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An institution for women's health! (X)

The first Hungarian specialist in childbirth prevention - the G1 Institute - has been opened. Here you can get help with puppy screening, treatment for pregnant women, pregnant women and baby designing couples.

The dreadful event is a positive pregnancy test, a sensation at the first ultrasound examination and a tiny heartbeat of our little fetus. And at the same time, the request goes, "Doctor, is my baby healthy?" Our ultrasound screening during pregnancy is for safety, our genetic screening is at the highest level in medicine, and our 4D Baby Vision ultrasound screening.
Our slogan is: "G1 Institute - Women's Health". However, when examining a problem, we do not forget our male patients. That is why we also provided examination facilities that are specifically designed to ensure the health of the men, thereby ensuring a safe relationship and a happy family.
We hear more and more: prevention, HPV, cervical cancer, STD, genetics. We are hearing more and more about the importance of different screening tests - that's why the G1 Institute was invented.How does the G1 Institute help them?
Preparing for Childhood
We have developed a complex program for pre-screening couples who have children. It is important for young couples to begin family planning in order to become familiar with their state of health and to prepare themselves physically and mentally for this decisive phase. Therefore, it is advisable - after a thorough examination - to develop appropriate lifestyle and dietary changes that will also assist in the healthy development of the fetus.
Examination of causes of infertility and failed pregnancies
The special profile of our institution is the investigation of failed pregnancies. As part of this, our experts will explore the possible causes of abortion in the background, so that our patient-seeking patients can, with the appropriate adjustments, work safely for the next successful pregnancy. Closely related to the examination mentioned above is the examination of all couples who fail to conceive after a longer trial. Is it worth visiting the flask center immediately? Past years' experience shows that 90% of the couples who pass the test will be successful, and the patients will have about one year. 10% of the amount should still be directed to the IVF (flask flask) Center.
Contraceptive Dispensary
In our institute, we put a lot of emphasis on conscious family planning, an important element of which is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. With a wide range of fertility options, we help you choose the best one that can reduce the burden on your body and provide the highest level of safety.
From the 12th week onwards, you have the opportunity to have early fetal examinations. The G1 Institute also supports high resolution (3D) and 4D (4D) ultrasound examinations, which can be performed to detect and detect any signs that may indicate a downward movement.
Genetic screening tests
Filters are further enhanced by the addition of ultrasound filters to biochemical markers. For example, this test is called the so-called "brand-name test", which is typically recommended between 16 and 20 weeks of pregnancy. During the study, 4 biochemical markers of acid obtained from maternal blood were determined, and the evaluation of the results, taking into account the age of the mother, indicates a 70-90% confidence in the risk of Down's syndrome.
Traveling in the 4th Dimension - 4D Babavision
In addition to lab tests and "conventional" two-dimensional ultrasound examinations, the 4D Babavision ultrasound exam is also expecting pregnant women. What does this test offer? Baby's safety and an unforgettable look! This is a time travel benefit where little mothers can be convinced of the health of their baby and their traits are almost lifelike!
Breastfeeding outpatient clinic
It is the most difficult and responsible task of a mother to feed her baby. Luckily, breastfeeding only comes at a terrible moment, but sometimes you need help. There may be two good tips and practices to prevent a bigger problem!
Our ambulance offers the right answer to any question you may have about breastfeeding, with the most important consideration being longer breastfeeding.
Prevention of HPV diseases
The real solution is to seek prevention. That is why the G1 Institute operates a complex prevention program against HPV-related diseases. The two pillars of this are the screening test for vermin and the use of immunization against HPV. In addition to women's screening tests at the G1 Institute, it is also possible to file vaccinations against HPV on the spot. Three vaccines should be given within six months to develop a complete protection. You will need to apply two after the first vaccine application, and then every month, and the Institute will alert your clients by e-mail and SMS.
Sexually transmitted infectious diseases, fungal diagnosis
We operate a special outpatient clinic for the diagnosis and cure of sexually transmitted infections, as well as fungal diseases, so we have a complete examination and therapy.
It is understood that specialized laboratory work is required for the detection of pathogens. When creating our institute, the primary concern was to do the sampling and processing the fastest: no need to remove the test material from the institute. When developing our STD lab, it was also important to include representatives of the tradespeople. In this way, the work of women in maternity nursing is also supported by leather, microbiology, mushroom biologist, urologist, so that we can provide our clients with the most appropriate advice.
G1 Institute
address is used: 1036 Budapest, Lajos u. 74-76.
Tбjйkoztatбs: blue 06-40-200-748,
the website or the [email protected] e-mail address.

Generosity is an essential value that we can instill in children from an early age. And while it is true that we should not force our children to share, it is also true that we can help our children to naturally feel the need to share with others.

To encourage generosity in your child, you can help yourself with all these phrases that will make you reflect on this essential value.

