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Visual disturbance, wheezing or bruising? It can also be caused by high blood pressure

Visual disturbance, wheezing or bruising? It can also be caused by high blood pressure
Speech therapy for children

The speech therapy is a specialty that is dedicated to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of speech and language disorders. The term speech therapy comes from the Greek and is composed of two words: logos, word, and paideia, education. Therefore, as a whole, speech therapy means education of the word.

Speech therapy is the science that studies language and hearing disorders in children and adults. In the little ones, it is a great help to improve their communication.

Speech therapy focuses on the reeducation of innate or acquired language disorders in children or adults, understanding both oral and written language aspects. Speech therapy, therefore, is dedicated to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of speech disorders and language (spoken or written, both in understanding and in expression).

Its performance takes place in various settings: educational, linguistic, behavioral, clinical, etc. The speech pathologist or speech therapist is a professional who:

  1. Has a wealth of knowledge relevant to speech and language disorders
  2. He is trained in the application of this knowledge to the solution of clinical problems
  3. He has an authority regarding the help of the person, his patient, which consists in understanding and treating his speech and language problems

And in addition, the speech therapist evaluates possible dyslexias, dyscalculias (problems for the acquisition of basic mathematical concepts and calculus) or dysgraphia (defective writing without neurological or intellectual cause that justifies it). On many occasions, certain school difficulties such as lack of reading comprehension are related to one of these factors.

The speech therapist treats disorders of the development of language, articulation, fluency and rhythm, speech, hearing, neurological, voice, reading and writing disorders, and communication associated with autism, mental deficiency , cerebral palsy, etc.

Language is a matter of concern when, instead of facilitating communication, it prevents it. Faced with the situation of a child who presents difficulties in speech, both expressively and comprehensively, the speech therapist must always take into account that the child's problems have or will have an impact on his immediate environment and, if this happens, it will be easy fall into a dangerous deterioration in their development.

This means and underlines that the family and social environment of the child must also be incorporated in the evaluation, in the programming and prognosis, for which the language problems have to be treated within the framework of the child's general development.

María José Ortí Muñoz
Speech therapist
Contributor to our site

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So have a vacation at home!

So have a vacation at home!

A little planning and some dedication are needed to break the family from the grim days and see the world in a new light. Of course, we also have to take into account some costs, as the cost of going out is still at home.

There are those who are financially deprived of the job, the baby again, and other families at the waterfront. However, they do not even have to give up the benefits of summer. A small garden also counts a lot. If we can filter out an umbrella and expose a baby cot, we're still ahead of our city mates. But the real thing is if there is space for a children's pool, sun loungers, swings, fireplace and garden table. If all the good neighbors are involved, the result is almost perfect.

You can also paddle at home

Let's call one or two weeks out of the summer for a rest period. Let's decide at this time we do not work, we do not cook, we do not do any chores, we do not study, we do not see the father. On the other hand, we welcome our friends on a few days, and sometimes we go out into the open. There are many options for meals: paying for a home-cooked meal for the whole family, or buying ready-made meals or dishes. Let's take some of the housekeeping measures: only do the most necessary things, and set a time limit so that you do not miss out on a big vacation. Let's find a cozy place for the baby, the paddle. If you are designing a sandpit for the garden, it is better in a brownish area make it possible for children to stay outdoors even in the warmest weather. Connect a long, dark-colored rubber hose to the garden shower, so you will always have solar-heated hot water for the pool or shower.

How do we do it?

Gabi has three kids, living in a suburban condo. I'm always looking forward to the summer. We are fortunate enough to be in such good condition with our neighbors, despite the poor housing conditions. Every child lives in the neighborhood, everyone will find a playground so you only have to spend a lot of time with the little ones during the summer holidays. It is best to have breakfast in the evening. There is no need to rush in the morning, everyone is having their breakfast, getting ready for the day. Teams are formed quickly: the bigger boys go biking or playing soccer, the girls choose the pool or draw in the shade. The smallest play on a mattress under the tree, or they paddle. If there is no big cannon, we have our lunch outside. In this case, the individual families are mostly different, but sometimes someone on the neighbors' table will be content. Délutбn a let's move into the house of faith, this is the time for snooze, cardio, and reading. As the heat eases, the garden and the street come alive again, the children are born, the bigger girls are the little ones. We have grown up ready for the highlight of the day, which - interestingly enough - comes in the evening. After laying the little ones, we gather together in the garden of one of us to eat, eat, roast, roast. Because the apartments are very close, we can hear in the open window if any of the little things wake up. This way, all mothers get a few ounces of child-free rest.

