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Spaghetti recipes for kids

The spaghetti and noodles with other condiments and sauces they are one of the quickest and easiest choices for the children's menu. Delicious pasta recipes that you can include in a healthy or even vegetarian diet, you can mix them both with vegetables and with meat or fish.

The children's recipe for spaghetti and other pastas meet all the requirements to be included in very healthy menus for children, and with little effort we will make a more special homemade dish.

On our site we have selected some rich, healthy and very homemade recipes to prepare with children using spaghetti, one of the favorite pastas for children.

Guiainfantil.com proposes us some very simple and easy recipes for childrens. Your children will love the taste of spaghetti and noodles made with different ingredients, they are tasty ideas for easy family meals and dinners.

Spaghetti with three cheeses. Simple and quick recipe for spaghetti with cream with three cheeses. Delicious spaghetti recipe that the whole family will like. Step by step of how to make spaghetti with three cheeses.

Spaghetti with three sauces. Children like pasta with tomato, with cheese, with ham ... prepare this recipe for children of spaghetti with the three sauces, varied and nutritious.

Spaghetti carbonara. Spaghetti carbonara is probably one of the most popular and popular pasta recipes, and one of the children's favorites. For this reason, we have prepared a light and very creamy recipe that everyone in the house will love. In addition, it is very easy and fast to prepare.

Spaghetti Bolognese. Pasta is a very fun food for children, and the most common recipes are these spaghetti Bolognese, an original Italian recipe.

Chicken spaghetti with bechamel sauce. Pasta with chicken and béchamel sauce. our site offers you a quick and easy recipe for children's lunch or dinner: chicken spaghetti in béchamel sauce. Kids love pasta and chicken. An ideal recipe for children who are starting to eat solids.

Spaghetti Bolognese with meatballs. Italian recipes for children. our site offers us the recipe for spaghetti with meatballs in bolognese sauce, step by step. How to make spaghetti Italian style. Easy dishes to make with pasta for your child. We teach you how to make this delicious recipe for the family.

Omelet or spaghetti frittata. Tortilla recipe or spaghetti frittata with ham for children. The frittata is a specialty of Italian cuisine very similar to the omelet or omelet that we all know. What's more, it is usually prepared in the same way.

Omelette or spaghetti frittata with spinach. Omelette recipe or spaghetti frittata with spinach. our site proposes an exquisite and easy-to-make recipe. An ideal dish for children's lunch or dinner. A good alternative for children to eat leafy vegetables.

Spaghetti with anchovies and tomato. Spaghetti recipe with anchovies, tomatoes and olives. Our site offers us to prepare an ideal recipe for children's lunch or dinner, high in vitamin D and B12.

Spaghetti with zucchini. We tell you how to make this recipe for spaghetti with zucchini, step by step. our site offers us a perfect recipe for children: spaghetti with zucchini is light, healthy and suitable for a vegetarian diet.

Spaghetti with pesto sauce. Spaghetti pesto recipe for children. our site offers us a quick and easy recipe to prepare, step by step. From the same region of Genoa come these spaghetti with Italian pesto sauce, so that you can prepare this delicious Mediterranean dish for your child.

Spaghetti with sausage octopus. Recipe for spaghetti with sausages in the form of octopuses for children. our site offers us a fun and original recipe for children, step by step.

Frutti di Mare spaghetti. Easy spaghetti frutti di mare recipe for kids. our site offers us traditional Italian recipes to eat with the family. Step by step recipe of spaghetti with seafood for children. Seafood is a very attractive food for children. Make them this recipe.

Spaghetti with avocado sauce. On our site we suggest that you start introducing avocado into your children's diet by adding it to pasta, they won't be able to resist. These spaghetti with avocado are delicious!

Not only spaghetti pleases children in food, there are other pastas such as noodles, macaroni, fusilli, lasagna, ravioli ... that also make their eyes shine. On our site we have put together some recipes for pasta, creamy, smooth and very nutritious for you to prepare at home for children and the whole family.

