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Luperca: origin and meaning of the name for girl Luperca

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Luperca.

Ancient Roman divinity, she-wolf that suckled Romulus and Remus in the Lupercal cave, on the Palatine.

From the Latin Luperca. Of doubtful etymology, but it is known that the first part is lupus "wolf" and the second could be arceo "contain, enclose" or hircus, "male goat".

April 16, October 30.


  • Luna Miguel, Spanish poet (1990).

Luperca name coloring pages printable game

Luperca: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Luperca name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Luperca coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Luperca name to color and print

LUPERCALIA: the February 15th festival of wolves and Luperci in Ancient Rome

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What makes your child crazy about what type of eater you are?

The most important question in the family is eating: what and when does the child eat? Are you eating enough, too little or too much? Your days will be much calmer when you find out what type of eater the little one is!

Donna Fish According to the American author, children can belong to six different types, which not only influences what, how much and how they eat, but also gives them a choice of how they can be controlled a little.

The worried

Worrying is constantly asking for some food (usually sweets), regardless of the time of day or whether he is hungry or not, and of course what he has been told. Strong will, the meals are characterized by a lot of draft and effort.
How to manage it? Set clear rules, such as how much and what kind of delicacy you can eat, but allow him or her to decide when to eat them. Let's think about where we can afford a little, and in what cases we can be less strict.A sick little child simply has no patience to eat

It's timeless

Some children find it difficult to "live" one activity to another, that is, when it is called dinner, and after all, it is at least as difficult for them to finish their meal. These kids generally like food, food, and food they may be prone to eating even when they are already full - as long as they are not bad.
How to manage it? Introduce activities that make it clear to the child that something new is about to start: spread the table and remove it, wash it, or remove it.

The blogging

The waving kid is just a little hungry to eat, he doesn't want to taste them, may react sensitively to colors, odors, or even textures. This is usually not a problem (and it will grow out of it most of the time), but if you notice any other problems, such as having a speech or movement problem, you should definitely consult your pediatrician!
How to manage it? Allow them to determine for themselves how much they want to eat and not be overwhelmed if they eat less than we think is right (check with your doctor if you have any ailments)!

The "whites"

There are kids who hate colorful dishes and just eat white or beige - the less characteristic the taste, appearance or smell is, the better. They try to avoid strong tastes and do not like to experiment.
How to manage it? Look for foods (greens, fruits, or even oilseeds) that fit into the group that your child can still bear. Check with your pediatrician about the amount of iron in the multivitamin that you can give to your child (luckily the chances of developing a serious anemia are small).

The waves

Characteristics of children in the wavy type are that they eat almost nothing for days, and then they suddenly lose a lot of their food, trying to "bring in" a time when they were barely eating something.
How to manage it? For our own comfort, keep a diary for 2-3 weeks and write down everything your child eats. From this, you can clearly see that you are eating exactly as much as your body needs.

The nassol

Very common with little ones, to put it simply there is no hesitation to sit down to eat: they eat a couple of snacks, then get up and rush onbecause everything is more interesting than a meal. However, they can make two urns, but they still eat only a minimal amount. It is easy to distract the attention of children of this type.
How to manage it? Make sure the little one really eats because he is hungry and not because he is bored - and we do not use food as a reassurance tool, even if we are worried about not eating too much. remember: the little ones keep changing! It is more important that public gatherings are calm and cheerful than armed quarrels. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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Pain during sexual intercourse (Dyspareunia)

Disappearance is characterized by abnormal pain felt during sexual intercourse. It may occur due to genital disorders, psychophysiological dysfunctions during sexual contact, forced penetration or insufficient vaginal lubrication.

In general, the disappearance occurs at the beginning of sexual contact, at the time of penetration. But several types of disappearance can be distinguished. It is not considered a disease, but rather a symptom of an underlying disease.

What are the causes?

Disappearance can occur in both men and women. The causes are specific to each sex.

