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Winter and Christmas activity recommendations for children

Even though the snow still does not show itself to us, the winter season continues its existence with cold weather. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to cold weather is to be confined to indoor spaces… I have compiled some activities that will help them have fun especially during the days of home conviction, which is quite boring for young children. If you want to do something fun, creative and instructive with your child, I suggest you take a look at the following activities. Good luck with…

Activity 1:

Let's make a snowman:

What do we need?
• Pet cola bottle, small bottle cap
• Cotton, foam
• Cardboard, glue, scissors, gilded paper

How are we going to do?
The pet cola bottle is cut away. The bottle is filled with cotton and shaped as a snowman. The eyes of the buttons, the nose of the cartons, the hat is formed from a small cap. It can be decorated with fabric or gilt paper. The piece of fabric is cut into a long rectangular shape and made on horseback. Foam is crumbled around to make snow particles.

Activity 2:

Let's make a snowman table:

What do we need?
• A deep container, glue, starch, flour
• Button, fabric, broom wires
• Rectangular or square board, cardboard, varnish, felt-tip pen, scissors

How are we going to do?
In a deep bowl, flour, glue and starch are mixed until the consistency of yogurt. Snowman shape is drawn on the square blackboard. The prepared mixture is shaped with a brush on the board. The mouth and nose are cut from the cardboard. Eyes and clothes are created from buttons. The hat is made of cloth. The broom is made of broom wires and the accessory of the snowman is completed. After drying, varnish is applied on it.

Activity 3:

Let's make a snowman 2:

What do we need?
• Cotton, fabric, shiny glitter
• Button, pasta, adhesive
• Yogurt or canned lid

How are we going to do?
Cotton is adhered on a round, large lid to form a snowman. The eyes of the buttons, the mouth of the pasta, the hat of the fabric and the scarf are completed. Bright glitter is poured on it.

Activity 4:


What do we need?
• Any circle-shaped object
• Crepe paper, ribbon, dried flower, glitter

How are we going to do?
The circle is wrapped in crepe paper. Bow made with ribbon. A glossy glitter can be applied by applying adhesive. If there is a dry flower or artificial flower, it can be placed in the middle of the bow or on the edge of the created circle.

Activity 5:


What do we need?
• Potatoes, plates
• Brush, watercolor, thick cardboard, felt-tip pen

How are we going to do?
The cardboard is cut to size by reducing the size of the postcard, making it a Christmas card. Christmas card can be decorated with potato prints. In order to print potatoes, the patetes are cut in half. A Christmas tree, a star or a candle is drawn on the inside with a felt-tip pen. The portion of the potato outside this shape is cut neatly. The mold is now ready for potato printing. The smooth surface of the mold is painted in the desired colors. The cardboard to be printed is prepared. The potatoes are thoroughly pressed on the card before the water color dries. The reason that the potato mold is pressed well is that the paint can be transferred completely to the card. Then the paint on the card is allowed to dry. Now your Christmas card is ready !!!

Source: Fun Activities with Residual Materials, Gülşen Sarı, Morpa Kültür Yayınları, 2004.

Aggressive behavior in kindergarten


- I have a little boy at the kindergarten who has been coming for a few days and he is quite aggressive especially when something is not suitable for him, he also behaves with me and his colleagues. His mother claims that he does not have such behavior at home, he told me to punish him and put him in a corner, but I did not agree and I thought to talk to him and explain that he is not nice, but it is still difficult. How should I approach him, but also his mother?


I think that child should be ignored by you and the other children when he is aggressive and praised when he is desirable.

There is also the method that when you have such behavior, you isolate it from the group of children in a corner of the room, for a certain period of time, for example. 5 minutes.

As for the mother, you can tell her what you have decided about him and discuss with her the effects you observe after applying one of the methods!

Diana Ioanes
Psychologist - Psychologist specializing in psychoanalytic counseling for children
Individual cabinet

Christmas decoration with crafts

Christmas figures and characters in Origami or Origami

Watch proposes and teaches us how to make, step by step, this beautiful origami Christmas cane. A very easy craft to do with children, to decorate the house this Christmas. If you want to learn how to do it with your children, CLICK HERE.

How we got this paper reindeer! He is not Rudolf the reindeer with his red nose, but he is a very cute and beautiful reindeer. He proposes us to make a paper reindeer to decorate the house for these Christmas holidays. If you want to learn how to do it, step by step, CLICK HERE.

A Christmas wreath made from wrapping paper cutout to decorate the house for Christmas. proposes us to make this beautiful origami Christmas wreath as a Christmas ornament. If you want to learn how to do it, CLICK HERE.

