30 Unique Names for Boys

30 Unique Names for Boys

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From 12 months.


  • 25 g of veal (slice in the roast)
  • 3 beautiful green asparagus
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 potato
  • 1 pinch of Provence herbs
  • 1 tablespoon of growth milk or 1 teaspoon of fresh cream
  • 1 fillet of olive oil


You peel all the vegetables, cut them into pieces, then cook them in the pressure cooker with the pinch of provence herbs. Apart from that, you cook the veal in the pan with a little drizzle of oil. When everything is cooked, you mix more or less roughly according to your habit and you add at the end either the growth milk or the cream, and here is ready to feast. Bon appetite the titous !!!!!!!!!!!!
Tips for a healthy marriage after baby: The Williams Way (Episode 2)

Cortes: What's up, y'all?

Alisha: Hey, guys.

Cortes: Say hey, Val.

Alisha: Say hey, Valerie.

Cortes: You gotta look over here. Hey!

Alisha: There you go.

Cortes: So it's Cortes and Alisha.

Alisha: Alisha.

Cortes: And Valerie and Leah, we didn't forget about her either. And we're sitting here chilling. I just got home from work. Having some fun family time. We made a little play mat over here.

Alisha: Her play area. She's pretty much, she's taken over the entire living room so.

Cortes: Your little play area, baby girl. Took over the whole living room.

Alisha: This whole space is pretty much hers.

Cortes: There's toys over there. She got – playing The Lion Guard on TV – so yeah, baby girl. So this is what we typically do after we get off work. We all just sit around together in the living room and play and have some family time. Isn't that right, baby girl? Yay!

Cortes: But tonight is a fun night for me and the wife.

Alisha: Yup.

Cortes: Yup, it is date night.

Alisha: Date night.

Cortes: Date night.

Alisha: Y'all caught us on date night.

Cortes: Date night! Why you reaching for the camera?

Alisha: It's, like, one of our ways to kind of keep our marriage fun and young, like we're still in our 20s, trying to keep that going.

Cortes: Really, we just try to spend some time with each other, so our whole lives just aren't dominated by Val and work.

Alisha: Yeah.

Cortes: You know, we're still married so we like to spend time talking to each other.

Alisha: Keep it fresh.

Cortes: Whoa. Since we have Val and she's not old enough to where she could just sit next to us and not go cray cray, we can't really go out all the time. So we like to have date night at the house. Isn't that right, babe?

Alisha: Yup. Like, our own little date night.

Cortes: Yup. So we usually put her down and then we'll cook dinner together, we'll have some wine because she sleeps, so we could do that. So we'll have some wine and we'll watch a movie, have some cuddle time. Really just sit around and lounge around by each other and talk and catch up.

Alisha: Valerie is asleep, which means date night is in full effect. You ready, babe?

Cortes: I'm ready to get some drink.

Alisha: Oh, some alcohol?

Cortes: Yes.

Alisha: Yeah, we got some wine earlier. I probably haven't had wine in, like, forever. It feels like it's been forever.

Cortes: Well, it's been a little over a week.

Alisha: Yeah, so wine to start off our little date night and then I went ahead –

Cortes: Which one? The bubbly one or the non-bubbly one?

Alisha: Bubbly.

While he was putting Valerie down for bed I went ahead and, like, got our living room back together. So it's back to looking pretty normal. I went ahead and put this table back in its place and moved all her stuff back to over there. And because it is a cold night – I'm so excited about the cold weather – but since it is a cold night, we have lit the fireplace, giving all kinds of, like, cozy date night vibes. My favorite.

And you can't forget the candle as well. I have a candle lit. It is from White Barn and it is the scent cinnamon spiced vanilla. You guys, it smells so good. It smells like cake, like a cinnamon cake. It smells amazing and it makes you hungry, but it's pretty amazing.

Cortes: The menu for tonight: We have some Italian sausage and rigatoni. Pasta for two.

Alisha: Don't judge us, y'all. Like, we are tired.

Cortes: We're tired. We have no time.

Alisha: It's been a long day.

Cortes: Yes, yes, it would be cheaper to buy all these ingredients, but we don't got time for that. And a certain somebody doesn't do leftovers.

Alisha: If it was a weekend it'd be different. We actually would go all out and like cook like a full-course meal and stuff like that.

Cortes: Because we can cook, like, in the middle of the day. So usually I'll cook in the middle of the day. I'll, like, grill or I'll cook, like, something from scratch, but it's during the week we have work.

