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The child's name may influence his future

Involving the child in the kitchen. The first cooking lessons

Involving the child in the kitchen. The first cooking lessons

Less than or equal to 3 to 10% of pregnancies are observed to have minor or major alterations in sugar metabolism. Pregnancy diabetes must always be taken very seriously, as if left untreated, maternal and fetal outcomes can be both serious and life-threatening.

Pregnancy exam

Diabetes mellitus, which occurs during pregnancy, is called gestational diabetes. If it does, you don't have to be frightened: a strict diet and strict follow-up to your doctor's actions can help prevent them from happening.

What are the reasons for this?

The incidence of gestational diabetes is closely linked to reduced physical activity, malnutrition and increased incidence of obesity. It is now well known that genetic predisposition also plays a role.However, the worsening of sugar tolerance is a natural process during pregnancy. It is due to the fact that the maternal body hormone secretes insulin-acting hormones (eg thyroid hormone, growth hormone, thyroid hormone, etc.) from week 21 onwards. So at week 27, a pregnant woman needs to have twice the amount of sugar she needs, by week 36, she needs 3-4 times as much insulin as she does when pregnant. insensitivity to insulin -, a sedentary lifestyle and congenital genetic predisposition in many women leads to the fact that anti-insulin hormones can "defeat" normal sugars also differ during pregnancy compared to non-pregnant women.

What Are The Harmful Results Of Gestational Diabetes?

  • Pregnancy is also more difficult and early spontaneous abortion is more common.
  • Fetal developmental abnormalities are more common.
  • With the second trimester of pregnancy, the growth of fetal weight is accelerated and fetal production is becoming increasingly important.
  • Pregnancy toxemia is more common.
  • Although maternal diabetes, fetal irritation is also associated with intra-uterine growth retardation due to a more common form of toxemia or other malaria.
  • Fetal low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) is common after childbirth and may require intensive care.
  • Fetal death is more common at any time during pregnancy.

How is pregnancy diabetes diagnosed and treated?

Pregnant women are routinely screened during pregnancy - with a high blood sugar test - so ideally gestational diabetes will not be hidden from the treating physician. In most cases, this is sufficient, but it may also require insulin treatment. It is the task of pregnant women with gestational diabetes to maintain their blood glucose levels. If the attending physician sees fit, you may also need to check your home for regular glucose testing.
  • Pregnancy diabetes is also a mild problem
  • A sneaky diet course - gestational diabetes
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    Name Agathe - Meaning of origin

    Origin of first name:


    Meaning of the name:

    Greek Agathe, "good, brave".
    Want a return to the sources? Why not Agathe. Known since the Roman Empire, Agathe gave male names like Agathius or Agathange, "good angel". He will pursue an honorable career during the Middle Ages. In the nineteenth century, this name was uncommon. He is coming back today.


    The English novelist Agatha Christie, the French actress Agathe de la Fontaine ...

    St. Agatha, of Sicilian origin, refused the marriage that was to be imposed on her with a Roman dignitary. She was first tortured and her breasts sliced. Healed in prison by St. Peter, she was then dragged on hot coals and died as a martyr about 250 in Catania, Sicily. According to legend, a gigantic earthquake shook the city ... and a year later Etna appeared. She is the protector of natural disasters and the patroness of nannies.
    Formerly, at St. Agatha, women left men with household chores.

    His character :

    Agathe is a model of sweetness ... but beware, she is also voluntary and sometimes obstinate! Curious and lively, she loves to be surrounded and knows how to take care of those she loves.


    Agatha, Agaha, Agata, Agueda, Aggie

    His party :

    The Agathe are celebrated on February 5th.

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    1 hour of Schumann's lullaby to put the baby to sleep

    You can help yourself with this 1 hour long video to calm and sleep baby. It is a sweet piano lullaby by Robert Schumann, "Kinderszenen", with which your child can relax and fall asleep.

    During the video, your baby will see some cute little birds that will make him calm down while this sounds sweet nana. A video to help your baby have beautiful dreams.

    You can read more articles similar to 1 hour of Schumann's lullaby to put the baby to sleep, in the category of Lullabies on site.