Creamy noodles with ham and peas. Pasta for children. Creamy noodles with ham and peas. our site offers a quick and easy recipe to prepare for children. It is also a creamy, exquisite recipe, a combination that will make children lick their fingers.

Macaroni a la parisienne recipe. If you are looking for an exquisite, healthy and quick recipe to prepare, we recommend this recipe for macaroni a la parisienne. A creamy, delicious recipe, ideal for days when we don't have much time to cook. A recipe with pasta, creamy and very economical.

Homemade broccoli lasagna recipe. We teach you how to make this rich and healthy homemade broccoli lasagna recipe step by step. With this recipe it will be easier for children to try eating vegetables. Learn how to make this lasagna and surprise your children and the whole family.

Noodle recipe with mushrooms and mushrooms. Follow our recipe for pasta with mushrooms and mushrooms. Pasta is a very important food in children's diets, and they like it better if it is accompanied by a sauce. our site has developed a quick and easy recipe, as well as healthy. Pasta is one of the favorite foods of children.

Macaroni and chicken and cheese recipe. Chicken is a meat that is very easy for children to digest and is not excessively fat. On the other hand, pasta brings a lot of energy to children. With these two ingredients, at Guiainfantil we have made delicious macaroni with chicken and cheese.

Chicken and spinach lasagna recipe. We teach you how to make a very easy recipe for chicken lasagna with spinach for children. A nutritious and very healthy recipe for dinner or children's lunch. Easy, practical and quick recipe to prepare. The combination of its ingredients makes this recipe a special dish.

Homemade pasta recipe without eggs. We show you how to make a homemade pasta without eggs. Children can enjoy a good homemade pasta dish today with this children's recipe for fresh egg-free pasta, ideal for allergic children. A recipe indicated for children allergic to eggs or who are vegan.

Fusilis recipe with spinach and crab. Convince your child to eat vegetables and fish with this recipe for children of pasta spirals with spinach and crab, a quick and healthy dish.

Macaroni with chorizo ​​and cheese gratin. Macaroni and chorizo ​​gratin recipe for children's lunch or dinner. our site has developed a recipe that your children will surely love.

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Sweet names: Lilou


A flowered name for your princess, it is a pledge of sweetness. Provencal form of Lilia, Latin lilium, the lily, symbol of purity in the Middle Ages, this is a name that pleases a lot with its prefix "li" ultra-feminine! He is also in the top 20 first names 2016.

His party : March 15 with Louise or July 27 with Lilia.

More On Lilou

They are my happiness!

They are my happiness!

Mama Apache2605

Mama Apache2605
The baby Gabriel-Catalin
It is hard for me to describe in words the feelings of finding out that I will bring a child to the world. I will try to tell you, despite the fact that tears and memories, desires and emotions are waiting for me.
I was 21 years old, a boyfriend just like in my dreams I thought there was a college to finish. I lived with Adrian, the love of my life and I made the commute daily, 260 km back to get to college. I would have made any sacrifice to be near him and I would do it now and at any time.
I remember it as if it were yesterday ... I was making love and I was hurt. If until then I was skeptical about my intuition or that voice within us, now I can say that I was convinced that intuition is right!
The inner voice
Something in me was saying, "You're pregnant!" I couldn't then tell my boyfriend what I was feeling, for fear of not giving him any hope, because I knew how much he wanted to become a dad.
Finally, I told her what I thought, and I eagerly did a pregnancy test on May 21, 2010. In less than 10 seconds, they appeared. the most wonderful two pink lines from my life. Two little lines that at that moment gave me opposite feelings from sadness to happiness, from fear to pride, from black thoughts to the gratitude of the One above.
My whole being trembled in the arms of my beloved man, my heart seemed to fly from my chest, to go to God and thank Him and ask Him to give me strength to cope, to be strong and not to give up .
Within a few days, I announced with the fear of my mother, who was in Italy, that I would be my mother. Her answer was categorical: NO. The solution she saw was an abortion. I didn't judge her, I couldn't. When he went to work he left me a child, and now I'm gone.
Contradictory feelings
There were days and nights filled with tears, with thoughts that if I didn't do what my mother said I didn't respect her, and if I did what she says, then I couldn't look Indian in the eye, I couldn't. I look up from the ground, I cannot lay my head on my pillow and fall asleep without regret.
Seeing me so scared and sad, Adrian told me that this is my decision and that he will be with me forever, no matter what I do. I chose to give up. I think then the sentimental hatred towards myself has reached its peak.
I hated myself, I hated myself, I was disgusted with myself. I arrived, along with my boyfriend, at the doctor's office on June 2 for abortion. In the hall were waiting for some future moms who were lovingly eating their bellies.
Love… Love I always felt for the miracle that is in me. I entered the cabinet, I was given the first ultrasound and I saw his heart pulsing with power and speed. At that moment, I felt that in the world it was just me and the little being in my womb.
A happy mom
At that moment I told Mr. Doctor that I can't have an abortion, I am not like that, I love animals, nature, innocence and especially the little embryo inside me. I was so proud of myself, my decision, I felt strong, fulfilled and happy.
I went out of my mouth to my ears. My husband, who had smoked almost a pack of cigarettes to ease his pain, could not understand what had happened. When I told her why I was smiling, her eyes filled with tears, she thanked me, took me in her arms.
I saw then a man who was reborn, I saw a daddy! Here the time has passed, everything has solved itself, and I have I am the happy mother of a boy gorgeous 4 months old named Gabriel-Catalin that the whole family loves.
I thank God every day for my wonderful child and for giving me the best husband in the world! They are my happiness and the reason I live and smile.

