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11 common causes of fatigue in mothers

Fatigue is a common symptom in the modern era. It often leads to serious cases of exhaustion. But it is not considered a disease, but a manifestation of other conditions that sabotage your body! Find out the most common causes of fatigue and take the necessary measures to get rid of it!

1. Insufficient sleep

The most known cause of fatigue and exhaustion is insufficient sleep. We sleep less and less hours, and this is unhealthy. Lack of sleep affects the entire body, but especially concentration. Fatigue occurs in the regular daily schedule, lowers productivity at work or school and weakens the immune system. Adults need to sleep for around 7-8 hours a night to work at full capacity!

2. Sleep apnea

Although you get 8 hours of sleep per night, if you suffer from sleep apnea you do not rest properly. This makes you wake up often, and with each sleep interruption your body is deprived of sleep. In order to be able to improve the apnea it is important to lose weight if you are overweight, to stop smoking and to sleep with special patches on the nose to keep the nasal passages open.

3. Depression

Depression is characterized by a state of severe sadness associated with other symptoms. One of them is fatigue. Although it is an emotional problem it can have somatic manifestations. Fatigue, headaches and lack of appetite are just a few of them. If you feel constantly tired and have that feeling that you are "on the ground" all the time, ask a doctor. If the medical tests go well, they could send you to a psychotherapist.

4. Hypothyroidism

The thyroid is a small gland located at the neck level. It controls the metabolism and the speed with which the body transforms calories into energy. When it works under normal parameters it is called as suffering from hypothyroidism. You feel extremely tired and powerless because your metabolism is going very slowly.

5. Poor or insufficient nutrition

Each person must eat a certain number of calories per day, depending on weight and height. In this caloric intake must be found vitamins, minerals and nutrients essential for the body to cope with a day full of activities.

A diet rich in saturated fats and harmful carbohydrates do more harm to the body than good! It is important to have a balanced diet and consume only as much as you need! Defective diet increases blood sugar level and leads to fatigue and exhaustion.

6. Anemia

Anemia is the main cause of fatigue in women. The period when you are menstruating could cause severe iron loss and may endanger you. Iron deficiency affects the functioning capacity of the whole body, but the most present symptoms are those that describe fatigue: lethargy, lack of power, drowsiness, etc.

7. Excess caffeine

Caffeine-containing products have the role of energizing the body and empowering it to cope with all the activities of the day. But you should not consume coffee or products that contain excess in the hope that you will have more energy. Excessive caffeine intake increases heart rate and blood pressure and can induce fatigue.

8. Diabetes

People with diabetes may have frequent fatigue. Abnormal blood sugar levels remain in the blood vessels instead of entering the cells of the body, where they must be transformed into energy.

9. Dehydration

Fatigue that has been trying for some time may be a sign of dehydration. In the hot season, dehydration is common but also very risky. The body needs water to function normally. The thirst sensation is a sign that the body is not well hydrated!

10. Cardiovascular diseases

When you feel that you are tired at the slightest effort and that you have great problems breathing normally it is good to have a medical consultation. It is possible that there is a heart disease that weakens the body. You do not need to worry! Heart disease can be controlled with medicines, a healthy lifestyle and other procedures recommended by specialists!

11. Food allergy

Some doctors believe that some well-hidden food allergies can make you sleepy. These are not severe allergies, which cause immediate reactions. This is the case of the moderate or mild ones, who have no obvious symptoms.

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Review of the movie Ki

Review of the movie Ki He doesn't know what to prepare for dinner tomorrow. He does not think about whether he will pay rent in a month. He does not browse colorful books with his son, he does not participate in evening rituals. He puts on an evening dress and somewhere between lipstick painting and making phone calls to friends, he finds someone who will humiliate her child and before he can protest, the door closes behind Ki and hears the sound of high heels receding.

Ki is a 20-year-old with a hook whose stability is alien. He is still rushing somewhere, he can't sit still. He likes to go to popular places, meet new people and change his place of residence. He cannot reach an agreement with his life partner, so one day he simply takes his small belongings and moves in with his friend.

Motherhood that happened to her is like a puddle in which she has stepped on her favorite shoe

In the world of the main heroine there are uncomplicated rules that follow the motto "Somehow it will be." She herself is a parasite that feeds on human naivety and soft hearts. She behaves like a cuckoo who tosses her egg to people who have come across her feet at a given moment. And all this just to leave your just like nest nest and not think about everyday problems.

She has mastered the methods of extorting benefits from the state. Due to favorable circumstances, she can bend reality so that she appears in the eyes of strangers as a Polish mother. And although she thinks that she herself can bear the burden of her duties, she gladly stretches out her pocket money from her parent and makes a request for child support from her child's father.