    Complications related to the umbilical cord

    The umbilical cord represents the connection between the fetus and the placenta in which it develops. The umbilical cord has the role of feeding and transferring blood and oxygen from the mother to the embryo or fetus, as the case may be, and the complications related to the umbilical cord can be very serious.

    During intrauterine development, the umbilical cord comes from the same zygote as the fetus and contains two arteries and a vein, protected by Wharton gelatin. There are several complications of the umbilical cord that can interfere with the development of a normal pregnancy.

    The umbilical cord wrapped around the neck

    In some cases the umbilical cord gets to surround the baby's throat. If the problem is not solved properly the baby can suffocate. Almost 25% of babies are born with the umbilical cord wrapped around the neck. Babies born with the umbilical cord around the neck can live an absolutely normal life if the doctor carefully undoes the cord at birth.

    Sometimes fetal monitoring shows abnormalities in the heartbeat during drowning in the baby with the umbilical cord wrapped around the neck. This may be due to pressure on the umbilical cord. However, pressure is very rarely dangerous, although caesarean section surgery may be needed.

    Less frequent is the umbilical cord wrapping around other parts of the baby's body (around the hand, foot).

    Knotted umbilical cord

    The knotted umbilical cord is a very serious problem for the developing baby in the womb. Oxygen and blood coming from the mother are obstructed due to the knots in the umbilical cord and this can cause major problems.

    Almost 1% of babies are born with one or more nodes in the umbilical cord. Some knots form during labor, when a baby has the umbilical cord wrapped around the neck. Other nodes may also form during pregnancy when the baby moves in the womb.

    Nodes are most often formed because of too long umbilical cord or in twin pregnancies with identical twins. Identical twins (monozygotes) share the same amniotic sac and umbilical cords may become entangled.

    As long as the knot stays loose, it will generally not cause any problems for the baby. Sometimes, however, the knot or knots may tighten tightly and oxygen will no longer reach the baby. Umbilical cord nodes can result in death for the fetus in 5% of cases. During labor and birth, a tightening knot may result in an abnormal heart rate that can be detected by the fetal monitoring system. In some cases, caesarean section is necessary.

    Previous vessel

    Prevailure occurs when one or more blood vessels in the umbilical cord or placenta pass through the cervix under the baby. Blood vessels, unprotected by Wharton gelatin, in the umbilical cord or tissue in the placenta, sometimes rupture when the cervix is ​​dilated or the membranes rupture. This can threaten the baby's life. Even if the blood vessels do not break, the baby may suffer from the lack of oxygen caused by pressure on the blood vessels.

    When the previous birth is unexpectedly diagnosed during labor, more than half of the babies will be born dead. When the previous vessel is diagnosed with an early pregnancy x-ray, fetal death can generally be prevented by a caesarean section at week 35.

    Pregnant women with pre-existing blood vessels generally have painless bleeding during the second and third trimester of pregnancy. Any pregnant woman should talk to her doctor immediately if she notices

    A pregnant woman may have an increased risk of preterm birth if:

    • The umbilical cord insertion is abnormal (not in the center of the placenta, but in the fetal membranes);

    • Has placenta previa (placenta positioned very low and covering part or all of the cervix) or other abnormalities of the placenta;

    • Has a twin or multiple pregnancy;

    Umbilical cord prolapse

    During labor, the baby passes through the cervix with the head forward after the membranes break ("water break"). In some cases, the umbilical cord moves to the cervix first. This can cause pressure on the cord, which leads to serious complications.

    Umbilical cord prolapse occurs when the umbilical cord first passes through the cervix after the membranes have broken, before the fetus has passed through the birth canal. This complication affects one in 300 births.

    The baby can press the umbilical cord as it passes through the cervix and vagina during labor and birth. Pressure on the cord reduces or cuts off blood flow from the mother to the fetus, lowering the oxygen supply. Umbilical cord prolapse can result in the death of the baby at birth if the fetus is not removed very quickly, usually by caesarean section.

    The risk of umbilical cord prolapse increases if:

    • The baby is in the "forward legs" position;
    • Birth is ahead of time;
    • The umbilical cord is too long;
    • Amniotic fluid is too much;
    • The doctor breaks the membranes to start labor faster;
    • The woman gives birth to vaginal twins. The second twin is most often affected in this case;

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