What Happens to Your Body After You Have a Baby

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Do you want to be a dad and do you have sex often? If you still do not know how often it is better to have sex to get pregnant, find out what he tells us about this frequency doctor Pacheco. How many days of sexual abstinence are recommended for the quality of semen to be better when you want to be a dad?

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Renée pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Renée pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Feminine Rene, Latin renatus, born a second time (by baptism). Saint René Goupil, a Jesuit, was killed in 1642 by the Iroquois. His birthday: October 19th. Its derivatives: Renata, Rena, Nata, Renatka.

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10 recipes of compotes for baby

10 recipes of compotes for baby
A new strain of influenza threatens the health of Romanians

This summer, a new strain of summer has emerged which could greatly increase the number of illnesses in the cold season this year. This new strain of influenza, known as "Solomon Island" threatens the lives of Romanians because, according to doctors, they have low immunity to it.
Fortunately, the flu vaccine recommended by the World Health Organization has this new strain, similar to the one it replaces.
Our country is ready for the next pandemic. Infectious disease specialists say they were expecting the influenza virus to change their strain because 40 years have passed since the last human influenza pandemic, this period being identified with the evolutionary cycle of the virus.
Influenza transmission is done through coughing in closed spaces such as work places, school, high school, kindergarten, but also trains and buses.
Laura Moise
October 31, 2007