1. 'Of all the varieties of virtue, generosity is the most esteemed' (Aristotle).

2. 'Generosity needs no reward; it pays for itself '(Hippolite de Livry).

3. 'The lack of generosity when winning diminishes the merit and the fruits of victory' Giuseppe Mazzini).

4. 'The best way to be remembered is showing a generous heart'(George Sand).

5. 'Not taking revenge on an enemy when the opportunity is found is a test of humility; but pitying him when he has fallen from grace is the greatest sign of generosity '(Plato).

6. 'He who is generous prospers, and he who gives also receives' (Proverbs 11: 24-254).

7. 'Selfishness is the only true atheismor; noble desire, generosity, the only religion '(Israel Zangwill).

8. 'It is convenient, on the one hand, to be generous when giving and, on the other, not to show harshness in claiming what is owed to us' (Cicero).

9. 'Sometimes we give the name of favor to justice, and we believe in very good faith that we were good and generous when we have not been more than just' (Concepción Arenal).

10. 'There is only one way to be happy: live for others'(Leo Tolstoy).

11. 'No one has more love than the one who gives his life for those he loves' (Paul Claudel)

12. 'Be just before being generous; be human before being fair '(Fernán Caballero).

13. 'Generosity is not about giving me something that I need more than you, but to give me something that you need more than me'(Kahlil Gibran)

14. 'He who does not serve to serve, does not serve to live' (Mother Teresa of Calcutta).

15. 'For generous souls, any occupation is noble' (Euripides).

16. 'More men unite to share the same hatred than the same love' (Jacinto Benavente).

17. 'Generosity is the desire of those who want, following the dictates of their reason, to help others' (Baruch Spinoza)

18. 'With time and maturity, you will discover that you have two hands; one to help yourself and one to help others' (Audrey Hepburn).

19. 'The greatest gift is to give a part of yourself' (Ralph Waldo Emerson).

20. 'For me true generosity is like this: one gives everything and always feels as if it hadn't cost anything' (Simone de Beauvoir).

21. 'Generosity does not consist in giving a lot, but in giving on time' (Jean de La Bruyère).

22. 'One has not finished living the day until he has done something for another who will never pay for it' (John Bunyan).

23. 'Love is the forgetting of the self' (Henri-Frédéric Amiel).

24. 'The main qualities that determine the perfect human being are patience, generosity, humility, courtesy, detachment, good character and sincerity' (Joseph Murphy).

25. 'It is in giving that we receive' (San Francisco de Asis).

26. 'The happiness that is lived derives from the love that is given' (Isabel Allende).

27. 'If you ever don't get the expected smile, be generous and give yours. Because nobody has such a need for a smile, as one who does not know how to smile at others' (Dalai Lama).

28. 'When I give, I give myself' (Walt Whitman).

29. 'The greatest gift is giving a part of yourself' (Ralph Waldo Emerson).

30. 'Love never claims; always gives' (Indira Gandhi).

31. 'As we have nothing more precious than time, there is no greater generosity than wasting it without taking it into account' (Marcel Jouhandeau).

32. 'Generosity consists in giving before we are asked' (Arabic proverb).

33. 'He does not give in order to receive; to give is in itself exquisite bliss' (Erich Fromm).

34. 'True generosity, in relation to the future, consists in giving everything to the present' (Albert Camus).

35. 'The greatest act of generosity is to plant trees under whose shade you will never sit' (David Strathairn).

36. 'Generosity does not need a salary; pays herself '(Francois-Hyppolite Sanguin (Marquis de Livry).

37. 'It is good to give when someone asks, but it is still better to be able to give everything to the one who asked for nothing' (Paulo Coelho).

38. 'Enjoying life is an act of generosity' (Domenico Cieri Estrada).

39. 'He who receives gratefully gives abundant harvests' (William Blake).

40. 'Virtue and generosity are rewarded in an inscrutable way' (Nelson Mandela).

41. 'Generosity is always the best way' (Jorge González Moore).

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100 most popular Hispanic baby names for girls in 2015

Vlad and Niki - new Funny stories about Toys for children

Decorated Christmas cookies. Recipe for kids

Cookies are a perfect recipe for children. They can collaborate by making the dough and, above all, cutting the cookies in the way they prefer later. Also, with this recipe you can personalize the cookies using colored icing.

Although you can give them the shape you prefer, on our site we suggest that you prepare these cookies with Christmas. During this time of year the children have more free time and it sure makes them very excited.

  • 120 gr icing sugar + 200 gr. (for the icing)
  • 400 gr of pastry flour
  • 240 g of butter or margarine
  • 1 egg + 1 white (for the glaze)
  • 1 lemon or orange
  • Food colorings
  • Sugar food decorations

1. We mix 120 gr. sugar, flour, butter or margarine and egg (reserving the white) in a large bowl.

2. Form a ball and wrap it in transparent plastic wrap or a plastic bag. We let it rest for 15 minutes in the fridge. We preheat the oven to 180º. We spread the dough, leaving it 1/2 cm thick more or less.

