15 healthy eating habits for kids ages 2 to 5

15 healthy eating habits for kids ages 2 to 5

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According to every fourth Hungarian housewife, infertility

According to every fourth Hungarian housewife, infertility
Children burn more fat than adults

Early life and stress

Early life and stress

The risk of preterm birth is higher in pregnant women less than 18 years old and 35 years of age, and in twin pregnancies, and similar effects can be due to smoking, increased stress or some form of chronic illness.

Dare we admit that we were fooled!

However, it may happen that the fetus may be premature even when there is no legitimate reason. The most common direct choice in premature birth is stress and the vagina is a neglected form of an infection in the womb. In all cases, taking into account the signs of the body, there is much we can do to ensure that the fetus remains in place as long as it is ready for outdoor life. mental problems usually hidden, these little ones often have to deal with them alone. It's better to find someone to share your concerns with. The state of your most adventures, as you progress, wants to deliver just as much performance as before - both at work and in the household. We dare to admit that we have forgotten, put in a little rest, and ask for help from our relatives. If the stomach hardening, breathing and relaxation exercises, try to relax. fetal oxygenation it also improves. Pleasant hot baths can help you decide whether to go to the resort or not: stress-related clashes dissolve in the bath, but true-to-the-heart baths intensify. Ask our partner to massage a few drops of lavender oil on our weak waist and legs. If you are at rest, take a break on your stomach and talk to the baby. Seek medical attention if a rancid or characteristic coloring, odorous liquid develops, and a stinging, itchy sensation in the genital tract is observed, as this indicates infection. Consider that stress is often associated with infection, as the body's ability to perform can be impaired.Also read these:
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  • Faith and ethics instead of health culture?
    Babysitters: practical family checklist

    The babysitter in your home: routines, rules and behaviour

    Your babysitter and your child both need to know how you want things done when you're out. Here are some suggestions:

    • Explain your child's routines, particularly routines for meals, rest times and bedtime.
    • Give the babysitter information about managing behaviour - for example, what to do if your child won't cooperate.
    • Let the babysitter know what to do if your child gets upset or wakes up after going to sleep.
    • Explain the rules of the house that might apply to your child - for example, eating only at the table, or no screens after 6 pm.
    • Explain rules that might apply to your babysitter, like no eating on the lounge.
    • Say if you don't want the babysitter to do certain things, like bathing your child, having visitors or going out in the car.

    Not sure how to find the right babysitter for your family? You can start by asking other parents if they have any recommendations.

    Safety for the babysitter and your children

    Tell the babysitter where you're going and when you'll be back, and clearly display:

    • your mobile phone number
    • the number of another trusted adult in case the babysitter can't reach you
    • the 000 number
    • phone numbers for the local doctor and poisons information.

    Medical issues

    • Give the babysitter information about any medical issues - for example food allergies, food intolerances or asthma.
    • Ensure the babysitter is OK to give your child any medicine your child needs. The sitter also needs to be comfortable with your child's allergy or asthma plans.

    General safety

    • Show the babysitter where you keep your first aid kit, fire extinguisher or fire blankets.
    • Explain bath safety, especially safe water temperature and the need for constant supervision.
    • Make sure the babysitter knows about safe sleeping.
    • Explain that the babysitter should supervise your child in the kitchen, and while your child is eating.
    • Make sure the babysitter knows to keep hot drinks out of reach of your child.
    • Show the babysitter how to use the oven or stove top safely.

    Transport safety

    • Show the babysitter how to open and use your pram.
    • If driving your children is allowed, ensure the babysitter follows your rules about car safety.
    • If the babysitter is using her or his own car, check there's a seat suitable for your child.

    Second-hard and third-hand smoke is harmful for children so it's best to consider a non-smoking babysitter. Also, make it clear that no alcohol or other drugs are allowed while the babysitter is looking after your child.

    Preparing your child for babysitting

    Even children who are used to spending time away from you can make a fuss if you're going out and leaving them with a babysitter. Try these tips:

    • Organise for your child to meet the babysitter ahead of time, if possible.
    • On the day the babysitter is coming, let your child know that someone else will be looking after him, and for how long.
    • Prepare some special activities, or let your child stay up a little later than usual. This can help make the event something your child can look forward to.
    • Give your child something special or important to show. Showing the babysitter a doll, a drawing or a favourite photograph can ease the first few moments.
    • Let your child play host. For example, she could show the babysitter how to work the TV, or even explain some house rules, if she's old enough.
    • Always say goodbye to your child. If you don't, your child might get upset once he notices you're gone. Let your child know what time you'll be home. Sometimes a child can be reassured if you say you'll come in for a kiss goodnight, even if he'll be asleep by then.

