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Hortulana: origin and meaning of the name for girl Hortulana

We make the caterpillar?

We make the caterpillar?

A cherry tomato has taken the lead in this procession of mini-ham sandwiches. Cucumber for paws and antennae, pieces of onions for eyes and mouth. Beautiful beast !

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Ideas of first communion outfits for girls


This dress for the girls' first communion does not have sleeves and does have some transparencies in the body of the dress. Also, wear some pearls as an ornament. The skirt is made of tulle, as well as the veil.

This dress for the girls' first communion is very simple. It has a body without any adornment, a slightly puffy half sleeve and a skirt made of tulle. To this dress you can add a belt with a flower in front and a large bow at the back.

This dress has lace at the bottom of the dress, as well as some brocade on the skirt and body. It is an ideal dress for hot weather as it does not have sleeves and the neck is boxed. As a romantic detail, a little tulle stands out at the bottom of the suit.

This communion suit is very simple, it does not have lace, or straps or brocades. It is a suit in ivory color, whose main distinctive feature is the boat neck and the large bow at the waist.

This dress for the girls' first communion is based on the princess cut: a close-fitting bodice and a wide skirt with a cancan to give it space. The body of the dress has some motifs and flowers, as well as the belt.

It is a very simple dress, totally removed from the fantasy and princess cut of other communion dresses. It is practical for parents who do not want to spend money on a one-time dress, since this one, due to its mid-length cut and its scarce decoration, can be used for other parties.

It is a very romantic dress with several layers and a fancy belt that can be replaced by one or more classic. It is a very romantic girls outfit that admits a flower crown in the hair.

In many schools or churches it is a tradition for girls to make their first communion with habit-type dresses to avoid comparisons between girls and to unify them all. They are very simple straight clothes without any adornment, which imitate the habits of the nuns.

This ivory white dress has cancan to give the skirt more flight. It has half sleeves and drawstring at the bottom of the dress. It is a classic cut of communion dress with which the girls will be very beautiful.

This dress, worn by the daughter of the Infanta Elena of Spain, is a classic in the design of communion suits. It has a baby neckline, semitransparent sleeves and a flared skirt with cancan. The adornments of the dress are several drawstring in the area of ​​the body and the hem of the suit.

Ideal for the spring or summer season, it is a very simple dress, practically straight cut with a small flower detail in the waist and sleeve area. The neck is closed and can be cut after the First Communion to make a party dress for girls.

This first communion model is very classic and elegant. It has half sleeves and drawstring both on the body of the dress and on the hem. The sleeve is short and the color is off white.

Communion Dresses 2018 Look Book. A collection of communion dress styles for 2018.

Vacation and travel during pregnancy

Pregnant mothers want to spend a restful holiday with their spouses before the birth, but they are worried that holiday conditions will harm their babies. We are also interested in “Pregnancy and Holiday tak issues Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Murat Taşdemir.

: Is there any harm in expecting mothers to go on holiday?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly Considering the tiring period after birth and closing the mother home for a while, we can say that pregnancy is the last chance for a beautiful holiday. However, expectant mothers should avoid long-term trips in the last two months of pregnancy. For other times, the expectant mother should first speak to her doctor and get approval.

: What are the points that should be taken into consideration when choosing a holiday place?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly You need to be quite careful about it. Extremely hot and high altitude areas are not suitable for expectant mothers. If you plan to go abroad, you should avoid traveling to less developed countries. This is because both the inadequacy of medical facilities in this country and microbial diseases such as malaria (malaria), which are common in this country, affect pregnancy negatively.

: What are the problems and precautions that may be faced by expectant mothers?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly Microbial diarrhea is one of the most common problems in people traveling. Diarrhea leads to excessive fluid loss. This situation adversely affects the health of the mothers and the blood flow from the mothers to the baby and adversely affects the developing baby. Pregnant women are advised to use antibiotics to prevent diarrhea when traveling. When diarrhea occurs in mothers, it is necessary to take plenty of fluids and use antibiotics in consultation with the physician.