Your pregnancy story can appear here!
Email us your story at info @ or post it on your blog and send us the link.
Don't forget to email us and photos with you during pregnancy and with your baby!

Tags Story Abortion Pregnancy

Have you ever fallen while holding your baby?

Have you ever fallen while holding your baby?

Last month, I fell while carrying the baby. Just as we got to our car, I tripped into the bushes.

I never knew how hard parking lot vegetation is. Those low green ferns may look soft, but they're incredibly tough – as if they've absorbed the constant exhaust fumes into their twiggy little branches.

As I fell, every one of those twiggy branches scraped me, relentlessly. I lay still for a moment, catching my breath. William was in my arms, screaming, and Anna and Clara were teetering above me, shocked.

"I'm okay," I told the girls, though the whole left side of my body hurt. "And so is William."

Actually, William – despite his screaming – was better than okay. He had nary a scratch. My body had enveloped his like a firm wraparound cushion.

I am completely nonathletic, so intensely uncoordinated that I bump into walls even when I'm not tired. My muscle tone is equivalent to that of a stuffed snake. I can't catch a floating feather, let alone a ball.

So how did I do that?

Answer: I didn't. It just happened.

Forty-three years ago, my own mother dropped me. (Actually, she one-upped me here in every way, as mothers tend to do. She was carrying not only me, but my twin sister. We were about half the age of William, so twice as vulnerable. And there were not just two trembling older siblings to reassure after the fall, but three.) Carrying us to the car, my mother tripped forward, down her cement steps. As clenching onto us would have put us in danger, her body did its own smart thing, gently letting us roll away onto the grass. My mother took the impact of the cement in her teeth, knocking them out.

Five years ago, my best friend fell while carrying her two-week-old. The baby didn't even touch the ground; my friend's knees absorbed the entire impact of the fall.

It seems that the mother's body, on autopilot, will generally protect the child over itself – becoming shield or spear, buffer or raft or parachute – whatever is needed. (And I'm sure that fathers' bodies, by the way, do the same).

Kind of a cool thought for a dreary Friday, isn't it? (At least, it's dreary in my neck of the woods.)

Have you ever fallen while holding your baby? Did your body automatically protect your little one?

Image: Stock.xchng.

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

The independence of the Aries daughter makes the Capricorn mother very nervous, who likes to control her family.

Aries and Capricorn they collide in a struggle between the excessive impetus of the first, and the tranquility and reflection of the second.

Know what the relationship between Capricorn mother and her daughter Aries

The Capricorn mother is a patient and calm mother, who prefers reflect before acting.

