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What should I eat to increase breast milk?

Breastfeeding is one of the things that mothers think most before their baby is born. My baby will suck, milk will be enough, do not forget that the thoughts of the bond.

Although prenatal milk production starts, you may experience insufficient production or breastfeeding after birth. Especially with unexpected births, premature births and difficult births, mothers may not be able to breastfeed their babies. This causes mothers to worry.

The first thing to do in these cases, by changing the diet dairy foods and beverages is to start consuming. Are there really miraculous foods and drinks?

The Importance of Breastfeeding

The importance of breastfeeding is now being recognized by all health institutions and parents in today's world.

The great bond between the mother and the baby is reinforced by postnatal breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding provides the baby with many benefits, not only nutrients but also emotionally. When the mother wants to feel warm, scared, insecure, and upset, the first thing she seeks is to fight the hardships of the outside world.

That's why world Health Organization mainly Ministry of Health in up to 2 years support the breastfeeding of infants.

In the first 6 months there is only breast milk, but after 6 months there are additional foods besides breast milk. Strengthens immunity, vitamins and minerals contained in the development of the great contribution thanks to this miraculous nutrient babies are fed with peace of mind.

Breastfeeding is practical as well as hygienic and healthy.

You feed your baby without the need to adjust the temperature and without extra expense. Therefore, the biggest fear of mothers who want to breastfeed is not being able to provide enough milk for their baby. Especially mothers who give birth for the first time may have difficulty in breastfeeding due to inexperience.

Although babies are born with the urge to suck, mothers may not be able to breastfeed as a result of some mistakes.

Care for breastfeeding!

  • First called milk Colostrum, it only comes drop by drop, and after a few days, its color turns on and starts to multiply. Since your baby is more weak, it stops sucking soon. Your baby often and every breastfeed your milk channels will open more quickly and thus will be fed more easily.

Generally, mothers who see colostrum cause unnecessary nipple sores by pumping them unnecessarily by machine.

The mother who is hurt by these wounds does not want to breastfeed. The baby who does not suck is not used to the breast and cannot be fed. food supplement needs and so your milk is reduced and cut completely over time. So try to breastfeed your baby no matter what. Over time you will get used to the nipples and breastfeed easily.

  • The suction power of the baby is not the same as that of the milking pump. When you milk with the machine you will see that the amount is small. Don't let this worry you. Your baby will easily absorb enough of himself.
  • Another reason for breastfeeding correct breastfeeding techniques It is unknown. Infants who do not suck in a good position start wounds because they cannot fully insert the breast into their mouths and only suck the nipples. As these wounds hurt the mother again, the vicious circle mentioned above is entered. Babies get used to sucking more quickly with proper nipple care and proper breastfeeding techniques.
Care of the breasts in the first months is very important for both your baby's health and your own health.
  • Always wear clothes with a non-sweaty cotton fabric.
  • You do not need to wash your breast with soap after each breastfeeding. On the contrary, this causes further cracking by drying the nipple further. Instead, you can clean it after each breastfeeding with the baby cotton that you soak in sterile water. After doing this, you should make sure that your baby's mouth is not irritated. cleaning with cotton and water note.
  • Take care to keep the nipple you are cleaning moist. For this, prefer lanolin creams that do not harm your baby's mouth. These creams also prevent the formation of thrush in infants.

How is Breast Milk Formed?

It starts from the middle of the pregnancy and after birth it turns into breast milk with all its vitamins and minerals.

Thanks to the hormone prolactin secreted in the pituitary of the brain, this nutrient is produced for your baby.

It is produced in yellow and dense consistency called colostrum for a few days after birth. Even a small drop of colostrum is very valuable for your baby.

Stomach of newborn babies in the early days when one teaspoonAt the end of the first month, but reaches the size of the egg. So your baby will get enough nutrients from you if you are saturated with small amounts.

