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Eczema can also be associated with mental problems

Name Neela - Meaning and origin

Cool often?

Cool often?

The transitional period between seasons often brings viruses among the strongest and, no matter how toned the body is or how careful we are in hygiene, the unpleasant symptoms of cold can develop. Without realizing it, the immune system is weakened and prone to attack by influenza viruses.

For your body to be prepared for any "attack" it is advisable to support your immune system through immunization treatments.

If you want a complex formula for strengthening the immune system you can opt for products in the range PROIMMUNITY. The PROIMMUNITY range for adults and children activates, supports and speeds up the immune system response, keeps it alert and ready for defense, with intense effects especially at the entrance gates of microorganisms - ENT area (nose, throat, mouth).

The PROIMMUNITY range can be found in two forms:

  • Syrup - for children between the ages of 1 and 7 years, it has antimicrobial action, increasing the body's resistance to infections due to the complex of Propolis, Echinacea, vitamin C, shock and ZINC.

zinc It is a mineral with many therapeutic values ​​and there are studies that have shown that it is the essence for strengthening the immune system, and its lack in the body decreases its resistance to infections. In addition, zinc participates in protein synthesis and enzyme activity involved in a variety of chemical reactions in the body. Studies have shown that the use of zinc helps reduce the incidence of colds and the need for antibiotic use.

  • capsule - for children over 7 years and for adults, it acts synergistically on the immune system by halving the period of the disease (due to the shock extract, together with propolis, vitamin C, Echinacea and VITAMIN D3).

Vitamin D is known especially for its roles in maintaining the integrity of the bone system. Few know, however, that it is directly involved in stimulating the immune system, thus lowering its chances of contacting seasonal infectious diseases. Studies have been published that prove that people with vitamin D deficiency are more likely to develop upper respiratory tract infections.

Products from PROIMMUNITY range they are based on standardized natural extracts whose efficacy is attested by clinical studies.

During this period, in the partner pharmacies, you receive two products purchased from the PROIMMUNITY range GIFT a glass.

To consult the list of partner pharmacies and find out more information, you can access

Children who refuse physical contact

To make a nice table decoration on the occasion of Easter, here are customized eggs in two stages, three movements and with little material! The result is stunning…


  • A box of 6 eggs
  • 2 egg whites
  • Paper towels
  • A food brush

Production :

  • Cook the eggs to get boiled eggs.
  • Dedouble the towels by keeping only the sheet where the pattern is printed and cut out several squares.
  • Line the eggs using the egg white as a glue.
  • Let the eggs dry in the open air or with a hair dryer. There you go !
Restlessness. A curious children's story with a happy ending

This children's story contains a lesson for children, but many adults should also listen to its moral. Sometimes we worry so much about what could happen to us that we stop acting with common sense. We live in terror of what could happen and we forget to enjoy what is already happening. "Restlessness" is a children's story with a beautiful happy ending who talks about it. Do not miss it!

After the story we propose some reading comprehension questions to check that your child has understood the story.

- What will become of us! - They said, looking at each other.

The turkey turned around and began to cry. The lamb lowered its head and covered it with its legs. The pig growled loudly and went very sad to the mud pool. The duck was the only one who was thoughtful looking for a solution.

- Let's not lose hope - he said trying to encourage his friends.

- It may be difficult, but not impossible - I continue talking.

Then the muddy pig sat next to him waiting for him to speak; the lamb raised its head showing interest, and the turkey, in its corner, continued to cry.

"We have to convince the farmers that moving to another place is not a good idea," said the duck.

- How! They will not listen to us! - They shouted desperately speaking all at once.

- I don't want to end my days off this farm - said the pig.

- I don't want to leave here ... - said the turkey hiccupping without being able to finish the sentence.

- They will separate us! - said the lamb, curling into a ball.

- Let's think! - Said the duck stretching his wings inviting them to come closer to him.

The four animals clinging to each other, made a circle and they began to spin one way and another, as they always did when something worried them.

When the farmers arrived and saw the animals circling, they understood their uneasiness, and they stroked them while speaking soothing words to them.

Night came and no one slept knowing that, in a few hours, they would be taken away from the place where they had been born.

At dawn, two men they had never seen before grabbed the animals and They were putting them in a truck.

During the trip the turkey cried, cried and cried; the lamb, wanting to disappear from the world, hid its head even more between its legs; the pig was so sad that it could not even growl; the duck, although he was restless, was the only one who remained standing, and he stretched when he was able to look at the landscape through a small window.