Although mental flexibility is not his strong suit, it is easy to reach agreements with it if one sits down to dialogue, since reason prevails in his character, as well as reason. practicality.

They are excessively worried mothers, and that sometimes suffocates their children a bit, who often feel too controlled.

On the other hand, the Capricorn mother is a good mother who usually support your children in any situation, although at times he can be distant in his affection.

They are people who seek security rather than adventures, with clear life goals, for which they usually work tirelessly, since there is no problem that they are not able to overcome with their tenacity and effort.

His impulsiveness it can be seen by another as aggressiveness, when it is not.

They are intrepid girls with a desire for adventure, who find it difficult to adapt to rules and schedules due to their excessive energy.

Needs feeling free and without ties, and possesses a great spirit of ambition that will lead him to become a successful person.

Excessively passionate, she needs to live at her own pace, and without pressure, that's why they are girls difficult to understand.

They are very affectionate girls who need constant understanding, although their independent nature may lead to believe otherwise.

They can't get over their disappointments and usually they hold a grudge to those who make them suffer.

This is one complicated relationship but not impossible. Capricorn mothers will need all their patience and understanding to understand the impulsiveness of their daughter Aires.

They will also have to learn to compromise on their tendency to organize and control everything that surrounds them, especially in regard to their daughter Aries.

The Capricorn mother can help her daughter to control her temper, although she will have to do it little by little and delicately, since the Aries daughter is little given to reflections at first.

Aries girls can seem carefree, and their impulsiveness makes them make spontaneous decisions that are not suitable for them, however, this is not the case, but they prefer to think about things calmly, once their first impulse has passed.

The Capricorn mother must adapt to the character of her daughter, and not the other way around, if she wants to keep her by her side. Should give you a controlled freedom, since if you do not run the risk of getting away from it.

Although she may be very independent, the truth is that the Aries daughter needs constant affection that, on the other hand, the Capricorn mother finds it difficult to express.

It is best to divert that energy from the Aries daughters towards paths like the sport, travel or art.

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Swimming pool hygiene

Swimming pool water and illness

Most swimming pools are clean. But sometimes, particularly if a pool is very busy or hasn't been properly treated with pool chemicals, germs can multiply.

Germs in swimming pools can cause illnesses like infections of the ear, eye, skin and chest, as well as gastroenteritis. Also, strong chemicals in pool water can sometimes cause eye and skin irritations.

In this article, we use 'swimming pools' to include public or private swimming pools, hydrotherapy pools, hot tubs and spas, inflatable and wading pools, and water parks.

How do germs get into swimming pools?

Germs can get into pool water through:

  • skin, sweat, wee, poo, saliva and open sores
  • dirt, food and other solids that end up in the pool.

This can happen quite easily. For example, if you've had diarrhoea, germs can still be on your skin even if you've cleaned your bottom and hands really well. So if you get into a swimming pool, germs can go from your skin into the water.

Also, babies or non-toilet trained children are very likely to poo in the water when they're swimming. If they've had runny poo, germs from their poo can get in the water, even if they're wearing a swimming nappy. Or if you change a sick child's nappy near a swimming pool, germs from the nappy can get into the water even if the child doesn't.

Swimming pool hygiene: keeping pools clean and safe

Here are some simple tips to help keep swimming pools fun and safe for everyone.

For all swimmers

  • Don't get in the pool if you have diarrhoea, or have just gotten over diarrhoea.
  • Try not to get water in your mouth, and don't swallow pool water.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water after using the toilet or changing a nappy.
  • Shower before you get in the pool and when you get out.

For parents of young children

  • Make sure your child has a clean bottom before your child gets into the pool.
  • Use well-fitted swimming nappies to help stop poo from getting into the water, but note that these nappies aren't leak proof. They can delay but not stop the germs getting into the water.
  • Change swimming nappies regularly to stop nappy contents getting into the water.
  • Keep nappy changes away from the pool area. With lots of water splashing about, it's easy for germs to end up in the pool.
  • For toilet-trained children, try to prevent toilet accidents in the pool by making sure your child has regular toilet visits.

