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Agathemcazteque Tunic Fancy Strawberry

Agathemcazteque Tunic Fancy Strawberry

Name Renaud - Meaning and origin



  • Maxime comes from the Latin "maximus", the largest.
  • Several emperors bore this name, such as the Emperor Maxime, who was master of Spain, or Petronius Maximus emperor of the West in the fifth century.
  • His birthday: April 14th.
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Breastfeeding women are not doomed to the protection against conception that exclusive breastfeeding on demand gives them during the first six months of a child's life. Contraception after birth is available in many forms, allowing you to have sex without fear and enjoying it. The only problem in this beautiful period, which is lactation, is reduced libido, which often significantly reduces the need for systematic and continuous use of contraceptives. Instead, many couples in practice wanting or not wanting to use temperance ...

Birth control pills

The experience of many women confirms that it is difficult to choose birth control pills so that you do not have to worry about less libido, problems with your complexion, weight gain and worse mood. The lactation period, which due to the specific secretion of hormones does not differ in this way in a particular way, often brings an additional surprise in the form of: a decrease in libido. Most often it is so that women tired of taking care of a small child definitely have less desire for sex. When they fall asleep together with the baby next to their breasts, love plays naturally fall into the background. In some ladies, the matter normalizes with the following weeks, in others reduced libido remains low until the baby is weaned. There is no rule.

The fact is that women are breastfeeding they should avoid combined contraceptives. Tablets that you decide to take during this period should be free of estrogen, which reduces the amount and quality of milk, i.e. threatens lactation. Estrogen-free tablets intended for women during lactation are completely safe and do not threaten lactation or the child. They do not penetrate into milk. It's so-called mini-pills, containing only progestin (synthetic progesterone). They can be taken even after the lactation has stopped, for example to use the remaining tablets from the packaging and to later return to the tablets used before pregnancy.

Attention! Sometimes a mini pill can cause spotting and even vaginal bleeding. You have to take it regularly at the same time to ensure its proper operation.


A condom, despite the increase in sales of birth control pills, is still there one of the most commonly used contraceptive methods. During breastfeeding, when the woman has no monthly bleeding at least in the first weeks, she should be used on each intercourse. Then when the menstruation comes back, it depends on the partners. You can go back to using the body observation method in combination with the use of condoms on fertile days, however, given that the body after pregnancy is only stabilizing its hormonal activity, it can be a risky solution and result in another pregnancy.

What is worth remembering? Condom is effective if stored properly (at room temperature), is used before the expiration date and is correctly worn. There are many types of condoms. Among them are those that additionally have spermicide, constituting another "obstacle" for sperm. Among the assortment you can choose the brand and type of condom that will best suit your pair.

Attention! Shortly after pregnancy and while breastfeeding, a woman may feel vaginal dryness. Despite the excitement and mental readiness, mucus may not be enough to make sex possible. It is worth using intimate gels, available for sale in a wide selection.

In addition, it is worth being alert to any infections. After pregnancy, while breastfeeding, a woman is more exposed to infections due to a higher susceptibility of the reproductive organs. When such appear, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Hormonal intramuscular injection

Progestogen, the same substance that is used in mini-pills, is administered intramuscularly. The only difference is that the injection works for three months. It is enough to visit a gynecologist once to be protected from unplanned pregnancy for about 90 days.
It's a good way, especially for active ladies, often forgetting to take pills.

Unfortunately, there are also minuses. If side effects appear: irritability, skin problems, weight gain - it is impossible to "stop" the method like tablets. In addition, usually one year after stopping hormonal injections, you have to spend on waiting for full fertility to return.

Intrauterine device

Intrauterine device (also called spiral) can be established only after six weeks after the birth of the child, i.e. on the occasion of the first visit to the gynecologist after delivery.

There are two types of inserts: intrauterine device that releases hormones and without hormones.

In the first case (insert with hormones), a special insert is inserted in the uterine wall, which releases the hormone locally: progestin. In this way, it thickens the mucus, prevents the sperm from connecting to the cell and inhibits the development of the endometrium.

This method is recommended for women who want to do it for themselves longer break in procreation. Although the insole can be removed at any time, it is intended to be worn for five years.

An additional plus is no periods or much less monthly bleeding. Although it should be mentioned that some women experience psychological discomfort because of this ...

The non-hormonal insert works similarly to that secreting hormones, but it does not reduce the development of the endometrium so much. It is worn once every 3-4 years. It is recommended for women not convinced of hormonal therapy.

Unfortunately, this method also has some side effects: it can increase the abundance of monthly bleeding and the frequency of genital inflammation.

