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Names that are not cold: Thibault

Names that are not cold: Thibault


He is the king of daring! Not afraid ... This name with Germanic roots comes from "theud", people, and "bald", bold, and hides a real character of go-getter. His birthday on July 8th.

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The truth about the risk of losing teeth in pregnancy

The truth about the risk of losing teeth in pregnancy

The unspoken truths about losing a pregnancy

Fear of being a parent

Being a parent is a huge joy, but also a responsibility as you go. Even though the joys and fulfillment that parental status brings to your life are immeasurable and cannot be compared with any other realization of life, fears and insecurity are feelings present all the time in your emotional state. Questions arise that grind you: Will I be a good parent? Can I have a baby? Am I able to grow it properly? Here's how to more easily overcome the fears that you try when you think about becoming or already a parent!

What are your fears when you are a parent and how do you overcome them?

Being a parent is a joy, but also an emotional burden hard to bear for many of us. Psychologists believe that the fear comes from two sources: the fear of not being a good parent and the fear of having a child that does not live up to your expectations, often much higher.

Fears stem from the imbalance that arises between the expectations you have about yourself, as a parent, or that you claim from the child and what the reality offers. The solution to overcome these fears and to deal with new feelings and experiences is to find a balance between the expectations you have and the real possibilities that exist in each of us.

It is normal to be concerned about the responsibilities involved as a parent, your ability to care for a child or to provide everything necessary to grow up healthy and healthy.

Parenting is a new stage in your life, which attracts a lot of changes. It is a test of maturity and a choice that reorganizes your whole life - values, principles, perceptions. With the arrival of the child in the world, your whole world and thinking changes, which can be scary.

You get hit by new experiences, which scares you very hard, because you do not have control over them. To these are added the tips and stories or negative experiences of other parents around you, which make you even more scared. When you hear how difficult it is to raise a child, who has suffered from x or y with the child, how he or she has been treated or treated by colleagues at school, anxiety and fear become stronger and begin to overwhelm you even more.

The main fears parents face are related to how the relationship with the partner will evolve afterwards, the finances needed to raise the child, but also the fact that you may not like being a parent.

Sometimes, fear also comes from other reasons: that you will not know how to change the diaper, what you do when it feels bad, how you know it is bad, if something happens when you do bath.

It is important to recognize and try to understand where these fears are coming from, in order to overcome them more easily. If necessary, talk to someone close to you or even a psychologist. It is important to download and find the understanding you need and the good thoughts that can help you go further.

No one is born a parent. Be aware that all these things are learned as you hit them. From the experience you learn the easiest and fairest to raise the child as well and safely.

There is no mother who cannot manage to take care of her child, with or without help. There is within each parent a unique feeling of motherhood or paternity, but also an unmatched power that helps you cope with all the challenges of parenthood, but also find solutions to the problems you face.

It is important to know that, over time, these worries decrease in intensity and are no longer so overwhelming, but they will not disappear completely. When you have a child, you have no worries and problems.

They occur at every stage of childhood and are closely related to their health, growth, safety and development. But as you face them, you will learn to manage them properly and use them in your favor, to turn them into constructive emotions, which helps you to become, as the day goes by, the parent your child needs in order to it grows big and strong.

What fears did you face before becoming a parent or after the baby was born? How did you manage to cope with them? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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Infants: talk to them in the eyes!

Infants: talk to them in the eyes!

The Perception Psychology Laboratory of the Paris Descartes University in Paris has shown that newborns are sensitive to language and communication in order to recognize the people who come to them. Provided you look them in the face!

Does my newborn see me? Does he recognize me? Yes, say the researchers at the Perception Psychology Laboratory of the Paris Descartes University who bring new knowledge on the development of the first social skills of the child in the journal PloS one *.

Babies recognize a familiar face

  • To achieve these results, the two researchers presented to 24 infants from 0 to 3 days videos of faces talking to them, either by looking at them directly or having a look at an angle.
  • Then the newborns saw the photograph of the face seen and heard previously and that of a new face. Researchers have found that newborns look longer, and therefore recognize, familiar face photography only if the face had a direct, rather than an angled, look during the familiarization phase.
  • These last results emphasize the importance of the interaction between speech and eyes to enable infants to identify one person from among their number from birth.

Stéphanie Letellier

* May 2011.