    Making the babysitter comfortable

    Take a bit of time before you leave to take care of your babysitter's needs while the babysitter is in your house:

    • Show the babysitter around the house. Explain door locks, light switches, heating and cooling systems, and where the telephone is.
    • Leave out a blanket, pillow and snacks for the sitter, as well as instructions for the microwave, TV and so on.
    • Be clear about your expectations of internet use. For example, if you don't want the babysitter to stream movies, say so.

    Names Silas - Meaning of origin

    I came early

    I came early

    Babies who are low in weight or prematurely need more care. After birth, they go to an incubator, stay in the hospital, and seek more care at home. Later, of course, they bring in their backlog.

    I came early

    Premature babies have thin, reddish skin and have a dull skin. Subcutaneous fat tissues are lacking and very lightweight and require great care to ensure that they are always properly heated and moisturized. Incubators do this. The sense of comfort plays an important role in the use of premature wards bбrбnybхrnek too.

    The shoe's praise

    The unclean babies in the incubator are minimally physically affected by the natural material of the furskin, do not rub on the tender skin, provides a pleasant feeling. Even small babies can be put underneath because they are well ventilated and help with balancing. The fur can be cleaned so it meets the hygiene requirements to the maximum.For premature babies Immature immune systems, that is, they are harmless against rodents. Great care must be taken to avoid infections. Hygiene regulations must be followed before washing the baby, always wash hands (in the house as well as at home).

    They can be dealt with

    The care of premature babies has changed significantly nowadays. They are becoming more and more widespread open prenatal classes. Meaning, parents should be able to visit their children here. They can handle even the smallest weights and take it with them. Observations prove that a bodily contact it has a good effect on the little ones as well as the parents. Body proximity, maternal vocal cords represent a familiar environment, safety.Every low weight babies or patients cannot be fed for a period of time; Those who are able to get oral food but are not able to take their dose of cumibule are fed a probe. You can spend less time on breastfeeding or feeding your cumibule.You may not be able to eat your little cumibule, but you can breastfeed. The effective effect of breast milk cannot be exaggerated. It is very important that mothers whose children are unable to breastfeed or may not breastfeed, always milk their milk regularly, as if they were breastfeeding.

    Blessed breast milk

    The premature infant should be breast-fed as she or he wishes to return home, but this does not mean that she should be breast-fed if she is breast-feeding. Make sure you eat the right amount for your dose.
    If the mother does not have or only has little milk, suitable premature infant formulas are available. These can be given up to three pounds, but if the baby loves and develops, he or she can get five pounds. Mother's milk from a foreign mother only from reliable sources Originally, and always be heat-treated. The little ones should also be eaten at night if they need it. This is done by regularly checking the hole. Measure once a week, but always on the same day, naked and, if possible, on the same balance.

    Come home

    Taking care of your baby at home requires the same things, like a mature New Year. Ensure adequate temperature in the apartment (average 25 ° C). Always pay attention to the small buttocks, especially the hands and feet. The freshness of the room's air is important, so it should be ventilated frequently, but in this case, you should take it to another room. Let's wait for the aeration. Even in the summer, take it out on the sunshine. Previously, the little things require more careful attention at home. For this purpose, the so-called flicker monitors, which indicate when the baby is not breathing, are very useful.
    Former infants need medical attention more than once because they are more likely to suffer from rheumatic diseases and to have better follow-up.
  • If the baby comes early
  • Every 10th baby is born prematurely
  • New cleaning helps protect the lungs of premature babies
  • Therefore, do not travel too much with your baby in the car

    A study recently highlighted the dangers of motoring. If your baby has just been born, well, if you are clear, why not leave it in the car for too long.

    Make sure your baby is safe in the car

    Planning a longer car trip? Then it is worth keeping in mind that the baby will not stay in the car for a while. According to a study on Fitpregnancy, increases the risk of suffocation. Therefore, we recommend keep your baby out of the car. The researchers conducted the tests with the help of a simulator, setting the direction of the car back to week, which included a "baby" born for 19 years and a "baby" for 21 premature babies. They have now generated a vibration that infants face at a speed of 50 km / h in the car.13-day, 2.5-pound "infants" were studied in the study, which has shown that if the baby is respiratory and heart rate increase, their oxygen supply is reduced. "Especially for premature babies, the car can be dangerous," says David Mathison pediatrician. "For premature babies who have some kind of cardiac or mental problem or reflux, the risk of autopsy when they are in an abusive situation can be very high. Mathison.People believe that if we're getting started, we need to take a break to get the baby out of the car for a while. Which car is worth choosing? You will find help in this article.
    • The baby is driving
    • Comfortable safety
    • The overcoat in the car could be dangerous for the child