Remember: no monthly bleeding during lactation is not a symptom of no ovulation. Hence, information about pregnancy is surprising a few months after delivery. High prolactin is responsible for the lack of bleeding. Therefore, menstruation often returns to women only after the baby is completely weaned.

Is breastfeeding a contraceptive method?

Opinions on this topic are divided ... Many women assume that breastfeeding is an effective method of contraception, and here before the child turns sibling ... How is this possible? However, does breastfeeding protect against another pregnancy ???

During lactation, prolactin stimulates milk production, while inhibiting the secretion of sex hormones by the ovaries. In this way, it has a contraceptive effect.
However, we must not forget that breastfeeding can theoretically be treated as a contraceptive only when the following three situations occur at the same time:

  1. Less than 6 months have passed since delivery.
  2. A woman feeds the child "on demand" only with her own food or additionally feeds the child only with small amounts of food. I don't use a pacifier.
  3. The woman does not menstruate or stain at this time.

If all three situations occur simultaneously, breastfeeding can be treated theoretically as a contraceptive method. The Pearl index for this method is 2. This means that 2 out of 100 women (using this contraceptive method) become pregnant within a year. In practice, however, it is considered that breastfeeding as a contraceptive method is not recommended. Too often, fertilization occurs during this period. The case is very individual. For this reason, it is not worth relying on this method.

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June 20 Mogosoaia Minicross children Register your child for free

June 20 Mogosoaia Minicross children! Register your child for free!

Cross for children

MiniCROSS No STRESS is a competition dedicated to children, made by NoStress, with the support of the program "140 beats per minute".

The tests are: RUN 1.2 km.

The event is aimed at children between 6 and 12 years old.

The competition will take place in Mogosoaia, on Saturday, June 20, from 4 pm, after the completion of the NoStress Triathlon Competition.

By registering and participating in the MiniCROSS NO STRESS, the parents assume the responsibility for observing the terms and conditions of this regulation by the participants.

Rankings are made according to the following age categories:

  • Mini (boys) - 6-8 years old
  • Girls (girls) - 6-8 years old
  • Junior Boys - 9-12 years
  • Junior Girls - 9-12 years

Enrolling and paying the participation fee.

The participation fee is FREE. If you want to support in the form of DONATION the project "Viitor NoStress", which aims to train, train and support a team of junior (14-16 years) and organize competitions for children, thank you and please use the payment order , to the ASSOCIATIA CLUB SPORTIV NO STRESS, account opened at BCR Mosia Agency, IBAN: RO35RNCB0088144694960001.

Applications can be made until June 10, 2015.

Lifting the Competition Kit

Parents together with children will pick up the KIDS SUMMER contest kits, on June 19, between 16:00 and 22:00.

When picking up the contest kit, parents will have to complete and sign a declaration on their own responsibility to participate in the NoStress competition for minors (If the minor has reached the age of 14 he must also sign the declaration with the parent).

The day of the competition

It is important to attend the technical meeting, which will take place 1 hour before the start of the competition, you will receive useful information.

Safety, first of all - always!

Running Test Regulations

The participants must follow the directions and the guidance offered by the volunteers present on the running route

The finish of the running test and the entire competition is done through the FINISH gate

The contest number is mandatory in front.

The race takes place on the alleyways of Mogosoaia Park, 1 turn to Checkpoint and back.

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Kitchen tips from Tyler Florence: Finding joy in feeding your family

2:24 min| 152 views

Celebrity chef Tyler Florence on why cooking is important for your family – and your child's relationship to food.

Show transcript

Tyler: Right, so you definitely want to think about organic, right? Because if it's not organic, the way I see it, you can't trust it.

Lindsay: And if you can't do organic all the time? Are there certain things you should always do organic?

Tyler: If you can't do organic, from a cost standpoint or an availability standpoint, I think the big picture is just fresh …

Lindsay: Seasonal.

Tyler: Fresh, seasonal. You want to go to the grocery store and instead of shopping in the middle of the aisle, the middle of the store, which is all frozen …

Lindsay: Do the perimeter.

Tyler: You want to shop around the perimeter, so we're talking about frozen, about fresh vegetables, we're talking about fresh dairy, we're talking about good, healthy cheese and good fats, we're talking about good lean protein, and things that your children can easily incorporate into their diet.

We've certainly lost something from a generational standpoint of your grandmother teaching you and then you teaching your children, somewhere in the last 25 or 30 years, maybe 40 years, we've lost the ability to cook for ourselves, we really have.

That being said, the instinctual need to cook and satisfy your family, it's always there, inside of us, burning. We want to …

Lindsay: We just need to let it out.

Tyler: We want to provide a home that smells fantastic. Like if you can think about what your grandmother's house smelled like when you were a child, and to really kind of get those aromas, it immediately takes you back to that place, right?