It's recommended that children under 16 years should stay out of spas. The germ risk from spas is too great for young immune systems.

Keeping home swimming and wading pools clean

Because home wading pools are mostly used by babies and young children, they're most likely to have germs that come from poo. Also wading pool water isn't usually treated with pool chemicals.

You can reduce the risk of your young child getting sick from using a wading pool by:

  • trying to keep pool water out of your child's mouth - young children are more likely to swallow pool water than other swimmers
  • always emptying the wading pool at home once you've finished using it. Leaving water in the wading pool is a drowning risk as well as a germ risk.

Home swimming pools need regular treatment and monitoring to keep them clean and safe for swimming. You can start by:

  • using pool chemicals strictly according to manufacturer's instructions
  • testing the water's pH and chlorine levels regularly
  • checking that the water is clear and that you can see the bottom of the pool.

You can get advice about swimming pool hygiene from pool chemical suppliers or pool maintenance companies, as well as the Environmental Health Officer at your local council.

If there's a poo accident in your pool, get everyone out straight away. If it's a wading pool, empty the water out and scrub the pool with disinfectant. Rinse the pool and then dry it in the sun for at least four hours before using it again. If it's a swimming pool, follow the cleaning and treatment instructions that come with your pool chemicals.

Staying healthy in public swimming pools

If a public pool has been properly treated with pool chemicals, most germs in the pool will be killed.

But when a public pool is very busy - for example, on a hot summer day - germs can get into even the cleanest pool. More people mean more germs and more dirt in the water.

If you want to know how clean and safe a pool is to use when it's busy, ask the pool staff about the latest pH measurement. They should be able to explain it to you.

If there's a poo accident in a public pool, get out and let the pool staff know straight away. If you or your child gets sick after using a public pool, contact the pool staff so they can monitor potential disease outbreaks.

Children should not consume excessive sugar during the feast!

During the Feast of Sugar, fasting and non-fasting diets are extremely sweet, due to consuming pastries, problems, timing problems, and problems such as inability to adjust the amount arises. Children also love their favorite candy and chocolate during this period. But what should be considered for children in sweet consumption? Zerrin Aydın, Nutrition and Diet Specialist at the International Hospital Etiler Medical Center, advises parents to pay attention to the sugary foods that children will consume during Ramadan, and says: - Children aged six to nine years are allowed to consume 50 grams of sugar or sugar - In the age of 10-12, they can only consume 60 grams of sugar. - For example, one portion of pumpkin dessert is 20 grams. - Four to five tablespoons of jam are 100 grams. - Five or six Turkish delight is 100 grams. it is better if the portion is not exceeded. Because other sugar sources are being used during the day.Feast recommendations for children for parents:- It is better if children consume desserts with high fat and sugar content such as baklava kadayif. they are very popular with all children. 100 grams of chocolate contains 528 kcal. In other words, two or a maximum of three substances can be eaten if it is considered that other sources of sugar are used daily. It is also wrong not to give children sugar and chocolate altogether. It would be a more accurate approach to impose limits. - Consuming too much sweets in children also helps to get more energy. Risk of weight gain and caries.Mothers should take care of children as wellZerrin Aydın warned that women's metabolism works slower than men and said, kadınlar Therefore, women should not compete with their spouses in order to consume sweets and pastries during the feast. This period is the fastest time to gain weight, should be taken to consume lower calorie foods, belirt he says.Women can eat milky dessert, ice cream and fruit- Women have lower basal metabolic rate than men. For this reason, women should not compete with their spouses about eating and drinking. - They should take lower calories and not eat the same amount with their spouses. - There are four basic food groups. The amounts to be consumed from these food groups vary according to age groups and women and men. (Milk and its products, meat, eggs, legumes, vegetables and fruits, bread and cereals.) - Eight glasses of water should be drunk to meet the water requirement. - If the energy expenditure is high, the amount of water to be consumed increases. dessert, ice cream better options. - Chocolate, baklava, kadayif fat and high sugar, high calories are more desserts. Limited must be eaten. Milky dessert, ice cream, fruit dessert can be used 2-3 times a week.