Is it true that caffeine can stunt a child's growth?

Is it true that caffeine can stunt a child's growth?

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You don't know why you have all these allergies

There is a growing number of allergies in more advanced countries, and this is not limited to seasonal allergies.

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playback Allergy is the body's unusually strong immune response to harmless substances like pollen, cat hair or peanuts. Currently, around 54 percent of the population in the United States suffers from some form of allergic disease. Nearly half the number of current allergies 30 years agoand the reason for this is still unknown.
The incidence of food allergies has increased particularly in recent years. Between 1997 and 2007, the incidence of childhood food allergies increased by 18 percent in the United States. "Nowadays, almost everywhere in Ukraine, peanuts are nuts-free: they simply have such a high prevalence of peanut allergy that we don't even deal with this food," he said. Dr. Jacqueline S. Eghrari-Sabet, a member of Family Asthma and Allergy Elderly.

All food that can cause severe allergies is being avoided in kindergartens

Although nobody knows exactly what causes the increase in the number of allergies, Dr. Eghrari-Sabet hiring some for possible reasons:
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Allergy - Skin


We're so clear

THE hypoallergenic environment one of the repercussions is that because children never meet men and women, the body's natural defenses are unable to develop, and the immune system that is under stimulated can damage things like different foods. "The 'bored' immune system attacks all harmless substances: peanuts, eggs, wheat, milk, and it results in violent allergic reactions," said Dr. Eghrari-Sabet.

Global warming

With the rise in carbon dioxide levels and the increase in annual average body temperature, the number of allergic patients is increasing. Plants bloom earlier and total pollen production continues to grow. Although allergic diseases play a major role in the development of genetic factors, increased pollen exposure may be one of the causes of allergies.

Our environment is too dirty

Smog and various air pollutants can worsen allergies, especially asthma, and may also serve as a cause.

The diagnosis is increasingly accurate

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You have allergies

playback It is possible that an increase in the number of allergies does not mean more patients, only more diagnosed cases. "Korбbban allergic diseases are easily lost other diseases, however, and nowadays more accurate diagnoses can be made, so only the number of diagnosed patients may have increased. "
The most costly, however, is that the causes listed above are responsible for the increasing incidence of allergic diseases. "This mystery seems to remain unsolved for the time being, as research is generally focused on developing treatments for allergic diseases rather than knowing what causes them," said Dr. Eghrari-Sabet.
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  • Child therapy through drawings

    The drawing is not taught, it comes from within the little boy. A one and a half year old baby can be stimulated, for example, by letting him have contact with a pencil. It is convenient to use the wax ones that have a round tip and are thicker. At this age, many children will already be able to hold a pencil and make their first scrawl.

    Orientation is important at this stage more than anything so that the child does not go out painting the walls, floor, doors, etc., or try to put the pencil in his mouth. If you can, buy him a small table suitable for his height so that he can draw more calmly. At first, he will make messy, irregular strokes, and without any control. The scrawl they will be meaningless, but they function as a great manifestation of pleasure and fun for the child.

    - At 18 months the child will scribble incessantly, meaningless and messy, but will have a lot of fun discovering the world of colors and lines. You will teach everyone what you have done and it will be important that your audience responds positively to you. His motor coordination at this stage is still very precarious. This stage is called self-expression. He will be curious about walls, floors, magazines, and will try to scratch them anyway.

    At 2 years of age, the squiggle will become more controlled and it will have another meaning for the child, who will begin to notice that there is a relationship between the squiggles and the movement of their hand. You will want to draw non-stop and will use more than one colored pencil to fill in the sheet. The lines of your drawing will occupy previously unoccupied parts of the paper. The child at this age will begin to feel curious and want to try other types of pencils and materials. Experimentation will predominate over expression.

    - At 30 months of age, the child will be able to control a little more the movements of his hand, even to handle the pencil. His lines, already a little firmer, will not come off the page. The child will enjoy better coordination and that is where the symbolic drawing. Each doodle or drawing that you manage to make will have a name and a meaning for it. Because of this, the child will start to draw much more, since he begins to see his creation as something real. A square for him can represent a house. And a circle, although poorly done, can symbolize a head or something else. At this age, the child will describe to others what he has drawn, and will hope that they will understand it.

    - From three or four years old, the child's drawing will be closer to reality. You will be especially interested in drawing your mom or dad, or your friend, brother, cousin, or some other human figure. The use of each color will have a meaning for him. There are children that already show a preference for some colors. This is one pre-schematic stage.

    - At five years, you will begin to draw more details on your characters and use colors more appropriately. He will draw people with clothes, carrying an object.