Lindsay: It's apple pie for me, all the way.

Tyler: It's apple pie. And to me, it's pot roast, cause my grandmother used to make a pot roast in a Crock-Pot, and it was always simple but I just remember how warm and how hearty the house would smell when we would go and visit cause she would make pot roast for me cause it was always my favorite.

And that to me is what we should insist on our homes being that memory sense for your own children. Not necessarily pizza night every night.

So that's the thing about it. You really have to say to yourself, you know, we're going to cook, right? I'm going to go find a couple of books I like a lot.

From a child standpoint, if you have a small baby, again who's in that great age between like 4 and 6 months of age, where they're starting to sit up, that should be the most important thing you ever think about, is making sure that child, from the very first spoon, has a healthy relationship with food and cooking – and that starts with you as a parent.

Throat inflammation and tonsillitis are also common in the minor, but more frequently. What do you need to know about these inflammatory diseases?

What Is Throat Inflammation And Almond Inflammation?

Throat inflammation is an inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa, which causes sore throat. And tonsillitis is the inflammatory condition of the throat, which is often a test for throat inflammation. However, it is also called tonsillitis, which is an inflammatory disease of the nasopharynx and tonsil. Although both diseases are very common, small children are primarily affected by tonsillitis, and throat inflammation typically occurs in a greater proportion in schools. Causes, inhalation of polluting particles, and allergies also increase the susceptibility to infection. In two thirds of cases, a viral infection develops in pharyngitis, often accompanied by a secondary bacterial infection. The disease of tonsillitis is also usually viral. But there is also a bacterial infection and it is up to the doctor.

Symptoms of pharyngitis and tonsillitis

Throat inflammation of the throat, rarely the nasal passage, starts with a sensation of scraping, scratching, a coughing sensation, an overwhelming pain in the throat. Mostly, you will experience a rise in heat, but your child may have high fever. Peripheral lymph nodes are often painful, swollen. In contrast, tonsillitis begins with a high level of fever and chills. The pain in the pharynx is strong, often radiating to the ear, lymph nodes in the neck, under the jaw, and in the middle of the ear swollen painfully. Your child's lips may be bloody, potted, mouth open and sore painful and difficult, tongue flat, breath breathy. Inflammation of the nasopharynx usually occurs along with inflammation of the throat, which is why the symptoms are mostly the same. Your child it is difficult to breathe through the nose, and hearing loss, which refers to poor functioning and middle touch. Infants with inflammation of the nasopharynx may develop unintentionally, which in itself can lead to severe conditions and should be carefully monitored.

Throat and tonsillitis are common in small children

Inflammation of the tonsil also occurs with inflammation of the pharynx. Tongue pain and abundant lymphatic drainage are more typical in this case, and it is a symptom that moving the tongue can be difficult.

Diagnosis and treatment of pharyngitis and tonsillitis

Your doctor will look at your child's throat, throat, tonsils, and probe the surrounding lymph nodes. In the case of throat inflammation, he has a thickened pharynx, which may have yellowish, sticky marks or red granular protrusions. Regular fever monitoring is important, but also record the dates and results, because the development of fever on its own can help in the diagnosis. Microbiological examination of the pharyngeal cavity helps in the identification of the disease, but it takes more time. Occasionally these plain islands blossom, in which case the almond surface is covered with plain sheets. Pulmonary tonsillitis is a problem when the initial high fever, throat and laryngeal pain, tonsil bleeding and plaque formation can all be observed at the same time. There are two ways in which the bacterial origin can be determined, one is the bacteriological examination of the throat, the other the Streptococcus antigйnteszt, which takes 15 minutes to complete. Before starting a medication, this can help you decide on your therapy. You should know that sore throat may be an introductory or external manifestation of other serious infectious diseases, rubella, scarlet fever, or bend, but the results of these successful vaccines are no longer typical in our country. the symptoms can be alleviated: bed rest, abundant fluid intake, fever and pain relief are important. In the case of bacterial infection, your child will also receive antibiotic treatment for the prevention of heart attacks.In the case of acute tonsillitis, he will receive at least eight to ten days of high doses of antibiotics for the prevention of these events. You can reduce your pain with pain and flame retardants. If it is very painful to swallow, try to cook for your bigger child. Notice how you will like hot, liquid foods, soups, hot milk, tea, cocoa anyway. You can also relieve the painful inflammation of the neck by hydration of the neck. Sore throat and tonsillitis, which are treated properly and at the time, usually heal within two weeks, but it is important to mention that the untreated or untreated Streptococcus. The formation of the sore near the throat is due to the local history of the disease, severe sore throat, sore throat, difficulty in opening and a characteristic "sultry" sound.

