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The best pencil pencils. Ranking of crayons

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Medieval names for girls

Medieval names for girls

You can find many sources of inspiration when choosing the best name for your baby. If you like traditional names but that they retain all the freshness and have an original touch, you will surely love medieval names for girls.

Medieval names for girls are pretty, elegant names with a charm that is hard to resist. Many of them are found in the protagonists of literature and others come to us through oral tradition, but all of them have a distinguished air. We have 10 medieval names for girls.

1. Jimena. It is a name of uncertain origin and meaning. Most theories point to a Hebrew origin and a meaning of 'the one who listens'. What is clear is that it is a name with a clear medieval flavor and one of the most attractive for girls.

2. Ines. This name of Greek origin and meaning of 'pure' It is one of the prettiest for girls. Its simplicity does not detract from a name that was very common in the Middle Ages and that maintains all its charm today.

3. Gadea. It is a name of Greek origin with a meaning of 'virtuous'. Some think that it is the Asturian variant of names like Águeda or Ágata. In any case, it is a very original and very rare name with which your girl will feel very special.

4. Elvira. The name has a Germanic origin and a meaning of 'noble protector'. It comes to us loaded with medieval evocations, of queens, infantas and ladies and we like it because it is one of those traditional names that is worth revitalizing.

5. Aldara. This name is of Germanic origin and means 'respectable'. It was a very popular name in Galicia in the Middle Ages and then it was forgotten. Today it is gaining popularity because it is a name with a lot of charm and personality.

6. Leonor. It is a name of Celtic origin with a meaning of 'bold'. Although today it is known to be the name of several European princesses, it has a long medieval tradition. We like it because it is a sweet name with a very special musicality.

7. Mencía. This name has an uncertain origin although almost all theories point to a Spanish origin and a meaning of 'indulgent'. The mystery about its origin only adds appeal to a name with personality and a lot of magnetism.

8. Beatriz. The name is of Latin origin and means 'the one that makes you happy'. It is the quintessential medieval name for a girl, with such strength that it has been able to maintain its popularity to this day. A name with tradition and a lot of energy for your baby.

9. Catalina. It is a name of Greek origin that has a meaning of 'cleaning'. It is a traditional and familiar name with an elegant and distinguished touch. It is one of those names so strong that they are capable of highlighting the personality of any girl.

10. Juliet. This name is of Latin origin and its meaning refers to one of the first Rome families. It is a variant of Julia and in this case it has a marked medieval flavor as well as literary.

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Barca: origin and meaning of the name for girl Barca

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Boat.

It takes that name because I know how much the Virgin appeared inside a boat that was dragged to the beach. It is a frequent place name in Spain, where the Spanish surname Barca comes from.

dedication to N.S. de la Barca, venerated in Muxía, A Coruña.


  • Named after the adopted daughter of Jean Valjean in the famous novel "Les Miserables", by Victor Hugo.

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Gaïa pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Fun winter activities for children after the holidays

Fun winter activities for children after the holidays

With or without snow or holidays, winter continues its long journey towards us throughout the country and even if it has not snowed everywhere, the little one can take advantage of some of the most fun activities or seasonal games. Here are some fun ideas, on or off the snow.
With the end of the winter holidays, the tightening of the decorations and the return to school, the child could enter into a slightly apathetic state, being nostalgic after the colorful, entertaining and cheerful period of Christmas. It is important not to let him get sad or hungry at that time and to keep him entertained with interesting and fun activities, especially since the winter is not over and he offers plenty of fun opportunities.

Ice skating

For your little one to venture on the ice like a mirror, you don't need snow. There are plenty of improvised ice rinks in all the parks in the country, and skating remains one of the most loved activities or winter fun for children.
Stop thinking, buy your child a pair of funny skates and have fun copying the "meetings" that his little boy has ice skating on the ice rink. It is an excellent opportunity for the little one to make a little movement after the copious meals and the sweets after the holidays.

The snow

Making snow is harder, isn't it? If mother-nature does not endure to delight us with a few flakes, it does not mean that we are powerless in the joy of seeing or creating snow.
There are plenty of fun winter activities to do right at home, with the child, one of them being the use of artificial snow for decoration, the creation of flakes from the well-known "scraper" or paper, but also baking some seeds that resemble small Bulgarian ones. the snow. With a little creativity, the child can enjoy the snow, even if not the real one.


If you are from a region where it has already snowed, do not hesitate to take your child to one of the most fun and traditional activities of winter - the creation of the snowman. You can have fun by modeling the Bulgarians and decorating them with buttons, hats and other accessories.
In case the snow is missing, it does not mean that the little boy cannot enjoy this wonderful winter activity. It should not be winter without him modeling or drawing at least one snowman. The child can improvise the omelet in white or plastic tape or draw it or color it on sheets of paper. There are interesting ways for the little boy to miss any fun winter activity!

Party games

If you have chosen to relax in the mountains after the holidays or live in cities with lots of snow, then the specific winter activities are at your fingertips and you can entertain your little one with lots of fun games.
From sledding, to bathing, snowboarding, skiing, and snorkeling or other games with or on the snow, you can organize a small "winter Olympics", where you can team up and beat some interesting prizes. .
If you are in the mountains and you have a part nearby, take the opportunity to enroll your child in some ski lessons. It is one of the most beautiful winter sports and it is very effective in raising and developing the child.


Outdoor walks can take place anywhere in the country, even if winter has not left its mark with generous layers of snow. Cold, clean air catches well for any child, and physical movement is welcome anytime.
In addition, the parks are still decorated and decorated with lights, toys and special holiday figurines, with tea stands, hot chocolate, apple or cotton candy and other traditional winter goodies, and your little one can have lots of fun.
Even walks through shops or malls still decorated for the holidays are not to be neglected. In each location the spirit of Christmas is still felt, and the little one can reenter, even for a few hours, in the cheerful and colorful atmosphere of the holidays that have just ended.
He has the opportunity to buy his goodies, take pictures with fir trees and decorations, maybe even with a Santa Claus wandering through a store or go with his carriage, where there are spaces specially designed for children's play.

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He never wants to come to the table

Every day is the same fight for your child to eat. He wants to play ... Find the tips that will make him want to sit down.

Oppose to build oneself

At this age, he is less dependent on you and accedes to some form of autonomy.

  • It enters a phase of opposition essential so that it is constructed as a full individual. This opposition is not to be taken as a refusal, but as a way of expressing oneself and being heard. Do not be disarmed!
  • This is the age when your child discovers the pleasure of the game. To play, to discover are his new passions that will help him to build up ... until he forgets to eat.
  • He becomes aware of his body and his motor skills. He runs, dances, jumps and is very active. This "wanderer" does not encourage him to settle down quietly at the table.

He does not want to come to the table? Opt for flexible rules

  • Give him benchmarks. Your child needs to feel in front of him a firm adult, sure of his convictions without being severe. It must set a framework with schedules without being too demanding. The mealtime consists of rituals that are specific to your family functioning. Your child will situate himself in relation to these benchmarks.
  • Negotiate with him. While remaining calm, discuss with him when he wants to eat dinner. The evening bath, the game that follows the meal are all benchmarks that will help him to agree to come to the table without betraying his desire for systematic opposition.
  • Prevent it. If he is playing when you prepare the meal, tell him in advance that it is soon time to eat and that he must prepare to interrupt his game. Show him on the dial. a clock where the needle will be when you call it. You can help him finish what he's doing before going to dinner.

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