What is the menstrual cup and how is it used

What is the menstrual cup and how is it used

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Raising children in the heart of Africa

Raising children in the heart of Africa

The smile is the first thing that surrounds me and captivates the children of Senegal. How many children with big black eyes and shiny white teeth like piano keys around me!

I had never thought about the effect my skin color could have on babies, until the moment I got to the infirmary. I felt like a white devil scares babies, but ... affection and love heal everything and instantly I had them in my arms. Were they correct? He can, but I didn't notice it anymore, I just felt his little hearts beat.

However, what was fascinating were their mothers, who proudly put their children in our arms seeking approval. I did not understand his language, but I did understand the language of his heart that said: "Look at him, he is my son. Is he okay? How do you find him? Is he healthy? ...

Unfortunately, the rates of anemia are very high as well as malnutrition and intestinal diseases caused by parasites. Most of it is due to diet and, of course, to the lack of hygiene in fungal diseases such as scabies or ringworm.

In Senegal, as soon as the baby is born, amulets are placed on the arm, neck or waist, as I was able to observe in newborns. Let's not forget that they do not use cellulose diapers, but cloths twisted around the waist and tied with the ropes that hold these charms. Due to the lack of hygiene, urine mixes with diaper cloths and the mentioned objects. Obviously these practices cause problems. During the first year of life, there is high infant mortality in Senegal, and if we add to this that not all mothers correctly register their children, the result is poor vaccination of their children, late or simply missing vaccines.

Mothers do not lack the will and today learning is paramount. This I was able to verify in the town that I visited, when suddenly a good number of mothers appeared with their babies when they found out that a medical check-up was being prepared for the children of the five neighboring towns.

They all carried their baby on their backs and smiles on their faces, waiting to be cared for. His children were checked, weighed and checked. Some came with a vaccination card and others without it, but no one left unattended and all brought the appropriate medication and guidelines for their follow-up. I felt full, full of enthusiasm and human warmth, we all breathed gratitude through all the pores of the skin. So much for so little!

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The Heart of Africa

The best dog breeds if you have children

The best dog breeds if you have children

These are the 10 best dog breeds for child of 2021

Ilya Meaning - Origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Russian form of Elijah. Hebrew eli, God. The Jewish prophet Elijah lived in the 9th century BCE. He defended the rights of God before Ahab, the unholy king of Israel. Elijah of Assisi, born in Italy in 1171, minister of the Franciscan Order, was excommunicated for having adopted the point of view of the party of the partisans of the emperor against that of the partisans of the pope. His birthday: July 20th.

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Vitamin B2

Like all other Group B components, riboflavin is water soluble, so it should be consumed daily. It is found in both animal and vegetable products. The intestinal bacterial flora has the ability to synthesize vitamin B2.

Like all other Group B components, riboflavin is water soluble, so it should be consumed daily. It is found in both animal and vegetable products. The intestinal bacterial flora has the ability to synthesize vitamin B2.
Light deteriorates riboflavin. Milk, which is an important source of vitamin B2, retains more of its nutritional value if stored in cardboard packaging (because it is opaque).
Recommended daily dose: 1.5-1.8 mg.
An amount of 0.6-1.4 mg is recommended for children; 1.5 mg, for adolescents and adult women; 1.8 mg for men, pregnant women and up to 2 mg for nursing mothers.
Stressed persons or women using oral contraceptives should increase the dose of vitamin B2.
Riboflavin comes mainly from the liver, heart, beef or pork, fish, eggs, dairy products, whole grains, green vegetables (broccoli, spinach, asparagus, milk, etc.).
Roles and features
- it enters the composition of enzymes and participates in cell growth and metabolization of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids to convert them into energy;
- helps maintain a healthy appearance of the skin, nails, hair;
- contributes to the improvement and maintenance of vision, because it stimulates the optic nerve;
- protects the buccal mucosa.
The new findings attribute its antioxidant qualities, so it can prevent cancer or increase cholesterol.