Prevention of throat inflammation and tonsillitis

Throat and tonsillitis also spread seasonally, the little ones get it easily during the holiday season. In an infectious period, try to avoid the mass, the mass, if you can, and the hunger, the ovis, the family sun. Walk a lot too much in the open air, don't give up on the playground, even in the cold, to boost your child's immune system. In addition to weather-based layering, nutrition and a balanced lifestyle can help keep your child healthy. If you have a cold sore throat in your family, avoid direct physical contact and make sure that your child does not eat, eat other glasses or glasses.

Useful information

If you have recurrent tonsillitis, it is worth visiting the nasal cavity and examining your child for enlarged nasal passages or pharyngeal disease. Holpert Valeria Füll-nose-ball, for fonber.More articles in this topic:
  • 8 proven methods for damping the throat
  • Torokgyulladбs
  • Almond Inflammation: with or without surgery?
The minions. Humor movie for kids

Stuart, Kevin and Bob are the minions best known. They will also be the protagonists of the first movie with the minions as protagonists. Yes, these cute yellow characters who have made us laugh so much in the 'Despicable Me' movies. Impulsive, funny and mischievous. Like children.

On this occasion, the minions seek an evil boss to serve. But the search will not be easy. On their way they will run into a series of problems. Although it is already known that who follows her ... At last, the minions find a very evil villain. However, they will have another important mission: save the minions from a terrible threat.

Data sheet:

Title: Minions

Director: Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda

Country: USA

Producer: Illumination Entertainment

You can read more articles similar to The minions. Humor movie for kids, in the Movies category on site.

Gold proposals for working mothers

In order to have a healthy and quality pregnancy period, especially working mothers should review their feeding habits. Basic nutrients such as meat, eggs, legumes, milk and dairy products, vegetables and fruits and cereals should be taken enough, sugar and fat balance should be adjusted well. Foods that are high in sugar and fat have low nutritional properties and are very high in calories. Nuts such as nuts and walnuts can also be consumed to a limited extent in the work environment due to their high calorie and antioxidant effects.

Apply 3 main 3 snacks

The daily calorie needs of mothers are 300 calories more than other women. 20 g protein, 15-20 mg iron and 500 mg calcium should be added to the normal diet of women. At least 6 meals should be fed, 3 main meals and 3 snacks. Liquid foods and especially water should be consumed more than before pregnancy (at least 2 liters / day). It is recommended that coffee and tea should not be consumed more than 2 cups a day. Fiber and bran foods in snacks will be beneficial for the digestive system. Fruits and vegetables such as carrots, apples can be consumed easily in snacks. Natural juices may be another alternative. Milk, dairy products and milk desserts can also be easily consumed for these snacks.

You may need to make changes to your clothes

Candidates should start to make some changes in their clothing as the months progress. They should prefer light and abundant outfits that do not fit in the body in their work and daily lives, which will enable them to move freely. Especially healthier cotton fabrics should be preferred instead of synthetic fabrics that increase sweating. They should pay attention to this in their underwear. Shoe selection is also very important in this period. Low-heeled shoes will be more appropriate for the mother's comfort in the work environment, as heelless or high-heeled shoes often cause low back pain.

Your work environment

It is very important that the working environment of the expectant mother is bright and well ventilated. In a section not exposed to direct air conditioning, tables with a comfortable seat and where the elbows can stand at 90 degrees should be used. Working without resting for a long time can cause pain in the muscles and especially circulatory problems. Simple breaks, legs and neck movements will be useful during breaks.

When you get home, let yourself rest for the next day

When pregnant women come home, they should rest so that they can relieve the tiredness of the day and prepare themselves for the next working day. Pregnant women who spend most of the day standing should rest at home with their feet and legs raised to a high point. They are advised to perform simple walking or basic exercise movements after work or at home, and to regulate blood flow in the veins. Swimming 2-3 times a week, at least 20-minute brisk walks every day, or recommended stretching and relaxation exercises will both make the mother feel better and be a good preparation for birth. A warm shower at night will provide general relaxation and help to ensure a regular sleep.

Who is inconvenient to work?

• Pregnant women with vaginal bleeding,
• People with hypertension,
• Suspected of premature birth,
• Infants with developmental delay,
• Pregnant women with uterine insufficiency,
• Some multiple pregnancies and cases where amniotic fluid is too high,
• Women who have had more than two premature births in the past

Listen to your doctor's advice

Pregnant mothers who do not have a high tempo and very strenuous job can work easily until the last weeks of their pregnancy. However, the time and type of work should be evaluated by the doctor.