At last they reached their destination. The two men opened the truck doors for them to get out. The turkey, without even knowing it, remained crying inside the truck; the lamb did not come out either, still with its head covered under its legs; the pig glanced sideways, and took a few steps towards the door without daring to leave. The duck was the only one who jumped up and immediately went down outside.

The farmers were waiting for them in their new home.

- Look, this place is beautiful! - he yelled - encouraging his friends to get out of the truck.

One by one they appeared, and seeing the farmers there, smiling, they understood that they had worried without reason and had suffered a lot without need.

They had moved to a very beautiful place and they would all remain united.

Ask your children these reading comprehension questions to see if they understand what the story is about.

1. What are the animals in this story so afraid of?

2. What did the farmers do when they saw you so nervous?

3. Where did they take them in the end?

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New recommendations for introducing the egg into the baby's diet

The egg is one of the foods that, until a few years ago, was not introduced into the baby's diet until after at least 10 months of age.

However, over the years and progress in research both in the field of food allergies and in nutrition, its image, previously linked to heart problems and hypercholesterolemia, has been cleaned up and is currently they have dropped such strict restrictions. Learn about the new recommendations for introducing the egg into the baby's diet.

No history of food allergies in the family, the egg can be introduced into the baby's diet from 6 months. The way to introduce it is not predetermined and each family can decide to do it according to their convenience, always respecting the days between new foods, about 3 or 4 normally.

Nevertheless, it may be convenient to separate the white from the yolk and introduce them as two different foods, since sometimes the proteins in the white, very different from those present in the yolk, are capable of triggering an allergic reaction by themselves, and it might be better to observe the reaction of the baby to both parts of the egg separately.

The cooking method is, on the contrary, irrelevant, although for obvious reasons, it is better not to introduce the fried egg at such an early ageSince a lot of extra fat from the oil is added when cooking it.

TheRecommended serving of egg for children is one unit, although from the age of 9 the ration can be increased to 2 units, depending on the energy needs of the child. For babies it is not advisable to exceed three servings a week, among other reasons, to also ensure that a sufficient variety of foods is included in their diet.

The egg is also a food with high nutrient density, that is, a low calorie content accompanied by a large number of vitamins and minerals, in addition to a protein of high biological value and a lipid profile that is one of the most balanced in foods of animal origin. On the contrary, although the egg has iron, it is non-heme, so its absorption requires vitamin C to be optimized.

It is, therefore, a nutritional option whose nutrients are, almost all, easily bioavailable, but also it is easy to chew and digest, and generally very accepted among the little ones. Thus, thanks to its texture, the egg in its multiple cooking varieties is ideal for the baby who still takes crushed foods to learn to chew, while providing many nutrients even if they do not consume a large amount. For ease, it can be included in any of the meals that are offered to the baby throughout the day, not being necessary to relegate it to lunch or dinner.

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Evening story: angling

For her 4 years, Lola goes to the amusement park with her mother. What surprises await him! The opportunity to immerse your child in the story of a curious duck fishing. Sure he'll bite the hook!

  • Lola just turned 4 years old. Her mom walks her down the aisles of an amusement park.- Do you want to go for a ride, darling? she offers him. Chose the rides that scare you do not attract. She points to a sign announcing: "Angling". Near the box, she contemplates with envy the prizes that reward the most skilled fishermen, and, in particular, the most beautiful of them, a beautiful doll that looks a bit like him.
  • Soon, she walks around an empty round basin where a blue water splashes, with in hand a cane ending in a hook. - Wait, sweetie, she answers the manager by lowering a joystick.At immediately, a tunnel that Lola had not noticed, appear in Indian file a collection of multicolored plastic ducks. They disperse on the surface of the water. Each of them presents at the top of his head a ring in which we must slide the hook of the cane. But the cane is long, it oscillates, the ducks, moved by the wavelets, are difficult to follow.
  • Lola almost managed to catch the first one when, suddenly, we jostle her. A group of noisy boys came to join her. Newcomers are taller, more skilled. The duck she spotted now stands at the end of a cane that is not hers. Lola is not discouraged, she points her cane to another duck and gets ready to catch it when, once again, a faster boy stings it under her nose. Little by little, Lola feels tears come to her eyes. One by one, the ducks are torn from the water amid the shouts of joy of the boys. A few minutes later, there is only one left.

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