Bad habits can also benefit

Bad habits can also benefit

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Head, Shoulder, Knees & Toes. Learn English by singing

Head, Shoulder, Knees & Toes. Learn English by singing

Here you will find the lyrics of the song Head, shoulder, knees and toes to help you follow it

Sing and dance with the Head, Shoulder, Knees & Toes children, and have fun memorizing some words in English. Learn by playing
Through Traposo's videos, children will be able to learn and try to answer riddles, listen to jokes and laugh a lot. They will also be able to follow some tongue twisters, listen to children's stories, learn English, sing children's songs, and much more.
Jokes, riddles, stories, English classes and lots of fun for children

Music: Marcos Martínez
Animation / realization: Ainhoa ​​Ferragud

A girl goes to AtochaTo me donkeyTo pass the clover
AlphabetGrandfather tell meAt the back of the potato
As the boat passedRice puddingFive little wolves
Five little miceCu CuHappy Birthday
Dance of the vowelsUnder a buttonNoah's ark
The dance of the cowsThe little shipThe coachman
ElephantThe yard of my houseMr. Cat
The oneElena the whaleIn the forest of China
It was a big catTime to go to bedEstrellita, where are you?
Head, shoulder, kneesHello Don PepitoThe spider
The crazy witchThe mayor's daughterThe crazy woman
The bellyThe hot land snakeThe dairy cow
Lola the cowSleepy pigletsThe numbers
DucklingsChicksMama if you let me go
MambruManuelita the turtlePalms, palms
Missi passPinocchioPin Pon
A girl goes through AtochaLet it RainI would like to be so tall
Ron Ron RonSammy the ice cream manSaint Serenin
I'm the queen of seasI am a chinese cappuccinoI am a cup
I have I have I haveI have a dollA fat lady
Slipper from behindI see I see

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Fear of motherhood

The long-term consequences of a finite length

According to research from King's College London, too much sunblock is applied to the sun, so that even the best products cannot provide effective protection against the sun.

The long-term consequences of a finite lengthAlthough the skin is painful, but it disappears within a couple of days, the real risk is that each skin increases the risk of developing melanoma.

What kind of bruising does the skin require?

The skin reacts with painful redness to sensation of the skin, followed by blistering when exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight. The discomfort symptoms of a cure alleviate after a couple of days with proper treatment, depending on how severe the initial condition was. Dr. Rouge Annambria, the Maternity Center Skin Care Bag said that after sunburn, the most important thing is the cooling of the skin's tissues to prevent the formation of blisters. This hыsнtх tusolбs cold aqueous borogatбs, hыsнtх zselйk alkalmazбsa the legjobb.A gyуgyszertбrakban, drogйriбkban beszerezhetх also developed this cйlra gyulladбscsцkkentх kйszнtmйnyek hidratбljбk the bхrt, segнtik during the hуlyagok bхr regenerбciуjбt йs proven felszнvуdу csцkkentik the szцveti kбrosodбst antioxidбns components. Avoid direct sunlight for up to a few days after sunburn, as newly-skinned skin can become very thin and recess quickly.

The sun increases the risk of melanoma

Sunlight UVA and UVB rays both influence the appearance of our skin. If you go back to sunbathing, in addition to sunburn, you can also cause skin irritation and the appearance of old spots. It is important that the sun cream provides protection against both types. The scars are caused by UVB rays, which do not penetrate the skin, causing cells in the upper skin skin to become irritated: skin, scorch. UVA rays, on the other hand, penetrate the skin, damaging DNA in the skin cells. According to researchers, this may be one of the causes of melanoma.

Prevention: Screening, Self-Checking and Screening

To counteract the effects of the sun's short and long-term effects, we do not need to stay in the sun between 11 and 15 hours - when UV radiation is strongest. Let's use a higher, 30 or 50 sunblock lotion and make sure to apply at least half of the skin to skin (enough thickness!) To go to the sun. On average, we would like to repeat 2 uses, even if the product is wet, and make sure it is light in the shade, or even on a cloudy day! Annamaria Rouge draws attention to the importance of monthly self-examination, but due to her early diagnosis of melanoma, it is important to have a half-yearly total body mass.Related articles in this topic:
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  • Can we use adult sunscreen for my child?
  • 8 tips for safe sunbathing
Why do parents buy toys they don't need?

Name Baïa - Meaning and origin

Name Baïa - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Arabs, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

In the Arabic language, the name Baia means "distinguished" or "superb".


There are no celebrities with the name Baïa.

His character :

Baïa is a charming and pleasant girl. With many assets, she does everything in her power to please others and to be loved. Very sentimental, she can not bear the hardness of life, and nothing is enough to hurt her deeply. Privileging serenity, she is understanding and conciliatory with those around her. To seduce, Baïa does not hesitate to pay particular attention to her person, even if she is considered a coquette or a superficial and light being. Is not this attitude just a facade, a devious way to hide its great weakness? In reality, Baïa is a hyperemotional girl who lets herself be carried away by her overflowing imagination and who ends up convincing herself that the world is horrible. To prevent her from being overwhelmed by unfounded fears, her family will have to be present for her every moment. The feeling of security and protection she feels when she comes into contact with her family is her anchor, ensuring her balance and well-being. Baïa is a sociable person who enjoys chatting with his family. Savoring every moment of life, when she is not frightened by it, she can be flexible, diplomatic, cheerful and cheerful. While being aware of her fragility, she wishes to surpass herself and does not hesitate to propose for positions of responsibility.


Bahia, Baya, Baia, Bahiya and Bahya.

His party :

There is no party for people with the name Baïa.

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