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Name Anne-Louise - Meaning of origin

Name Anne-Louise - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:

French, Germanic, Hebrew

Meaning of the name:

This beautiful name for woman means "grace" in Hebrew. Its Germanic meaning refers to "illustrates in combat".


Anne-Louise Lambert is an Australian actress born August 25, 1955. She was revealed to the general public in 1973 thanks to her role in Number 96.
Anne-Louise Trividic is a French screenwriter mainly known for her collaboration on Canal +'s TV movie about the Elf affair: Predators.
Anne-Louise Bourion is a pianist and assistant conductor famous for her incredible talent for piano accompaniment. She is a member of the Cantrel de Lyon.
Anne-Louise Mesadieu is the head of the group "French people of Haitian descent with Valérie Pécresse". She is also a municipal councilor delegated to the Forums of the knowledge, the action culture in Chaville in the department of Hauts-de-Seine.

His character :

In society, Anne-Louise loves to maintain the mystery surrounding her life. His enigmatic attitude fuels curiosity, especially among men. In reality, it is sometimes the opposite of its external image. With regard to her daily behavior, she seems unconventional and totally liberated as a true woman of the world. In addition, she knows how to highlight to impress. In fact, this attitude serves to conceal his strong emotions. His seductive assets are useful for turning every event in his favor. Moreover, she advocates originality in order to stand out from others. It can also rely on its strong will and dynamism to achieve its various objectives. Anne-Louise dreams of being able to seize all the opportunities that come her way, even though she does not always succeed in achieving her goals. This excessive ambition also pushes her to dispersion. Thus, she is unable to focus on a specific project. In particular, this behavior could be detrimental to his professional life by slowing down his career development. On this point, Anne-Louise is drawn to sectors that value creativity such as computer science, medicine, art, fashion, etc.


Annah, Anne-Marie, Anne-Gaelle, Anabel and Anabella.

His party :

The Anne-Louise are celebrated on July 26 or March 15.

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The belly of the pregnant woman is beautiful and sexy

Now that the good weather is here and the women are shedding the two layers of clothing to protect ourselves from the cold, we can see more clearly the tummies, bellies and bellies of pregnant women. The image of the pregnant woman seems beautiful and tender to me, that curvy profile, those particular gaits of recent months, those voluptuous navels. Of course yes, the pregnant woman can really turn out to be a woman sexy.

Something that fills a pregnant woman with expectation is when her belly will begin to show, when she will be able to start wearing the new fashion prenatal. Not so many years ago that pregnant women were always dressed in roomy dresses or shirts, it was unthinkable that no one would wear a tight garment or a bikini on the beach.

Now the clothes of the pregnant woman are really pretty, and also with a belly, the woman can feel attractive. The belly of the pregnant woman is something that currently wears with pride and, although some women find it difficult adapt to your new image, almost all end up looking pretty with her too. Sometimes, pregnancy becomes a moment waited for so that the "michelin" lodged in our waist, for a long time, goes unnoticed. What better time to wear the bikini, without complexes!

There is so much to say about tummies! There have always been guesses about size and shape. Will it be a boy or a girl? Parents can enjoy extraordinary moments imagining what their baby inside the womb. There are short, tall, round, pointed, discreet, tremendous ... they are all different, but all are special because they carry a unique human being.

We all love photographing this special moment in our lives. The new physiognomy of women during pregnancy undoubtedly has great appeal for those who contemplate it, despite the fact that adaptation to it has not been entirely easy.

In the last trimester, this incipient tummy or the manageable tummy that allowed us to move freely, begins to take on dimensions that greatly alter us when we sleep, walk, move or interact. The belly changes our axis of gravity, conditions our movements and prevents us from seeing something as important as our feet when we go down stairs or avoid obstacles. Pregnant bellies they are, perhaps, somewhat annoying but, without a doubt, very beautiful.

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Name Eoen - Meaning and origin

This chemical element, which is found in certain foods, is absorbed into the intestine and spreads into the body in the form of phosphate. It is deposited in bones (85% of the phosphate intake), in mineral form, and in the blood, incorporated in organic substances. Phosphorus is evenly distributed in all cells; In terms of quantity, it is the second mineral that is important in the body. Large consumers of soft drinks should pay special attention to the properties of phosphorus, as this may be the basis for certain health disorders.

