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Is it safe for a breastfeeding mom to eat nuts or other common allergens?

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The Snow Maiden. Russian Christmas legend for kids

In one of the coldest regions of the European continent, not Santa Claus, but Ded Moroz and the Snow Maiden, who are in charge of bringing the gifts to the children. Also, Russian children do not receive their gifts on Christmas Day, but on New Year's Day.

We tell you who Ded Moroz and the Snow Maiden are and why they are so well known among Russian children. Discover with your children this beautiful Russian Christmas legend.

In some of the colder parts of Russia, Santa Claus does not arrive laden with gifts, rather it is Ded Moroz, an old man very similar to Santa Claus, who distributes the presents in all the homes.

Ded Moroz was a tall, heavyset old man with a very long white beard. Besides, he was very kind. He loved to see the smile and the happy faces of children at Christmas! One day it occurred to him that each end of the year, each child, in addition to receiving the arrival of the new year, would also receive a gift. Thus, as soon as the new year begins, you could enjoy together with the happiness of the little ones. But Ded Moroz was very old and it was a lot of work for him. So asked his granddaughter, Snegúrochka for help. She was a beautiful fairy, daughter of the Spring Fairy and Frost, Lord of Frost. His hair was white and soft like snow, and his eyes were as clear and blue as the sky when there were no clouds.

One day, the old man proposed the following to his granddaughter:

"Snegúrochka, I have an idea," he told the young woman.

- Tell me grandfather, what is it about?

- What do you think if for the New Year we leave a surprise for each child? But they can't see us ... otherwise it wouldn't be a surprise!

- Wow, it's a lot of work, Grandpa, but ... it's a fantastic idea! I like it!

So that year they began to implement their idea. Ded Moroz wore red. She loved to wear a huge red cape her granddaughter had made for her. She was wearing blue. It was his favorite color. The old man had been making a wooden sled for many months, and at last he had it ready. He looked for his best troicas (typical Russian horses) and they began to tour the area to bring gifts to the children.

Since then, the grandfather of the cold (as they started calling Ded Moroz) and the snow maiden, Every year they distribute toys and gifts to all the children in the area that make them, for one day, the happiest children on the planet.

A good way to encourage reading comprehension in your child is to help him think about what he just read. How about asking these questions to see if they listen carefully ?:

- What family relationship did Ded Moroz and Snegúrochka have?

- What was the nickname of Ded Moroz's granddaughter?

- By what other name did you know Ded Moroz's granddaughter?

- Where do Ded Moroz and Snegúrochka live?

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