Riddle: Four brothers created God

Riddle: Four brothers created God

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Folic acid in pregnancy



Elizabeth of The Blacklist

Elizabeth of The Blacklist

In the "The Blacklist" series, Elisabeth Keen is an FBI profiler. His role is interpreted by Megan Boone.
The first name Elisabeth comes from Hebrew Elisheba which means "God is fullness" or "God is promise".
Equipped with a great sense of responsibility, Elisabeth always carries out her duty with seriousness and rigor. Protector to his, she does not hesitate to bend over backwards to ensure their happiness.

Comfort and good cheer every day for your baby!
CzuCzu Numbers Learning numbers, contrary to appearances, is not so easy and it is difficult for many children, which causes them problems with mathematics. Numbers CzuCzu are a good way to make your child's learning numbers easier.

Set contains 52 cards with numbers and exercises, which not only teach but give you many moments of exciting fun. The first card shows the number 1, the next one has a neck similar to the number 1. On the next card we find tasks such as: Which clown holds 1 balloon (there are three clowns to choose from), the next card contains the answers to tasks, the fourth presents the lion, the giraffe, crocodile basking in the sun, the task is to find the hidden number 1. The tasks are very simple, which means that the child is not discouraged from learning, although, of course, further cards are becoming increasingly difficult so that the child has a chance for comprehensive development.

The CzuCzu numbers were developed at cooperation of educators and psychologists, so that learning is not only about learning numbers, but also she taught perceptiveness, developed imagination and the ability to think logically. In addition to learning numbers, the child gets to know the seasons and their order, teaches similarities, new words and even segregation of garbage.

Cards are designed for children 4-7 years, although the numbers can be started with a 3-year-old who will probably like colorful pictures and simple exercises.

The whole can be easily packed into a purse and taken with you on a trip or for a walk when the child is bored. Price around PLN 27.


The contrary. Rag activities for children

The contrary. Rag activities for children


In Guiainfantil We propose this activity for your children to start identify opposite words and can begin to use them in different contexts. A very useful tool that will help in your intellectual development.

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An overweight baby. What to do?

When they are small, babies tend to be a little fatter or fatter and appear to be overweight. In most cases it is not about fattening, and most parents' concerns are often unfounded. However, there are cases when the average recommended weight for the baby's age exceeds the recommended values ​​in the growth charts of the specialists, and health problems can appear, both in the short term and in the long term.

Causes of overweight in babies

The weight of your child is an essential indicator for health, even at the age of the baby. Do not try to give them more weight than your doctor recommends, just because you have the impression that they are eating too little or that they are too weak or weak. You risk turning him into an overweight child.

Overweight babies turn, in time, into obese children. Obesity is a serious disease, associated with a lot of extremely serious health risks and conditions. Even though eating is the main cause for weight gain in children, when it comes to babies, there are other factors that predispose the baby to obesity.

The fattening of the baby may be influenced by hereditary, environmental factors (exposure to toxins, smoking during pregnancy, etc.) or even by certain drug treatments to which he is subjected.

What do you do if you have an overweight baby?

The first thing you should do when you suspect your baby's weight is above the normal average for his age is to go to a pediatrician. He will weigh it and measure it in height, to determine the body mass index and to find out whether your weight concern is well founded or not. If the body mass index far exceeds the average value of the accepted weight for his age, the doctor will find out the causes that have produced this effect.

Finding the causes that led to the baby's fattening is essential for the therapeutic measures taken to return to normal weight. The pediatrician will ask you a lot of questions about the baby's routine and diet and sleep schedule. The doctor is trying to find out if any changes in his diet or sleep problems affect his weight.

In addition, he will also investigate whether the drug treatments that he has as a side effect of weight gain and if so, will try to find alternatives.

Baby breastfeeding is one of the most effective measures against overweight and obesity in children. If you can breastfeed the baby, but have chosen not to, maybe it's time to think. According to the specialists, babies fed with milk powder present more risks of becoming overweight than those breastfed.

Therefore, it is important to consider the diet program recommended by your pediatrician and not to make unforeseen changes, as you risk the baby becoming underweight or overweight. Take care, with the diversification of the diet, in the solid foods you introduce in the menu and especially in juices.

Many parents exaggerate with daily servings of juices, without realizing that, although they are natural, they are full of sugars and calories that contribute to weight gain. Introduce juice into nutrition starting at 6 months and limit yourself to a serving of maximum 118 ml per day.

Your baby might become overweight if you get used to calming yourself from crying by sucking on your breast or bottle. When you use breastfeeding or feeding as a method of calming your baby, there is a risk of overeating and fattening. Before resorting to breast or bottle, try to calm him down by sucking, music, rocking or other methods that do not affect his weight or health.

Remember that at the age of the baby, the child has frequent fluctuations of weight, as a natural part of the process of growth and development. Always keep in mind the doctor's advice regarding his diet!

Did your child have problems with weight when he was a baby? Or do you have an overweight baby? How did you manage to put the weight on a normal beech and to straighten the fattening process? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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