This chemical element, which is found in certain foods, is absorbed into the intestine and spreads into the body in the form of phosphate. It is deposited in bones (85% of the phosphate intake), in mineral form, and in the blood, incorporated in organic substances. Phosphorus is evenly distributed in all cells; In terms of quantity, it is the second mineral that is important in the body. Large consumers of soft drinks should pay special attention to the properties of phosphorus, as this may be the basis for certain health disorders.
Recommended daily dose: 1000 mg.
Food sources are: dried fruits, lean meat (minced beef, chicken), fish (salmon, shrimp), skim milk, broccoli, corn. Phosphoric acid enters the composition of gaseous drinks in large quantities.
Roles and features
- participates in the synthesis of phospholipid cells (such as lecithin), which carry fat;
- provides energy fuel for the body;
- increases bone strength, in combination with calcium, and ensures growth;
- enters the constitution of nucleic proteins (DNA and RNA);
- enters the composition of myelin, a substance that "envelops" the nerves;
- it helps the kidney function;
- contributes to the constant maintenance of the heart rate.

Disorders - deficiency or excess

Disorders attributed to phosphorus deficiency
Foods rich in phosphorus predominate in the diet, which is why deficiencies are quite rare. At the same time, several factors can interfere with the assimilation of phosphorus: sugar is a "destroyer" of the "harmony" that must exist between phosphorus and calcium; the excessive supplements of the iron compromise equally the action of the phosphorus. Also, people who suffer from chronic digestive disorders, as well as those who resort to the administration of aluminum and magnesium-based gastric antacids, have problems with phosphorus absorption and may be deficient in this precious mineral.
Dampening of the extremities, decreased muscle tone, loss of reflexes and, at a more advanced stage, demineralization of bone tissue, irregularity of breathing, neurological and cardiac disorders can all be manifestations of phosphorus deficiency.
Disorders attributed to excessive phosphorus consumption
Excess phosphorus has a direct implication on calcium, which is eliminated from the bones into the bloodstream. This loss of calcium is the source of bone fragility - the bones become more sensitive to fractures and osteoporosis - and dental. Excess phosphorus can cause hypocalcemia. Phosphorus has no toxic effect.
Useful note
- Gaseous drinks, uninterrupted from North American meals, sometimes even preferred to milk, as a snack or dessert, contain large amounts of phosphoric acid which endanger calcium absorption. If you are an avid consumer of this type of beverage, watch your calcium intake.
- People who have reached the age of 40 should know that phosphorus can be more difficult to remove from the body due to decreased kidney function; It would therefore be advisable to review their diet to avoid the unpleasant effects of calcium deficiency.
- Phosphorus supplementation is not particularly recommended unless prescribed and followed by the doctor.

11 reasons competitive sports are good for kids

Competition is not only about winning, it is about facing another person to achieve a goal, it is about working hard, perseverance, perseverance and the struggle to achieve a dream. And, indeed, if you win, the better, but if you lose, the children will have learned so many values ​​along the way that it is worth remembering the reasons competitive sports are good for kids

Should childrento compete? Is competition good or bad for them? Do they really need to go through that confrontation with others? The answer is that they neither should, nor is it good or bad, nor do they need it, but if children decide to compete, if they enjoy it and face it in a positive way, the result and the learning is amazing. Competition is neither good nor bad, it is only competition.

In the real world, outside of competitions, there are power struggles, struggles in the workplace, even between mothers and fathers to have "the most child ..." However, leaving aside the negative connotation of competition, and to those who use it profitably or unfairly, we focus on the best that kids can get from competitive sports: compete with yourself. It is the healthiest competition and the one that will result in the best version one can have.

Children who play sports in which they compete against others, be it football, basketball, tennis, karate, skiing, swimming or any other discipline, learn along the way a series of values ​​that will forge their character and, if the competition is well focused, you can be a very valuable teaching.