Because this useful nutrient is digested quickly and your baby's desire to be safe in your arms, he or she will want to suck all day for the first 3 months. This does not mean that your baby is not saturated. Especially not more than 2 hours in the first 40 days breastfeeding your baby is very important for health. Afterwards, if your baby does not have any negative health conditions, with the permission of your doctor, you will only be able to feed your baby at any time.

Another point to note is that the fullness rate of your breasts will decrease over time. In the first days, breasts that are not used to your baby sucking routine will be fuller enough to disturb you. After a while, your baby's needs will be produced as much as the breasts will be smaller than the first days.

This is a different situation in every woman. In some, bloating persists during breastfeeding, while in others it becomes regular after a while.

If your baby is fed enough during the day and as a result, it is saturated;

  • Urine glands,
  • Weight gain,
  • Movements during the day,
  • In general, you can measure thanks to its progress.

To increase breast milk Suggestions You can watch our video.

What can you do to increase breast milk?

Most mothers mind milk food comes; but before that, there are a few things to consider:

  • Your number one rule as a new mother abundant breastfeeding should be. The more you breastfeed, the more production.
  • Make sure you consume enough fluids during the day. day When consuming close to 3 liters of liquid there is a benefit. Try to avoid caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee. Please note that alcohol and smoking are at the top of the prohibited list.
  • Avoid stress, insomnia and fatigue as much as possible. This is very important both for your health and the energy you will give to your baby.
  • If you feel that you are experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding and discomfort such as mastitis, always consult a specialist. Learning the right breastfeeding technique will prevent both nipple wounds and produce enough nutrients for your baby.
  • Do not wait for breasts to fill to breastfeed. Even if you feel empty, there will be enough milk for your baby.

Breastfeeding Foods

  • Keep your health healthy by providing diversity in your diet and allow for the production of quality milk.
  • Remember, as your baby absorbs you, your vitamins and minerals will decrease. To provide healthier foods to both your baby and yourself, vegetables, fruits, dairy products and protein nutrition should never be missing. By eating all kinds of different vitamins and minerals in your body you will be stored.
  • Pomegranate sherbet, halva or refined sugar added composts with high sugar content endanger your health as they will provide unnecessary sugar consumption.
  • Dairy foodsshould not be eaten in moderation without doctor's advice. Remind yourself that everything is too much harm.
  • Do not forget that all vegetables will work in the production of milk, but chard, kale, spinach, dill, such as dark green leafy vegetables never miss your diet.
  • Carrot is a vegetable rich in vitamin A and contains phytoestrogen hence improves milk channels.
  • Foods rich in vitamins and fibers such as asparagus, green zucchini and sweet potatoes are of good quality for you and your baby.
  • Dairy foods Among fruits is of great importance. Fresh fruit should be your first choice since water ratios will be higher. It is beneficial to consume the fruit without forgetting that the sugar content is high. Dried fruits such as dates, dried mulberries and dried figs meet your dessert needs and make a healthy snack.
  • Dried nuts, especially unroasted, consumed in raw form will be more beneficial in terms of the amount of vitamins you will get. Nuts, pistachios, almonds, walnuts and nutrients that contain high nutritional value, such as natural oil should be consumed daily.
  • It is very important that you keep all kinds of legumes in your diet. Chickpeas, dried beans, lentils and red beans are rich in vegetable protein. foods that increase breast milk between. However, legumes can produce gas for mothers with a gaseous structure. Careful consumption is beneficial.
  • Also take care of your daily protein consumption. Never forget the egg in the proteins you will consume like meat, chicken, turkey, fish.
  • Oat is one of the nutrient source that secretes oxytocin hormone which is secreted and gives happiness while breastfeeding. You can make a solid meal by eating yoghurt, fruit and nuts at breakfast or as a snack.
  • Outside of food dairy drinks By increasing your daily liquid amount by consuming, you provide plenty of nutrients to your baby. You should consult your doctor before using herbal teas, which should not be consumed in large quantities. You can increase your milk production with malt beverages sold in the markets and compotes without making sugar at home.

