Graciana: origin and meaning of the name for girl Graciana

Graciana: origin and meaning of the name for girl Graciana

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Breastfeeding after breast cancer

Although every year they are diagnosed 22,000 new cases, 85 percent of these women are cured. What's more, the interventions have advanced so much that it is even possible to breastfeed the baby after breast cancer, when the lesions are detected in their initial phase.

The doctor Armando Tejerina, gynecologist, director of the Breast Pathology Center and president of the Tejerina Foundation, assures that 'disease-free women can even have two or three children and breastfeed, if they so wish.

It is proven that this practice does not aggravate their situation, but they must be patients whose degree of secondary affectation in the future is low. It would be important for the woman to breastfeed her child for three or four months. '

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every 30 seconds, somewhere in the world, breast cancer is diagnosed. Currently, breast cancer is the most common among women throughout the world, and it is increasing especially in developing countries.

Early detection to improve the prognosis and survival of women with breast cancer remains the cornerstone of the fight against this disease.

Mammography is a very simple and fast test, which can detect 90 percent of tumors. It is already considered a routine test that all women between 45 and 69 years of age should perform, with an interval of one to two years. However, fear of diagnosis, lack of risk perception and loss of confidence in the test are the main reasons why 9 percent of women have never had a mammogram.

The existence in the family of breast cancer cases constitutes the main risk factor, since numerous studies have revealed that genetic inheritance plays an important role in the incidence of breast cancer. An active lifestyle, aimed at preventing obesity, are the factors that most influence the prevention of these tumors and that could reduce the probability of its appearance. However, incidence figures continue to grow due to the progressive aging of the population in developing countries and increasingly early diagnosis.

Breastfeeding today is less important than we thought years ago in the partial prevention of breast cancer. Dr. Tejerina assures that 'if you have children at an early age, around 24 years of age, and the mother prolongs breastfeeding for more than 3 months, the percentage of cancer can decrease. But when breastfeeding is around the age of 40, that protective factor decreases.

In today's society, women have children around the age of 35 in general, we even see women in their 40s who are breastfeeding, we do not see clear benefits. One of the reasons is the physiological partial involution of the gland's own lactation and pregnancy, which improves or prevents breast cancer, but at younger ages the possibilities are higher.

Breastfeeding must be natural and prolonged for at least 3 months to produce a clear benefit, both for the mother and the newborn. '

Given the importance of breast cancer and its impact, not only on the affected woman, but also on her family, on this Day, from municipalities, health centers, hospitals and women's associations campaigns are being carried out around the world. to psychologically help these people to cope with the disease in a positive way.

Today, breast cancer can only be a parenthesis in a woman's daily life. Their partner and psycho-oncologists can help these women a lot to think that this cancer is something momentary and, after a while, they will return to what they were before.

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Asymmetrical position of the feet


- My 10-month-old girl started to go for the dress. The problem is that only with the left goes well with the right goes on top. When standing up it has the same problem. Do I have to worry?


The asymmetrical position of the feet and the walking on the tips with one foot, may be due to the fact that it has one foot shorter than the other, a situation that occurs most frequently in congenital hip dislocation.

The asymmetrical position of the feet and the walking on the tips with one foot, may be due to the fact that it has one foot shorter than the other, a situation that occurs most frequently in congenital hip dislocation.
Congenital hip dislocation (LCS) or congenital hip dysplasia, is a defect in the development of the hip joint, which occurs in intrauterine life and whose causes are insufficiently known. It is more common in girls than in boys and more frequent in the left hip than in the right.
It is considered that: family history of LCS, pelvic presentation at birth, high birth weight of the newborn, maternal-fetal disproportion (big baby / short mother), twin pregnancy, oligohydramnios (small quantity amniotic fluid), certain defects of foot and knee would be risk factors for the onset of LCS.

All newborns are clinically screened immediately after birth for LCS signs; In some cases, however, this defect is evident only after a few months after birth, sometimes, unfortunately, even later, when the baby starts to walk.
Any movement or asymmetrical posture of the lower limbs, inequality of length of the lower limbs (apparent shortening of a limb), asymmetry of the skin folds (different number of skin formed by the skin from the inside of the thigh to the left limb from the right one), and more late, when the child begins to walk: the position on the tips at one foot, the walking on the tips with one foot, the patter, all are signs that require the examination of the child in order to detect a pathology of the balance.
Clinical examination it is the first and most important gesture in detecting an LCS: a careful inspection of the limbs followed by specific maneuvers can detect a child at risk of LCS. For confirmation, the ultrasound scan and / or the x-ray may be indicated below (in children over 5 months).
Treatment it can be orthopedic (which uses various devices to immobilize the hip joint in a position meant to correct this defect) or surgical, depending on the type of dislocation, severity and age of the child and can extend over long periods of time. The earlier the treatment is initiated, the greater the chances that the cure will be performed without consequences.
Since your little girl is already 10 months old, I advise you to contact a pediatric specialist or directly to a pediatric orthopedist as soon as possible for an examination for possible LCS.
Alina Pop-Began
- Resident physician -
-Anesthesia and intensive care-

Specialist details

Counting quickly and well, it is acquired. Find out how your child learns in class and our tips and tricks, to use without moderation at home, so that mathematics is ... a breeze!

  • Until recent developments, the mental calculation was content with a perfect memorization of the addition tables to the cycle II and multiplication to the cycle III. Since the redesign of the official programs of 2002, this theme has once again become fundamental in the teaching of mathematics. Beyond the memorized results, it is the child's ability to "play" quickly with numbers that is targeted. We will talk about automated procedures.

