Week 25 of pregnancy

Week 25 of pregnancy

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Curiosity about abortion!

1) What is abortion? Why is it done? Abortion is the method used to terminate pregnancy. In non-pregnant, intrauterine surface tissue (endometrium) sampling (biopsy) is also called abortion.2) Who can have an abortion and up to what week of pregnancy? abortion until the 10th week of pregnancy can be done legally in Turkey. 3) Is there a risk of abortion? If so what? Risks, bleeding, infection, organ damage, as in any intervention. Although it is very rare, internal organs may be damaged by perforation of the uterus. To reduce this risk, it is correct to perform the intervention under ultrasound image.4) How is abortion performed? In the abortion process, under the anesthesia, the cervix is ​​enlarged with instruments that we call dilators. Then, the tissue inside the uterus is vacuumed out by entering the enlarged cervix with a vacuum catheter.5) What should be done after abortion? Operation is daily. You wake up 5 minutes after the procedure and you will usually be discharged after 1 hour. A decreasing amount of bleeding is expected between 7-10 days after the operation. Imaging should then be performed to confirm that there is nothing left in the uterus.6) Does abortion affect or prevent subsequent pregnancies? Today, vacuum procedures do not affect subsequent pregnancies. The scraping method used in the past made it difficult to conceive because it damaged the inner surface of the uterus, causing adhesions to form.7) Is it clear at the next examinations that abortion is performed? After a period of time after the abortion operation, the examinations do not reveal that you have had an abortion before.8) Are there other methods used to terminate unwanted pregnancy? Nowadays, in many countries, the termination of pregnancy with the help of medicine which can be called as medical medical evacuation is used. With the use of two drugs, uterine contractions are low. A small percentage of this procedure under medical supervision requires abortion for the remaining tissues. This method does not apply in Turkey.Organized by: Ege EBCİN
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Dads: money, budgets and providing for your family

Being a dad and a provider

Most dads want to be more than just the person who brings in the money. But it's normal to worry about whether you're a 'good enough' provider.

Part of this worry is often to do with going from two incomes to one. Another part could be general nerves about becoming a dad.

I did go through stages when I'd sit bolt upright certain nights and look at my partner and the bump in her tummy and go, 'Gosh - I've got to provide for these guys'.
- Roger, expectant dad (30 weeks)

Budgets and budgeting for baby

To your baby, the material stuff is much less important than being cuddled and loved by you.

But getting ready for baby can still be very expensive. Even the basic equipment and home preparations can put a dent in the household budget. If you're feeling the strain, you could look for other options, like borrowing or hiring some equipment, or buying second-hand when it's safe to do this.

You should only buy, borrow or accept second-hand baby equipment that has the mandatory Australian Standards label and safety features. It's also good to check the condition of an item physically before you buy or borrow.

Your 'help reflex' as a dad

Friends and family might offer to help out by buying some of the smaller things - for example, nappies - or even some big-ticket items - for example, a cot or pram.

Check your help reflex - how you feel and what you say when someone offers to help.

For example, when someone asks how you're going, do you instantly say, 'I'm fine'? Or if someone said, 'We'd like to buy a car seat for the baby', what would you say? 'We'll be right, thanks'?

Some dads see offers of help as intrusions on their territory as providers. Some might feel that people are judging them for not being able to handle things. But when people offer to help, they're not usually judging or trying to step on your toes. In fact, they'll probably be glad if you say exactly what brand of nappy that you want. You don't have to do it all when others are willing to lend a hand.

When you accept people's help, you not only take the pressure off yourself - you also have more time to be there for your partner and baby.

Negotiating offers of financial help

Although most offers of financial help are well meant, sometimes you might feel that they come with conditions or expectations.

If this sounds like your situation, you could start by deciding with your partner on exactly how and how often you're both happy for in-laws, family, friends and others to help out with money. It's OK for you and your partner to set the ground rules. This might take some time, negotiation and compromise.

It can help if you and your partner come up with a response beforehand, so that you're both prepared if an offer comes your way.

Money stress

Some men have money worries even before they find out they're having a baby. The pregnancy and baby's arrival can make things even harder. For example, you might be on a low wage, have lost your job, have gambling problems, or still be paying off a HECS debt or other debts.

Ongoing financial worries can be a burden that takes away from your peace of mind and ability to enjoy life.

Getting help with money issues
Becoming a dad can be the perfect time to make big changes to your life, including sorting out your money situation.

Getting help with your finances is a responsible thing to do. There's no shame in doing something to help yourself and your family move towards a better financial situation.

A financial counsellor might be able to explain options for dealing with bills and help you create a budget that works for you.

The Commonwealth Financial Counselling program offers free financial counselling to individuals, families and small business operators who are experiencing financial difficulty.

Centrelink offers free information and education to everybody through its Financial Information Service.

Working to a budget is a challenge, but the rewards are worth it. If you slip off budget, just commit to it again and get back on track. Try to learn from the slip rather than being hard on yourself or your partner.

Things to do

  • Discuss and agree with your partner before the baby is born about how and when you'll accept help, and from whom. Think about what you'll say when people offer help.
  • Learn about managing money and budgeting.
  • Look into Dad and Partner Pay and other government parenting payments.

7 mistakes made by parents' WhatsApp groups

7 mistakes made by parents' WhatsApp groups

Even tiny babies can have a twist. It is important to recognize in time that something is wrong with your baby and to see a doctor immediately. This is more than a "kaki".