- The practice of sports in which children compete stimulates trust and security in oneself. Working intensely on a discipline makes children gain skills to do it.

- Competitive sports promote a very important value in childhood, the value of effort. They have to achieve a goal, and they will work hard to achieve it.

- Competing teaches them to face risks. Once children discover that competing shouldn't be scary or paralyzing, they can become more and more daring and put themselves to the test.

- This brings us to another of the values ​​of competitive sports for children: lose their fear of competing which is one of the fears that lead many children not to participate in team sports.

- They face the possibility of losing, there are few athletes who always win and win everything, in general they will have to face the idea that, no matter how hard they have tried, they have not managed to pass the test. Learn to lose it is an important learning in life.

- When a child learns to lose, he is ready to get back up and try again. It is the value of the perseverance and perseverance.

- Of course, they have to learn to overcome frustration in the face of defeat, it is at this moment when, almost without realizing develop resilience, that is, the ability to overcome the obstacles of life.

- Children learn that competing is fun too, It does not only consist of effort, work and suffering. It is also belonging to a team, making friends and socializing with peers.

- They develop the capacity for strategyby learning to play by the rules and adapting them to your advantage.

- Children who practice sports on a regular basis and belong to competing teams do better in school, compared to what you might think. Several studies corroborate this.

- Children learn to commit to something. Competitive sport will take part of their day or their week, they will have to make time, go to training despite bad weather or have a lazy day.

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Memorable Moments in Sports History

10 recipes of chocolate lollipops

View the slideshow

Do you fall in love with these recipes for chocolate lollipops? This can be an opportunity for your little greedy to eat fruits and enjoy! Easy ideas found for you on Pinterest.

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10 recipes of chocolate lollipops (10 pics)

Pacifiers with banana

Make them eat banana? Nothing's easier ! Pinterest

Smarties lollipops

Melted dark chocolate and some Smarties ... We crunch after cooling in the refrigerator. Pinterest

Vitamin pacifiers

Here, they are lollipops of kiwi dark chocolate, but we can imagine lollipops of apples, oranges, bananas ... dark chocolate, white, milk. Let your imagination speak! Pinterest

Chamallow lollipops

Chamallows, dark chocolate, colored vermicelli ... a perfect recipe! Pinterest

Greedy lollipops

Ready in 10 minutes chrono, these lollipops with broken hazelnuts and chocolate will please both children and adults! Pinterest

Madeleines cake pops

Madeleines version cake pops made with spread and chocolate vermicelli. Pinterest

Lollipop pancakes

Lollipop crepes (and not Suzette), made with pancakes with chocolate paste Pinterest

Tagada lollipops

For this recipe, you need big Tagada strawberries, dark chocolate, wooden spades and sparkling sugar flakes coated with chocolate. Pinterest

Do we play Mikado?

Homemade Mikado (or not) soaked in dark chocolate then covered with praline, hazelnuts and pistachios coarsely mixed and small colored sugar balls. Pinterest

Frosted the idea!

Delicious hot chocolate and vanilla lollipops to enjoy once cooled down ... and why not ice? Pinterest

On October 31st, Halloween is celebrated, a day that in our country is not as popular as in the United States, but gaining ground year by year. Even if it is not a Romanian holiday, it is an opportunity for the little ones to have fun and have fun. This day is usually marked with pumpkin decorations, costumes and scary masks.

Here are 4 ideas to prepare a Halloween dinner for the taste of children, but also for adults:

Dracula China

You can make a dinner like any other, but the way you put the ingredients on the plate turns it into a festive meal.

Here's what ingredients you need

- burger meat (you can make at home a burger of any kind of meat you want or you can combine the already prepared burgers)

- Cheese

- corn grains

- raisins

- potatoes

- tomato sauce / ketchup

- egg white

Method of preparation

Prepare the burger on the grill, in a pan or oven according to your preferences and place the burger on a roll. Using a scissors or a knife cut a slice of cheese in the form of a chip, as in the picture, from the leftovers you will make the nose. The mouth will make it from ketchup and the eyes and teeth from the boiled egg white.

