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6 reasons kids don't read and 6 solutions

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Your parenting life runs at such an alert pace and with such high energy consumption that you seem to "run" in the race to win the title of "perfect mother". In case you didn't find out, there is no perfect parent, and the amazing rhythm in which your life revolves around the child is a sure way to depression and unhappiness.

Here are the main signs that show that you strive too much to be a perfect mother and that it is necessary to brake the engines a little, to really enjoy the life of a parent!

You know the exact year, month and day when you want to have the baby

The effort to be a perfect mother begins before the baby is conceived. When you plan in the smallest details when to get pregnant, when to give birth, what the sign of the baby is and to consume your energy for this purpose, it is the first sign that you will be an obsessive and controlling mother, who will not accept any failure. . It is an unhealthy direction for the health of your psychic, who, at one point, will flinch.

You have exhausted almost all the specialized literature

There is no new book launch for raising or caring for children to miss. You devoured books about pregnancy, newborns, babies long before the baby was born, and now you are hanging any new information discovered by specialists in the field.

You are not flexible and open to child-raising tips

You have set some clear standards for how to properly care for and raise your child and you are not willing to give up in any way. You think your opinion is always the best and you always have the last word when it comes to what your little one has to do.

You're a full-time mother and something more

You are not the only person who makes the decisions regarding the care and education of the child, but also the only one who takes care of it. Do not even let the child's father influence your decisions or spend too much time with him, for fear he will not destroy the whole well thought out plan of education of the little one.

Not even the child, who has already grown up and has earned the right to a little autonomy or independence, has no right of decision in front of you, no matter what they try, which can damage their emotional development and beyond.

Your only hobby is the child

You have dedicated the whole life of your child, from the first moment you became pregnant. You have abandoned your passions, ignored your social life and are focused only on what it means to be a good mother. It is a wrong parenting style, which limits the child's autonomy and develops an unhealthy dependence on him / her towards you.

Being a perfect parent does not mean concentrating your whole life around the child. On the contrary, a good parent is the one who knows how to find the perfect balance between being a parent, wife, friend, housewife or career man, so that she is happy, healthy and relaxed for her child.

You feel guilty that you cannot offer everything to your child

If you feel that every time you can not offer what you offer to the child, it grinds your feelings of guilt, it is a clear sign that you strive too much to give him the perfect life that, in reality, does not exist. It is not important to put everything "on the table", but to encourage him to achieve on his own, what he wants from life.

A good parent is the one who gives the child the freedom to decide for him, who subtly guides him in the shade towards the best choices and who is not afraid to allow him to make mistakes sometimes.

You get too harsh when you make mistakes

It rarely happens to be wrong with something when it comes to your child, because you live with the impression that whatever you decide is best. But there is also the inevitable situation in which factors independent of you make you not make the best decisions regarding his education or discipline.

If you go through an endless process of frustration and self-criticism that is boring to your life, it is clear that you are trying too hard to be what you cannot: a perfect mother!

What, for you, is the definition of a perfect mother? Is there a perfect parent? How far do you think obsession for your child should be? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

"Modern motherhood is a porridge with milk. Disposable diapers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, jars and other achievements of civilization mean that today's mothers have nothing to do. So they sit on their asses and come up with them. They are encouraged by the privileges of: longer holidays, social assistance, anesthesia during childbirths and what else. And they shouldn't get anything because we didn't have anything!

Nobody helped us, and there was a lot of work to do! Nobody has heard of postpartum depression!

There was no time for depression, because the diapers did not wash themselves! And we had more children than today's ladies of all times. "

I do not believe that there is a young mother who has never come across such an opinion, if not "live" on the Internet. The authors are usually old ladies who like to remind the rest of humanity of all flaws and shortcomings. From the kind of those who see a sliver in their neighbor's eye. If you find one like this, he always finds an excuse to give his rant. Like gadgets for a bull, all gadgets act on them. Once I lost a few minutes of my life because in the waiting room I gave my child ... a water bottle with a tube. At the sight of him, the old woman's eyes narrowed into slits. It started from God! What people will not come up with! - ended up with - today's mothers ...
You have to agree that washing machines, dishwashers and the rest of advanced kitchen and bathroom technology make life easier. At least its "technical side". I dare say, however, that in many respects the life of today's mother is more difficult!

