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Blue panties

Blue panties

With its neat finishes this simple panties are not lacking in style. Presented in the March 2009 issue of, she is knitted in a very soft yarn, in pure silk. Two rows of rice stitches in the bottom of the legs make all its charm.


3 (6-12) months


Phildar knitting yarn, quality "Phil Silk" (100% silk): 2 (2-3) pel. collar. Sky

Aig. n ° 3. 40 (45-50) cm of flat elastic 3 cm wide.

Points used

Rice stitch: 1st row: * 1 m. end., 1 m. approx. * 2nd rg and all other rgs: counter points, that is to say tric. to the end. the m. approx. and to the approx. the m. end.

Jersey end. : * 1 rg end., 1 rg approx. *


A square 10 cm jersey end., Aig. n ° 3 = 28 m. and 38 rgs


Back: he is tric. in one piece comm. by size. Cast on 66 (72 - 78) sts. # 3. Tric. in jersey end. At 6 cm high. tot., increase at 1 m. from each end alternately ts the 4 and 6 rows 3 fs 1 m. then all 6 rows 4 fs 1 m. = 80 (86-92) m.

A 21 (23 - 25) cm high. tot., share work in 2 equal parts in rab. the 6 m. central and term. each side separately in rab. towards the middle ts the 2 rows: 2 fs 2 m. and 3 fs 1 m.

A 23 (26-29) cm high. tot., tric. 2 rows of rice and rab. the 30 (33-36) sts.

Before: trav. as for the back.


Sew the sides. Close the legs. Fold the first 3 cm in 2 towards the wrong side and sew in slipper stitch leaving an opening. Slide the elastic into the hem. Close it in circles Close the opening.

Patricia Antoine creation

Carnival coloring page: the makeup course

Carnival coloring page: the makeup course

Download coloring to print

It happens that people accidentally take in more calories than they would like, so in some cases they do not lose weight, but rather, despite the fact that they are losing weight. Well, there are a few important things that can help you stay on the right path.

Emotion is one of the biggest mistakes

1. Do not eat poaching.

Many people eat, eat, film, read, and listen to music, without even knowing what they are consuming.

2. Don't be too quick!

We eat a lot with this quick, rush-to-froth - foaming. If we slow down at tempo, we eat 15 percent less And we consume less calories.

3. Avoid the emotional food!

This type of meal is characterized by the fact that we lose a lot of high calorie content - sugary and fatty -.

4. Study the food label thoroughly instead of guessing!

The information on the label is important, please read it before buying it for yourself.

5. Log the amount consumed!

Many people are just guessing and eating more than they think, it may be worthwhile to say exactly what we are eating.

6. Do not use bad habits of other family members.

Do not refer to children when we have fun. Instead, let's make it an example for the kids too.Related articles about weight loss:
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  • It helps to lose weight by measuring ourselves daily
  • Diet: Count calories instead of calories

10 famous person names for kids

10 famous person names for kids

The popular characters They come into our life through the television screen and it is normal for us to notice them when naming the baby. Because they are famous people who are in the spotlight, their names can end up being very familiar.

Famous sportsmen, singers or actors are a great source of inspiration in baby names. That is why we have compiled a list with 10 famous names whose popularity makes us look at them when choosing the best name for our baby.

1. David. It is a name of Hebrew origin that belongs to the biblical tradition. In addition to being one of the most traditional names, its popularity is increasing thanks to famous people such as David Beckham or David Bisbal.

2. Moving away. The name is of Greek origin and is one of the most attractive for children. It is also a frequent name among children and singers such as Alejandro Sanz and Alejandro Fernández have contributed to its popularity.

3. Hugo. This name of Germanic origin whose meaning speaks of intelligence is one of the most charismatic names for boys. Actor Hugo Silva is partly responsible for turning this traditional name into a modern and original name.

4. Iker. It is a name of Basque origin that has enough personality to transcend local borders. In recent years it has swept in popularity and frequency thanks to goalkeeper Iker Casillas, becoming at the same time one of the favorite names for children.

5. Christian. Again a name that has been revitalized thanks to a famous athlete. In this case, it is the soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo who has made this name of Greek origin fashionable again, which had a long tradition behind him.

6. Diego. We continue in soccer with stars of the stature of Diego Armando Maradona and Diego Simeone as the architects of the growing popularity of this name of Hebrew origin that maintains an elegant and distinguished touch.

7. Enrique. This name of Germanic origin is a common name for kings, but its popularity has grown in recent years thanks to famous singers such as Ricky Martin or Enrique Iglesias.

8. Marc. The name has a Latin origin and derives from the Roman god of war, Mars. In all its variants, Marco, Marcos, Marcial, etc. It gives off a sophisticated air, but it is at present and thanks to the figure of the singer Marc Anthony, when it is really gaining positions in the lists of frequent names.

