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We have a Calendar - for better organization, convenience and fun

We have a Calendar - for better organization, convenience and fun Every day, the average mom and dad are on their minds a lot of duties. They rush from place to place, trying to be on time with everything, combining household and professional responsibilities, taking care of the comfort and proper development of children and to spend their time creatively and profitably.

Everyday life brings the whole family many challenges. Each week is a general rehearsal when it comes to time management and flexible matching of the needs of each family member. You have to remember about the ball in the kindergarten, a visit to the doctor, tea at your aunt's, cousin's birthday, as well as shopping, preparing meals, plans for the evening, going to the pool, gym and many others.

Every day there are plenty of opportunities to show your child what is good and what is bad and motivate the toddler to make efforts and work on himself. You also need efficient communication between individual family members, so that everyone knows what belongs to him, that the soup started by my mother in the evening could be finished the next day by my dad or grandfather ...

To organize everyday reality filled to the brim with reality, a Calendar dedicated to entire families was created, divided into several sections - dedicated to 5 people or less (the other fields can be used for loose notes, motivating children, rewarding them with stickers - which children love).

calendar for the whole family

MaMy Calendar has been prepared for the school year - from September 2015 to August 2015 - in addition, the manufacturer has added stripped cards for June, July and August.

Each day in the school year has three lines for each person and a fourth for meal notes. At the bottom of the page there is a place for additional notes - with the possibility of ripping out and a field with suggestions and ideas on how to combine a multitude of responsibilities and what to do so as not to feel frustrated by the exclusionary needs.

calendar for parents

MaMy Calendar is well prepared product, which at the end has a practical one pocket for notes, and on the front there is a transparent card on which you can write the children's timetable and permanent recurring events each week. At the bottom there is a separate space for placing the pen - so that it is always at hand.

The simple, readable graphic design does not distract attention, does not distract it from the content, discreetly separates the area for each family member, making the entire calendar more readable. The product has been interestingly prepared and its practical dimension can be highly assessed. We still rate him!

Our overall rating:

More about the calendar can be found here.

Pumpkin with cheese and chicken

Pumpkin recipe with cheese and chicken, a simple and tasty recipe. It is recommended for babies aged 9-10 months.


  • a piece of pumpkin
  • chicken breast
  • cow's cheese
  • 1. Bake the pumpkin in the oven, then mix with a little butter;
    2. The chicken breast is boiled and mixed;
    3. Mix the pumpkin with the chicken and the calcium cheese;
    4. For a softer consistency you can put a little milk.

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    Cyanosis in the young child

    Cyanosis in the young child Question:

    - I have a boy of 1 year and a month. It is well-developed, still sucking on the chest, but when it cries or becomes more annoying it gets worse around the mouth. I read somewhere that these things would be due to heart problems.


    The blue coloration of the skin is called cyanosis and is caused by a decrease in oxygen concentration in the blood (hypoxemia). Its causes can be varied, being mainly related to respiratory or cardiac conditions.

    The blue coloration of the skin is called cyanosis and is caused by a decrease in oxygen concentration in the blood (hypoxemia). Its causes can be varied, being mainly related to respiratory or cardiac conditions.
    Perioral cyanosis - the aging of the skin around the mouth, may occur in infants during crying access, or in the cold, without having pathological significance, being caused by insufficient oxygenation during crying or by vasoconstriction in the cold.
    But perioral cyanosis in the child may also be the sign of cyanogenic congenital heart disease. Therefore, if this sign appears in your child, you should report this to your family doctor or pediatrician to clinically examine the child for the purpose of excluding heart disease.

    Alina Pop-Began
    - Resident physician - Anesthesia and Intensive Care -
    Specialist details

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    Greet Polar Bears at Mulhouse Zoo (51)

    Greet Polar Bears at Mulhouse Zoo (51)

    New Baby and Baby Exam at Home

    Sooner or later all children lie, either to avoid being punished, not to upset their parents or to show off to others. Lying can be considered normal and is part of the child's development as long as it is not a behavior that is constantly repeated.

    When my middle son is very good in class, the teacher puts a rubber band in his hand or draws a smiley face. Yesterday he left without gomet and ran to explain to me, before I asked him anything, that he was very sad because he had detached and lost it. Minutes later his teacher came to tell me that he had been very unruly in class. My anger was enormous, not so much because of the bad behavior but because of the lie concocted by a 4-year-old boy to get out of the jam.

    What can parents do to explain to their children, especially when they are still young, that they should not lie? At certain ages children do not know the consequences of lies, being honest is part of learning in childhood, but how to teach them?

    - Dialogue: talking with the child is essential. If you are angry at the lie, as I was, wait for a relaxed moment to speak calmly. We must explain to children that telling lies is not good or honest, it does not speak well of us and also has consequences. We can use stories about lies like Pinocchio, Peter and the Wolf or the Emperor's New Clothes to help them understand it better.

    - Set an example: how can we ask a child for sincerity if we are not sincere. If they listen to us, for example, giving an uncertain excuse for not going on a date, how morally will we ask them later not to lie.

    - Positive reinforcement: when they are sincere and confront their actions, for example, breaking a toy or having misbehaved with a friend, we have to praise the act of sincerity even if we later reprimand them for what they have done wrong. If we just scold or punish them but don't praise them for being sincere, next time they won't tell us the truth.

    - Consequences: If the child lies to get something, we must not give up and give him the prize or the promise because they have to learn that bad acts have consequences.

    - EmpathyWe can help them understand how they would feel if they lie to them and cheat with practical examples.

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