3. Cut them with pasta cutters of different shapes and bake them for about 15 minutes at 170º. The time will depend on the size of the cookies, it is convenient to leave them until they are golden brown. To decorate: mix 200 g of icing sugar, the egg white and a dash of lemon or orange. Separate the icing into several bowls, add the desired coloring to each one and decorate the cookies by pouring the icing into a fine-tipped pastry bag.

4. Add pearls, noodles or the decoration that we prefer. And we already have our Christmas cookies ready!

At Christmas, parents take more time to spend with their children, although sometimes we lack time or, rather, ideas to do as a family both inside and outside the home. So that you can make the most of these days, here are the best plans to do at Christmas with your children.

- Visit a flea market
Surely in the main square of your town or city the typical stalls with Christmas decorations or sweets typical of this time of year come together every year, as well as the odd surprise. It can be a good plan to get out of the house and get caught up in the Christmas spirit.

- Make a craft
With cardboard plates, with rolls of toilet paper, with empty shoe boxes ... Any object can be transformed into a Christmas craft. Get out the paints, tape, glue and scissors ... let's get started!

- Prepare a karaoke with Christmas carols
Singing is one of the actions that doctors should prescribe to all their patients because the benefits are multiple: it improves self-esteem, eliminates stress, develops memory, increases lung capacity ... Taking advantage of the fact that we are in the middle of Christmas holidays, take the tambourine that today we are going to sing Christmas carols.

- Act out a play
At home, do you like to dress up and get into the shoes of other characters? A Christmas-themed play can be a perfect plan for any afternoon.

- Watch a Christmas movie
You can take a look at the billboard in your city or, if you prefer, have your own cinema session in your living room. You just have to agree on the title that you all want to see, turn off your mobile phone, prepare a good bowl of popcorn ... and enjoy!

- Become a true storyteller
And before the end of the day, we must not forget to tell a beautiful Christmas story to the little ones so that they have sweet dreams. 'The snowman', 'The birth of the baby Jesus', 'Rudolph the reindeer' or Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, are just some of the proposals.

Cookies are one of the children's favorite desserts. They eat them for breakfast with a glass of milk, they take some to school mid-morning or they become a perfect option for a snack at home. Do you want to learn more recipes? Here you have a wide selection!

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Variable geometry

Child's swing associated with mother's stress

Child's swing associated with mother's stress

Many mothers, when they find out when they are expecting their baby, are scared that it will be the hottest months for the big tummy, so it may be even harder to get pregnant. However, summer fun has its benefits!

We can move more outdoors

Exercise is not to be neglected during pregnancy, and regular (reasonably good) sports do a lot of good for the mother and the fetus. And in the warmer months, we like to be outdoors: you can go big, and of course, fall, and these are the best exercise for your baby! Sйtбlni For example, even those who may not have been involved in sports before, may not need any special equipment (up to a good shoe) and the pace can be determined by us. Ъszбs and in the midst of it, we can consider it almost uninhibited, this movement is good for business and the risk of injuries is minimal. Not to mention how pleasant the water can cool in the can.We can spend much more time outdoors in the summer

We can buy more fruits and vegetables

Vitamins and minerals are indispensable for the health of the fetus. In the lightest and most delicate way we can provide these to our body from fresh vegetables and fruits, these foods also contain essential fibers and energy that are essential for proper digestion. There is plenty of fruit and greenery to choose from in the summer, and a great salad with grilled chicken or fish can be a great dinner! Not to mention that if we have the patience and energy we can freeze the fruits and vegetables for the baby to be born.

Filling with Vitamin D

Vitamin D is synthesized in the sun by the influence of sunlight, and it is very important for the skin to have adequate light protection, and it is worthwhile to stay outdoors (especially since most people in our country have vitamin D deficiency). Vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to impaired immune function, increased risk of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. In addition, more research has focused on the effect of vitamin D on pregnancy in the unborn child: summer children, for example, are more optimistic in nature and larger than they are.

We can relax at Leglegisan

In many jobs, the rules are a bit looser in the summer, and many people go on vacation, so the little ones can relax with a peace of mind - which is usually true for us, since pregnancy can occur at any stage of the life. And a last vacation of two (threes) can be a special opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your family or older child (via).Also worth reading:
  • 7 Coolest Summer Foods For Pregnant Women
  • Effects of weather on pregnancy and birth
  • Cool tips for baby days on canine days
Easter coloring pages: Easter bunny and turtle

Easter coloring pages: Easter bunny and turtle

Download the coloring to print

Why I didn't wait the customary 12 weeks to announce my pregnancy