9. Antonio. This name of Etruscan origin and unknown meaning is one of the most popular and traditional names for boys. It belongs to that group of names that maintain a fresh and modern touch despite its use and that have kept celebrities such as Antonio Banderas

10. Francisco. We move away from the entertainment world to focus on this traditional and familiar name of Germanic origin that is experiencing a real revitalization thanks to the figure of Pope Francis.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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Chinese pregnancy calendar 2019. Is your baby going to be a boy or a girl?

Chinese pregnancy calendar 2019. Is your baby going to be a boy or a girl?

Know if your baby is going to be a boy or a girl It is very useful to have everything ready: your clothes, the decoration of the room, choosing the name ... And the fact is that with the arrival of a new member of the family, there are hundreds of things to prepare. But, in addition to being practical, it is extremely emotional. You sure have heard of the chinese pregnancy calendar 2019!

Indeed, it is a very simple method that has a long tradition in China and in many other countries around the world: the chinese pregnancy chart, but not a general one, but the one that comes to focus on next year 2019. If you want to know the sex of your baby but you do not want, or cannot wait, for the ultrasound to arrive in which it is finally seen, no you miss all the details about its operation.

To predict the sex of the creature that you carry within you, chinese calendar 2019 It calculates it according to your age and based on the month in which the baby was conceived. If, for example, you are 30 years old and your child was conceived in September, you will have to look at these two columns on their corresponding axis and thus you will know if you are going to have a boy or a girl.

If you don't remember the exact date you conceived the baby, you will have to make an approximate calculation based on the day you had your last period. We recommend that you take the following two weeks as a reference.

As you have seen, reading the Chinese table to predict the sex of your child is simple: the vertical columns indicate the months of the year and the horizontal ones the age, you just have to look for yours at the time you stayed pregnant and see if the square is blue (in which case it means that it is more likely to be a boy) or pink (that it is a girl). Now you just have to read, look at the month in which the conception occurred and write down your age.

If you are not pregnant yet and want to go one step further to try to have a boy or a girl, look at the table and you will know what is the best day to conceive. For example, if you turn 35 during the year of the Pig 2019 and you are looking for a boy or a girl, you only have to look at the days when your wish would be most likely to come true. Be clear that this is not a certain science and that it is difficult for you to get pregnant just that day, but if you want to try, go ahead!

'How reliable is this table?' You will ask yourself. Well apparently, when it is calculated correctly, (you have already seen that it is very easy to use), the success is nothing less than 90%Perhaps that is why they have been using it for so long in China and many other regions of Asia.

However, for the results it offers you to be accurate, you must bear in mind that the Chinese calendar does not work the same as the Western calendar. You will see that this table has 12 months (which are expressed in the columns), which are Chinese and lunisolar and not Gregorian months like the ones we are more used to, which means that the dates are going to be somewhat different. You must take this into account when correctly predicting the sex of your baby.

On the other hand, it must be said that yes your menstruation is irregular, it will cost you a little more to use the table, since it will be a bit more difficult to count the days.

If you are very clear that you want to have a girl or a boy, we recommend that you use our calculators to find out when you are more likely to conceive a girl and when a boy.

The Chinese New Year that begins on February 5 has the Pig as its main animal and the Earth as its element. So we'll call it the Year of the Earth Pig. This time we are going to go one step further to try to predict whether you are going to give birth to a boy or a girl thanks to the Chinese pregnancy calendar 2019.

If you look closely at this table, you will see that the animals according to the horoscope have a lot to say. If, for example, you are under the sign of the Monkey and you go out of accounts in the era of the Horse, it is most likely a girl. If you are under the sign of the Rooster (to find out which is yours, look at the moon age and your date of birth), and your baby is born in the era of the Rat, you will almost certainly be a boy.

If you stick to this table, Are you going to have a boy or a girl?

Once the present year of the Dog comes to an end, the year of the Pig will begin its cycle, which will have to complete an entire cycle of the rotation in which they will be seen the 12 zodiac signs of the Chinese horoscope.

According to astrologers, the Chinese New Year of the Pig will be marked by love, goodwill and generosity, to which is added the growing empathy, the joy of life and the positivity. It will be an excellent time if you need to develop new strategies in the professional and personal fields.

We must also speak within this new year of the Pig 2019, of its main element, Earth. We therefore have that the Earth Pig is happy, responsible and that he is also very attached to his family. Values ​​that will be transmitted to people according to each person's zodiac sign. This Earth element has a very special Yin polarity that transmits positive energies, provides flexibility and intuition to those who want to let themselves go. The planet associated with the element Earth is "Saturn" and the predominant color is yellow.

According to Chinese tradition, people define their character and personality a lot according to their sign and their animal. To know how your little one will be, especially in his adult life, you must know his horoscope. However, if he is born in the Chinese year of the Earth Pig, he will have some common traits.

People born under the Chinese Year of the Pig that has Earth as an element, they are considered noble, open and pure in heart. In addition, they know how to value the little things in life, which are what ultimately bring happiness; They are detailed, demanding and very sure of themselves.

Do you join the ancient tradition of predicting the sex of your baby with the chinese pregnancy calendar?

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