Active recreation for city dwellers

If there is no garden, it is easy for the family to get up every day. It's just worth spending home during the gloomy days, but you don't have to, because rain can also be a great adventure for the little things. It's best to plan your home vacation ahead of time. Which day we go, where we eat, how long we stay. There is a beach in every town and there is free water in the vicinity of every town, where the family can enjoy the water. The people of Budapest are in a very good position, because beside the countless beach, there is not far from the Danube River, the Velencei River and the Omsk River. However, during such "water excursions", the smallest member is not only breastfeeding - we must make safe, non-perishable food. But you don't have to go to the beach every day! Yeah traveling is also a great condition, even for the smallest. In such cases, it is most important for parents to bring treasure hoods for babies. Arborets, for example, are specially designed for families with small children. Kids love the little railroad and the boat trip. In high fidelity, few people remember that there is a place in the world where it is still cool. Certainly, and often we do not have to go far. THE cseppkхbarlangokban throughout the year the temperature is around ten degrees. Many caves have well-constructed passageways that are easily accessible to small children. If you are cooking in a cave, take warm clothes, pullovers, hats, and spend a good quarter of the day before and after the start of the tour to keep your body cool. The parents of a baby under the age of half can even go for some adult outings: the little one won't bother them in the enjoyment of the environment. However, with toddlers who are able to sleep or visit, it is not worth going to a place where the little ones are bored, because, due to constant discipline, no one feels comfortable in such a situation. We prefer visit a playhouse, or just roam the city, rubber boots, raincoat. Let's get to it, not the least!

How do we do it?

Dawn and Peter are from Budapest, their boys are five years old and their little ones are thirteen months old. - During Peter's holiday, we definitely wanted to get out of the house. We couldn't leave, huh we discovered Budapest and its surroundings. We went to Heather's zoo. I took sandwiches for everyone because the entrance almost cost them the day they planned. Besides the animals, the zoo's playground was terribly pleasing to the two kids, and it could have gone there for a day. Of course, we parents had one day too. We were saved in the Miracle Palace the other day. This charmed the boys perfectly. We had a good time too, but because of Panka, we just stayed, the duluth was relaxing. We went to the beach on Wednesday, but not to the city center. Early waking up and traveling were not a disaster, as we did not have to suck on the asphalt jungle to "splash". On the beach, Panka also had a good night's sleep. Thursday was the day of the village celebration. We offer a village that is easily accessible by train and has a riding school. We all tried horse riding, caressed a baby and a little kid. On this day we had a meal. On Fridays we went to Szemlхhegyi cave. I had never gone there, and I was completely impressed by the body. Since then, I've been mocking myself: how wonderful can these homes be, and we're never going to see them again! The jute was dedicated to the Wildlife Park of Budakeszi. On Saturday, we were invited by our friends who live in a garden house. And we have a home vacation on Sunday!

Games on the beach

In the crowded pool, neither children nor adults feel good, so we choose quieter or early-morning or late-dwelling lounges for paddling. Always stay with the baby in the water and the baby pool! The best is the gradually shallow, the shallow, deep shallow pool. Here, the little ones can even lie in the water. They play with a small ball, a light colored plastic bowl, and water, but we can entertain them.
  • crocodile: Let's lie in shallow water, lean on our hands or forearms. Get around the pool. Get under the water and suddenly pop up, playfully scare the baby.

  • Hajуtцrцtt: Lay your child's torso on a small, upturned mattress and encourage him / her to paddle with the feet and try to land ashore.