Alisha: And it's, like, 8:30 at night.

Cortes: Yes, exactly it is. Take what you can get.

Alisha: Let me go ahead and get this Italian sausage.

Cortes: She can't say "sausage."

Alisha: Babe, stop.

Cortes: She can't say "sausage," y'all. So instead of saying "sausage," she says "saush, saush."

Alisha: Stop. He's getting on my nerves already, and we're just starting date night. Oh, it smells good. This smells really good.

Cortes: It smells good?

Alisha: Yeah. The pasta is looking good.

All right, so dinner is done, you guys. We got our salad over here, our pasta over here. I don't have too much because I'm not very hungry, but Cortes is.

Cortes: Even if you were. Even if you were hungry.

Alisha: What?

Cortes: I was gonna say, "Even if you were hungry you wouldn't eat that much."

Alisha: That is true.

Cortes: We're about to turn the lights down low and stop recording so we can actually enjoy our date night.

Alisha: Kinda get more of that romantic date night vibe. And just talk and kinda just –

Cortes: Enjoy the night.

Alisha: Enjoy the night, catch up, having some one-on-one time, so we'll talk to you guys in a little bit.

Cortes: So it's after dinner. We are chilling and watching some TV. We're about to play a movie.

Alisha: Watching House Hunters, well for right now.

Cortes: But we're about to watch a movie. No phones, try to focus and cuddle and have some alone time. How was dinner, babe?

Alisha: It was good. I will say that even though, like, the little pasta meals are not homemade, they're actually pretty, pretty good.

Cortes: They're pretty tasty.

Alisha: It took like 10 minutes to make, but they're really good. Like, I enjoyed it.

Cortes: Yeah.

Alisha: A good little meal.

Cortes: That's been our thing for a while. We will do that, eat dinner, candlelight, talk, and it's always –

Alisha: We been doing that since we got married.

Cortes: Yeah, we been doing that since we got married.

Alisha: Like, two years ago.

Cortes: And it's, like, a really good way for us to unwind and talk to each other and not, like, be on our phones and stuff like that. So it's really nice. That's our first tip for how to keep a healthy marriage after having a baby. It actually takes some time to spend with each other. You don't have to be eating dinner or doing anything like that. I mean, y'all could be sitting there holding the baby just talking to each other and just regularly try to spend some time together.

Alisha: Communicate.

Cortes: Communicate. We do that every single week, maybe sometimes a couple times a week. We always spend some time to sit down and talk to each other one on one.

Tip number two: Schedule extracurricular activities because it may not–

Alisha: With a baby – no – real talk.

Cortes: With a baby it may not happen because –

Alisha: Real talk – it may not happen.

Cortes: Because, like, with her, she sleeps through the night, yeah, but as soon as you put her down you're ready to go to sleep.

Alisha: We go to sleep.

Cortes: You wanna go to sleep. We both work during the day, so if you don't schedule those types of things, it may never happen.

Alisha: I agree.

Cortes: That's just not the thing you think we're talking about, but that's also like a date or what we just did, like, a little time to just chill together.

Alisha: Cook together.

Cortes: Cook together, schedule it.

Alisha: Watch movies together.

Cortes: Schedule it.

Alisha: Just schedule it, I agree.

Cortes: Definitely schedule it, and if y'all use a schedule, put it on the schedule. Oh, she got some cookies. We got cookies. Mine are sitting on the table. If you don't schedule it, it may never happen.

Tip number three, y'all: So this was something that we really have to work on, but whatever you did that got you to this point, keep doing it.

Alisha: Yeah.

Cortes: And what I mean is, like, if y'all are the type that always went out, went to the club and went dancing or something, something like that, continue doing that.

Alisha: We said the same thing.

Cortes: Yeah, yeah, we're on the same page. Get a babysitter and go do that stuff. Like for us, we like to chill.

Alisha: We're big homebodies.

Cortes: Yeah, so our thing is sitting around and watching movies together. So we actually have to make sure that –

Alisha: Drinking wine together at the house.

Cortes: Yeah, that we still do that. We still chill, we watch a movie together. Because I mean, honestly, that's why y'all got married – because y'all like doing that stuff together, so you gotta keep doing it. Like, just 'cause you have a baby doesn't mean you gotta stop.

Alisha: Yeah, just don't, like, lose sight of who you were as a couple.