Dairy foods and beverages Remember that the functioning of each female body is different when consuming. Try to rest as much as possible without feeding in quantities. Spending more time with your baby, inhaling its smell, playing games and kissing will make you happy and you will feel more healthy and you will see that your milk increases. Would you like to share with us in the comments section of the food and drinks that come to you useful?

Paper book, digital book, what's the difference for my child?

Paper book, digital book, what's the difference for my child?

Meaning of name Valeria - Name for girls

Meaning of name Valeria - Name for girls

If you want to know if the name Valeria is a good option to consider when choosing a name for your baby, we show you all the necessary information and details so that you know everything about this beautiful name. The name Valeria, although it has not been a name that has aroused much interest from parents, the truth is that it has grown a lot in popularity in recent years. In Guiainfantil.com You will be able to know, in addition to the origin and meaning of Valeria, what day her name day is celebrated, what famous people carry this name, as well as names combine with Valeria, and other curiosities.

Valeria is the feminine variant of the name Valerio (less frequent). It is of Latin origin and comes from 'valerius' which means 'healthy', 'robust', 'strong', 'vigorous', 'which is courageous'. So now you know, if you choose this name for your girl, she may be brave, smart, hard-working, and always ready to do new things.

Tell the story that Saint Valeria of Milan, belonged to a noble family. Venerated as a saint and martyr of the Catholic Church, she was the wife of Saint Vital and mother of Saints Gervasio and Protasio. Her husband, an army officer, was martyred and murdered in Ravenna, Italy. Upon returning to Milan with the body of her husband, Valeria was seized by a group of pagan Romans who forced her to choose between abandoning the Christian life or dying. She refused to abjure Catholicism and was martyred for giving Christian burial to other Christian martyrs and for failing to worship Roman gods.

For this reason, the Catholic Church venerates her and dedicates the April 28, as the saints of the existence of Saint Valeria, Gallic martyr of the third century.

Actresses, singers, models ... there are many well-known and famous women who are named after Valeria:

  • Valeria Mazza, model (1972)
  • Valeria Golino, actress (1966)
  • Valerie Perrine, actress (1943)
  • Valerie Harper, actress (1940)
  • Valeria Lynch, Argentine actress and singer of Pop, rock, tango (1952)
  • Valeria Gastaldi, Argentine actress and singer (1981)

If you are going to choose the name Valeria for your girl, it would be nice to know what the numbers say of who has this name. The name Valeria, by the sum of the numbers that corresponds to them, belongs to the number 5, in numerology. Know the good and bad characteristics of this profile.

Good Features: They are usually babies who stand out for their activity, great energy and desire to learn. They have quick thinking and a great ability to learn new things. They are usually friendly and become the center of attention.

Bad features: In the same way that they are usually babies with great charisma, if they are not given limits, they can become arrogant and even cruel children. You need to pay more attention to them and teach them values ​​such as respect and understanding for others. Their dynamism can also work against them, by exhausting their caregivers and parents.

Among the compound names in which there is the name Valeria in the first or second place, we highlight the most popular:

- Name Valeria before:

  • Valeria Alba
  • Valeria Beatriz
  • Valeria Ines
  • Valeria Lucia
  • Valeria Maria

- Name Valeria after:

  • Ana Valeria
  • Juana Valeria
  • Lara valeria
  • Maria Valeria
  • Nuria Valeria

Do you know how to pronounce the name Valeria in other languages? Contrary to what happens with many other names that vary greatly in writing from one language to another, the name of Valeria has few variations. We tell you, to follow:

  • Valeria in English: Valerie or Valeria
  • Valeria in French: Valérie
  • Valeria in Russian: Valeriya
  • Valeria in the other languages, as Portuguese, German and Italian, it is written the same: Valeria

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How to teach children to work love at Christmas

Love is nothing, but in turn, love is everything. Love is solidarity, love is generosity, love is humility ... For all this it is so important that we work on this feeling and this emotion from a young age with our children. We have to do it daily, from the moment we get up, until we go to bed, but if there is a time when we can teach children to work love and that is Christmas.

