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The importance of dreams during pregnancy

The hormonal changes that occur in a woman's body during pregnancy are huge and can affect the amount and quality of sleep. These are primarily sleepless nights or just the opposite: a woman sleeps better than usual and also appears much more colorful dreams, exciting and detailed.

Usually, when you wake up, you rarely remember what you dreamed of, but in pregnancy this condition changes, the woman experiences very realistic and frequent dreams, which he can easily remember after waking up.

Why does pregnancy make a woman remember dreams better?

Recording events that dream at night is often possible when we wake up during it - that's why we often remember nightmares. During pregnancy, a woman often wakes up, which is caused by pressure on the bladder or even a drilling baby. Therefore, if he wakes up often, he is able to remember his dreams with details.

Pregnant women often feel it too tiredness and go to sleep more often, which also increases the number of dreams. Pregnancy hormones (progesterone), which prolong sleep, are also responsible for the quality and number of dreams. In addition, a pregnant woman approaches everything more emotionally, which then also affects the quality and frequency of dreams. The level of sleep can also be affected by vitamins that a pregnant woman takes, e.g. B vitaminsthat support the brain.

Pregnant women have the same dreams?

Just listen to the stories of future moms about dreams to confirm the belief that they dream similarly. In addition, there are important details that the future mother can describe without problems. These are usually dreams about pregnancy, child and childbirth. It is not surprising that pregnant women have the same dreams, because their thoughts, fears and emotions are very similar - they concern pregnancy.

Dreams in the first trimester of pregnancy

Although pregnancy makes women dream very similarly, they are different because each woman is different. Usually these dreams in the first weeks of pregnancy that show something bad, reflect the fears of the future mother for a child and whether she will meet her mother's duties (e.g. dreams of falling into the abyss). And those that are optimistic are associated with the joy that accompanies the fact of being a mother. They may also appear dreams of small animals, a child with a deformed face - this is due to the fact that a woman wants to see how her child looks, but even on ultrasound, there are still no shapes that would reflect the smallest facial features.

Dreams in the second trimester of pregnancy

The second trimester of pregnancy is usually the most pleasant for the future mother. Nausea disappears and the growing tummy is not too aggressive yet. The woman is very happy with the birth of the child, the shopping craze of tiny clothes and necessary accessories begins. At this time, she often hugs small animals (cats, dogs, chicks, sheep) in a dream, this is a reflection of her feelings for the child. However, if during sleep the animal is aggressive, sick or even restless, it may mean that the woman is concerned about the proper course of pregnancy. During this time, dreams may appear depicting the child who is born sick, which is due to fear of the unborn child. At the end of the second trimester, there may be dreams of not pinning pants, people of huge shapes, which is due to the growing tummy of a woman.

Dreams in the third trimester of pregnancy

During the third trimester, great anticipation begins for a child, a woman wants to have her with her, which is why she often thinks about giving birth. Therefore, a woman often dreams of giving birth, for which she may not make it to the hospital and sometimes "sees" even all the details during delivery, e.g. the face of a child who is usually already 3-4 years old.

At this time, dreams appear about the dangers that await a child - all for fear of an infant and whether the young mother will cope with the care of a new family member. The pregnant tummy is already troublesome, somewhat limiting, which is why in dreams there is often a motive of lifting, staying in large buildings. Because a woman feels less attractive, she often sees in a dream a partner with another woman, which usually results only from her fears.

How to deal with nightmares during pregnancy?

While dreams of a quiet pregnancy and a delightful baby are pleasant, but nightmares are a constant element of the night in most pregnant women and are not pleasant. Tormenting dreams can very effectively discourage a future mother from sleeping. In this situation, it will be helpful to talk to someone close (mother, friend, another woman who has gone through pregnancy) or a doctor who is pregnant.

Sometimes an honest conversation is all it takes for an expectant mother to get rid of concerns about complications in pregnancy, childbirth or even elements of childcare. And instead look for sleepy explanations in dreambooks, it's better to relax before bedtime, talk to someone about your fears, which will probably help you get rid of fears and dark thoughts more.

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