  • Pцrgetхs: The previous place is similar to the small child. Let him hold on to it, and then twist it in the water. It is good to have a mattress without it, lying on its back or in the belly, but be careful not to push your arm too hard!

  • You can read a book outdoors in the shades after water games.
  • Beach home

    For the little ones, splashing is the biggest enjoyment of the summer. An inflatable rubber pool is best suited for this purpose. Its wide, soft, elastic, so you can't catch yourself in or out, jumping, or falling baby. It is best to set it on grassy ground, the terrain of the patio may be steep and slippery, with a higher risk of accident. If there is no other option, at least place a blanket under the pelvis so that the little one can get out of the water. Two year olds just hang out and swell the water. It's not worth buying a large pool, even if several small children are licking. It is also pleasant in size, with a diameter slightly above the height of the children. Whites and yellows are very sunny in the sun and attract bees, so choose a darker shade. These are usually "annuals" productspunctures, so it's not worth putting it in your pocket. The smaller size is easier to keep clean. Change the water daily, although the water of your own pool does not pose a risk of contamination, even if the little one wants it, we can live with it. But with the constant inhalation, the small child carries a lot of dirt, the water circulating in the sand, the whirlpool, and the dirt on the water the next day. The most important rule is to never leave a baby in the pool, no matter how shallow the water is.

    Working at home

    We can make every sunny night enjoyable even if we do not reach the beach or the waterfront. Let's get the bored little kid up and running. Let's put ice cubes on the terrace or into the garden and put some on the sun, some on the sun. It's interesting to see how it melts. Let's not be foolish about who will win the race. The melting ice cube is great for drawing on dry and warm rock.Collect a large pile of colored pebbles, and filter it on the bottom of a large water-filled washbasin or inflatable pool. We marvel at the wet, shimmering stones on the dry grass. Tower an island, soak the rocks out of the pebbles as if you were just on the river bank. Out of a box of milk or fruit soup let's cut our hairand warp it in our pool. Arrange with a water gun cйllцvхversenyt. Fill tiny balloons (water bombs) in the faucet with warm, lukewarm water, take them out in a bowl, and throw them in (at least ten pieces at a time). First, be careful not to fall, then surprise the little one with a bigger drum: he'll laugh when the water sprinkles on him. There are plenty of games that can be played with watering can too!They may also be interested in:
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  • How not to make my vacation a joy
  • Therefore, choosing a baseball cap on summer is not a good choice
  • Baby care: how to do it?

    Not all dads feel comfortable with their infant, especially the first. Our advice to master the situation and impress the young mother!

    Sleep: the b.a.-ba to sleep well your little one

    • Lie on your side or on your back (never on your stomach because of the risk of sudden death) and in a sleeping bag rather than a duvet.
    • Check the temperature of the chamber: 19-20 ° C maximum.
    • Are you anxious? Let him sleep in your room early.

    Council +

    Vobaby crying in bed? Slip your little finger - very clean - in his mouth to check if it's just a desire to suck (he "teased" your finger) or a real craving (he screams as soon as you take it off! ).

    1 2 3

    State aids and other financial aids for pregnant women

    Mom and Dad's bed: an oasis for children

    Mom and Dad's bed is an oasis of fun for children, a haven of peace, a garden of familiar smells. It is a great privilege for them to be able to enjoy, even for a few minutes, their parents' cozy bed!

    Once the baby has learned the correct sleep habits and we have made their crib provide well-being and rest, it may be the moment when we give in to share a pillow with them sometime.

    Nap time after summer meals is a delicious time to share with your child. In principle, he will try to play with you, putting his finger in your eye or in your mouth, talking or climbing on your back, but soon you will both sleep peacefully in the brief and pleasant dream of the afternoon.

    Few children resist the well-being of being with their mother or father in a privileged and safe environment for them. Although some experts in infant sleep recommend avoiding that the baby gets used to sleeping in the parents' bed, in its fair measure, it seems to me a wonderful approach and experience.

