

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The parents also sleep on the narrow and open ground in Debrecen

The parents also sleep on the narrow and open ground in Debrecen

The clinic says the gifts are ruthless, so they don't let the parents sleep on it. Instead, they can lie on a cosmetic chair or on the ground.

Even at the Children's Clinic in Debrecen, parents could not use the gifts that the mother received in the maternity campaign in December Zsoltttl of Orosvbri. According to the hospital, the gifts are ruthless. Parents with sick children may choose between two options: a 45 cm wide cosmetic face or lying on the ground - slippery skin over a "bed" proved to be unsuitable for sleeping: a few lips were too heavy, even though her waist had become severely tired - she tried to stretch the slices. A number of similar comments were received shortly.Beginning in Debrecen, a doctor in the Department of Child Hematology (and also a representative of the United), István Szegedi, in a post called "an aggressive donor" However, some of the parents sleeping on the ground picked out the post itself and reminded Szeged that Orosvarians did not forcefully bring the subjects to the clinic, but asked him gave them. The vitбban a clinical mбsik dolgozу with йrvelt that "betegellбtбs egйszsйgьgyi intйzmйnyben sorбn only higiйnйs kцvetelmйnyeknek megfelelх medical eszkцznek minхsьlх eszkцz hasznбlhatу ?, and that the adomбnyбgy not fйr the kуrtermekben йs hasznбlat utбn not be megfelelхen fertхtlenнteni.A Heim Pбl kуrhбz - which szintйn elutasнtotta the adomбnyбgyakat - hasonlуan йrvelt korбbban but szьlхk posts by these people on duty at kйpekbхl egyйrtelmы to bхven elfйrnek the бgyak the kуrtermekben the бgyakat and vбlasztottбk egйszsйgьgyi points due to fertхtlenнthetхsйg practitioners, pediatricians йs kуrhбzi dolgozуk bevonбsбval out йs the orszбg tцbb than 50 intйzmйnyben. you can use it without any problems.
  • Heim Pál Hospital says donations are not good
  • Parents still sleep on the ground even though they would be in the hospital
  • The mothers lay in front of the hospital, the procurement begins

Cake with honey and wine

Cake with honey and wine

Name Jesus - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Jesus comes from the Hebrew yeshoua which means "Yahweh saves". Spain and Latin America are the most adepts of this name.


Soccer player Juan Arellano from Mexico, Jesus de Polanco (1929-2007), the founder of the first Spanish press group, Spanish footballer Jesus Gamez and Cuban chess player Jesus Nogueiras ...

His character :

The Jesus are curious, communicative and sociable. They stand out for their frankness and loyalty as well as their generosity. Character traits probably inherited from the very first Jesus ...



His party :

Jesus is celebrated on December 25th. Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God. Out of love for man, he sacrificed his life on a cross. The Christian faith wants Jesus to return to earth on the day of the last judgment.

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The Mozart effect in children

The Mozart effect in children

The Mozart effect is a notion used to describe how a young child's brain, under 3 years old, can be developed, and intelligence stimulated, by exposing it to some sonatas created by the famous classical music composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The method has created numerous controversies and debates between specialists, not all agreeing that the early exposure of the child to the music of the great composer would make him smarter!

What is the Mozart effect?

The term "Mozart effect" was coined by Alfred A. Tomatis, which was later developed by two American researchers in California (Gordon Shaw and Frances Rauscher). They gave birth to a theory that the brain of a child under 3 can be stimulated by listening to some sonatas or creations of Mozart.

In other words, if a small child is frequently exposed to the music composed by it, a series of changes occur that occur at the level of some mental processes in the brain. Important cognitive functions such as learning, memory or concentration are being improved.

To support their theory, the researchers also conducted a study in which several children were asked to listen to the composer's sonatas, and then underwent aptitude tests. It seems that those who had been exposed to Mozart's music scored higher than those who had not been exposed, but experts found that the effects were short-lived, about 15 minutes.

From these studies, conducted by Americans, the theory was born that Mozart's music would stimulate the intelligence coefficient in children, an idea that has not even been proven true today. Moreover, many followers of their theory have begun to extend the benefits of Mozart's sonnets to physical or mental health. At that time, the music of the composer began to be considered a real miracle for health.

By this theory, the two Americans only demonstrated that there are certain neurons in the brain that are sequentially excited and that there are also areas of the brain that react to certain frequencies, such as Mozart's music. But it is not enough to say that Mozart's music stimulates the child's intelligence.

However, not even studies conducted by Americans have found a clear explanation. Ideas that classical music would make smarter children have not been proven, not even knowing today what exactly classical music could have on a child's brain intelligence.

Not only did the results not prove to be true and they had no real argument behind them, but studies conducted after Shaw and Rauscher had opposite results, proving that American theory is inconsistent.

Over time, there appeared a lot of question marks and counter-theories that abolished the supposed discovery of the two doctors. There was also a logical problem, of course: if Mozart's music is a remedy for health, why did the composer become ill so many times in his life? Or if it stimulates so much intelligence, why are not those who have studied and commented closely on his music recognized as the smartest people in the world?

The benefits of classical music in child development

Classical music has many benefits in the development of the child, the calming and relaxing effects being among the best known. It not only combats stress, it also removes fatigue and provides a well-being.

Classical music can also have a therapeutic effect on physical pain, not only in the case of the emotional problems the child faces.

In addition, it helps stimulate the child's concentration and attention, but it is not the same as being smarter or smarter!

Last but not least, music could stimulate intelligence, but this is not proven, so there is no certainty that the effect is guaranteed. However, it does not hurt or hurt to try! The child has only the benefit of constant exposure to classical music!

Do you think Mozart's music can have any influence on the intelligence of the child? Do you know any other benefits of exposing your child to classical music? Tell us your brushes in the comment section below!

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