Cortes: Yes, yes, baby. She beat me to it.

Alisha: But yeah, those are kind of our little tips to kind of, like, keep your marriage kind of fun and spicy and just have a good time, even though a baby has come into the picture. Just kind of doing those simple things here and there can definitely make a difference, and it kind of keeps us feeling like our old self.

Cortes: Yeah, it does. It does.

Alisha: Like our old selves and kind of keeping us, you know, just keeping the spice alive in our marriage.

Cortes: Y'all are on the same team.

Alisha: It makes a huge difference.

Cortes: That's a big one: Y'all are on the same team.

Alisha: Yeah.

Cortes: You know, so take the time to celebrate that y'all made it another day.

Alisha: With your sanity.

Cortes: Exactly. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly.

Alisha: Yeah, I agree, babe. We're about to go ahead and end out the vlog. I hope you guys enjoy it. Again, I am Alisha.

Cortes: And I'm Cortes.

Alisha: And we are The Williams Way here on YouTube. So if you guys wanna see more of our everyday life, lots more including with Valerie and all that good stuff, check out our YouTube channel and, yeah, we'll talk to y'all in the next video. Bye guys.

Cortes: See y'all later.

Video production by The Williams Way.

How To Have A Strong Marriage After Having Kids

Like at home…

Like at home…

Like at home…

Ideal for small hands, My first home Lego Duplo helps toddlers from 18 months to relive the activities of the daily by the game 19,99 € (Lego Duplo).

Where to find it?

This year, another flu virus strain is on the table than last year

Too much blood would like to be vaccinated against influenza, so the vaccine ran out. Unlike last year, we have to deal with another round of viruses this time.

This year, another flu virus strain is on the table than last yearInfluenza This time the viral stock causes influenza. Last year I had to deal with the B-series. The two most common are the strain with three and four component vaccines, so any vaccine can provide adequate protection over the next few weeks or months. The MTI cites Sanofi's announcement that the shortfall has surged despite the fact that vaccine coverage for this season has increased by over one hundred percent. According to market information, the three component vaccine is still available.In Hungary, the number of people vaccinated against influenza the need for a vaccine for the second year is growing. This may be due to the fact that last year there was a serious bout and that more people are recognizing that vaccination is the best way to prevent influenza. Sanofil also said that the two most common are However, at this stage of the law, this is still a valid option - any vaccine can provide adequate protection against the effects expected in the coming weeks or months.Related articles about influenza:
  • If your immune system is weaker, vaccination is strongly recommended
  • How Long Does The Influenza Patient Infect?
  • Symptoms of influenza
Natural immunity in babies

Natural immunity in infants is very weak and limited for a short period of time. It is a well-known fact that babies born naturally have a stronger immune system than those born by caesarean section. Equally true is that babies fed as much as possible with breast milk develop a more "efficient" immune system than those fed with powdered milk.
Because their immune system is deficient, it is recommended to vaccinate babies according to the national scheme for mandatory vaccines. Vaccines, consisting of weak or dead bacteria, are injections or may be administered orally. Vaccines save hundreds of thousands of lives annually.
When a baby has not been fed breast milk, it takes about a month until he can develop an effective immune system. During this month, if the baby becomes ill, certain immunities may never develop because his or her system may be so overloaded with this microbe that he or she may start to believe that the virus is a normal thing. circulate through the blood.
Breast milk from the first days after birth is the most concentrated in nutrients and is called colostrum. This milk contains substances that will protect your baby from viruses. The concentration of immune factors in colostrum is higher than in the milk of more mature stages.
Breast milk also contains special nutrients called "prebiotics" that encourage the culture of "good bacteria" needed to develop the immune system. These good bacteria also contribute to the regulation of digestion.
If you cannot breastfeed your child or have chosen not to, you can strengthen the immune system by buying milk containing "prebiotics". This is very important especially for babies born by Caesarean section, who have a deficient immune system.
Alexandra Ilie

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Baby blood pressure monitor - how to choose?

Sometimes there is a need to measure a child's blood pressure, which many parents are concerned about. How to measure if it is a condition keeping calm and staying still? Is pressure testing possible for an infant and energetic two-year-old? After all, which device to choose to make the pressure measurement accurate? This is what this article is about.

