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Make a tower made of plastic or paper cups! It develops a focused, crafty mind, and encourages others to always be alert.

Hello, who's talking?

  • Let's put a glass on the table, cover it with a glass cloth, set the next glass on it, and continue.
  • Let's cut a small hole in the bottom of the paper cup, add a three-meter-long asparagus and knot it inside the cup. For the other end, let's make another cup. Hold the baby's mouth to the side of the glass, let's go to the other room, stretching out the asparagus so we don't see each other and talk into the glass. Can you hear the line at the other end?
  • Hallу! Who's talking?

    The interest in the technique is manifested independently from the age of one year. The little ones they like to push the buttons, hang the braids. Their exploration drives them into the world of adults, so they try to capture with great determination everything that is not playable. One of the featured objects is the phone, but it doesn't take long for their mom to talk. I'm annoyed that no phone call can be made calmly, but the chatter can be understood: the little kid makes sure he misses something importantand she doesn't understand what distracts her mom.
    Schedule your important phone calls for a little sleep or use the minutes of dumb play. Long conversations will test your patience. When we are with the small child, we should pay attention to it. The playground, for example, is not always a good place for a friendly chat. If you are talking to a close relative, include a little sentence. Let's buy her a play phone and use her role calling: call her grandmother, doctor lady, or one of her playmate friends.
  • Cure improvement, of course
  • 10 interesting questions about the game
  • Clay Tale
  • Bacterium

    Unicellular structure very simple, reproducing by division.
    Some bacteria have a beneficial effect on the body, such as those living in the gut or on the skin. Others are pathogenic causing many infections.
    Taking antibiotics can neutralize their action. Unfortunately, bacteria often become resistant. At present, researchers are trying to discover new molecules that are active on the most resistant bacteria.

    Should we let babies cry at night?

    What attitude to adopt when your baby wakes up and cries at night? According to a study published in an American scientific journal, it would be better not to intervene too much and let it calm down and go back to sleep alone so that it can find its rhythm of sleep.

    • Should you intervene immediately when your baby is crying at night? Or, on the contrary, let him go back to sleep alone? This is one of the questions many parents ask themselves in the first months. To identify the right strategy to adopt, a team of American scientists studied the nights of 1,200 children aged 6 months to 3 years.
    • First observation: at 6 months, 33% of children wake up every night (and again twice a night at the age of 15 months). Like adults, children have sleep cycles of one hour and a half to two hours during which they wake up and then go back to sleep. That's when some babies cry.

    Do not intervene too early

    • While coping with the crying of her baby at night ? If he is not sick and safe, do not intervene too soon. Give him a chance to calm down and get back to sleep alone. The study published in the Revue Developmental Psychology shows that when the parent bends at the baby's awakenings or when the baby falls asleep against his mother's breast during feeding, this can prolong sleep disturbance.
    • By intervening systematically when your child cries, he will get used to your presence to go back to sleep and can not do without it.
    • Marsha Weinraub Professor of Psychology at Temple University (USA) and lead author of the study, however, specifies that if a child still has problems sleeping at 18 months, it is best to talk to a doctor.

    Stéphanie Letellier

    Want to share your experience and questions with other moms? See you on our 0-1 year forum.

    Divorce: your rights memo

    You have decided to separate or plan to do so and you have many questions. How much does a divorce cost, what are the accessible supports? Do children have rights? The point with master Pascale Lalère, lawyer.

    Divorce procedure: a lawyer is required

    • Even in the case of divorce by mutual consent, you need a lawyer. The price of the operation depends on the nature of the divorce (mutual consent, conflict, break of the conjugal bond ...). The more complex the situation, the higher the fees of the lawyer (however rarely less than 1500 € even by mutual consent).
    • Since January 1, 2013, a fee agreement must be established. It allows to know the usual tariffs for this type of procedures.
    • Our advice: try to negotiate a fixed price beforehand covering the consultations, the filing of the request, the representation at the hearings ...

    Legal aid may be granted

    • In case of insufficient resources to cover these expenses (whether you are a defender or an applicant). Apply to the legal aid office of the High Court.
    • In case of resources less than 900 € net per month and if one benefits from the RMI or from the additional allocation of the National Solidarity Fund, it is possible to benefit from a total help (it will be partial for the resources inferior to 1400 € net).

    1 2 3

    Cars 3


    This third movie in the Cars series is about Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson), a winning racing car who begins to lose his races and his fame to a newer, faster car named Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer). McQueen has one last race to prove to his new manager Sterling (Nathan Fillion) that he still has what it takes to compete. Otherwise his racing career might be finished for good.

    If McQueen wants any chance of staying in the race, he must learn to work with his new trainer Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo), a female race car trainer with a dream. Together they discover a new way of racing that might not be all about speed.


    Retirement; ageing; sexism; ageism


    Cars 3 has some violence. For example:

    • During the final race Jackson Strom deliberately crashes into Cruz and slams her into a wall.
    • McQueen and Cruz accidentally participate in a demolition derby, where cars deliberately try to hit each other. One school bus has chains, fire and saws.

    Content that may disturb children

    Under 5
    In addition to the violent scenes mentioned above, Cars 3 has some scenes that could scare or disturb children under five years. For example:

    • There are some crashes during the races with sparks, fire and explosions, and some cars get damaged. There is one intense crash where McQueen gets hurt but he recovers fully.
    • McQueen crashes while using the training simulator, but he's fine.