Disorders - deficiency or excess

Disorders attributed to vitamin B2 deficiency
Apart from irritability, depression, digestive disorders, eye fatigue, vision disorders, vitamin B2 deficiency can cause skin and mouth mucosal lesions. The sense of taste is affected; dermatoses may occur in the genital organs.
Disorders attributed to excessive consumption of vitamin B2
There is no danger of poisoning, even if consumed in large quantities. (Only a dose 2000 times greater than the recommended daily dose can generate kidney stones; consuming such an amount is not justified at all).
Useful note:
- Riboflavin supplements are a recommended option for large alcohol users, who usually feed poorly.
- The use of contraceptive pills also requires a quantitative supplement of vitamin B2.
- Riboflavin is eliminated quickly: in only 2 hours it colors the urine in intense yellow.
Your Baby's First 18 Months
Author: Anne Yelland
Publisher: Friends
New mothers need fast and easily accessible information to take care of their baby's changing habits, reactions and skills almost every day.
Taking care of your baby
Feeding Your Baby
How Does Your Baby Grow?
Securing Your Baby
Caring for a Sick Baby
First aid

Meaning of the name Troy. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Troy. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Troy. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

It comes from the ancient city that Homer described in the Iliad and that was besieged by the Greeks.

Belonging to the city of Troyes in France

Troy Duffy: film director


  • Mihai Eminescu: poet, novelist and journalist
    Mihai Albu: Famous Shoe Designer

Troy name coloring pages printable game

Troy: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Troy name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Troy coloring page printable game

Drawings of the names. Troy name to color and print

Computer games for kids - complete guide

Computer games for kids - complete guide

Computer games are like a double-edged sword in the life of the modern child - on the one hand, they have an educational role and help develop motor, social skills and enrich the general culture, on the other, they can provide negative examples of behavior and, worst of all, they can create a dangerous addiction. If you introduce them into the child's program at the appropriate age, with the measure, and carefully choose them, video games can become a valuable tool in the education of the little one!

At what age is the child allowed on the computer?

Many parents worry about the time the child spends in front of the computer, without taking into account that the age at which this gadget is first exposed is just as important.

Even though, nowadays, gadgets come into the lives of children from baby age, most specialists believe that little ones should access the first computer game around the age of 5. According to them, it is the age at which the child has sufficiently well developed motor skills to use the mouse and manipulate abstract images on the computer screen.

Warren Buckleitner, editor of the Children's Technology Review, believes that young children can be exposed to electronic devices, such as computers, and at a younger age - 2 and a half - without the pretense of playing organized.

How much time is allowed to spend daily in front of the computer?

From the first moment you make the child aware of the computer, it is advisable to establish a stable program regarding its use. As a general average, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends up to 2 hours a day in front of the computer. The time limit varies according to age.

At the beginning of the preschool age, the specialists recommend that the little ones be left for about 15 minutes per day. It may seem very little, but at this stage of childhood, the child's eyes get tired very quickly when they focus on the images on the screen and predispose them to various conditions.

As the school age approaches, the average time may increase to one hour, so that, for adolescents, it should not exceed more than 2 hours spent daily in the computer company.

What role do computer games play in the development of the child?

Video or electronic games can have a strong educational role for the child, but using them as an educational tool can involve a lot of risks. Video games can help the child to understand in a manner appropriate to his age mathematical, abstract, letters and teaches him to read. But many experts consider that the dangers that they pose in its development are too great for parents to rely on in the education of the child.

Many specialists criticize video games because they contribute to the social isolation of children, "nurture" addiction to gadgets, encourage sedentary life and predispose them to obesity, aggression and psychological disorders. Other specialists argue that, no matter how many dangers they plan on introducing the computer into the lives of children, they cannot be kept away from gadgets, in an age when technology is increasingly expanding.

As such, its use and the imposition of clear rules regarding the media content or the accessed games represent the best solution to diminish these dangers and to benefit from the educational benefits of electronic games.

