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Vickie Meaning - Origin

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It is also the name of a flower and the name of the Euphrates River region, in Mesopotamia.

It comes from eu-phrasía: "joy, festive feeling", or from eu-phrasís: "good expression or language".

March 13, May 15


  • María Estela Martínez (Isabelita), widow of Juan Domingo Perón and first president of Argentina (1931-)
  • Estelle Getty, American actress (1923-2008)
  • Estrellita Castro, singer (1912-1983)
  • Svetlana Boguinskaya, Russian gymnast (1973-)

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Euphrasia name coloring page printable game

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Great danger for children: home accidents

The number of play accidents and injuries increases with the arrival of the summer holidays and children starting to spend more time outdoors. Bicycle accidents, falling from a wall or tree, and car accidents are among the top causes of children's injuries outside the world.

Acibadem Maslak Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology doctors Assoc. Levent Eralp gave detailed information on the subject:

Injuries can lead to shortness or curvature of the limb!

An important part of the pediatric injuries that occur during summer months is bone and joint injuries. There are significant differences between pediatric fractures and adult fractures. The most important of these, 'growth cartilage', which is called the region of the bone is the injury of the elongation. Injuries in these areas, if treated late or inappropriately, cause shortness and / or curvature of the limb in subsequent years.

Growth cartilage injuries are not life-threatening injuries; but it is very important for the child to have healthy limbs in the future. If the surgical cartilage is not repaired correctly, the leg may remain both short and angled, not straight. More importantly, as the child will continue to grow in length, the amount of shortness and curvature increases until the bone completes its growth. Considering that the growth will continue until the age of 17-18, both the shortness and the curvature continue to increase for a long time as the children in the 8-10 age group have a growth potential of 8-10 years in front of them. For this reason, bone injuries of children should be evaluated by people who have experience in this area and their treatment should be done immediately.

The current treatment method for many children fractures is to restore the fracture fragments as if there were no injuries under an X-ray device called 'scopy' without the opening of the fracture site and to fix the fracture site with the help of wires or screws. In other words, only 4-5 small holes are left in the patient's body after surgery.

Children Heal Better With Adults Ratio!

Depending on the type of bone, the healing time varies between 4 and 8 weeks. While wrist fracture heals in 4 weeks, hip fracture heals in 6-8 weeks.

Because children have more adaptability both mentally and physically than adults, treatment times are shorter. Because all the tissues of children are very elastic, joint stiffness does not develop easily like plaster in adults. Therefore, if the plaster is to be made after the treatment, they get used to the plaster very quickly and they adapt very quickly during the transition period to life after the plaster is removed. Accordingly, the duration of physical therapy of children is much shorter.

Warm compress

We can help you with a lot of complaints, with a little bit more pain with warm compresses.

Warm air is good for many things

One of the oldest, most popular, traditional and all cultures found in all cultures is the use of pickling, which is renaissance. Effective, not too costly and certainly not without side effects, it should be used more often. It is used against many diseases, we can relieve countless symptoms.We should be cautious about warmth in young children: make sure that the compress is not too hot. If you use essential oil, you should always make sure that you can give it to children as well. Compressing is not only good for the body but also for the souls. If a small child is sick, rest, care, babysitting, rest are at least as effective as home practices or medications. Many times especially in the case of children there are psychological causes of the illness: fatigue, too much stimulation, stress, overworked life exhausts the child and wants the immune system to attack. A little baby can think faster when the baby is feeling it, and now he or she gets more attention from the parent. So much raw material can be wasted from the body. Gцrcsцknйl, fбjdalmaknбl, kуlikбnбl, gyulladбsnбl very effective method.Before taking analgesic, soothing, let's try something like this: After a hot bath, rub your body with some quick massage, massage your feet, sock. Let's do something on our stomach and chest that keeps you warm: a hot bottle, a thermos bag available in a pharmacy. Relaxation is a prerequisite for our hands and feet to be pleasantly warm! The best, fastest help for your boots, breasts and breasts boiled potatoes means. Let's cook a bunch of rubber in our skin and press it in an eight-fold folded textile diaper. It can be reheated in the microwave for two days. Be careful not to burn!Sуborogatбst we can use it for a week, wearing a cotton sock or linen bag, warming it before or in the microwave and putting it on the linen area. If cool, we can repeat the stew.Tъrуborogatбssal throat, lymphatic swelling can also be remedied by spreading a heated space on a tissue, wrapping it around the neck so that the spine is approx. Leave 2 fingers portions free. This can be done with another wool or cloth, which can be left overnight or replaced as soon as the space has cooled down.
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