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The difficult return to the routine of children after the Christmas holidays

The material situation of the family and its implications on the child Question:

- People I want to talk to you about are my niece at the age of 13. She lives in a rural environment, in a family with smaller possibilities (her mother is a French teacher), but she has always been surrounded by a lot of love and has been spoiled by the whole extended family. He is a grade 10 child, but fails to integrate, socialize with other children. I have heard her countless times, speaking with envy to her colleagues with financially powerful families. The problem is that she is very negative, frustrated by her material situation, she compares herself permanently with other children / other families, considers that she is not good at anything, that she is not lucky and that only those who have money are happy and succeed in life. Moreover, he considers that no one gives 2 money on it, which is not at all true, parents making great efforts to provide comfort. The situation has worsened since I was born (1 and a half years), because my little boy is in the center of attention. She is happy only when she goes to the mall for shopping or the restaurant. What can we do for her? Thank you.


Unfortunately, in our society false values ​​have come to power, such as financial power, clothing brands, image and others. Obviously, it is easier for teenagers to build an image than a personality, because the second one is not yet clearly outlined.
To help your granddaughter, try to point her qualities, all those parts of her that she does not notice and that are different from the others.
Remember that she is loved and appreciated in the family, help her observe why she is appreciated in school and in the group of friends. What are her friends looking for? Because they feel good about her, because she can help them study.
Try to find with her as many reasons why she is appreciated by those around her. This way he will discover who he is and will renounce to see only who he is not.
As for her relationship with the cousin, you can ask her to help you. You can involve her in various educational games, possibly even encourage her to come up with ideas for developing, say, the child's motility, or knowledge in various fields (nature, geography, etc.), even asking her advice on what to do. regarding the games or cards you can use for this purpose.
By involving her in the activities related to the harmonious development of your child, she will feel important again.
Good luck!

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