40 Weeks In The Womb by Ultrasound Dimensions

40 Weeks In The Womb by Ultrasound Dimensions

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Cakes with sun vegetables


Sing and dance with him ragged bear the fun song for children that will help them get to know animals: Noah's ark: 'there was the crocodile, and the orangutan, two small snakes and the golden eagle ...'.

If you want to sing it Guiainfantil.com also offers you the lyrics of the song of Noah's ark.

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Solemnia: origin and meaning of the name for girl Solemnia


We highlight in our dictionary the name for a girl: Solemnity. You will find in our meaning finder of all baby names.

History of the name Solemnia

Feminine form of Solemnio. It comes from Latin, from the adjective sollemnis, which was used to name ceremonies that were celebrated on specific dates.

Meaning of name Solemnia


Santoral of the name Solemnia

September 25th

Origin of the name Solemnia


Famous people with the name Solemnia

  • Synesius of Cyrene, philosopher and clergyman (370-413)

Drawings of the name Solemnia coloring page printable game

Baby Girl Name Reveal!!!

Feeding for babies up to 24 months

Early Childhood comprises the first 2 years of life, and is characterized by rapid growth, which progressively slows from birth.

During this period, the diet must cover the high energy and plastic needs, and provide balanced vitamins and minerals, adapting to the child's limited digestive capacity.

1. Lactation period: In the first months of life there is only one food capable of meeting the baby's dietary requirements: breast milk.

2. Transitional period: From 4 months of age, dietary diversification can begin, which is the introduction into the infant's diet of foods other than milk progressively, whether they are liquid, semi-solid or solid.

3. Modified adult period: From one year of age, foods with a thicker texture should be included in the child's diet to get used to chopped foods. It will begin with foods that have been crushed with the fork, to go changing to small pieces. The objective is that with 18-24 months the child eat chopped food with a texture the same as adults.

The diet it must be balanced, varied and individualized to ensure optimal development and growth, without forgetting a good learning of eating habits that can prevent some adult diseases. In this period, the appearance of taste towards food occurs and eating habits develop.

The introduction of food should be done little by little and each food separately so that your baby gets used to the different flavors and textures. The ideal is a new food every week, to make it easier for them to get used to it and assimilate and tolerate it without problems. In this way, you can identify any possible allergies or intolerances.

1-4 months

  • Breastmilk
  • Initiation milk

5 months

  • Gluten-free porridge
  • Water, juices and infusions

6-8 months

  • Continuation milk
  • Porridge with gluten
  • Bread, cookies
  • Zucchini, potato, carrot, onion and green beans
  • Oil and butter
  • Banana, apple, orange and pear
  • Chicken, turkey, rabbit

9-11 months

  • Yoghurt
  • Soup
  • Peas, lentils
  • Watermelon
  • Yolk
  • White fish
  • Beef and pork

12-18 months

  • Cheese
  • Dairy desserts (flan, custard)
  • Macaroni, spaghetti
  • Beans, chickpeas
  • Tomato, celery, leek and cabbage
  • Blue fish (18 months)
  • Lamb, Serrano ham
  • Egg white (12 months)
  • Whole egg (18 months)
  • Pineapple, strawberry and peach (18 months)
  • Nuts

18-24 months

  • Artichoke, asparagus
  • Colacao
  • Growth milk (24 months)
  • Sausage (24 months)
  • Seafood (24 months)

Cristina Abascal. Nutritionist

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Homemade cerelac baby food for 6 to 24 month babyबचच क लए हलथ सरलक घर म आसन स बनए

Name Janelle - Meaning of the Name and Origin

Origin of first name:

Hebrews, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

The name Janelle comes from the Hebrew yo and hanan meaning "God is merciful".


The American singer Janelle Monáe born December 1, 1985.

The people named Janelle are commemorated with St. Joan of Arc. Born in Domrémy in the Vosges in 1412, during the Hundred Years War, Joan of Arc was a pious girl. At the age of 13, she had an apparition of St. Michael, St. Margaret and St. Catherine. The archangel and the two saints ordered him to lead the Dauphin to Reims to make him crowned and to drive the English out of France. Joan of Arc thus made crown King Charles VII and forced the English to raise the siege of Orleans, May 8, 1429. Made prisoner with Compiegne, it was delivered to the English, then judged and burned alive in Rouen May 30, 1431 Beatified in 1909, then canonized in 1920, Joan of Arc is one of the patron saints of France.

His character :

Courageous and loyal, Janelle is an organized and effective person of action. From an early age, she shows great devotion to her loved ones and loves to serve them. Generous, she likes to give without expecting anything in return. He is a person in whom one can trust without reservation and on whom one can always count.


Janel, Janele, Jan, Jana, Janaelle, Janaina, Janani, Jane and Janek.

His party :

The Janelles are celebrated on May 30th.

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Five techniques to calm restless or nervous children

Five techniques to calm restless or nervous children

Serban Huidu became a father

Serban Huidu became a father

Since yesterday morning, Serban Huidu (30 years old) is for the first time a father. The "carcotas" wife, Cristina, gave birth to a boy of 3,200 kilograms, which he will call Rares, as his happy father wishes. It could be said that the little Rares Huidu was expecting his father to finish his morning show on Kiss FM (where he was more excited than ever), after which he came to the world. The first to find out the news was, obviously, his roommate, Mihai Gainusa, in his turn. Gainusa's wife, Ioana, gave Eve a daughter two years ago.

Make a black cat with this origami video for the Halloween party. Origami is a Japanese art with which through origami we will develop concentration, skill and creativity. our site offers a series of step-by-step origami video ideas for kids.

Figure made by Alejandro Pascual Marquez - elrincondelorigami.blogspot.com

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