: What are the points to be considered about feeding during holiday due to this risk?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly Particular attention should be paid to the drinking water during the trip, only drinks sold in closed boxes, drinks should not be added to the ice. Consumption of salads, undercooked meat and mayonnaise products should be avoided. You should eat regularly for yourself and your baby. Especially if you go to hot areas, take plenty of liquid. Because ice patterns are made from mains water in many places, consume drinks without ice. Your diet rich in fiber prevents constipation.

: What are the other important points to consider during the holidays?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly First of all, the health institutions and their capacities should be determined. You must specify the telephone numbers you can contact in case of emergency. You should also have your blood type, medications you use, allergic reactions and medical information about your pregnancy and the telephone numbers available to your doctor.

: Which holiday can be risky for mothers?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly Pregnant women with a history of miscarriage, cervical insufficiency, a history of ectopic pregnancy, premature birth, vaginal bleeding, risk of miscarriage, multiple pregnancy, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and other organ systems should avoid traveling abroad and especially to remote places.

: Are car and plane trips at any risk to the expectant mother?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly Select the seat that you can relax during your journey by car, if necessary, support your back and neck with a pillow and fasten your seat belt. Your safety belt should be loose enough so that it does not tighten your stomach. Take a long journey and stop by for an hour. Have light and nutritious foods that you can snack on when you're out there and drinks such as water and fruit juice. Do not postpone going to the toilet during the journey, this can cause urinary tract infections.
Many airlines allow flights up to the 36th week. However, in the last 3 months of pregnancy, it is not recommended unless it is compulsory to travel for more than 4 hours. Be sure to take plenty of fluids, especially on long journeys, get up every half hour and walk around and move your legs frequently. If possible, sit on a seat in the plane-wing section and on the corridor lighthouse where you can comfortably get up. Always keep your seat belt fastened during the entire flight.

: Are there any situations where a doctor should be consulted immediately during the journey?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly Vaginal bleeding, severe abdominal pain, excessive vomiting, swelling in the body, severe headache, diarrhea, fever, and decrease in baby's movements is necessary to consult a doctor.

This fall, the amber nails are worn

This fall, the amber nails are worn

Stylists recommend ladies and gentlemen to decorate their nails this fall in all shades of rusty leaves. They will be in great vogue. We offer a wide range of shades, from classic grain to red plum, cognac, chocolate, coffee, caramel, maroon, mocha, bronze, amber, beige-cashmere.

Stylists recommend ladies and gentlemen to decorate their nails this fall in all shades of rusty leaves. They will be in great vogue. We offer a wide range of shades, from classic grain to red plum, cognac, chocolate, coffee, caramel, maroon, mocha, bronze, amber, beige-cashmere.
In the evening, sensational will be the nails painted in intense black with applications of sequins or jewelry. Specialists in the "Peggy Sage manicure" claim that the fashionable straws are now round, hexagonal and star-shaped, and the color range has in the foreground the shades of pink, cyclamen, fuchsia, varnish, blue, turquoise, silver and gold.
When they are in the form of dust, the straws have glittery edges.

Whether they will be painted directly on the natural nail, or are included in acrylic resin or UV gel applications, the effect is millions, as is the price.
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Gunila: origin and meaning of the name for girl Gunila

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Gunila.

The name is prevalent in Scandinavia since the Middle Ages, and has spread to the countries of northern Europe in modern times.

From the Low Latin Gunilda or Gunilla, Latinized form of the Scandinavian NP Gunnhild, "war, battle"


  • Gunilla von Bismarck, German aristocrat (1949-); Gunilla Nyroos, Finnish actress (1945-)

Gunila name coloring pages to print and color

Gunila: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Gunila coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Gunila coloring page printable game

Drawings of the names. Gunila name to color and print

Beautiful prayer to Our Lady of Sweet Waiting to pray during pregnancy

Many women manage to get pregnant with a minimal amount of effort, they just establish it and soon they get the good news from the pregnancy test. However, there is a significant group of women for whom this effort becomes an ordeal, since they do not achieve what they long for and have problems in pregnancy. For this reason, many seek refuge in faith when praying, prayers are a mystical channel where they can vent and seek guidance. If this is your case, do not miss this article where we will show you a prayer to the Virgin of Sweet Waiting, so you can find the shelter you need so much during pregnancy.