Played rationally, these forms of fun for children can fully contribute to the development of skills and abilities needed later:

stimulates thinking (children must find fast solutions during play and have good reactions or reflexes; in addition, stimulate memory, attention and concentration);

improve fine motor skills (insight or skill);

develops competitive spirit and cooperation;

calms and relaxes the child, fighting stress;

I put them in various imaginary situations, from which they learn new things and behavior patterns (some of them can become role-playing games, only as virtual ones).

How do you choose video games for the child?

Although it seems an easy choice, finding an educational game that will arouse the child's interest and attention is not always easy. When buying an electronic game, it is important that it:

he is learning something new, that is to say he has an educational side;

either appropriate to his age (follow the label or its descriptive information if you buy it online);

be devoid of violent content;

have a fun side (presentation and playback mode to be interesting and capture the child's attention);

do not allow online access - not have extensions that send the child to online variants or other sites;

it can be played between multiple users (it can be played in a group, with other children, to promote social interaction, cooperation, etc.).

If you are not sure about the content and usefulness of an electronic game, test it beforehand. This way, you can see exactly how the game is going, how stimulating or educational it is, and if it has bugs that might entangle the child or direct it to sites with inappropriate content.

Is it appropriate to invest in video game accessories?

Many video games do not require special accessories, the computer mouse and keyboard being the only tools needed to perform them. But there are also more complex games, which require levers, steering wheel and other accessories that need to be inserted in the computer, in order to be played. At a young age, there is no need to invest in such accessories. There are plenty of educational and fun games for kids that do not require additional financial investment.

Your child at what age first played on the computer? Does it have a computer usage program? How long do you let him play? Tell us a few suggestions for educational games for young people, in the comments section below!

Tags Video games for kids Time computer kids

From positive parents, happy children

From positive parents, happy children

Imagine we had an account with an emotional balance. Imagine that throughout the day, the only thing you promote is negative language, and that phrase falls on your balance in a negative way, that is, debit balance. And also, that only, once a day, you say something positive, which will also go to your balance, in this way, creditor. Can you imagine how the balance of that account will be at the end of the day? And of the month? What about the year? ... and about life ...?

This is how sometimes, without realizing it, and always, as I say, in the name of love, we treat, speak and address our children. This is how we fill or not, the balance of your emotional account ... And without realizing it, we are building a personality that if we think about it, it is not the best we want for our children. And what would be the best? Remember this: of positive parents, happy children.

The attitude of the parents, their positive thinking, is key to the happiness of the children. Of course we are talking about emotions that will give security, confidence, and the right love, faced with the possibility of making them feel worthless, empty or without direction. And of course, we would all like to have an abundant account of positive moments and words.

Well let's get to it, dads! We are going to detail some phrases that can make us stimulate our children with our language. Words that will challenge them, encourage them and make them confident and secure, for their day to day, thus building a positive personality like ours:

  1. It seems that what you are doing is costing you work and effort, however, you are doing it very well!
  2. Do not focus on what you have achieved for us, but on what you can achieve. Can!
  3. Cheer up! that you can do it!
  4. Have you realized how much you are enjoying, in this moment, doing what you are doing?
  5. I feel like you could do better Do you want to try?
  6. WooooWowww !!! Look what you have achieved !!!! It's fantastic!!! It's great!!!
  7. Would you like it to be better for you? Keep practicing and you will get it !!
  8. I trust you, dare!
  9. Try it!! Nothing happens if you don't get it. I also make mistakes and learn from them.
  10. I am proud of your efforts, you should be proud of yourself too.
  11. Being wrong is good, it helps us learn. Don't stop trying for it.
  12. Take all the time you need, I'll be here for what you need.
  13. I wouldn't have done it that way, but that's perfect.
  14. I know that what you are doing takes a lot of effort, so I appreciate it more.

To end the day, spend some time and take stock together of the 3 good things the day has hadThis is how we will teach you to value and appreciate a positive attitude.

And finally, I want to remind you that this is not only applicable with our children, if we also use, as parents, this language in the couple environment, we will become parents focused on the positive, so that our children learn without having to teach them.

You will find that the better you find yourself, the more secure you will feel as a parent or educator or partner or person.

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