The main causes of disappearance in women are:

  • vaginismus;
  • insufficient lubrication (vaginal dryness)
  • scars from episiotomy
  • pelvic inflammatory disease
  • endometriosis
  • varicose veins in the pelvic area;
  • ectopic pregnancy
  • ovarian Cysts
  • sexually transmitted diseases (STDs);
  • cancer (in the genital organs or in the pelvic area);
  • arthritis;
  • menopause (changes of this period - thinning and drying of vaginal tissues);
  • allergies (to spermicides, condoms, diaphragms, etc.).

The main causes of disappearance in men are:

  • irritation of the skin of the penis (caused by an allergic reaction);
  • physical anomalies of the penis;
  • infections of the prostate or testicles etc.

Types of disappearance

  • superficial - at the beginning of penetration;
  • deep - pain when complete penetration;
  • primary - at the beginning of sexual life;
  • secondary - it only appears sometimes, most of the sexual contacts being painless.

What are the symptoms?

The symptom is mainly characterized by pain or discomfort. This can be mild, bearable or severe and can be felt:

  • in the genital area;
  • in the pelvic region;
  • in the lumbar area.

Symptoms may also include burning, stinging or sharp pain or acute discomfort. The discomfort can be felt also in the pelvic area or at the level of the reproductive organs, this appearing only after a deep penetration.

How is it treated?

If you are constantly experiencing pain at the time of intercourse it is absolutely necessary to go to the gynecologist. It is important to investigate and treat the problem, because it can be a cause of infertility.

The treatment aims to cure the condition that underlies the onset of pain. The treatment schedule is established by the doctor according to the cause of the symptom.

In the case of infections, doctors may recommend (antibiotic) medicines, where appropriate.

If you have allergies to one of the methods of vaginal lubrication or a contraceptive method, your doctor may present some contraceptive alternatives and other lubrication methods.

The introduction of a graduated set of dilators into the vagina can be helpful in treating vaginismus.

Surgical treatment is used only to remove local cysts or abscesses or to repair an anatomical abnormality.

Your doctor may recommend the use of a regimen to relieve pain.

Also, if there are no physical ailments that cause pain, you may be advised to go to psychological counseling. Sometimes, they appear on a psychic background and require therapeutic guidance in order to be overcome.

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First Name - Meaning and direction

First Name - Meaning and direction
Mother's Day. Everything for moms

For moms there is no date more special than Mother's Day. This is a unique occasion for enjoy with our babies and children of this joyous party. Since Guiainfantil we propose you celebrate Mother's Day with the children and learn more about this celebration. In addition, we give you ideas about activities, plans and dedications with which we will get a smile (and maybe a tear of emotion) for mom. Everything for moms!

Gifts, flowers, cards ... Any detail can brighten mom's day, those who are closest to children since pregnancy and who maintain that special union for the rest of their lives.

To make this day a special and unique holiday, discover everything about the happiest holiday on the calendar. Motherhood is the most beautiful and fulfilling stage in the life of women who decide to have children and give their lives a new center.

On Mother's Day, children show their appreciation for all this selfless care of mothers. For this we suggest you read some stories, do children's crafts or prepare a special menu for moms. You can also enjoy as a family a good movie that has brave moms as the main characters, read stories or organize an afternoon of laughter.

Congratulations, moms!

History of Mother's Day. We tell you the history of Mother's Day and curiosities of Mother's Day by country. On our site we tell you the story of Mother's Day, a holiday created by Anna Jarvis and which celebrates the love of mothers and children around the world. How is Mother's Day celebrated in other countries.

Video tribute to moms. This video called My mom does magic is a small tribute to all the mothers in the world. We say happy mother's day to all moms in the most original way, with a beautiful video from your children. Dedicate it to the mother of the family on her special day.

Gifts for Mother's day. Mother's Day is a good day to give a gift to mothers that does not cost money. It is an ideal time for children to recognize the value of mothers and at the same time to give them back a bit of love.

Types of moms. Get to know the 15 profiles or types of moms out there, and tell us which of them you resemble or identify with. Affectionate, adventurous, playful, strict, demanding mothers ... Depending on the type of mother you are, you will know what it is that you transmit to your children. Find out what type of mother you fit in best.