The Virgin of Sweet Waiting is a Marian invocation that represents the moment when Mary is pregnant, also celebrating the Nativity and the hope of a new beginning. It is also known as the Virgin of Hope or the Pregnant Virgin.

Many women and couples in the world entrust themselves to the Virgin to achieve not only the miracle of pregnancy but also this develops normally and that the health of the mother, as well as that of the future baby are always present.

Learn about the prayer to Our Lady of Sweet Wait below.

Blessed are you Mary,

You who are Virgin and Mother,

the Lord blessed you with grace and joy

for your Sweet Waiting for Jesus!

We beg you for the husbands

help us in this hope

to support us on the path of life.

Also remember those who have opened

your heart to adoption,

grant them joy for their generosity.

It also rejoices those who have received

the beautiful names of father and mother,

for his greatness manifested

in your new little family member

Finally, hug us all

in the magnificence of the Holy Spirit,

to demonstrate to the world

that we can live as brothers,

for each one of us are Sons of God.

Amen! So be it!

This prayer will help you achieve a balance between the peace of mind you need so that your body works without pressure and the dedication necessary to conceive. It is also a moment of disconnection where you and your partner can find refuge, spiritual guide and they can reinforce that bond of love that unites them.

The quest for pregnancy can be both an easy and exciting road and a bumpy road. But, without a doubt, to enjoy an ideal, healthy and beautiful pregnancy it is necessary to have a positive attitude and collaboration with the couple. After all, you won't get a gift if you don't do anything to deserve it.

There are many reasons why some women have more difficulty getting pregnant or maintaining good health during pregnancy over others, both due to biological influences and environmental factors, among which we can mention a few.

1. Bad health habits
This is one of the most common problems for which some women cannot easily get pregnant. It has to do with a poor diet (consumption of fatty, processed or sugary foods), sedentary lifestyle, constant stress, anticipatory thoughts or little physical activity.

It must be remembered that healthy habits are closely related to the functionality of the internal organs, including the female reproductive system. Therefore, it is also very important to maintain these good habits once the pregnancy has already started.

2. Ovulation problems
This is a more complex and difficult issue to deal with, if not for subsequent medical intervention. This is because some women do not have a sufficient number of eggs to be fertilized or they do not have enough strength or quality to maintain the proper development of the fetus.

The same happens if you have problems in the uterus, where there are lesions or malformations that prevent the fetus from growing correctly throughout the pregnancy or that there is a greater inclination for ectopic pregnancies.

3. Distancing the fertile period
Although women can get pregnant any day of the month. There is a special period for this to take place more easily, known as the ovulation period or the fertile period. It is a week after the end of the menstrual cycle, where the ovum detaches from the ovary to wait to be fertilized. Have you already tried to advise yourself on your fertile dates and how to take advantage of them?

4. Stress, stress and stress
Stress is one of the biggest problems that affect people's health and quality of life and if it has a harmful impact on any age, imagine the impact on achieving a proper pregnancy. Women, especially when it is difficult to get pregnant through traditional means, tend to worry more, have negative thoughts, suffer from anxieties and devaluing beliefs about themselves.

This puts overwhelming amounts of stress on the body and mind, unable to work properly and functionally. So try to relax and let your body flow.

This stress is also very damaging once conception has been achieved. As highlighted in 'Prenatal Stress, Neurodevelopment and Psychopathology' by Silvia Lucía Gaviria, for the Colombian Journal of Psychiatry, stress affects the mother, but also the fetus. Some physiological and metabolic changes can occur, such as hypoxia, that is, less oxygen in the blood.

5. Body problems
Being overweight is a disease that also directly affects both achieving and maintaining pregnancy. This is because the reproductive system does not respond correctly to the hormones responsible for reproductive function.

In the same way, there is no healthy quality of the eggs and the body is not in an ideal state to develop and carry a pregnancy to term due to accumulated fat, oxygen supersaturation, poor blood circulation and other health problems that can evolve at this stage.

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Parents: role models and positive influences for teenagers

Parents: role models and positive influences for teenagers