When does it start?

  • Throughout elementary schoolingat CP, mental calculation times are set up. They continue until the end of CM2.
  • Exercises to practice mental arithmetic: CE2, CM1, CM2.

In class, how long does it last?

  • On the agenda today, 15 minutes dailys. In general, the mathematical time of the day begins with mental arithmetic. It is not mandatory that these calculations are related to the lesson that will follow - geometry for example.

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Fennel and anise, natural remedies for insufficient lactation

Fennel and anise, natural remedies for insufficient lactation
Ski: opt for the "Famille plus montagne" resorts

Major risks of contraceptive use

Studies show that about 150 million women worldwide are taking contraceptives. The use of contraceptives is the most convenient and reliable alternative for many when it comes to avoiding pregnancy. However, questions about the benefits and risks that may arise from this cause are very common.

In any case, before you start taking contraceptives, it is good to thoroughly research this topic to know exactly what risks you are exposed to and how these pills can change your life. Dr. Silviu Istoc, obstetrician-gynecologist tells us what are the most common side effects and the most important risks of using contraceptives.

Contraceptives cause weight gain

Many women associate weight gain with contraceptive use, but studies have shown that their effect on weight is small, if it occurs in women taking such pills.

"In fact, it is about fluid retention, which can create the sensation of increased volume, especially in the breasts, hips and thighs. Estrogens in birth control pills do not affect fat cells, the only effect on them is that they make them bigger, but no more, "says the gynecologist Dr. Silviu Istoc.

Contraceptives influence the occurrence of cancer

Scientific evidence suggests that using contraceptive pills for longer periods of time increases the risk of developing certain types of cancer, such as cervical cancer and liver cancer, but the results are not consistent. Most data show that contraceptive pills do not increase the overall risk of cancer.

"The birth control pill may lower the risk of other cancers, including ovarian and endometrial cancer. As for the risk of breast cancer, some very early studies have shown a connection between the use of the pill and breast cancer - most likely from the cause of the high dose of estrogen found in contraceptive pills in the past. But today's pills have a much lower estrogen dose, which does not affect the percentage of breast cancer risk, "says Dr. Silviu Istoc, obstetrician-gynecologist.

Contraceptives affect cholesterol levels

When we think about weight gain, we inevitably talk about cholesterol levels in the body, which is not exactly a correct and implicit association. Specialized research has shown that contraceptives are likely to influence cholesterol levels, but only in certain situations.

"Contraceptive pills can affect cholesterol levels, but this process depends on the type of contraceptive you take and what estrogen or progestogen concentration it contains. More estrogen contraceptive pills can have a slightly beneficial overall effect on blood lipid levels. Generally, however, the changes are not significant and do not affect the general health, "explains Dr. Silviu Istoc, obstetrician-gynecologist.

Contraceptive pills alter blood pressure

Regardless of the type of birth control you choose alone or with your gynecologist, if you have problems with your blood pressure, it is best to avoid this time of contraception.

"Contraceptives can easily raise your blood pressure. If you opt for such a method, it is advisable to monitor your blood pressure and its variations. If you already have high blood pressure, it is best to talk to your gynecologist and he will tell you if you should change the method of contraception or opt for another ", says the gynecologist Dr. Silviu Istoc.

The influence of contraceptives on women over 35 years

As we grow older, our body changes and different effects occur at its level, in the case of contraceptive use. Smoking together with the effects created by contraceptives can cause the appearance of cardiovascular diseases, so after 35 years it is good not to associate the two elements.

"If you are healthy and not smoking, you can continue to take birth control pills even after the age of 35. However, contraceptive pills are not recommended if you are 35 or older and accustomed to smoking because of In this case, you must quit smoking before continuing safely, using contraceptives ", completes the gynecologist Dr. Silviu Istoc.

The use of contraceptives causes emotional sensitivity

Most women suffer from excessive emotional sensitivity, even before taking contraception. But, as can be noticed by people who consume such pills, they also generally influence the emotional side of women.

"Contraceptive pills can increase emotional sensitivity, especially in those who suffer from it. It is not necessary that this symptom should occur in all contraceptive users. However, it is good to avoid antidepressants, because in combination with contraceptives, they can greatly affect the libido, "explains gynecologist Silviu Istoc.

Dr. Silviu Istoc is a specialist obstetrician-gynecologist at the Medicover Hospital, within the Department of Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery. More details can be read on and on the Facebook page: //

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Letter of the National Anthem of Venezuela for children

Letter of the National Anthem of Venezuela for children

The Venezuelan National Anthem was created under the name "Gloria al bravo pueblo" in 1881 and according to historical data, Vicente Salias and Juan José Landaeta are the respective authors of the lyrics and music of this song. In we show you the most recent version of the National anthem of Venezuela for children, so they can practice it at home and in school music classes.


Glory to the brave people

that the yoke threw,

the law respecting

virtue and honor.

Verse I

Down chains

shouted the lord,

and the poor man in his hut

freedom asked,

to this holy name

trembled with dread

the vile selfishness

that again triumphed.

Verse II

Let's shout with vigor

die oppression,

faithful compatriots

strength is union;

and from the Empyrean

the supreme author,

a sublime breath

the people infused.

Verse III

United with ties

that the sky formed,

America all

exists in nation

and if despotism

raise your voice,

follow the example

that Caracas gave.

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