Mother's day cards. Here are some card ideas for Mother's Day. Mother's Day is coming, a very special date to celebrate with some beautiful crafts for children of Mother's Day cards. Crafts to make cards. The best cards for Mother's Day.

Stories about mothers. Selection of stories that talk about the different roles of mothers to children and that are perfect to tell, for example, on Mother's Day. Stories that value the love, dedication, and affection of mothers for their children. Ideal gift for children to understand and value their moms. Being a mother is an experience of a lifetime.

Poems for Mother's Day. Poems and Poems, and dedications for Mother's Day. At Guiainfantil we offer you a selection of poems to give to mothers. Famous and anonymous poems to read to mothers and give gifts on Mother's Day. Beautiful and easy poems for children to learn and read to their mothers.

Astrological signs of mothers. Astrology allows women to know the profile of a mother that will be for her son. Check your sign and see if it matches what you think of yourself, as a mother.

When it's Mother's Day. When it's Mother's Day. On our site we tell you what day is Mother's Day celebrated and why. Each country has its tradition, we will tell you when is Mother's Day in different countries.

Mother's Day in the world. When is Mother's Day celebrated in different countries of the world. How this day is celebrated in the world. Characteristics of the celebration of Mother's Day in different countries.

Recycling crafts for moms. Crafts with recycled material to give away on Mother's Day. Special gifts for moms. Crafts for children with recycled material. Homemade gifts for Mother's Day. Details made by children to congratulate and make a gift for mothers.

Coloring pages and give to mom. A great gift for Mother's Day could be one of these coloring pages for children. Your children will have a great time doing this craft and, in addition, all moms will be very excited to receive this beautiful present on this special day for all of them.

Recipes for Mother's Day. Here you will find beautiful and rich recipes for Mother's Day. Moms are looking forward to Mother's Day. In a celebration like this, do not miss the opportunity to prepare a special menu with these simple and delicious recipes for children. Sweet and savory recipes.

Movies for Mother's Day. Movie suggestions, from comedy to drama, where the protagonists are the moms. Celebrate Mother's Day by sharing with children these beautiful films that speak of the great work of mothers in education and in the lives of their children.

Original gifts for mom. We propose some original gift ideas for children for Mother's Day. All moms will be very excited to receive some of these gifts, crafts and children's gifts on the most special day of the year for all of them. What are you going to give him?

Postcards for Mother's Day. There is no more meaningful and wonderful gift for a mother than the smile of her children. For Mother's Day or the family's mother's birthday, we have prepared on our site some beautiful cards with tender congratulatory messages for the queen of the home.

Phrases to celebrate Mother's Day. Working Women's Day is celebrated on March 8. On our site we want to pay tribute to all women with some phrases that were said by famous people to elevate and honor women. They are famous phrases to celebrate Women's Day, special for mothers, grandmothers and daughters.

Diplomas for Mother's Day. Nice diplomas to print and color with the children. An original and personalized gift that children can give to their mothers, on Mother's Day or on their birthday. Print for free and at the same time stimulate children's artistic abilities.

The first mother's day. Mother's Day is always special. When you are a daughter, because you want to make the best macaroni necklace for your mother and, when you are a mother, because your feelings emerge. Love, tenderness and more emotions on a woman's first Mother's Day.

On Mother's Day we want our mother to smile and feel like the most special woman on planet Earth, right? The truth is that we can buy you thousands of expensive gifts or invite you to eat in the most fashionable restaurants. But, what will make any mother most excited, without a doubt, is to hear from the lips of her children some of the most tender dedications. Here we give you some ideas!

- Mom, you gave me everything. And, above all, the most important thing I have:my life!

- I can never find enough words of gratitude to return just a small part of how much you have given to me.

- Mom is the most beautiful word in the world. And mine is the best!

- If you multiply the distance from here to the Sun by 15 million, you can get an idea of ​​how much I love you, Mom.

- IM so lucky! It has touched me The best mom of the world!