I don't know if it happens to you, but Christmas is coming (especially the previous weeks) and a joy invades me that those around me come to call me exaggerated. But, honestly, I am not the only one, and it is that with the lighting of the lights, the setting of the Christmas tree and the placement of the nativity scene, we are all more sensitive, happier, more dedicated ... We all love and love each other more!

And that's how we pick up our mobile phone to send the 'typical' congratulations whatsapp to the second cousin with whom we only speak once a year; to that coworker who left the company three years ago; or to the family with whom we shared great moments on our last beach vacation. At Christmas, everything is love!

'This is the beautiful and kind face that love offers us, but we must not forget that love is also being frustrated by something that one wanted very much or being disappointed by a person. And it is these two facets that love offers us that make it a great, universal and, above all, very beautiful feeling ', explains Andrés París, professional coach and pedagogue.

Many mothers and fathers ask how you can teach a child to love And, here, Andrés París, educational coach, has it clear: 'You can't teach love, that comes with us. It is an essential part of the human being. The emotion that contains everything, but we as parents can be your best teachers of love, we must lead by example. '

Love, like a flower, must be cared for, watered and pampered so that it flourishes and does not wither. The best way to do it, according to Andrés París, is to open the love box and work on each of the pieces that contain it: gratitude, happiness, envy, generosity, humility. And so, when all those parts marry each other, we will learn to truly love. 'Being supportive is going to teach a child to love; being generous will teach you to love; knowing how to put yourself in the place of the other will teach you to love '. How to do it?

We must teach children to give thanks, we can do it orally, after, for example, a partner has helped them with an exercise or through a journal. In this, every night before going to bed, the little one should write 'Thank you for ... my mother has come to pick me up at school, because my grandfather has prepared my favorite snack, because my partner has helped me with the exercises' . Let your own words express what you want to say.

During these dates, there are a lot of situations to be supportive. For example, food banks, where the whole family can go to deliver non-perishable products for people who need it, or also, stop by a charity market.

How many gifts has your child written in his letter to Santa Claus and / or the Magi? Perhaps this year, in addition to asking in a personal way, you could explain to him that he can ask for something for other children who are not as lucky as him.

Each child and each person has their strengths and weaknesses, but we cannot use any of them to laugh at anyone. So if your child passes an exam with flying colors, but another child fails it, we have to teach him to be quiet and, in any case, to offer his help to his partner. It is also necessary to explain to the children that another gesture of humility is to recognize that when one makes a mistake, it is necessary to ask for forgiveness if necessary.

If we get the child to know and learn all these primary emotions, he will be able to build a solid emotional part and therefore will be capable of unreserved love. And if we add to this that we, before becoming parents, have been children and have connected with ours, we will know what we have to do to tune in with our child from true and deep love.

Gestures are important, but words are also important, especially if we say them with the heart. We have made you a small selection of love phrases for Christmasor for another time of the year with the aim that this feeling is not lacking in these special days and that its strength accompanies us throughout the next twelve months:

- The best Christmas gift for you is to spend one more love by your side.

- This year I have only asked Santa Claus for one thing: a smile from you.

- You illuminate my life with each of the lights that are placed in the city on these dates.

- I don't need a Christmas tree, garlands or fireworks, I just need your hand and know that I can count on you. I just need your love.

- You are the most beautiful story that destiny wrote in my life.

- Strong people do not knock down others, they help them to get up.

- Humility is the only true wisdom that prepares us for all possible changes in life.

- You have not finished living the day until you have done something for another that will never pay you back.

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Given names of girls: Lily-Jade

Given names of girls: Lily-Jade

Lily Jade

Make two short and trendy first names meet, you get a promising compound name. You can also opt for Lili-Jade. The name Lili is inspired by the Latin word "lilium" meaning "lily" and Jade comes from Spanish piedra of the ijada, "flank stone", designating a famous gemstone.