    - From the age of six, your drawings will have important details such as a hand with five fingers, ears, different hairs, seated people, etc. You will also find yourself ready to draw landscapes, flowers in the field, fruits on trees, chimneys in houses, rivers, and whatever else is proposed. It is logical that these stages serve as guidance. We must always consider that each child is a world and that each one has their own ability as well as their own time to develop it. And you have to know how to respect it and not force the moment.

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    Art Therapy and Childhood Trauma

    “Birth worries me a lot. What if I fail? ”. As this question approaches birth, most women are more preoccupied. Of course, this changes over time. In recent years, the miraculous developments in medicine, as well as the developments in childbirth education, have reduced women's fears of birth. However, these training and preparations did not create a myth of flawless birth, which made parents feel under pressure to achieve this ideal. The couples tried to prepare themselves as if it were a final exam. Fortunately, most of the birth educators have been conscious of this and realized that there is no such thing as perfect, that the only goal is a healthy mother and a healthy baby. And they tell the parents that under no circumstances is this an exam, and that in any case, even if you forget everything you can do with excitement, the outcome of the birth will not change and will be successful. Remember that women have been doing this job successfully for centuries. Some women may conceive events early in their minds during childbirth and may be worried early. It may be embarrassing to shout at you right now, before you give birth, to unwillingly empty your bladder or bowel. However, you will not think of shame during childbirth. In addition, anything you can do or say during childbirth will not disgust or surprise those who have given birth, because they have already seen or heard them many times. The important thing is to be yourself and act as you feel comfortable.

    Are you afraid of artists?

    Almost every woman looks forward to the birth of her child, but few are eager to get into labor. The fear of this unknown situation is very real and very normal, especially for those who have not suffered an important brew in their lives. Unfortunately, this fear often feeds on the horror stories told by mothers, aunts and friends. Fear of pain is pointless, the pain you experience may be much worse or much lighter than you expect. However, much can be said about being prepared for pain. It is expected that birth will be an exhilarating experience that women will experience frustration when faced with pain. Because pain is an unexpected thing for them, they find it difficult to cope with it. In general, both women who are most afraid of pain and those who think they will not experience a more difficult birth. If you prepare both your mind and body for childbirth, you can relieve this tension and endure the pain more easily when the time comes.

    We have some suggestions for you:
    Get training:One reason why older women found birth unbearable was that they were unaware of what was going on in their bodies. If possible, go to childbirth preparation courses with your partner or read as much as possible.

    Proceed to:You don't mind entering a marathon without doing proper physical training. You should not enter labor without training. You should carefully practice breathing and relaxation exercises recommended by your doctor or trainer, which will be very useful during childbirth.

    Look at the pain from the right angle:No matter how severe the labor is, at least two things can be said about it. The first one has a time limit. Even if you don't believe it then, you won't be in the delivery room forever. The average birth time of the first child is 12-14 hours and only a few of these hours will be very uncomfortable. The second is a pain that serves a certain positive purpose. Contractions and pains gradually narrow and open the cervix, each contraction brings the birth of your baby closer. Familiarize yourself with this perspective.

    Don't be alone:Even if you do not want to hold your partner's hand during childbirth, he or a friend wiping your sweat, coaching during contractions and being close to you will comfort you.

    When the uterus is contracted to begin labor, pains begin. In fact, the painful nature of contractions with regularity is a sign that birth has begun. There are two important points to know about pains.
    First point:There is labor, but this is a highly variable pain. While some women suffer a lot, others bring their children to the world without suffering or needing painkillers. Between these two extremes, there are women who suffered to a great extent. The pain is therefore variable. Less or more nervous, tired and vulnerable, women may experience less or more pain in contractions. This variability of pain for women can be explained by some elements. In some families, the weather is calm, it is mentioned as a natural event. As a result, women in these families enter labor more loosely. This is a determination made by many obstetricians and midwives. Some families perceive and raise the event as something unusual, so that the woman enters the labor extremely stressed and stressed. Naturally, these women suffer the most. Whether this pain is very severe or tolerable, how should it reduce or even eliminate it? There are two answers to this question. The first is pain medication through medications. The second way is to prepare to avoid suffering.

    Why do some women give birth without suffering? Women who suffer the least are the most looser women. If she's loose, it's because she's not afraid. The woman suffers because she is scared, she is scared because she has always heard that birth is a painful test; he doesn't know how he lives in the baby for nine months, and the more he gets scared, the more frustrated he becomes. Fear creates tension in the muscles. The muscles, which should be loose for the child to be born, are stretched. This causes pain, because the uterus has difficulty pushing the child out. To overcome the pain, fear must be overcome. How will this happen? Explaining what is going on inside the woman, explaining how the baby lives and how it will be born. By teaching women to relax their muscles, nerves, and soul. Teaching the breathing and body exercises to prepare the woman for birth.