- You are much more than my guide, my teacher, my first love, my reference ... you are my mother!

- Today is the best day of the year, because my mother is the protagonist! Happy Mother's Day! I love u like nobody.

[Read +: More dedications of children for moms]

To make Mother's Day unforgettable this year, we have to think of some fun plan that we can do as a family. Any activity that allows us to have a great time all together will be welcome! And do you know the best? That it is not necessary to leave the house! These are some of the activities that we can organize inside the home on Mother's Day.

- A festival of love
If your children's artistic streak is evident, you can encourage them to organize a festival with different performances, all of them dedicated to mom. You can prepare a play, but also a joint reading of stories that talk about motherhood or a fun choreography. Do you also dare with a poetry recital?

- A menu tailored to mom
Try to find out what Mom's favorite dish is (you probably already know!) And cook it for her for lunch or dinner. Don't forget to prepare a nice table with flowers, candles and some small crafts.

- Relaxing spa session
Children will become their mothers' best masseurs. Who signs up for a spa session? You can buy some bath salts or soap bombs to make it more fun.

- Board game afternoon
Parcheesi or ludo, goose, Monopoly, chess ... What is your favorite board game at home? Mother's Day can be the perfect occasion to enjoy it as a family.

- Home theater session
Prepare some snacks (fruit, for example, to make them healthier), choose a movie, choose your place on the couch ... and enjoy the home video store!

If what you want is to spend Mother's Day away from home, you also have many options (and very varied). Since it is Mom's special day, let her choose the plan!

- Go to the theater or the cinema
Instead of organizing your home session, you can also review the plays or movies on the billboards in your city to go see a title that the whole family likes.

- An excursion to nature
To the countryside, to the mountains, to a valley, to a river ... Find out what natural spaces there are around your house and take advantage of Mother's Day to organize a family outing. Remember that we have to enjoy nature with respect, don't forget to pick up the garbage before leaving!

- Sports day
If your mother likes to practice sports, you can propose a lively activity for this beautiful day. How about renting a basketball court and playing a game with the family? And driving on a go-kart track?

- Visit a theme park
Amusement parks are great fun for kids, but also for mothers! So it can be an extraordinary plan to make this year's Mother's Day the best ever. Do you sign up?

You can read more articles similar to Mother's Day. Everything for moms, in the category of Mother's Day on site.

The Best Mothers Day Commercials.. ;

Cautions and precautions with children in the water

The pools and the sea are a great source of fun for children. However, a day of enjoyment at the beach can end in tragedy if we do not take the appropriate measures.

Did you know that drownings are the cause of 8% of child deaths in summer? Tips for taking care of babies and children when they start swimming.

- The first and most important thing of all, if we have children 5 years and older, is that they have learned to swim. Children from 4 years of age have sufficient dexterity and autonomy of movement to Learn to swim, therefore, more than appropriate to start at this age. Swimming is not only one of the most complete and fun sport for our little ones, but it will also help them to defend themselves against any unforeseen event in the aquatic environment. However, even if you know how to swim, you should never lose sight of the child even with a lifeguard in the pool. Without a doubt, it is possible that for the smallest of 5 years, whether they know how to swim or not, they should never be left alone in the pool, be it the adult pool or the children's pool.

- An important aspect to take into account with the little ones is instill respect for water, that is, that we teach our babies and children that water deserves respect and that we must be careful in it. With the most babies when we play with them near the water, let's try to make them enter or jump into the water at the command of the parents through: 1, 2, and 3 !! And never before or without any order. And with the oldest ones who respect the rules and indications of the pool, the lifeguard and yours.

- Never leave the little ones alone with any auxiliary pool material, that is: floats, hoses, buoys, etc ... Although we believe that they are very safe and that they handle them phenomenally, they can get punctured, turn around with impulse and become dangerous. With this I do not mean that it is not used, but that caution is exercised and the little ones are watched.

- In the beach areas of the pool, that is, stairs, curbs, and pool floor we also have to take extreme precautions against do not run on wet surfaces, not jumping near the curbs and running down the ladder areas for fall hazards that can make a wonderful pool day, on a rugged pool day.

