Aromatic coffee ice cream, easy recipe

Aromatic coffee ice cream, easy recipe

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Asthma and pregnancy, what do you know?

Asthma and pregnancy, what do you know?

Asthma is a pathology whose consequences are not always simple to manage. Can this compromise a pregnancy? To find out, do our quiz.

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Asthma gets worse all the time during pregnancy

Right wrong


During pregnancy, there are three categories of women with asthma. The first sees diminish its asthmatic manifestations. For the second, pregnancy does not change anything. Unfortunately, for the 3rd category, there is a worsening of asthma attacks.


Face cream with gold and silver from VivaNatura - brightness and freshness for your skin

Face cream with gold and silver from VivaNatura - brightness and freshness for your skin

Over time, the body tends to produce less collagen, and daily exposure to pollution, solar radiation or stress deteriorates the natural protective barrier, reducing elasticity and dehydrating the skin.

As the skin passes, it becomes tired and dull, but it can again be vibrant, fresh and revitalized with a routine of care based on antioxidant ingredients, which constantly protect it from harmful factors.

The face cream for normal and sensitive skin with gold and silver from VivaNatura improves the texture and appearance of the skin, being designed to provide luminosity and elasticity, by reducing water loss in the epidermis and stimulating collagen synthesis.

Active ingredients such as cold pressed oils (sweet almonds, grape seeds, olives, sesame, wheat germs, Abyssinian, argan, meadowestolide), Aloe vera, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, silver, gold and platinum hydrate, regenerate and tone epidermis, offering protection against UV radiation by its antioxidant and antiaging properties.

Hyaluronic acid restores collagen and elastin, deeply hydrates, thus maintaining the skin's elasticity, elasticity and tonicity.

Abyssinian oil has strong moisturizing and emollient effects, without leaving the skin loaded and greasy;

Meadowestolide (Limnanthes alba extract) is a 100% natural product, with ECOCERT certification, recognized for the significant improvement of the skin hydration state, having an anti-aging effect;

Gold and platinum combat the lack of vigor of the skin, providing brightness;

Silver is a powerful antibacterial, antifungal, disinfectant, antioxidant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and healing agent, with a high degree of assimilation into cells, and also a good barrier against UV radiation.

VivaNatura products can be purchased from plywood, natural shops, from the DM network, as well as from

For more information go to:

Baby sign language

If you want to introduce sign language to your baby, now's the time. Her understanding of language and her motor skills develop much faster than her ability to speak. Most babies, for example, discover how to wave (around 9 months) and point (by age 1) long before they can say "bye bye" or "look at that!"

Giving your baby the tools to express herself may help cut down on her frustration. While baby signing doesn't promise to eliminate tears or tantrums, babies this young have been taught to "sign" successfully.

To begin, try using a hand signal every time you use common words such as "book" (open your palms with your hands together) or "hungry" (put your fingers to your lips). Later on, your baby will be able to express more complex ideas such as "I'm done with my milk" with a simple gesture such as putting her palms up at shoulder height.

And don't worry: Signing won't interfere with your baby's progress in learning to speak. In fact, it may actually help develop her language skills.

Lefty or a righty?

Your baby may favor one hand for a while and then switch to the other. But you can't really tell whether she's a lefty or a righty until she's about 2 or 3 years old.

Don't try to influence your baby's hand preference (it's determined before birth). Forcing her to use her right hand when she's really a lefty, for example, may confuse her and lead to problems with hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and handwriting down the road.

Playing games

Your baby will love turn-taking games, especially ones that involve sounds and language. Let your baby be the leader sometimes, and mimic her vocalizations. When it's your turn to lead, a good way to teach – and amuse – your baby is to make animal noises ("quack-quack," "bow-wow").

One upside of these kinds of games is that they can be played anywhere. Your baby will delight in the sounds of water splashing in the bathtub or blocks hitting the floor. Show your baby how to make these fun (if sometimes annoying) noises and then let her have a turn.

Remember, your baby is an individual

All babies are unique and meet milestones at their own pace. Developmental guidelines simply show what your baby has the potential to accomplish – if not right now, then soon. If your baby was premature, keep in mind that kids born early usually need a bit more time to meet their milestones. If you have any questions at all about your baby's development, ask your healthcare provider.

Homemade donuts for children with margarine

The donut is nothing more than a bun, with a taste very similar to the sponge cake that is presented in the shape of a circle with a hole in the middle, and sprinkled with sugar.

Many children ask moms for donuts when they see them in the supermarket, but have you considered making them homemade? We propose you a quick and easy homemade donut recipe.


  • 400 gr of wheat flour
  • 20 gr of fresh yeast
  • 150 gr of sugar
  • 125 ml milk
  • 3 eggs
  • 50 g of butter or margarine
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
  • Oil

This donut recipe is very simple to prepare and you can make them at home all together. We tell you what you need to make it and then we tell you the step by step for its preparation.

1. Mix water, flour, milk and yeast in a bowl. When well mixed, add the margarine, sugar, eggs, and vanilla sugar.

2. Beat everything well until a homogeneous dough is left. Cover it with a cloth and let it sit for at least an hour.

3. Spread the dough with a rolling pin on the table, previously floured. It must be about a centimeter thick.

4. Use a circular mold or a knife to cut the donuts and poke holes in the middle. Let the donuts rest for two hours covered with the cloth.

5. Heat plenty of oil in a pan. Fry the donuts until golden brown. When taking them out, put them on absorbent paper to eliminate excess oil. Let them cool and sprinkle with sugar.

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Which Horoscope Becomes a Mother?