    It is a thought that many doctors agree:The woman suffers because she is firstly conditioned to pain in colloquial language. It is not usually called iniz when you feel the first contractions,, but “when you feel the first pains”. Thus, a partnership is formed between the following two words: contraction and pain. The painless birth is a revolution that starts with all these facts, tells women that they can prepare for birth, changes the mood of the birth, shows how to manage the birth, demonstrates useful reflexes to the body and trains the muscles and nerves that will participate in the game. While this was initially called painless birth, today its name is preparation for birth. And now many doctors recommend it.

    N What awaits you while you wait for your baby ” from the book.

    Dynamite candy bags for superhero children's parties

    These sweets ... ARE DYNAMITE! And they are perfect as a souvenir of the best themed birthday party in the world. We tell you how to prepare these dynamite candy bags Step by Step. If your child is an absolute fan of superhero children's parties, you have to learn to make them.

    In addition, being a craft that we can do with the little ones in the house, the development of fine motor skills, teamwork and imagination is encouraged. To make a very original candy wrap Bang! And thus surprise our guests, we need:


    • sweets and candies
    • bubble wrap
    • red eva rubber
    • transparent tape
    • black duct tape
    • scissors
    • rope

    Before you start making these original candy bags, we have to give you a warning: Be careful, they could explode at any moment! Put on your super explosion-proof gloves ... and go for it! With a little skill, these candy bags will look fabulous. The most original gift for your birthday party!

    1. Start rolling a few knickknacks in bubble wrap giving it a cylinder shape. The cylinder should be 20 cm long. Repeat this step 2 more times, for a total of 3 tubes. We have calculated 3 cylinders for each guest to the party, since each of them is quite narrow and does not fit too many candies.

    2. Roll up each of the cylinders in red eva rubber and secure it with transparent tape in the middle and ends, as if it were a tube. This will be used to make the sticks of dynamite.

    3. Group the 3 tubes and join them by gluing black adhesive tape around. Glue 3 strips: one in the middle and one more at each end.

    4. To make it look more real, place a piece of string in the top center of the 3 tubes. Now they really look like real sticks of dynamite! And full of trinkets ... What more could you ask for?

    5. To finish, draw a sign and write an onomatopoeia like those that appear in superhero comics: BANG !, PAFF !, BOOM! Paste it and you will get a final result, very fun!

    Remember that you can make bags of different colors using eva rubber in different shades, you can put more or less dynamite cartridges, you can put different onomatopoeias ...

    If you don't want to give children too much sugar, you can put many other things inside these dynamite bags. They can even be used to organize the odd game so that the little superheroes who participate in your super party can enjoy it even more.

    1. Put little gifts
    Instead of trinkets, you can put small gifts that will make children very excited. We refer to small details such as hair clips, bouncy balls, noisemakers, small flags, whistles, small plastic dolls, etc. Imagination to the power!

    2. Small-scale origami figures
    Another very original solution could be to fill these bags of dynamite with Origami figures made by yourself. Boats, bow ties, swans ... Of course, keep in mind that you will have to start making these bags in advance, because the origami figures can take you more time and work than expected.

    3. A special superpower
    As we told you, the bags can also be used to organize original activities for your party. You can have fun with the super power game. Write on different papers that fit inside the bags (we leave you a very funny example of how it could be) different superpowers. Give a bag to each child, who will have to exercise their super power throughout the party (or at least for a little while).

    They can be all kinds of superpowers, always taking into account the age of the children involved: the power to go limp, the power not to say 'yes' and 'no', the power to take a leap every time. somebody ask a question ... it'll be a lot of fun!

    4. Find your partner
    Another game that you can propose through these bags of goodies is the classic 'find your partner'. It will be especially entertaining if there are many participants in your party, since it will be more difficult to find your partner.

    To prepare this game, you will have to print or draw couples of superheroes on sticker papers. Try not to be too obvious pairs so that the children have to think a bit. You can put Superman on one paper and kryptonite on another, Spiderman on one and a spider on another ... Give the children their sticker, which they will have to stick on the chest, inside these bags of dynamite at different times than throughout the party, so they have to be vigilant.

    If you want to motivate children, you can also pose math problems. In some papers you put operations (14 + 18, 24: 2, 5x20 ...) and in others the solutions.

    You will have a great time at your superhero party!

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