    I remember when I was little, going to the parental bed was an excellent stimulus to start the day (especially on Sundays) and how great it was when you got sick, and your mother would put you in her huge bed, which smelled like dad and mom and that undoubtedly helped to get good before! My brothers looked at me with envy and also wanted to get sick!

    Making your child participate in this privilege will make him feel part of a family group, of a beautiful and welcoming "litter". Jumping, doing cartwheels, sharing the warmth, tickling, telling stories ... in mom and dad's bed is a positive experience for any child and also for any parent.

    Patro Gabaldon. Editor.

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    Daughter Hiding Under Bed, Mom and Dad Looking For Kid at Home

    The bear game

    A bear, lumberjacks, homemade musical instruments ... and here is a nice game to share.

    A game from 3 years

    • To make it funny, kids must be at least three.
    • Find a tambourine - a pan and a spoon do the trick! - and a whistle.
    • One child will bear, the others will be loggers.
    • The bear walks in the garden among the loggers. As long as he plays the tambourine, they pretend to saw wood.
    • As soon as he gives a whistle, quickly, they lie down and stop. The bear is watching.
    • The first one who moves or laughs is carried away by the bear ... and takes his place!

    Issues with thyroid and fertility, an important link

    Fertility can be influenced by many factors, and thyroid problems are among the most difficult to diagnose. Find out what the important connection between thyroid problems and fertility is.

    When you are trying to conceive a baby, but you are not successful, it is important to make sure that the hormonal imbalances caused by thyroid disorders do not contribute to the unpleasant situation. With thorough control of thyroid function, you can eliminate problems that could push you to spend a lot of money on unnecessary fertility treatments.

    Thyroid gland functions

    Located in the throat, between the larynx and the collarbone, the thyroid gland plays a very important role in the production of hormones on which many functions of the body depend. Based on iodine and some amino acids, the thyroid gland produces free thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), along with other hormones important for optimal functioning of the entire body.

    The hormones produced by the thyroid gland are used by your body in:

    • metabolism regulation;
    • regulating the level of calcium in the blood;
    • fat metabolism;
    • the use of oxygen at the cellular level;
    • balancing the level of other hormones in the body.

    The normal activity of the thyroid gland can be influenced by:

    • exposure to toxins from the environment or from food;
    • high level of stress;
    • nutritional deficiency;
    • infections;
    • autoimmune diseases or genetic disorders;
    • imbalances of other hormones, especially estrogen and prolactin.

    Hypothyroidism and fertility

    The most common disorder of the thyroid gland, hypothyroidism, targets the slowed down activity of hormone production. Metabolism slows down, you may be prone to weight gain, fatigue and decreased fertility. Even if the menstrual cycle is regular, undiagnosed hypothyroidism can affect fertility by preventing ovulation in normal settings.

    If fertilization occurs, the risk of miscarriage is higher in women suffering from hypothyroidism, as the rate of metabolism increases during pregnancy. In some cases, hypothyroidism may shorten the "fertility window", the period between ovulation and menstruation. For most women, this phase of the menstrual cycle lasts between 12 and 16 days, but hypothyroidism can shorten it to less than 10 days.

    Hyperthyroidism and fertility

    When the activity of the thyroid gland is accelerated, hyperthyroidism can cause similar problems for fertility. Symptoms of hyperthyroidism include weight loss, irregular menstrual cycle, increased appetite, agitation and heart palpitations.

    If the thyroid produces excess T4 hormone, the complications of the situation may include infertility by preventing ovulation. Undiagnosed, the disease can affect metabolism during pregnancy so much that the risk of miscarriage or death of the fetus increases markedly.

    Alarms regarding thyroid

    In general, if you do not notice any other symptoms associated with thyroid problems, it is not necessary to worry after less than 6 months when you tried to become pregnant without success. Symptoms that show you that you may be suffering from a hormonal imbalance caused by the thyroid include:

    • lethargy and fatigue continue;
    • lowering of body temperature (cold hands and feet);
    • low libido;
    • difficulties during attempts to weaken;
    • recurrent infections;
    • changes in the texture of skin, nails and hair;
    • excessive hair loss.

