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It's my mom. Song of Topo Gigio

It's my mom. Song of Topo Gigio

There is nothing that makes you more excited than seeing your children singing a song full of love and sweetness. Therefore, in Guiainfantil We bring you this musical theme by Topo Gigio dedicated to all the mothers in the world.

It's my mom, it's a song that pays tribute to the mother figure and the vital importance it has in the child's development. Take advantage and teach it to your child to sing it in the Mother's Day.

I'm going to talk about someone special

when he dances he has no rival.

She's wearing jeans night and day

he does everything with great joy.

She is my mother, there is no other like it.

It's my mom, great.

She is like a friend

believe me what I tell you.

It's like one more sister ...

She is my mother, there is no other like it.

It's my mom, great.

It's so sweet and so simple

Mommy is wonderful.

It's like one more sister ...

Wear sneakers like me

And we sing rock and roll together

Hears many records and cassettes

what a girl she looks like.

She is my mother, there is no other like it.

It's my mom, great.

She is like a friend

believe me what I tell you.

It's like one more sister ...

She is my mother, there is no other like it.

It's my mom, great.

It's so sweet and so simple

Mommy is wonderful.

It's like one more sister ...

Topo Gigio

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Slipper from behindI see I see

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The best baby bottles for your baby

The best baby bottles for your baby

Even if you are breastfeeding your baby or you need to give them powdered milk, you should still have at least one bottle in the house.

But what are the safest bottles for your baby? Baby safety is a topic of the day, so you need information to choose the best product.

Most bottles are made of plastic. They may seem like a safer choice for babies - they are lighter and break harder, but they contain chemicals that can migrate into milk or other fluids.

In general, baby bottles are made of polycarbonate, which can release into milk a compound called bisphenol-A (BPA), which has an effect on hormonal activity. This compound can be released when the bottle is sterilized, heated or even just kept at room temperature. Scratch-proof vials can even release twice the amount of chemical compounds.

Studies in several countries (France, Canada, USA) have shown that this chemical compound, BPA, can affect hormonal activity, with consequences on child fertility and development, and may promote the development of certain heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has defined an acceptable daily dose of 0.05 / kg, which is an amount that the body can metabolize and eliminate quickly. But all this authority has recognized that in the case of babies the dose should be even lower.

Consequently, the European Commission made the decision, by Directive 2011/8 / EU, to bans the production and sale of baby bottles with BPA since June 2011.

"There are areas of uncertainty, arising from new research, which have shown that bisphenol A may have an effect on development, immune system reaction or may cause tumors to occur," said European Commissioner for Health John Dalli.

The Green to Grow Company was established in the United States in 2007, with the aim of offering parents concerned about these risks an alternative. The product range includes glass bottles, safe, sophisticated and modern. Produced in the USA, these bottles have a modern and ergonomic design, being comfortable and easy to use.

Gradations are made in relief, being durable over time. They are available in 120 ml and 240 ml versions, with normal neck, and are compatible with the nipples produced by Green to Grow. All plastic elements are BPA-free, for maximum safety.

If glass bottles are recommended for feeding babies, when the baby grows up and begins to hold the bottle in his hand, plastic bottles are safer. That is why the Green to Grow brand offers bottles of a superior plastic material, without bisphenol A, called polyethersulfone (PES), known for its ability to remain stable at a wide temperature variation and for its extraordinary durability.

Being less porous and less reactive compared to similar compounds, PES is better resistant over time to multiple sterilization without degradation. It does not lose its clarity and it does not absorb odors over time. Also, the baby bottles do not match phthalates, and the nipples are made of silicone for medical use.

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How to stimulate the baby from pregnancy

How to stimulate the baby from pregnancy

Early stimulation tries to enhance the functions of the baby's brain, both emotionally and intellectually, through games, exercises and activities. This practice usually begins from the very birth.

However, recent studies show that there is no need to wait for the baby to be born. During pregnancy, the mother can stimulate the baby since the senses develop in the mother's womb and can feel, hear, see, swallow, taste ...

The baby is able to react to external stimuli, be it a loud noise, soft music or intense light, which is why babies already begin to train their senses from the womb. Around week 22 of gestation, the sense organs are already developed and working, so you can start with the intrauterine stimulation from that moment on. How?

1 - Some studies reveal that the children of mothers who have consumed a large amount of fruits and vegetables during pregnancy, especially in the last trimester, do not experience rejection of the taste of these foods. This indicates that the baby can be taught to eat from the womb. The sense of taste will be developed from week 12Therefore, the baby will receive the flavors of the food that his mother eats.

2 - The baby is able to recognize the mother's voice, so it is recommended that you speak calmly, clearly and slowly, something that can relax the baby and transmit calm. It is also a way to stimulate the bond from the womb.