Gadgets and toys

It is true that "once" children did not have so many toys. The parents, on the other hand, were without electronic nannies, breathing monitors, bathing chairs and a whole bunch of gadgets. The reason is simpler - it was never there before. The child had blocks, a doll and a car, the parent did not have to make choices between a million models, because three were available. He didn't feel that pressure either. His child was not pointed out by other kids, because as the last five-year-old there is no cell in the yard.

A long, long time ago, when the mother was washing diapers, the baby was lying in the crib. While cooking dinner, the toddler was still stuck in the crib. Similarly, when you had to wash, clean, etc. Today, this is an unimaginable situation. From the first days of life, the child needs to read, show black and white pictures, talk to him, stimulate his development! Not that the children from the old days did not develop, but the mother who today would allow her child to spend all day in the crib would receive the appropriate patch. It was different with older people. Such a few-year-old ran alone in the yard, sometimes went to the store for butter, sometimes looked after his younger siblings. Today, sending a few years to the store could result in a visit from the curator. The mother is there to keep an eye on her head, and if any accident occurs, no translations will happen. Her fault because she neglected. And even if the orchard acquitted her, other mothers will lynch with certainty.

Educational methods

- I haven't seen anyone talk to a kid that much. There is nothing to be wasted on here! - yes, a neighbor at my grandmother's age, acknowledged my attempt to explain to my two-year-old why I forbid her to get into the puddle (the little one was wearing sneakers). So, in the old days, children were not trumpeted. Today it is a requirement.

Belongs translate to fallen, answer thousands of resolute three year olds' questions, you must not forbid without giving a reason, you must not say "because yes!". Cackling with a child is a part of modern motherhood. Today's mothers do not want criminal children, they prefer intelligent.

There are many methods which are supposed to lead to independent, intelligent and self-confident education. From scarrying 24 hours a day, through carting to methods based on "let them cry." The choice is not at all obvious or even more secure. Proponents of the method you reject may want to dump you lions. If you get some from everyone, you can ... expose yourself to everything. There used to be no such dilemmas!

Mother's career

Once the role of a woman was clear. When she gave birth to a child she stayed at home with him. Long. Until they went to kindergarten or school.


As you start striving to make a healthy meal for your family and yourself at home, you will discover how much work it entails. Cleaning, finishing, soaking, drying: The machines and the well-chosen tools help.

Perhaps the most basic thing you need in a good kitchen is that it speeds up work and makes it more efficient. A bad knife takes a long time to cut, with a sharp, correct kind of knife to get you to your destination quickly.
Unfortunately, it is not cheap to invest in the right inventory, but you may be able to manage a little. You will need a professional craftsman, a short-knife knife called a green knife, and a so-called "fuzzy knuckle", and an absolute necessity for daily sharpening. But the best thing about it is if you can't take advantage of it. With some practice, you will learn it quickly from a master, for example, it is worth going to a training course and then having to work diligently at home until the movements are completely oiled.

With a cool slipper you can clean a huge heap of grease in an instant, so that you only throw a thin, even layer on it.
Apricot and botmixer
Two machines are also available on the outside, but the most cost effective way is to get the two in one package. You can switch between them in a single move. You prefer to play with relatively small contents, because you can also cut small quantities and larger parts in more detail. In large tanks you will lose if you put only a small amount in it.

You can use it for light onion crushing, vegetable or tomato crushing for a variety of conditions, such as yarrow, other vegetables, fruits, oil, seeds, oil, a. For example, if you're frying a slice of bread, you can sip on the finely chopped raw potatoes you need in no time at all. The small machine is also a great help when setting up various home anesthetics. Easy to clean. And with a botmixer, you can bake anything and blend anything. For example, you can make a very delicious and quick dessert with a little frosting of myrrh plums, yoghurt and yogurt. It basically eliminates the need to buy a blender.
Multifunctional planer, mandolin
With this little life-threatening tool, you can make the most out of salads.