    From 5-8
    Younger children in this age group might be scared or disturbed by the scenes mentioned above.

    From 8-13
    Nothing of concern

    Over 13
    Nothing of concern

    Sexual references

    Cars 3 includes a scene in which Sally and McQueen say 'I love you'.

    Alcohol, drugs and other substances

    Cars 3 shows some use of substances. For example:

    • There's a brief mention of 'moonshine'.
    • McQueen and Cruz go into a saloon bar where cars are 'drinking oil'.

    Nudity and sexual activity

    Nothing of concern

    Product placement

    The following products are displayed or used in Cars 3:

    • types of cars like Porsche and Volkswagen
    • other brands - for example, tyre brands like Lightyear.

    Cars 3 is part of the Disney Cars franchise so there's likely to be plenty of associated merchandise marketed to young children.

    Coarse language

    There is some coarse language in this movie, including some mild teasing and name-calling between the cars.

    Ideas to discuss with your children

    Cars 3 is an enjoyable and uplifting movie about learning to accept help from others and having the courage to try something new.

    Lightning's problems with a new and faster opponent highlight the inevitable situation of anyone who's growing older, which is likely to be appreciated by adult viewers. The movie also has a message about female empowerment, when Cruz, a female car, follows her dream to become a racer despite other cars telling her she shouldn't.

    Some scenes might make Cars 3 too scary for children aged under 5 years, and we recommend parental guidance for children aged 5-8 years. Most children aged 8 years and over are likely to enjoy this movie.

    Values in this movie that you could reinforce with your children include bravery and helping others. This movie could also give you the chance to talk with your children about the importance of having mentors and role models and also being a good role model for younger children.

    A company has just launched My Little Beacon, a geolocation box for children ages 7 to 12. The goal: to reassure parents and allow them to let their child gain autonomy. What do you think ?

    Would you be willing to equip your child with a geolocation tag?

    Yes No



    Myths about pregnancy sex

    Teach the little boy what recycling means!

    All children have a super power: to ask questions. And don't hesitate to use it when an idea comes up in their hood. Mommy, where do the kids come from? Where does the sun disappear when it is night?

    What sign was Stefan the Great? Why do we have to brush our teeth? And mom measures her level of creativity and patience when facing the flood of questions, especially in the evening, when the little one should fall asleep.

    We also know that no child likes to go to bed. To sleep, read to your little one a story about recycling when you get into bed.

    The story of Mihaita and the robot

    Mihaita is a smart boy, curious and full of energy. Here is a conversation that Mihaita had in the past days with her mother.

    Mommy, what's this sign?

    It means that plastic glass can be recycled.

    What does recycling mean?

    It means that it will reach a factory and turn into something else.

    How do you mean to transform?

    I mean, it's not the glass from which you drank the water anymore, it's something else.

    What is it?

    Well it could be another bottle, a shirt, a pillow.

    Can it be a robot?

    Yes, it can also be a robot.

    And how can I make this glass a robot?

    You put the bottles separately here and send them for recycling.

    And how do they know to send me a robot?

    You write them a letter.

    As I write to Santa?

    Yes, like that.

    So it was to Mihaita that she thought she had to turn the bottles into a robot. So he started to collect all the plastic bottles, both in the kitchen and in the neighbors. And after a week, when he saw that he had enough to make a robot honestly, he went to mommy.

    Please help me write the letter.

    What letter?

    To the people from recycling.


    The ones that will make me out of robot bottles.

    Mommy laughed and said:

    Let's write the letter!

    "Hello, My name is Mihaita and I have collected the plastic bottles, to turn them into a robot. Please send me the robot to the address Strada Frumoasa, number 1"

    Can I also say that I was good?

    Yes, I think it would be useful.

    "And I was good all year. Thanks! Mihaita, 4 years"

    Mommy put the letter in the mail when Mihaita was in kindergarten. And when Mommy and Mihaita went shopping, they left the plastic bottles at the store's automatic machine, which immediately released a paper.

    Mom, what did you get?

    A letter.

    A letter from recycling?


    Will he send me a robot? What does he write?

    "Dear Mihaita, thank you for sending us so many plastic bottles. The bottles arrived well at the factory, so I made for you a robot that mommy can pick up right now from the store."

    Mihaita was at the height of happiness. Mommy took the receipt from the machine and took the promised robot with him.

    It is easy to understand that since this happened, Mihaita carefully collected the plastic bottles, and even learned that she can recycle a lot of other things and that, in factories, everything is transformed into something else, even toys.

    As for mommy, she always looks for recycling machines that issue letters, but especially vouchers for discounts on shopping.

    If you are interested too, then the SIGUREC devices are waiting for you in the big supermarkets. They are intelligent, friendly, easy to use, including the little ones, with your support, of course!

    It will be fun to go shopping and use the fully automated and secure SIGUREC devices. Each time you use SIGUREC, you will also receive a discount voucher, which can be used for shopping. The voucher is a guarantee that the waste will reach the recycling plant and will be transformed into something else.

    And if I convinced you, take the first steps in smart recycling:

    Find out here what types of waste you can selectively collect: CLICK HERE

    Find the selective collection solution that suits you: CLICK HERE

    Get your shopping voucher

    Download the SIGUREC application on your phone or tablet, scan your received voucher and win prizes: CLICK HERE

    We wish you a good night!

    The SIGUREC team - your partners in collection and recycling!

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