Mothers and Horoscope Features

Mothers of Aries

Aries they are fond of their freedom! That's why they want their children to be fond of their freedom and care to raise them. They don't tolerate bulky people. They love to run. You can see Aries mothers riding on a seesaw with their children in the park. 🙂 Courses, activities, fun activities with their babies are just for them.

Taurus Mothers

Attracting attention with their importance to trust bull sign womenWhen they become mothers, they value it very much. Securing the future of their babies is one of the indispensable life goals for them. For this reason, they like to offer all the opportunities they can offer to their children. Since they are determined and determined, they want their babies to have a regular life in this way from an early age. So, you can observe that babies with bull mothers are more sedate and calm. 🙂

Gemini Mothers

A mother in Geminiis more like a friend than a mother! The twins, who value social life very much, become like friends with their children and share all their secrets; they like to wander together. The twin mothers, who are curious about everything and love to research, aim to reach the best by researching quite a lot in the developmental stages of their children. They love to engage in activities that support their children to be original and creative.

Cancer Mothers

When we say crab, compassion comes to mind! Especially if it is a crab that has become a mother ... They accept all aspects of motherhood. Baby crying, pooping, scattering around, waking up at night ... These are quite natural for crab mothers and we can even say things that make her happy. 🙂 Emotional and domestic crab moms, happy with small things or crying with small things.
For them families are paramount.

Leo Mother

Merry, fun moms! Leo mother you can come across the laughing of the babies who have. The lion mothers, who are very creative and active in social life, do their best to keep their babies social.
We can see from time to time that they are spirited and self-centered. This allows them to practice their own truths while raising their babies, without listening to comments from around.

Virgo Mothers

"I want the best of everything for my baby!" Virgo mothers The most sentence you will hear from your mouth! They can be as knowledgeable as a doctor or nutritionist by doing a lot of research, especially on nutrition and health. You can see them reading your health articles anywhere, anytime. They know all the news and know all the dynamics in the sector they are interested in. In addition to all of this, sometimes very detailed, if not as a baby, their children can restrict them when they grow up. But since they always want what's best for them, isn't that normal?

Libra Mothers

Libra motherslove cultural and artistic activities. They pay great attention to the development of the artistic aspects of their children. Scales mothers, who value life to enjoy, take their baby and enjoy the fresh air; they love to visit parks, gardens and beaches. Another characteristic of the scales mothers is their patience. While other mothers marvel at them, we see patiently taking care to understand what their baby wants. Isn't it the mother's dream model?

Scorpio Mothers

Scorpio mothersis like a commander! They are known for maintaining order and durability in their home. Scorpio mothers who do not see anything when they have the family and children in question do their best to ensure that the family lives to a high standard. In doing so, they may occasionally try to keep everyone in their family under control and squeeze them a bit. 🙂
We don't exaggerate if we call them government women.

Sagittarius Mothers

Most adventurous moms bow sign mothers! They like to live Spontene. In this way, they give different experiences and information to their children. Their children can also be raised in this way because they do not like to keep up with the order or schedule. you get! They will discover new information and adventures with their mothers and they will always have a fun life.

Capricorn Mothers

They are mothers like birds that make the nest Capricorn mothers… The babies of these mothers are as powerful as they are by birth and have a sense of responsibility. Financial assurance is very important for them. For this reason, they make a very difficult decision to have a baby, and when they do, we make sure that they put their lives in order. Sometimes we can say that they are very worried. 🙂 Therefore, they may become very anxious when their babies are sick. Let's help them, okay? 🙂

Aquarius Mothers

Agenda, movies books kitap Aquarius mothers they love to follow everything! With these characteristics, we can call them cultured mothers. They understand the language of the youth of time best. Therefore, when the child grows up, they take care of him by understanding and respecting his personality. They love to treat them like adults. Thus, they know that their development will be more accurate. Sometimes we can say they're a little impulsive, but not so much, right?

Pisces Mothers

Fish mothers Like crab mothers, they are known for their affection and sensuality. They are always very protective. They do everything they can to protect their babies. Even though they are emotional in their private lives, a monster can emerge when they have children in question. They are very loving and love to show it. You can see her hug and kiss her baby at any moment. 🙂

Regardless of the sign, all mothers are unique may Don't forget to share our article with other mothers. 🙂

Blueberry is the new super food

Blueberry is the new super food

Among other things, it alleviates the symptoms of diarrhea, prevents infections in the diarrhea, and helps memory. Now, cranberry is a fun effect on the body.

Blueberry is the new super food

It looks like the cranberry is the newest super: slows down aging, protects against heart disease and Alzheimer's, and also helps you get better at night, and also helps you stay cool.Slows down aging - High antioxidant levels, like most other fruits and vegetables, slow down aging with the help of cranberries.Protect against cancer - Components that protect against cancer in the cranberry also slow down the growth of existing tumors.It alleviates the unpleasant symptoms of diarrhea - Cranberries have been used by the Swedes to prevent diarrhea in children, and some ingredients also kill E. coli.Our ability to concentrate and our memory improves - The ingredient called anthocyanin, which gives the color of our fruit to life, protects certain neurons in the brain.It prevents infections in the body - A recently identified ingredient in the fruit is here to help.The risk of heart disease is also diminishing - Cranberry helps to prevent the accumulation of "bad cholesterol", LDL, which can also prevent heart disease.Our vision in the dark improves - The purple-colored fruit of ours has a good effect on our eyes as well.It is recommended to consume during pregnancy Rich in folic acid, vitamin C and calcium, the fruit also protects the health of the fetus.It also benefits digestion - It is also useful in cases of constipation due to its high fiber content.
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