It is very frightening for a child to have a child who has no child for days. Many people think that he will surely be upset because he cannot fight. Conversely, if you have more than one day of droop, it is it can also refer to bowels.Accordingly, it is not necessary to record it on a monthly basis, and it is not certain that it has an organic problem in the background, as for other reasons it is not possible for a child to conceive. This may be the case when you are switching from breast milk to diet or starting your diet. These can be dealt with relatively quickly and can relieve unpleasant distress. But what if the child has no birth due to bowel movement? How am I going to recognize it? Symptoms include:
  • the child seems to be quite healthy
  • sudden, hairy, persistent, painful stomach cramps (this can be taken up baby by turning sideways to swallow the feet in the sweat)
  • Green vomiting may also occur
  • bloated belly, hard, almost impossible to push
  • chronic heart disease problems, incapacitation of normal heart and body
  • we do not hear belly voices
If these symptoms are recognized, you should not wait any longer, consult a pediatrician immediately, because the patient's condition may suddenly get worse.

What is Twilight?

Tension (ileus) means bowel involvement, which may be partial or complete closure in the bowel. This occurs when the intestines are, for some reason we can't get it out neither the diet nor the slag. It is a kind of developmental disorder. It is mechanical and non-mechanical. Research has shown that around one in every thousand people has had a history of twitching and newborns.


Some babies are born with cystic fibrosis and may develop the symptoms of fetal bowel encephalitis, which can be found in the small intestine. All this is woven with inadequate growth of the intestines. Some newborns can temporarily block the colon, so the movement does not start immediately after birth, only after a few days. Insufficient amounts of pancreatic enzymes in cystic fibrosis infants and, as we know, lead to digestive problems.


Infants and children are most distressed infectious diseases They may be affected by upper respiratory illnesses and illnesses. Statistics show that it is most common in children aged 3-12 months and more common in young children.

Examination, treatment

When the doctor examines the child with a stethoscope, you will not hear a voice as normal dementia has stopped. In some cases, x-rays, ultrasound, CT scans, blood tests may be needed to make an accurate diagnosis.


The little patient in the hospital бgynyugalomra have to wake up. The intestines are also said to be at rest, solid diets are not consumed, and intake of the intestines takes a few days to relieve. In some cases, you can remove waste material from the bowel when you stop bridging and prescribe antibiotics. This is necessary to prevent the occurrence of tubular inflammation of the peritoneum. In some cases, surgical intervention, ie, abdominal surgery, is required. In part, you know that not all twists have an operation. There is no great possibility of alternative healing in bowel movements. It is, however, important to set the tone for prevention. The intestines can be addressed with healthy diet, a good fiber-rich and fat-free diet even in later childhood.
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Impressive image: this is under the breast milk microscope

Impressive image: this is under the breast milk microscope

It is absolutely incredible how we can experience to the smallest detail how wonderful breast milk is.

Breast milk under a microscope

Breast milk, or as it is called, a liquid gold really a miracle. It's not too surprising that a video where a female microscope put breast milk underneath the web - reports fitpregnancy.com. this number is only increasing.For the video, he enthusiastically said, "It's so nice to see that breast milk is really moving and it turns out to be just the way it is. Just as it turned out, I heard that the composition of breast milk was changing according to the needs of the child. So, for example, when they are sick, they are full of antibodies, "he said. This video also convinces suspects that breast milk is a miracle:They may also be interested in breast milk:
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Angela: origin and meaning of the name for girl Angela

Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for girls to help you in this important choice. We highlight the name in the dictionary of meaning of names: Angela.

Saint Angela de Merici founded the congregation of the Ursuline sisters.

It comes from ágguelos: "messenger"

January 4, January 27, March 2, May 5 and November 5


  • Angela Molina, actress (1956-)
  • Ángela Carrasco, singer (1952-)
  • Angela Lansbury, actress (1925-)
  • Angela Merkel, politician (1954-)

Angela name coloring pages printable for kids

Angela: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Angela name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Angela coloring page printable game

Drawings of the names. Angela name to color and print

Talking Tom and Friends Characters In Real Life!

How to make homemade vanilla and cinnamon perfume with children

If you like crafts, we propose a very simple one that your child will surely love ... would you like learn to make homemade perfume? You don't need many things, although you do need patience, so it can also help you practice the value of patience with your children.

In this case, we teach you to do a vanilla and cinnamon perfume. Write down everything you need and ... let's get to work!

  • 70ºC alcohol
  • Vegetable oil. The best is almond oil.
  • 2 vanilla beans
  • Water
  • Cinnamon
  • Knife or scissors

1. Cut the vanilla beans into small pieces. Do not forget to make a cross section in each of the pieces.

2. Now put the pieces of vanilla in a glass jar and add the cinnamon in small pieces.

3. Cover the vanilla and cinnamon with rubbing alcohol.

4. You have to let this mixture marinate for two weeks, in a dark and dry place. Then you open the bottle and add a teaspoon of almond oil and two tablespoons of water. Let it marinate for another week ... and that's it! You already have your homemade vanilla and cinnamon perfume.

Πως να φτιάξετε κολόνια με πολυ απλά υλικά

Karaoke for the whole family. Sing the nursery rhyme Under a button with Ragged Bear, the mascot of GuiaInfantil.com,and discover the benefits of karaoke for children.

With this video, children will be able to learn and follow the lyrics of the traditional song 'Under a button' and at the same time sing it and have a fun time with their parents and friends.

The Ragged Bear invites the children to sing the lyrics and learn one of their favorite songs.

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