How to Clean a Mattress - Best Ways to Remove Stains!

How to Clean a Mattress - Best Ways to Remove Stains!

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Gangulfa: origin and meaning of the name for girl Gangulfa

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Gangulfa.

Gandulfo feminine form. Saint Gangulf, bishop and French martyr from the 8th century appears on the saints.

It comes from the Germanic radicals "gang" - way, march- and "wulf" -wolf-.

May 11


  • Doris Day. Actress

Gangulfa name coloring pages printable game

Gangulfa: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Gangulfa coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Gangulfa coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Gangulfa name to color and print

A day in the countryside

Are you planning on going on a country walk with your baby or grand-baby? Take the opportunity to discover the flowers, trees, fields ... and the art of napping in the shade of plane trees!

The equipment

  • What outfit put him in places at risk? Girl or boy, it is better to dress your child with trousers, a long-sleeved cotton shirt, socks and shoes to avoid insect bites. Plan a change in case of a patch in a stream ... and a rain suit to leave in the car. Bring the necessary layers if necessary, of course!
  • The +? A minisac backpack for his treasures: shells, pebbles, seeds that he will harvest, and a magnifying glass to observe small animals. He will be proud to wear it!

The path

  • Maps in hand, prepare your trip the day before. Locate the steps. Also find out about your point of fall. A little help to better memorize your day, to appreciate the fauna, the flora, the site ... On, you will find the green cycle tracks or perfect for strollers. If you bring bikes and rollers, do not forget the helmets!

The snack

  • On the menu of your little princethis time, there will be a salad of farfalles with cherry tomatoes, pitted olives, parmesan shavings or mozzarella, a little Serrano ham and a drizzle of olive oil. Another fun idea: small sandwiches of bread (preferably no crust, it exists!) With smoked salmon and cottage cheese, which you associate with a cherry tomato or a cucumber cube! Pick up other picnic ideas in our Cooking section.
  • Remember that a dark tablecloth attracts less small animals.

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In Terrence - Meaning and Origin

Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

Terrence is a name derived from that of Terensis, Roman goddess of the harvest. Terensis also refers to the meaning of "tender" and "gracious".


American actors Terrence Howard, Terrence Horace Evans and Terrence Alan Crews. American DJ Terrence Parker and American basketball players Terrence Ross and Terrence Romeo.

Saint Terence was a martyr of the third century. He died with his companions in Carthage in 250 AD.

His character :

Terrence is an extrovert who communicates easily with others. Radiant and cheerful, he shares his good mood with those around him. In society, it is a faithful friend capable of dedication, even self-sacrifice, to help his loved ones. As a family, Terrence is known for its generosity, kindness and family spirit. Small, Terrence is rather homebody, thoughtful and lonely. He is nonetheless sociable. He is just building his personality. Growing up, he gains confidence and gradually opens up to the world. Rather literary and dreamy, Terrence aspires to a fulfilling life alongside his friends, real and imaginary. He is full of imagination and will make an excellent man of letters. It will flourish in professions related to art, literature, cinema or sport.


Terence, Terenti, Terentius, Terenziano, Terenzio, Terry and Terentille.

His party :

Terrence is celebrated on April 10th.

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Infant massage is an ancient tradition in many cultures that has been rediscovered in the West. Through tactile stimulation, parents are nurturing the affective contact with the baby and establishing the first ties of the bond that will unite us forever.

Discover step by step this subtle, tender and pleasant technique that helps baby loosen his body and tone his muscles It has opened a new window for many mothers, who, like me, have found the key to relax and calm their babies when they need it and thus enjoy the experience of being a mother much more.

There are many types of massage and each of them is indicated for a particular moment. Relaxing massage is a very special sensory experience for the baby because it helps you fall asleep, calms you and prepares you for a peaceful sleep. Both parents and baby should be relaxed to enjoy this massage in privacy and without interruptions.

After bathing, before dinner or half an hour after taking it, it is the ideal time to enjoy it. Another type of massage that helps both the baby and the parents overcome the irritability caused by infant colic during the first months of life is abdominal massage.

Perform gentle circular motions, clockwise, on the baby's belly while slightly moving his legs up and down, helped my baby a lot to improve his discomfort and to be less uncomfortable every day. Through the abdominal massage technique, my baby and I learned a excellent resource to calm your discomfort.

Because the colic always started at the same time, a massage half an hour before they appeared helped him overcome it and after a week of massage I began to notice that the time that his colic lasted was less and less.