In just a few minutes you can cut the grass to the right size, belly, rings, hips. Its effectiveness is due to its good shape, easy handling and razor-sharp blades. There is a high risk of injury in the event of improper use, so do not bother with it!
It is truly luxury compared to what has been listed so far, and if you have a well-adjustable mixing stove, it may not be absolutely necessary. But if, for example, you want to reduce the proportion of traditional breads, breads in your routine, with the help of dried greens, crunchy green breads, you can do good. Due to the drastic cost differences between the various dryers and the selection aspects, this combination reflects well. The purpose of dehydration is, after all, to improve the vitamin content of the raw materials, the enzymes, so the control of the correct temperature is an important consideration. And secondly, you can make a whole bunch of tricks with different tricks. For example, you can make a fantastic pancake from the dried fruit leaf of apple banana with the exception of fresh fruit.
Other details
You can't miss them in your kitchen: lemon juice, spice rack, good quality dishes for cooking and storing.

The 3 stupidest comforting texts we speak to parents

The 3 stupidest comforting texts we speak to parents
  • Baby names inspired by Lord of the Rings

    Is your baby a little hobbit, dwarf, or elf? Longtime fans of The Lord of the Rings series of books and movies return to Middle-earth for baby names inspiration. Author J.R.R. Tolkien created entire languages for his fictional universe, providing beautifully pronounced names with an Old Norse, Anglo-Saxon, or Icelandic ring.

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  • Frodo Baggins

    (Elijah Wood)

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  • Bilbo Baggins

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  • Gandalf the Grey

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    First Social Moms Meeting: Moms discussed, together with Anca Serea, about the most effective treatments for children

    First Social Moms Meeting: Moms discussed, together with Anca Serea, about the most effective treatments for children

    On Friday, February 10, 2017, in a warm and "healthy" atmosphere, among delicious treats, the journalists presently active in the online environment - most moms "with acts in the right" - discussed the possibilities, solutions, the best choices in their life.

    Analyzing everything that involves a mother-child relationship, each of the Meltus guests confessed survival tips & tricks in every situation.

    Host of the event, Anca Serea shared from her beautiful mother's experience five children, ticking off the most common affections that the little ones or even she has encountered over time.

    Anca Serea

    Among them, one of the most unpleasant symptoms that Social Moms face everyday is coughing.

    Next to Anca Serea and her moms, was Dr. Dinu Dana Mihaela, primary family medicine doctor. Mrs. Doctor confessed to us from her care to the more than 200 children she has enrolled in her office.

    Both Anca Serea and Dr. Dinu Dina Mihaela told of their experience with the range of Meltus syrups that are addressed to the whole family. The range covers both productive cough and irritant cough. Meltus Expectolin is an innovative recipe that combines the healing force of nature with the force of science, a perfect synergy between ivy and acetylcysteine, which offers a rapid effect in the case of productive cough.

    Acetylcysteine ​​complements the expectorant effect of the ivy, so that the product makes its effect faster. The amount of acetylcysteine ​​in the dose for children is half the dose of acetylcysteine ​​that is commonly administered, which reduces the risk of side effects.

    The Meltus syrup range supports moms and also has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and immunostimulatory effect. Basically, the duration of the annoying symptomatology decreases, and the body fights more effectively.

    Regarding Meltus Tusicalm for irritant cough - which is mostly viral in nature - the 100% natural combination of bee products (honey and propolis) and plant extracts (patlagina, thyme, thyme) unites in one produced the medicinal effects of its components. Meltus Tusicalm has an emollient, antiviral, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, reducing the aggressiveness of cough episodes and thereby improving sleep duration and quality.

    Meltus Expectolin and Meltus Tusicalm syrups can be purchased online, by ordering on the website: // and on the partner sites: // and

    At what age do children realize what a lie is?

    The lies of the children are common and sometimes the parents despair! You have to know that sometimes they do it without knowing what the lie means, but from a certain age they are fully aware of what they do when they lie.

    When do you realize that what you say is just a figment of the imagination or is it more than that? Find out the clearest sign that your little one knows how to lie!