3 - Play music for the baby enriches their physical and emotional development, And it is that when you listen to classics like Mozart or Bach, the heart rate relaxes and induces the baby to a state of serenity.

4 - The advantages of reading to the baby are also recognized: facilitates their future learning, and has an earlier intellectual development. You will also be able to more easily recognize the voices of those who read to you and you will feel more secure. You will learn to distinguish the modulations of the voice and this will be very positive when it is born to be able to reassure you.

5 - Babies develop the sense of touch during pregnancy, therefore, and although we cannot reach the baby or him, the affectionate caresses and massages on the belly they generate a feeling of well-being and peace in the mother that benefits and stimulates the baby.

6 - From the sixth month of pregnancy, the baby will open its eyelids and, although its environment is dark, its pupils can react if there is a strong light source that comes from outside, either the sun or simply pointing a flashlight towards the belly. The baby will be able to distinguish where the light is coming from and will be able to follow it if you move it, thus stimulating your eye muscles.

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Timing of contractions in pregnancy. How come?

The timing of the contractions is easy to do and this can tell you a lot about the stage of labor. Depending on their regularity, duration and intensity, they can be Braxton Hicks contractions or contractions that you still have to work.

Braxton Hicks contractions can fool you into believing that you have gone into labor, when in fact it is just a fake job. To avoid these confusions it is good to schedule your contractions when you feel them. You only need an hour and a half hour of your time.

Timing of contracts:

1. When you think you have regular contractions, take a watch or have someone help you with the timing.

2. Write down the time when the contraction starts.

3. Write down the time when the contraction stopped.

4. The distance between the first and second contraction represents the regularity with which one succeeds.

5. Repeat the procedure several times to obtain an average time.

6. If they are irregular and painless it means they are Braxton Hicks contractions.

7. If they become more intense, more painful and longer than usual and appear every 10 minutes, it means you have gone to work.


1. Don't timer every contraction. Timing them only when they start and then only if you think they have become longer, thicker and more painful.

2. Ignore any contraction you can. The fact that you will be aroused will definitely take you to the hospital faster, but this does not necessarily mean that you will be born faster.

3. If you have any questions or you think something is wrong, call your doctor immediately.

Braxton Hicks contractions and normal contractions

Braxton Hicks contractions are sporadic uterine contractions that start at week 6 of pregnancy, although you may not feel them so early. You will probably start to feel them mid-pregnancy, but you may not even feel them at all (some women do not feel them at all).

As the pregnancy progresses, Braxton Hicks contractions tend to occur more often, but until the last day of pregnancy they will probably remain irregular and painless.

It is good to be cautious when it comes to contractions. If you are 37 weeks pregnant and have more than four contractions per hour, or have any other signs of preterm birth, call your doctor immediately.

In the days or weeks before pregnancy, the contractions may become more rhythmic, closer to each other and even painful. They may mislead you and you may think you are at work. Unlike labor contractions, Braxton Hicks contractions during "false births" do not become longer, stronger or more frequent.

Increasingly frequent and intense, Braxton Hicks contractions can signal pre-labor during which your cervix is ​​thinning and preparing for true labor. These contractions are felt as a strong tightening of the uterus in its upper part and a gradual relaxation of the uterus. Some women may have menstrual cramps all the time.

False work

As labor approaches these contractions can become relatively painful and may appear once every 20 minutes, making you believe that you have entered labor. However, if they do not become stronger, more painful and longer and do not cause neck dilation, they form what is called false labor.

Sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish false labor from the incipient phase of real labor. If you are 37 weeks pregnant, or more, there are some signs that can help you:

• False labor contractions are unpredictable. They come at irregular intervals and vary in duration and intensity. Although contractions of true labor may be irregular at first, over time they will begin to come at more regular and shorter intervals, become more intense, and last longer.

• When it comes to false labor, the pain from contractions is centralized in the lower abdomen area. When it comes to true labor, you will feel pain in the lower back and all over the abdomen.

• Contractions during fake labor can give up on your own or when you start or finish an activity or change your body position. The contacts during the birth, however, will not pass and progress whatever you do.

Most of the time it is not possible to figure out when the real labor started because the early stages of labor resemble the Braxton Hicks contractions that you have for several weeks. When the contractions become more intense, more painful and longer than usual and occur every 10 minutes, you may think that you have gone into labor.

When should I call my doctor?

By the end of pregnancy, your doctor will inform you when you need to tell him that you have contractions or you need to get to the hospital. When giving you this information you will take into account the specific aspects of your case (pregnancy or risky pregnancy, the distance between the hospital and your home, etc.).

If your pregnancy is uncomplicated, it will probably tell you to come to the hospital when you have long contractions of one minute to 5 minutes apart (you schedule a contraction from its beginning to the beginning of the next one).

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