    The link between diet and fertility

    Nutrition plays a very important role in the optimal functioning of the thyroid gland. Alcohol consumption and smoking introduce many toxins into the body, but refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, white flour and the products used, caffeine, soy and peanuts are dangerous.

    Excessive consumption of vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, turnips, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts can block the proper absorption of iodine in the body, which causes problems in the thyroid gland. Do not completely eliminate them from your diet, but consume them moderately. Even if you receive the necessary treatment after you have been diagnosed with a thyroid disease, do not expect any fertility problem to disappear immediately. Take better care of yourself and you will significantly increase your chances of conceiving a child.

    Tags Thyroid Fertility Hypothyroidism Hyperthyroidism Fertility Problems Infertility Causes Infertility

    Name Amos - Meaning and origin

    Autism and hyperbaric oxygenation (HBOT)

    Autism and hyperbaric oxygenation (HBOT)

    Although autism remains one of the diseases that have not yet been found to be 100% effective, it appears that HBO therapy or hyperbaric oxygenation would be helpful in improving the condition of children suffering from this neurological disorder. It is not yet scientifically proven, but researchers are confident in the chances it has in recovering children with autism. However, there are some side effects that should be taken into account, warns the doctors!

    Autism is one of the most mysterious neurological disorders that especially affects children up to three years of age, and manifests through multiple disabilities.

    By the age of almost 2 anisors, the autistic child seems to develop normally and there are no signs indicating the presence of the disease. After that, however, you can see that the little boy starts to regress in his development, to stop talking and to lose interest in the things around him or in the interactions with others. The disease occurs more frequently in boys than in girls.

    Among the most common causes underlying the triggering of autism are:

    • poor blood circulation in certain areas of the brain;
    • high fever;
    • birth trauma;
    • brain damage;
    • infections;
    • vaccines (MMR);
    • hypoxia before, during or immediately after birth.

    Hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO therapy), treatment for autism?

    Hyperbaric oxygenation (HBOT) appears to have promising results in improving the condition of children with autism.

    Initially, the researchers discovered the benefits that HBO therapy has for other types of neurological disorders - fetal alcohol syndrome, lesions and cerebral palsy. Then, they expanded the area of ​​research to other neurological disorders and began to study whether hyperbaric oxygenation could contribute to the treatment of autism.

    They were not limited to the theoretical study of the problem. They also went on to conduct experiments on several children with autism. Those who have undergone hyperbaric therapy have experienced significant improvements in their condition. They were able to maintain prolonged eye contact, interact socially and verbally slightly better than other children who had not undergone HBO therapy.

    This form of therapy increases the concentration of oxygen in the tissues, which also stimulates cerebral blood flow. This allows the body to restore the metabolism of nerve tissue in the brain and restore the areas affected by hypoxia.

    The baby is introduced to a hyperbaric chamber, which uses pressurized air with very high oxygen concentrations, almost 3 times higher than usual. The large influx of oxygen enters the bloodstream, from where it is transported to the areas of the body where it is needed. According to the specialists, it has healing or improvement effects of many types of conditions - diabetes, hypertension, strokes or even autism.

    Regarding autism, HBO therapy reduces brain inflammation or excess fluid in the affected area of ​​the brain, which causes the state of "confusion" of children with autism or which affects their mental abilities.

    The results of the studies and tests performed so far have been encouraging, however doctors warn that hyperbaric oxygenation does not have a curative role, meaning it cannot completely cure autism, but it can significantly improve the condition and quality of life of affected children..

    However, it goes a long way, say some specialists, who also consider the disadvantages of this therapy.

    Some researchers argue that the side effects of hyperbaric oxygenation must also be considered. They argue that there is a risk of tympanic injury, oxygen intoxication and that it is not a solution for those suffering from claustrophobia.

    The specialists consider the discovery an important step and a beginning in order to find an effective treatment for autistic patients.

    Do you think hyperbaric oxygenation is a safe solution for autism? Which treatment do you think is most useful for improving the quality of life of the little ones affected by this severe disease? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

    Tags Autism children