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Rh negative couple

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My child sweats a lot, what to do?

My child sweats a lot, what to do?

As soon as it's hot, your child is swimming. But why does he sweat so much? Our advice to ensure a little comfort in the middle of all this humidity!

It's summer and your child wets his t-shirts in minutes. His little sneakers give off a foul odor and his hands are moist. Admittedly, this abundant perspiration is not very pleasant ... but it is necessary.

What is the point of perspiration?

  • Sweating is a natural mechanism that regulates body temperature. The warmer it gets, the higher the temperature of the body rises and the more the body, through the sweat glands, makes moisture to cool.
  • The sweat glands are present everywhere on the bodybut are more concentrated in certain areas: especially on the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, under the armpits, around the perineum.
  • It's not sweat that smells badbut its degradation when it comes into contact with the many bacteria on the skin.

Why does he sweat so much?

  • Some children sweat more than others, this is how ! Their genes are less able to control the secretion of perspiration. But that does not mean that they are in poor health.
  • As much excessive sweating can signal a disease in an adult (eg a thyroid problem), as this sign is rarely of concern in a child. On the other hand, if it is associated with other symptoms - in addition to sweating, the child drinks a lot at night, pee a lot, lose weight for no reason - it is important to consult a specialist to eliminate the hypothesis of diabetes.

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5 secrets in baby care and growth

5 secrets in baby care and growth

The twins share a unique and special bond. In this video we can see how two twin babies laugh together at each other. Funny video of two twins laughing as they look at each other.

Watch the video of these two twin babies laughing out loud together, one cute and funny moment at a time.

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Food to be fertile

Parents Pay For Brain Training To Help Kids With ADHD and Autism. Does It Work? NBC Nightly News

The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant will invite you from March 22 until April 29, 2012, from Tuesday until Sunday, between 10.00 and 18.00 in the Guest Room, at the exhibition by Peter Jacobi, "The beautiful peasant straps of the ladies from the city".

The exhibition contains photos from the collection of the artist Peter Jacobi, depicting, above all, the ladies of the Romanian nobility and bourgeoisie, wearing traditional Romanian costumes.

As it is known, Queen Elizabeth is due to adopt, at the Court, the fashion of the traditional Romanian costume, considered, until then, as an oyster worthy of being worn only by the peasants. Her example was followed by Queen Mary and the princesses Elizabeth, Maria and Ileana, but also by most of the ladies in high Romanian society.
Slowly, slowly, the peasant clothes entered a society which, at that time, was accustomed rather to imitate the West-European outfit, than to affirm the virtues of the native tradition.

Even before the War of Independence and up to the disastrous 1940, many photographs immortalized the attitudes of these ladies of high Romanian society. It was precisely on these photographs that Peter Jacobi stopped in his artistic endeavor.

For Peter Jacobi, the patina of the time that has spread over the images discovered in antiques and sentimental archives, in his workshop, ennobles the photographs. The artist allows time to intervene over the period images and even helps, often, through interventions practiced directly on photographic paper, as if to emphasize the ephemerality of human creation.
The entry is free.

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