Shoulder only

We do not choose wrist blood pressure monitors for a child. The shoulder device is one good choice. However, before you decide on a specific model, you must pay attention to cuff size. In general, mechanical devices, unlike electronic ones, have a larger selection of cuff sizes that can also be carefully adjusted to the youngest children (even newborns).

Fit well!

Only well-fitted cuffs allow you to get it the exact result of the measurement. The blood pressure cuff must not be too small or too large. For small children, there is a risk that it will be too loose.
So how do you adjust the cuff? You can choose a universal or non-standard cuff - created for children.

How to choose a baby's blood pressure cuff?

The size of the cuff you need will be known, measuring arm halfway between shoulder and elbow. The result obtained in this way will be minimum circumference. It is worth remembering that when inflating in the cuff it must be two-finger slack.

The cuff, and actually its rubber inner part, should cover the entire circumference of the arm (within 80-100%), and its width - 75% of the length of the arm measured from the shoulder to elbow appendix. Attention should be paid to the cuff did not compress the lower edge of the armpit, and there must be space above the elbow (in the case of mechanical sphygmomanometers) for placing the handset without applying pressure.

Type of power supply

For the smallest children battery power is best. This is because thanks to it we can measure in all conditions. An additional convenience may be the selection of devices from possibility of mains supply.

Additional features of the children's blood pressure monitor

For a baby's blood pressure monitor, it is very important that the measurement could be made quickly. This is because most toddlers has trouble staying still. It can be useful manual pressure setting in the sleeve, which allows you to decide for yourself what level is the cuff to be inflated to? (e.g. this is possible on Microlife devices). In this way you can shorten the examination time and reduce your child's stress. Another solution may be semi-automatic sphygmomanometer, which allows you to manually pump air using the pump and decide for yourself how long you should inflate the cuff with air.

Another useful feature in children's blood pressure monitors can be body movement detection function (e.g. in Tech-Med), which informs that during measurement of pressure the child moved, which is associated with a high risk of incorrect measurement.

How do you measure your child's pressure?

During the measurement the child cannot eat, talk or move. The toddler should be calm, any stress and nervousness can bring serious problems with the diagnosis and evaluation of the obtained result.

Four household chores to avoid during pregnancy

Most popular names for boys that begin with the letter N

Most popular names for boys that begin with the letter N

There are times when naming your baby becomes a difficult decision. While some want to follow the family tradition In names for boys, others prefer a more personalized name for their baby.

To help with this task a bit, we have arranged popular names for boys according to their starting letter. In this list of names beginning with letter N you will surely find the best name for your child.

1. Nicolas. It is a name of Greek origin with a meaning that speaks of victory. It is an elegant name that provides a sophisticated touch because it has not been worn down by use. And it is that Nicolás is still very topical.

2. Nestor. The name is of Greek origin and has been passed down to us through Homer's Iliad. Although its meaning is related to the memory, the name sounds prudent and balanced, characteristics that will also accompany your child.

3. Nelson. It is a name of Irish origin with a meaning that speaks of champions, a statement of intent for your child. The name enjoys great popularity in Latin America and it is inevitable to relate it to the charisma of the icon Nelson Mandela.

4. Norman. The name is of Germanic origin and refers to those who come from the north. It is a name that is gaining popularity among our children because it has an original and elegant air. In addition, this name that spreads throughout the world is not lacking in personality and charisma.

5. Noel. This name is of French origin and inevitably refers us to Christmas. Like it because it sounds modern, although it has been known since ancient times, and for that original and charismatic touch that will reinforce the personality of your child.

6. Nathan. It is the English version of a name of Hebrew origin whose meaning refers to a gift from the gods. In this variant it is elegant and current, although the name is not new, as we already find it in the biblical stories.

7. Norberto. The name has a Germanic origin and a meaning that tells us of the splendor of the people of the north. It is a traditional name that has not been widely used, so it maintains an original and distinguished air.

8. Nicanor. This name has a Greek origin and literally means "victor". We are facing one of those traditional names with an unusual charisma that have managed to reinvent themselves to be current at all times.

9. Nereo. It is a name of Greek origin totally linked to the classical mythological tradition. Nereus was a Greek marine divinity, specifically the god of the waves of the sea, so it seems to us one of the most attractive names for your child.

10. Narcissus. Again a name of Greek origin from mythology, represented in the figure of that young man so beautiful that he could not help but admire himself observing his reflection in the waters of a lake. Beauty and seduction are the qualities that will always accompany Narcissus.

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