She does not know what shame is, her remorse is alien. In a simple way she manages to win over people and make them part of her intense life. At first glance, she is a person whose phone number is worth having in his cell, but he loses on closer acquaintance and when someone gives her his finger, he greedily reaches for his whole hand.

She is not at all in the role of mother

Motherhood that happened to her is like a puddle in which she has stepped on her favorite shoe. You can live with such a stain, you can add some ideology to it, but the trace that remains after it is visible to the environment in front of which you need to play a proven role. In fact, Ki only poses at the university, students during practical painting classes, and every day when she puts on a mask of an independent, hit and carefree woman.

One day he comes up with the idea to expose the lies of your lifeto see the truth about yourself. He even tries to create a kind of documentary film, treating it as an art, a noteworthy performance.

Deep down our Ki stopped at Peter Pan stage, which as a result of a coincidence and wrong decisions was in a land to which it is difficult for him to adapt. As a child herself, it is extremely difficult to be responsible for the man whom she carried under her heart for nine months. Her son, whom he addresses, as in the case of all his friends, in short, by cutting off the further part of the name, he was deprived of home, a real family atmosphere. He is not able to give up an evening out for him, he cannot provide care during his occasional work. His behavior does not give him a positive example, does not teach him any values. Only when he feels threatened by government officials does he stage performances to which he engages people she doesn't really care about, whose dedication she doesn't appreciate ...

A selfish combinator who does not draw conclusions, does not learn from her mistakes, eventually loses the people who let her get on her head in turn. Those who manipulate or pull into her games leave her.

Mother at the very bottom ...

Although, in fact, I feel sorry for her, because the vision of lonely motherhood in her case will probably bring deplorable results, I feel that Kinga can only help falling to the bottom, a great revolution in the form of a huge kick from life. As in the case of an alcoholic who must lose everything to understand what value he has hurt for him.

Looking at the heroine of the film, I am more and more convinced that contraceptives should be advertised on public television. Because trying to explain to some people that if they are not ready to start a family, they should not entrust their fate to chance, often it does not bring the expected results.

A child will always grow up somehow?

There is a conviction in our society that unwanted pregnancy is not a tragedy and that the child will always be brought up somehow. My objections revolve around this somehow. Immature to the role of mother Ki, it never crossed the thought that for the good of the child, not his own, the best way to provide him with care, security and stability is to give him to someone who can handle it with all the benefits of inventory.

Such condemning a child to grow up in the belief that he is uncomfortable luggage, which necessarily accompanies us in our life journey, is cruel.

I don't doubt that Kinga loves Peter in his own way, but the way he shows it is very inept. Sometimes she lets in her voice of maternal instinct, but it conflicts with her egoistic attitude.

Ki is a hopeless case that has no positive prospects for the future. This is a woman who is a mother by name only, by chance. She slips ineptly between days, and when her last resort, her roommate, who plays the role of her fiancé, leaves her, the girl incredulously discovers that she can only count on herself.

Parent myth

Is Ki a picture of a modern mother, refuting the stereotypical myth about the parent who sacrifices her career, friends and personal desires for the good of the home? No, she is a woman calling for help in her clothes. You can guide her on the right path by closing her wallet in front of her and taking the time to conduct a serious conversation.
So what can I say to the heroine who is alone in her problems? Quo Vadis Ki? Your child needs you. Awesome until it's too late!

Ideal for distracting baby and protecting him from the sun during long car trips.

Ideal for distracting baby and protecting him from the sun during long car trips. Price: € 28.25.

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Sausage soup, fasting

The veal soup is not only a delicious recipe for fasting, but also a mix of vitamins that in a few other recipes you meet!

Photo: easy-recipes-online.com

Preparation time

60 min.




2.5 l of water

1 onion

1 small piece of celery

1 pastarnac

2 small carrots

1 large bell pepper

100 g green beans

100 g peas

1 preserves tomatoes in broth

1 small pumpkin

3 tablespoons oil

3 tablespoons rice

1 parsley / leopard connection




Method of preparation

Put the pot in boiling water and, in the meantime, clean all the dishes.

Chop the onion, carrot, celery, pickle, bell pepper and place them in a pan in which you put the 3 tablespoons oil.

Dump the mixture of hot dishes into boiling water, add the diced potatoes and pumpkins, peas and green beans, and let them boil for about 20-30 minutes, checking them from time to time.

At the end, put the tomatoes, rice, salt, pepper and stock, according to taste, and let them boil for about 5-10 minutes.

When ready, chop the parsley or leprosy and sprinkle it on top.

The type of kitchen


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