    Children often lie! The reasons for doing so are varied: from the avoidance of a punishment to the desire to draw attention to them!

    When they are very small, the lie is an expression of the imagination, harmless and innocent. From a certain age, children are starting to become aware of what is a lie and know exactly what they are saying is a lie.

    Children realize what a lie is about 3-4 years!

    Awareness of the idea of ​​lying and its consequences depends on several skills that the child must have developed. Some of them are independence and emotional control. However, these are not shaped until after the age of 2 anisors, manifesting gradually. Only when they turn 3 and sometimes after that age do children understand what they do when they lie.

    In the preschool period, the child is also able to consider what his listener believes and feels. They are aware that the person they are talking to will listen to him and react to what he is saying, but without really taking into account his words, that is, without giving them a specific value.

    At the age of 2, your child does not realize that you do not believe him when he tells you something, no matter how strange or normal it may seem. But starting with the age of 3 to 4 years, the child realizes that you know exactly when they are not telling the truth.

    How do you realize that he knows what lies?

    At this age the child begins to respond differently to your questions about finding the truth. You will find that he no longer blames his brother or pet for a disease, but will often respond with "I don't know." And this is a lie, but he knows that it is more believable than the story of the cat who smashed the vase with flowers or the baby-sister who broke the mug.

    If you begin to notice that your preschooler often responds with "I don't know" this is a clear sign that he has evolved and understands what a lie really is and what he says is not true.

    Is it appropriate to punish him if he knows his mind?

    Psychologists advise parents not to punish children for the lie they say, even if they know what they have done.

    Although from this age he begins to realize the idea of ​​lying, he will truly understand it over time. Then you will know that it is not good to do it. They will also gradually realize that you are not happy when you lie. He will understand that it is bad to lie only after you talk to him about this subject and make him have a clear idea of ​​its consequences.

    Tags Lying children Understanding lying children Punishment lying children

    If you have ever had to listen to childless friends rant about how they wished they could live in an "adults-only" world, you might relate to this post.

    At 9 years old, my son is way beyond the years of screaming tantrums on a plane. But when Sky was 3 years old, we flew to Australia for my brother's wedding. Sky screamed at being confined to a seat during take-off, and was restless and whiny the whole trip. It was a nightmare for all involved, but we would not have missed my brother's wedding for the world.

    Flying on a plane involves a lot of hurry up and wait, and dealing with people you don't like. You can't refuse the right of a person to fly, even if they are not the type you don't want to sit next to and you CAN'T refuse the right to bring children on the plane.

    Sadly, this negative attitude towards children doesn't stop at air travel. Kid-bashing seems to be more pervasive these days, at least in my world.

    What I don't get is that every kid-hater was once a kid themselves. What happened to these adults that they have no understanding or compassion?

    If you confront kid-haters, they retort, "Oh, we don't hate all kids, only the ones who are out of control" or better, "It's just the ones whose parents let them misbehave."

    Believe me, I never simply LET my kid scream, cry, kick the seat, or do any other sort of misbehavior in public (or at home, for that matter). Like every parent, I have had moments when I just can't corral that toddler who insists on running and yelling. I have had moments when all I want to do is get out of the house for a blessed moment before I go bat-shit crazy, and sometimes that involves bring an unruly child along.

    We can't just shut these kids up in the house until they are 8, or 12, or 18. We can't leave them at home until they are fit for grown-up company. How will they learn?

    And guess what? Sometimes adults are jerks too! IMAGINE THAT. We all have to deal with one another, regardless.

    The truth of the matter is we live in a society with children. Those without children should learn some compassion and stop whining about the inconvenience of having those children around in public spaces.

    Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

    Preparation for birth and parenthood

    Preparation for birth and parenthood

    Learning to stretch, to breathe, to choose the best position to give birth ... The preparation for birth and parenthood proposed by the motherhood of Diaconesses, in Paris, seems to make the happiness of all couples present. Diving in this very particular course.

    Production : Julie Ledru
    Montage: Julie Ledru
    Production : Christine Cointe