The stimulating massages also liked us both. In the morning, before dressing him, they encouraged him to start his play session. Although there is a massage for every moment of the day, we should not abuse them. Only fathers, and more specifically mothers, have a sixth sense to interpret what happens to our baby.

Using a relaxing massage one day when we feel more nervous, offering a stimulating massage when we see that he is somewhat down or starting the abdominal massage technique when he has colic can be the great little secret of parents to enhance the well-being of our baby.

You can check out these videos to learn how to massage your baby. We explain to you from the hand of an expert how to do relaxing massages, to relieve colic or stimulating massages.

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How To Massage Your Baby

Carnival flowers. Sweets for children. Fried flowers

Carnival flowers. Sweets for children. Fried flowers

Carnival flowers, fried flowers or carnival rosesThey are a very typical Galician sweet (Spain) at Carnival and Easter. They have a very special shape that is made with an iron mold that is often passed from mothers to daughters, although it can still be purchased in stores. If you can't find a similar one where you live, you can use another similar metal one that is shaped like a flower.

It is a very crispy recipe with a delicious flavor that children will love and in we teach you how to cook them.

  • flower mold
  • 250 ml milk
  • 1 eggs
  • 150 gr. Of flour
  • 1 spoon of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Salt
  • oil
  • lemon
  • anise
  • cinnamon stick

1- Mix the milk and the egg in a bowl. Add the sugar, a pinch of salt, a dash of aniseed lemon and the zest of half a lemon.

2- When it is well beaten add flour and continue beating until the mixture is thick.

3- Heat oil in a pan and add a cinnamon stick and the skin of half a lemon. Put the mold and when it is hot, insert it into the bowl where you have the dough until it covers over half (never up to the top to be able to detach the flower well).

4- Take the mold to the pan and wait for it to brown. Control the fire between high and medium so that they do not burn. Take out the mold and try to remove the flower carefully. Put it on absorbent paper to remove excess oil.

5- Before repeating the operation, clean the mold well with kitchen paper, and continue until you have all the flowers.

IMPORTANT: The ideal is to prepare them the same day that you are going to consume. To keep them crisp, it is best to store them in a tin or wrapped in aluminum foil.

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Breast made of milk, not breast

Breast made of milk, not breast

You may find it surprising that in our infancy we consume the greatest amount of fat in our lives. The fat is an important source of energy in the New Age, with a total need of 40-50 percent.

Fat is not only a nutrient essential to calorie security. It is also the embodiment of countless biological functions.In a growing, developing infant, cells multiply very rapidly during this period, and glands are important components of the cell wall. Fatty acid molecules are also necessary for the development of the nervous system, for the up-regulation and transport of vitamins and hormones. So, we can see that body fat is forbidden at this age. Breast milk naturally supplies the body with all the essential fat components in sufficient quantity and quality.
The fat content of breast milk initially varies by 4.5%, and then changes in both quantity and structure during lactation. Initially, the high-concentration pipe, and then the structure, is adapted to the needs and development. The tehйntejjel tцrtйnt цsszehasonlнtу mйrйsek kimutattбk that nхi milk zsнrcseppjei belьl kйmiai structure zsнrsavmolekulбk mбs is smaller szerkezetьk mбs, emйszthetхsйgьk kцnnyebb.A zsнrcseppeken, this is for good reason, because there are kйmiai kцtйsek that funkciуja this йletkorban kьlцnцsen lйnyeges. The milking of the mother's milk is a complex chemical process, we can say that she admires nature. Even in adulthood, the amount of fat in the stomach and then the bile and the pancreas are affected in a small amount in the stomach, whereas in the baby, the fat is processed in the mouth immediately. The process of digestion continues in the stomach, and the pancreatic function at this age is replaced by the digestive enzyme produced in the breast milk produced by the breast itself. Thus, relatively large amounts of fat are processed almost infinitely by infants.
Un breastfeeding, nutritionally-fed children lose these auxiliary processes: hence, nutrition research and exercise have a reduced level of essential fatty acids, which are essentially non-essential. Larger baby weaning diets also contain a certain amount and composition of fat. This is always emphasized in the baby nutrition suggestions.

The baby's diet is high-fat

Young infants have a high dietary fat intake, and fat reduction is a dietary task of the younger ages. In any case, the useful source of fat should be breast milk, age-appropriate diets, and not adult food (parizer, sausage, bacon, etc.)!