Cook the potatoes wedges in the oven and place them in the dish in the form of bats. In another corner of the plate put a few tablespoons of boiled corn (he should represent the moon) and some raisins, which should represent bats.

Pure mashed potatoes

To create this dish you do not necessarily need to follow a certain recipe. You can make your little one's favorite dinner made of grilled chicken breast with vegetables and a mashed potato. You can make another puree from other vegetables, such as peas or carrots.

If you have a pose in the kitchen it is time to use it in something other than cakes and make a ghost like him in the picture. If you do not have such a tool you can easily make one with the help of a bag. Put the purée in the corner of the bag, cut the end of it and make by means of friendly circular movements the ghost. For eyes you will need black sesame seeds or poppy seeds.

Pizza with ghosts

Without a doubt, pizza is one of the children's favorite dishes. It's easy to make and you can use whatever ingredients you want. If you have more chickpeas, each can choose their favorite topping, the dough being the basis.


Here's what ingredients you need to make the dough for 2 pizzas with a diameter of 30 centimeters:

- 350 grams of white flour

- 3 tablespoons of olive oil

- 2 tablespoons dried yeast

- 225 milliliters of water

- a spoon of sugar

- half teaspoon salt

As a topping you can use any ingredient you want, from ham, prosciutto, to mushrooms and olives. Do not place cheese topping before baking pizza because the shapes will melt because of the heat.

Method of preparation

Put flour and oil in a bowl. In another bowl put water, sugar and yeast, mix these ingredients and set aside the composition for 15 minutes. You will notice that this composition will make a foam that you will add over the mixture of flour, salt and oil. Mix this dough well, preferably with your hands. Let it grow for 30 minutes in a bowl covered with a towel. Model it in your hands and with the help of a crumb that you have previously sprinkled with flour.

Put the dough well in the trays and leave it in the oven for 20-30 minutes at 180 degrees. After removing the pizza from the oven, add the cheese topping. Use mozzarella for ghosts and cheddar cheese for pumpkins, which you cut with a very sharp knife in the desired shapes, your eyes are made of olives.

Fettuccine pasta with "eyeballs"

This is a dish that will do with your eyes and your parents. It's a simple recipe that you can easily prepare.


Ingredients for 4 servings:

- 400 grams of fettuccine pasta with spinach

- 400 grams of tomato sauce

- a fresh basil link

- 4 red peppers

- asparagus

- 4 eggs

- a few black olives

- olive oil

Method of preparation

Boil the pasta for 10 to 15 minutes and drain from the water. In a pan, add a little olive oil and add the tomato sauce, when heated, add the basil and chopped chilli. Mix the sauce with the pasta. He keeps some chunks of peppers to make witches' fingers with the help of asparagus, the chunks of pepper taking the place of nails. The asparagus boils only for a few minutes, it must remain crispy.

The eyes are made of hard boiled eggs and cut in half. Use the pieces of olives to make the eyes pupil.

Tomato cream with eyes and cockroach

A healthy soup with lots of vegetables, but based on tomatoes, which children will love and eat on the ground, especially if you make decorations in the form of eyes and cockroaches.


- 400 milliliters of vegetable soup (you can make celery, carrots, pickles or you can use soup cubes)

- 800 grams of canned tomatoes

- 300 milliliters tomato juice

- an onion

- olive oil

- mozzarella cheese

- olives

- red peppers

- chives

How to make this soup

The onion is chopped and heated in oil in a large pan. Over the onion put the tomato juice and the tomatoes in the can, then the vegetable soup. Mix frequently and add for taste dried vegetable granules, salt, pepper.

Let the soup boil for 15 minutes or until it reaches the desired consistency. If it is too liquid, let it drop, and if it is too thick add vegetable soup. Allow the soup to cool and then give it through the blender until it becomes fine.

The decoration is the strong point of this soup, so cut the small slices of mozarrella and put them in the plate, they will play the role of the eyeball, for the pupil uses olives and peppers. From black olives make small cockroaches, whose legs you make from chives.

What do you cook for your Halloween family? Share your recipes with us and write to us in the comment section below

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