- And finally and also very important to take into account is sun exposure. When the little ones are for many hours under the scorching sun, you have to cover them with a good layer of sun cream And do it every so often, since although sun creams tell us that they are resistant to water, they, in each bathroom, lose their effectiveness.

- Caring for children's ears in swimming pools to prevent them from suffering from otitis is important. If your child frequently suffers from ear infections, use special earplugs to prevent cold water from penetrating.

Just as important is that when they have been in the sun for a long time and want to cool off, they have to do it little by little to avoid sudden changes in temperature, which are the cause of digestion cuts.

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Pneumonia in pregnancy

During pregnancy, there are many discomforts that can affect women, from fluid retention, through fatigue or even colds of great magnitude.

However, pregnancy can also be affected by a pneumonia, which is a higher risk disease during pregnancy and of which it is necessary to know not only its causes, but also its treatment and the consequences it can create in the future baby.

- What is pneumonia
Pneumonia is a respiratory disease that affects the lungs, which affects them with inflammation caused by a previous infection after a cold, having suffered chickenpox or having had a flu episode. The lung tissue It is limited by an infectious bacteria or germ that can affect the area in times of very cold weather, and in which pregnant women are more exposed.

- Causes of pneumonia
The causes of get pneumonia They can be caused by an infectious germ that is the one that reaches the lung either through the nose or the pharynx due to inhalation. These bacteria that reach the inside of the lungs are caused by a cold or flu that has been suffered before, by contact in hospitals or by having the very weak immune system. If you have a cough at this time, bacteria can cause an infection by not being able to filter out germs. It can usually affect more if you have diabetes, asthma or hypertension, even if you are a smoker.

- Symptoms of pneumonia in pregnant women
Pneumonia can be a problem in pregnancy, and it often has symptoms such as high fever, an uncontrolled and very constant cough that causes pain in the rib area and that can also cause congestion.

Symptoms such as chills, shortness of breath, and even chest pain can also occur. The best way to avoid suffering from it is to try to avoid it while keeping warm, consult your doctor in case you can get a flu vaccine and also try to take extreme hygiene so as not to suffer any problem of bacteria that lead to a pneumonia.

- Treatment of pneumonia in pregnancy
When diagnosing whether or not it is pneumonia, it is advisable to perform a chest examination by the doctor, which does not include an X-ray that could harm the future baby.

Treatment should include a absolute rest and always try to avoid an aggravation by exposing yourself to too low temperatures. Depending on how severe the pneumonia is, some doctors may prescribe antibiotics that are not aggressive for the baby but that stop the symptoms of the disease.

- Consequences and risks of pneumonia for the fetus
For the baby, pneumonia can cause premature labor, or a low birth weight baby. A respiratory disease like a pneumonia It could affect the future child especially in the first trimester, since it is during the earliest weeks of gestation when the child's nervous system is formed.

On occasions when they lived episodes of very high fever, could lead to development problems for the child, so it is advisable to follow a treatment to stop the symptoms.

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The aioli sauce in an exquisite mayonnaise sauce with a touch of garlic that makes it unique. It is also known as garlic oil sauce or ajonesa sauce. It is very typical of the eastern area of ​​Spain (Valencia), and it is fantastic to accompany some meat and rice dishes.

Do you want to learn how to make this Mediterranean sauce in a simple way? Don't miss the step by step that we have prepared in

  • 1 egg
  • 1 clove garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Lemon
  • Salt

Tips: if you cut the sauce when making it, nothing happens, throw the mixture and start again with another egg.

1. First the garlic is peeled and cut into very thin slices. It is put in the glass of the blender.

2. Add the egg.

3. Pour a good jet of olive oil.

4. Begin to beat, and add more oil to thicken the mixture.

5. Add a little salt and the juice of a quarter lemon.

6. Continue beating until we obtain a homogeneous and dense mixture. The result: a tasty slightly yellowish sauce that will give our dishes a special touch.

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