Origami ornaments are becoming fashionable this Christmas. our site proposes to make a Santa Claus boot in origami, so that the children can decorate the house at Christmas. To learn how to do it, you must follow this video, CLICKING HERE.

Learn how to make this beautiful and shiny Christmas star, in Origami or Origami. An ideal activity for children's afternoons. proposes to make this origami star to decorate the house for those Christmas parties. To learn how to do it step by step, CLICK HERE.

To mount a Nativity or prebreeding, the figure of the camel that carries the Magi cannot be missing. Thinking about it, He has made a camel in origami or origami, so that there is no lack of decoration in the house. To do so, CLICK HERE, to follow the video step by step.

Santa Claus wouldn't be complete if he didn't wear a hat, right? Thinking about it, has made an origami craft for children to learn how to make a paper Santa hat. If you want to learn how to do it, CLICK HERE, and you can follow the step by step.

Have you ever imagined making a paper sled? In You can learn how to make a Christmas sleigh in origami or origami, easy and simple to do. To learn how to do it, you will have to follow the step by step in this video, CLICKING HERE.

That pretty bell made of yellow paper does not make 'din-don' but it will surely awaken the will of your children to make it. proposes and teaches us how to make this bell in origami or origami. An ideal craft to decorate the house these Christmas parties. To learn how to do it, CLICK HERE.

A Santa Claus made entirely of paper. Your kids will love making this santa Claus in Origami to later decorate the Christmas tree or the walls and doors of the house during these holidays. In addition, with this Santa Claus you can also decorate Christmas postcards and gifts. If you dare to do it with your children, follow the step by step in that video, CLICKING HERE.

This beautiful tree is made of green colored paper, in layers and in different sizes. teaches us how to make a beautiful Christmas tree in Origami or Origami, to decorate the house for these holidays. Learn how to do it, step by step, with this video, CLICKING HERE.

Very soft, this sweatshirt is cotton jersey peach touch: 15.95: 70 € (The Company of small). Where to find it?

Very soft, this sweatshirt is cotton jersey peach touch: 15.95: 70 € (The Company of small).
Where to find it?

How do we take care of the baby's feet?

How do we take care of the baby's feet?

The feet of the children need special care from the first months, so that they do not face in the adult age with health problems in the lower limbs. This is why you need to know how to protect the legs of your little one according to the specific needs at each age.

In the first years of life, the legs of your chicken grow and change its shape at an astonishing rate: from 22 bones with which each foot is born, the 5-year anniversary surprises with 26 bones for each lower limb.

The soft and flexible cartilages of the baby turn into bones over time, being exposed to the lesions in the absence of proper protection. As soon as your child takes the first steps, he needs socks and shoes made of safe materials, which will not surprise him and offer him the support he needs.

Choosing socks and children's shoes

Before filling an anisle, the child does not need shoes. Ideally, the feet should be free, so they can be flexed and trained by the baby to "work" optimally. Make sure that the socks, boots and whole bodies are extended in the area of ​​the soles, as much as the baby can move freely.

Check his feet every evening and carefully watch for abnormal signs between his fingers. Dry the foot well after the bath and cut the nails in a straight line, without "walking" at the corners.

Socks made of materials such as cotton or cotton wool are recommended for children, because they provide the necessary thermal protection and allow the skin to breathe. Once the child starts to walk, you can leave him unloaded in the house, making sure the floor is clean and safe. The feet develop properly by walking with the sole open.

In the outdoor environment, sure that your baby needs his first pair of shoes. Soft leather shoes, boots and sandals with a flexible sole and medium weight are the best options for children.

Be careful to choose footwear with support in the ankle area and non-grip sole, which has plenty of free space in the area of ​​the fingers. The fastening system must be secure, with hinges, buckles or loosely tied.

Choose a shoe number that leaves 1 cm of growth space between the tip of the longest toe and the toe.

Diseases of the feet of children

It is possible that, for one reason or another, the child develops various diseases of the legs, from minor problems to some more important ones.

  • Basics: they are caused by too tight shoes. Let it sit for a while, applying a sterile bandage on the affected area.
  • Ingrown Nail: Appears when the nails are not cut properly. Visit your pediatrician if an infection occurs and shorten your nails in a straight line, without ripping the corners with a scissors.
  • Athlete's foot: a fungal infection that causes an eczema accompanied by itching, generally between the toes. After the treatment prescribed by the doctor, make sure to wear only cotton socks and dry their feet after bathing, swimming etc.
  • Toe Pain: The cramps of the feet and toes are caused by the sole of the shoe that does not support the natural arch of the lower limb. These disappear when the child wears shoes with a sole whose shape respects the anatomy of the foot.

How do you care for your child's feet? Give us your useful tips in the comments section below!

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