A poem to bring parents closer to their children

A poem to bring parents closer to their children

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Flat skull in infants: how to avoid it?

Functional plagiocephaly is a benign deformity of the infant's skull due to repeated misplacement. If it does not present a risk for development, it can be unsightly and embarrass the child later. Simple gestures help to avoid it.

What is functional plagiocephaly?

  • This is the so-called d syndromee the "flat head". This benign deformity of the skull of infants is characterized by a flattening of one side of the skull, often associated with prominence of the forehead on the same side. It occurs because the child is in the habit of resting his head always on the same side when lying down. Compressed on one side, the brain pushes the cranial walls of the other. As a result, the baby's skull, malleable like a balloon, is deformed.
  • A pathology too trivialized According to Béatrice Di Mascio, pediatrician: "We tell the parents that this will happen, but that's wrong, if we do nothing, it will not happen and the child will have a flat or deformed skull. 'an aesthetic issue because it does not generate anything in terms of development, but it's important too.'

What are the causes of plagiocephaly?

  • A congenital torticollis, or appeared after childbirth (too long, using spatulas or cupping ...), can force the child to turn his head always on the same side. Generally, parents realize this easily. Osteopathy sessions will then be very effective and will relieve the child by easing muscle tension around the neck.
  • A bad position, everyday. This is the case for the majority of babies affected by functional plagiocephaly. Whether because he has a favorite side since his life in utero, or simply because he has taken this habit since birth, the child positions his head the same way, day after day, and his skull 'flattens.

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Plasticine. More concentration and creativity for children

Have you ever played with your child to mold the clay? If you haven't done it yet, I advise you to do so. You do not know the benefits that the molding of plasticine brings to the learning process of children! Through the plasticine the child imagines, creates, and at the same time materializes the thoughts they have in their mind. It is an activity that brings many benefits to the fantasy and creativity of children.

How many little things my daughter and I have done with the clay! We have set up a fruit shop, a park, we have molded cars, people, figures, flowers ... of all shapes and colors. We have even made a nativity scene for the Christmas holidays.

Plasticine is used as an aid in early childhood education, as a stimulator of creativity and fine motor skills. It allows the child, with his precise gaze, his hands and fingers, and with various accessories, to differentiate colors, knead, soften, separate and rejoin pieces, be aware of sizes and proportions, experiment and play with confidence and freedom .

This craft favors the development of the child in every way. It increases your ability to concentrate, proposes short and long-term goals, facilitates your reading and writing process, and relaxes and calms you, especially in times of high stress and nervousness. It is an ideal activity for impulsive, restless children, even for children with attention deficit, with or without hyperactivity. It is an activity that not only entertains them, but also allows them to establish a physical and pleasant contact.

Commercial play dough is generally not intended for children under 3 years of age. For them it is recommended to use homemade plasticine, which is prepared with flour and water, kneaded until it has consistency, and then you add a little edible coloring and a few drops of oil, and knead and knead ...

When buying plasticine, parents should take special care with the material, which is not toxic; and when playing with children should be supervised so that children do not put it in their mouth or choke on it. Apart from that, they should also encourage children to pick up the dough, and wash their hands well after playing. A few days ago my daughter gave some clay to a little cousin of hers, and look at the photo what she did! According to her, it's her parents kissing each other. What is precious?

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Hormones are responsible for important processes in our body. When the hormone system fails, it affects our mood, our behavior, our ability to feel in our skin.

Migraine can also indicate hormonal problemsNow, these are the most common signs that the hormone balance is upset.

1. Sudden onset acne

Acne and blackheads occur when the pores are obliterated, but there are doctors who say that there is hormonal change in the body in the background of sudden acne. For example, if the level of androgen in the body is very low, acne can occur throughout the body. Typically during adolescence, it is difficult to get rid of acne.

2. Common headache

According to endocrinologists, frequent headaches in the background, beyond fatigue and stress, can be accompanied by low estrogen levels. If the estrogen level is too high or too low, it can cause migraine or lethargy.

3. Common insomnia

Insomnia may indicate low levels of progesterone in the body. Dr. Traci Johnson, sleepwalker states that progesterone is responsible for natural relaxation: it relaxes, soothes, and normalizes sleep. Changes in progesterone hormone levels often lead to insomnia. Newborn women have very low estrogen and progesterone levels, which explains why women suffer from insomnia during this period.

4. Increased sweating

Because hormones regulate the body's temperature, sudden sweating and hot flashes occur when the body's hormones are upset. It is a common symptom during menopause when the hormone system becomes unstable.

5. The Flanders of Blland

We all feel fatigued, but if you are fatigued, and if you have no particular reason to rest, sleep or sleep enough, it can be a hormonal cause of permanent fatigue. An imbalance in thyroid hormones can cause permanent fatigue.

6. Sudden exertion

With hormonal problems, you can think of it as something that really does. Deficiency or overproduction of certain hormones affects the body's ability to store fat and gain weight, such as low levels of estrogen or cortisol. Low levels of thyroid hormones slow down metabolism and lead to exercise.

7. Hair loss

Hair loss can be caused by changes in the balance of thyroid hormones, insulin or testosterone. When women have high levels of testosterone, baldness can often be observed.

8. Problems with emesis

A study at the University of Texas has shown that high levels of estrogen affect the intestinal microflora. Other studies have shown that high levels of ovarian hormones can lead to seizures and stomach pain.

9. Bloody wall attacks

Our body synthesizes the hormones that are responsible for the transit and the hunger. If the balance of these hormones is upset, you will have a healthy state of health.
Two hormone in leptin and ghrelin production we have to look for the source of the problem: leptin diminishes the state of health when we eat something, ghrelin does the opposite - it tells us when it is here.

10. Forgetting

Many factors can influence forgetfulness and lack of focus, one of which may be the hormonal imbalance. Low levels of cortisol and estrogen can lead to forgetfulness, impaired concentration, and memory impairment.

11. Changes in memory

A sudden drop in estrogen levels affects the skin's moisture and elasticity. This is the reason why breasts may lose shape, and the size changes. These changes are usually not close to the breasts, and most of the time they cause hormonal changes, usually during menopause.Related articles in Hormones:
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Launch of Mr. Popper's Penguins

Launch of Mr. Popper's Penguins

On June 24, at Baneasa Drive In Cinema, the movie "Mr. Popper's Penguins" will be released. On this occasion, Baneasa Shopping City organizes an event on the Food & Fun City Square starting at 19:00.

Because it is summer, it is hot and everyone is looking for cold, the organizers will prepare a polar atmosphere. The igloos, reindeer and entertainers dressed in penguins will be missing, who will invite those present in the specially arranged place for photos. In addition, participating in the event on June 24 may bring you winnings in invitations offered at the premiere of the movie "Mr. Popper's Penguins".

A special section for Mr. Popper's Penguins will be created on Baneasa Shopping City's Facebook page. The section will contain the program of the event and a contest with prizes in the form of double invitations to the film. The online competition starts on June 16 and ends on June 23 at 24:00.

Information about the film and characters will be found on facebook, so that visitors can easily answer the quiz questions. Those wishing to win the film invitations will be able to send the answers to [email protected]

For more details: www.baneasashoppingcity.ro.

Standing: no forcing

Standing: no forcing

  • It is from the standing position, hooked to a piece of furniture or a support that your child will experiment and work his balance.
  • By intervening physically, you risk short-circuiting the learning process and forcing it to burn the steps.
  • It is easy to spot a child who has not been given enough autonomy in learning to walk: he keeps a long precarious step, legs apart, he is often clumsy and uncomfortable in his body.